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Its out!One Piece and Naruto Chapters!


One Piece: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/72807077/1

Bleach is on a break…


25 Responses

  1. I am loving the way Naruto and Kurama have become pals. They both truly deserve to put a smashing on that faced unknown freak. Next chapter is going to be epic. It is ironic on the last panel Kurama looks sadistic while Naruto looks humble they are truly a frighting par.

  2. First!!!!!!!!

    So Naruto an the Fox have teamed up at last this means to things:

    1. The fox has become a soft bitch! Where’d all his hate go??! Did he poo it all out or sumthin?!

    2. The end of Naruto is fastly approaching

  3. One piece: Finally there off to the new world where the following will happen:

    – Some epic matchups including: – Luffy vs Blackbeard
    – Zoro vs Mihawk
    – Strawhats vs Other rookies
    – They’ll find out the truth about the void century
    – Clash with Big Mam
    – Reunion with Shanks
    – The Revolutionary army will make its move

  4. Bleach: …………….. oh wait 3 weeks isnt up yet!

  5. Oh man, I was seriously hoping Jinbe would go with them since the declaration of war to Bib Mom happened. I guess it’ll be a ways down the road now.

    Next weeks Naruto chapter should be very good, I’m guessing it’ll end with a giant transformed Naruto.

  6. @tensa he not necessarily soft; remember what people know of tailed beasts isnt necessarily true; according to people the nine tails was just chakra bunched up into malice and hatred with no feelings or emotions and just tools; look at son goku and the eight tails though and this theory doesnt hold water. The tailed beasts all apparently know each other and even if they dont like each other they show emotion and a kind of bond. Also the nine tails has constantly been hunted, sealed and attacked I mean if that was me i would be pissed too lol if all who I came into contact with were trying to piss me off or use me. I think the nine tails has more emotion than he has let on before.

  7. Just as predicted. It’s finally good to see this combo finally pairing up. All along we have seen the nine tails lend Naruto charka at brink of death or with intention to completely take over his body through the hatred in his heart, that Naruto himself didn’t know he had. I find it very interesting how Kishi is developing the storyline and progressing the story. (To Tensa) I doubt that the end is anywhere near, the bond between the nine tails and Naruto was due to happen because look who is character his. Looks how he looks at all relationships with fellow comrades as ‘BONDS’ – to see that Naruto has grown and matured to a ‘Man of His Word’ because when he say it, he stands behind it whether if its the losing or winning side. Did anyone notice how beaten Naruto looks inside the cage with the four tails shortly after freeing the bijuu from being controlled by Tobi. Did Tobi say ‘When will you learn to give up”

  8. i hate when people say the fox has become soft, i don’t think he was ever really meant 2 always be mean anyway. i think masashi wuz really good with how he did the whole nine tails thing cuz at first he just appeared 2 be angry and hateful. but then we got 2 see wisdom his back ground and everything and i dont kno if i wuz the only one 2 want 2 see naruto and the fox work together and rather the nine tails be all bitchy(excuse da language), but be wise, but i guess other people feel different. overall i liked the build up 2 this and i can’t wait for the next chapter

    again.. one piece is gonna be great this year and i see about 3 new people coming into the group, idk why but i have a feel’n. overall good week for manga, now i got something 2 look forward 2.

  9. @Tensa I didn’t bother to take your silly post from the moment I saw “First” I should not have even bothered wasting my time reading that cause only immature little kids say first.

    Naruto was great, happy to see him and the fox finally working together now.

    As for One Piece, seriously, it feels like a chore when I read it. Why does there have to be soo much text in every page. It takes me 3times as long to read OP than it takes me to read Naruto or Bleach. The amount of text makes it really annoying to read. It’s like no one can shut up, EVERYONE has to say something in every panel.

  10. @itachiDaBaus, the reason why there is so much text and different panels because Oda wants to give lots of details to give us a feeling of the nature of people, when you have about 20 people in a panel of course it is not going to have a few text, but it is mainly for detail and humor. If I was you I would try to skip those text because some times they are not as important as the text you will see when it is one person in the panel.

    @token, what you said was right on the DOT.

  11. So they just pinkey promised their way into

    POSIDEON ancient weapon promised to join the strawhats + Jinbe and the sun pirates + shanks alliance = straw hat having a legit shot at 1 piece…

    Imagine the ancient weapon mermaid hauling the sunny omg….

