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One Piece Chapter 654-The Second Half

After 654 chapter One Piece has reached its second half of the story. That is an amazing achivement in it self, for a Manga to be at chapter 654, not be at the end and still have fans is a huge accomplishment. The best thing for us the fans is that this second half of One Piece is badder, epic, dramatic, mysterious and by far will have the most action because our heroes now will have to deal with the big bad man.

To New worlds

I am going to be quick with this weeks discussion because there is not that much to work with, and to be frank this chapter was a chapter that just has humor than anything. lets start with Nami, who is very provocatively seductive this week and poor Sanji was burnt to a crisp. The thing I noticed is that Nami did not mind Chopper being in the same room as her while she showers. This can be because Chopper is a kid or it is because he is the Doctor of crew. Nonetheless, Nami is sort of that big sister that keeps her younger brothers i.e Luffy, Ussop, Zoro and Sanji in check and without her they end up in trouble.

The thing to keep in check is how the combination of luffy, Zoro, and Sanji are such a great hermony of each others ability. Luffy always gets the crew in a crisis, Zoro comes to the rescue, and Sanji cooks a meal to make every one smile and full. Like i said it is mainly humor this week and not alot to say. But I like to point out, that once the Strawhat got into that white tornado, they were sent far into the new world and not into the beginning like we predicted. I honestly thought that we would see a showdown between Luffy and Smoker, but Oda will save that epic fight for us later.

Fire water

A sea of flames is where our favorite pirates end up in and what appropriate way for them to be escorted by whales just how they met Laboon when they first reached the Grandline. Oda has truly thought this through, the only thing is what exactly does the New World hold for our crew. For one, it is no more a sea where any one can survive because only the strong rule and the weak die. That is the rule of the new world, it pities no one and certain does not show any mercy. I am hoping to see the savagery perspective the New World has given us the hints of its crew people and Laws. Well that is all this week, I hope every one enjoyed the humor this week and next week we shall see what is so great about the New World.

Side Note:

  • Sanji only counting Nami and Robin, was probably the funniest thing this week.
  • Where are the Strawhats?
  • How will the New world treat the strawhats now they are well known.
  • Zoro can pull of that move with one sword now. Before the two year training he had to use all three of his swords.

17 Responses

  1. First! Oooh Yeah! I’m never first.

  2. I get the feeling that everyone’s an enemy in the new world like its literally kill or be killed so the kind gentleness that the SH’s have – they better throw that to the wind an always be on their guard. Zoro doing that technique with just one sword shows you that Mihawk has turned that guy into a green haired monster! It wouldnt surprise me if he can go toe to toe with a warlord or admiral now… him, luffy an sanji have probably powered up to a ridiculous level an rightful so.
    I wonder what blackbeard is gonna do when he finds out that Ace’s brother is back in town…..

  3. Is that the redline next to them. If it is then they cnt b very far into the new world can they?

  4. damn it seems that luffy vs smoker is not going happen soon

  5. @me, I cant tell f that the clouds or the redline wall. I would say its the clouds but cant really tell.

    @Tensa Gizzla, I can see either Zoro or Sanji going toe to toe with a warlord but the admirals are way too strong. I think that Zoro and Sanji still have a little to improve to take an admiral on.

  6. im pretty sure the warlords are as strong as admirals if not they are very close to their power – remember the balance of the 3 superpowers – the maries the yonkous and the warlords – cant be a balance if warlords are weaker

    as for luffy vs smoker – thats gotta be down the line not too soon

  7. Warlord yes admiral no…..clouds yes redline no(there is lightning comming from the clouds)
    good review thats for point out the thing about zoro being able to do that tech with only 1 sword
    @we all know luffy is gona stick to his personality i dont see him changing and im sure blkbeard dont hve a grudge againts luffy but im hopeing luffy has one againts him and manga dude.

  8. There can’t be that much difference in power between a warlord and an admiral though (except warlords are still pirates) if a warlord had haki then he should be able to rumble with an admiral e.g. Hancock with haki should be able to swing against Kizaru

  9. Zoro vs Shirayu of the Rain is going to be a barn burner lol aka a whole island is probably gona get destroyed.

    And omg i just thought but i bet Moria is really strong after 2 years so we may see Thriller Bark again…

  10. RuffRuffy….zoro out classed her before why do u know think they on equal lvls?

  11. Shirayu of the rain is on Blackbeard crew, he was the jailor at Impel Down with the Bad ass evil Katana.

    Idk that seems like he was put there to keep zoro busy while luffy fights BB

  12. @ legendaykid and RuffRuffy
    Are u talking about Tashigi?? if so i bet they dont even have a proper fight maybe just a sparring match while luffy an smoker test each other’s skill before being interupted an the fight is put on hold! Yes she is strong an is a captain now but this is Zoro we’re talking about – the first mate of the SH’s – if he’s serious he’ll slice her sexy arse right between her new titties!!
    Now Zoro vs Shirayu of the rain – this’ll be a beast of a match up, both guys are notorious in their own way. Shirayu seems very strong – he must be to get locked up even tho he works at impel down! I doubt Moria will get any kind of major spotlight again like he did at thriller bark but from blackbeards crew who do u think would be a good match up for Sanji??

  13. moria got killed after the war at marineford by the pacifista and donflamingo. so thriller bark…aint happening no more

  14. luffy can take on anyone atm albeit some very close match ups
    zoro and sanji can and well take on admirals
    as for the rest of strawhats vice admirals and below

  15. Sanji will def be fighting the melle guy that tried to smash the building on ace.. or since he can fly now he may face someone else. idk

  16. moria escaped from pacifista if i don’t miss a thing i’m sure, so maybe moria will be much powerfull just as his prime time when he show up again

    and no, zoro and sanji can’t be on par with any marine admiral atm, maybe they can give a good fight with warlord, but no contest with admiral(the manga just reached a half of the story, there’s still so much time to improve for the crew)

    *good review as always jdogg, i always read the stuff on this site though it’s been a long time since my last review

  17. http://www.mangareader.net/103-50569-17/one-piece/chapter-581.html



    hawkeye says last saw – n he last saw moria when he decided to leave the battle when shanks came – he wasnt there when danflamingo attacked him

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