  12. One piece is making me jizz in my pants.

    But i guess even manga are gona get crazy in 2012 lol

  13. Does anyone here read Hunter x Hunter? All I can say is danm Ging knows how to set things up…

  14. @walmart1, I have tried to read/watch HXH, but it just never clicks to me, I should give it another try.

  15. I feel like until they learn nen it’s really boring especially the anime which cuts out a lot of the depth, however the fourth through seventh arcs are great. It’s kind of weird in that it switches between intense fighting and intense plot with little in between though. I think the way the writter thinks about fighting is actually more interesting than some of the fights. It’s also not as cut and dry “the hero will always win” in the latest arc the main character has been in a coma while the manga focused on other stories.

  16. The fox and naruto are becoming friends way too quickly, I hope that he will at least try to betray naruto at some point

    @walmart1 yeah he is smarter than what i thought he would be and the current HXH arc is awesome, even better than the big 3’s current arcs imo

    @itachi one piece has always been like that and i dont think that its gonna change soon. All these text are there to give the readers important details and information about the manga, some of them are also for humor. It takes less time to read bleach because sometimes there are whole pages just showing the background or characters staring at each other. Naruto can sometimes be just as long as one piece to read

  17. I think the graduation of Kurama utterly hating naruto seeing him as a tiny tadpole of a kid, he has seen him grow, watch every life changing decision he has made, For Kurama this has been changing his way of thinking towards naruto over years and years. this has not been a sudden change of heart. Kurama has probably put up a front making out he is a Bad Ass and not giving anything to Naruto in terms of me rewards fo merits. He Realises Naruto is different from the Rest of his past Vessels and thats why he has finally wanted to work with him. i am really looking forward to this, Naruto as stated has only been using a tiny portion of Kurama’s Chakra so it will be very interesting to see what he can do now he has the full strength of the 9 tails behind him. He will hopefully Use the Tailed Beast Bomb at some point. also you would hopefully expect him to use the augmented Chakra when he faces Sasuke possibly.

  18. what i was thinking as a tactic. i think it was naruto could have upto 3 clones charging chakra nd two of field. im think if he does the spare battery technique i just patented lol. have 5 clones charging Sage chkra on standby then he will have pretty amazing ace up his sleeve if things start getting tough!

  19. With every clone Naruto’s overall chakra is split evenly amongst them, so more clones isn’t necessarily a good thing.

    I am not at all surprised by Kuruma’s “change of heart.” Remeber, he has been inside Naruto from the very first hours of his life. Naruto has had Kuruma in him for just as long. To Naruto, Kuruma is a part of him. Kuruma has been through everything Naruto has, all the joys and heart breaks. Those two should have a stronger bond than any other jink/beast combo. Even stronger than Bee and the 8-tails.

    Can’t wait to witness the ultimate duo whoop some masked ass. YEAH!!!

  20. @Kaio saying that the fox and Naruto becoming friends too quickly…

    Is 570 chapter to quickly??

  21. LOL pwned

  22. @seda Ok it may not be too quick a few chapters ago the fox hated naruto, he also wanted to take over his body but back then he was in a cage and couldn’t do anything even if he tried. He started to help naruto just because he didn’t like madara and now that he is free i dont see why he wont try to control naruto again.

  23. In order for Naruto to continue to have growth as a character, his truce with the fox was needed. Without an alliance with the fox, he would be very limited in what new powers he could gain (where do you go from sosp mode?) and now he will have the fox’s council on things. This was a step that needed to be taken for the story’s sake.

  24. Wait since naruto is partnered with the fox. Than that just makes him better than sasuke because now sasuke can’t use genjustu and naruto is faster now the only thing sasuke has on naruto is his arsenal of jutsus but naruto has those one hit your done jutsu

  25. I think we will see the Juubi soon. It’s all too convenient that the fox is set free and all the tailed beasts are now. This is just a setup for the fox to be released and captured. Plus do you all really think Naruto is going to go through the rest of his life having the fox inside him. This is just foreshadowing to all the tailed beast being freed after Naruto and Sasuke find a way to defeat the Juubi, then they all will be set free from their prison of hatred, and all the good energy can flow back into the world, and so on, and so on, Everyone lives happily ever after. Time skip happens Naruto has some kids by Hinanta, Sasuke has a child named Itachi by Sakura. Shikamaru is head of the army like his father, he has a little mini him by Temari, the sunset fades, and Naruto rides off on Shenron…..oops I’m sorry wrong manga :-).

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