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Bleach Chapter 479: Goodbye to Our Xcution

Chapter 479: Goodbye to Our Xcution
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The end of an arch. A confusing one. I don’t think Tite pulled everything out of this story that he could, but I’ll come back to that after talking about this chapter, which I liked… alot.

It’s starts off at our famous little shop, where Urahara is calling for Riruka, only to find her gone. I’m sure he was expecting this to happen as was I. Riruka seemed have turned a little more to the good side. But she is still way off. But the real surprise are all the people who suddenly are re-introduced in the remainder of this chapter.

For the first time in this arch. We are back at SS. The two loonitoons report at their captain Ukitake. Who seems to be in poor health as usual, but is glad our boy is ok. Seeing how he was the cause of Ginjou’s hatred towards SS.

on page 7, the report of the messenger seems a bit weird to me, could be a bit of foreshadowing of things to come after this. Or it was about Ginjou’s body. I lean toward the latter given the interest in the return of the Shinigami Representative.

I love this next little piece. It cracked me up. Renji and Ichigo passing another like nobody’s business. Good ol Renji needs a moment before he has his wtf-moment. And indeed, why the hell is Ichigo there. Pretty much every other Captain is aswell. Ending up giving Ichigo one hell of a welcome.

All the captains except for the sickish Ukitake and the usually absent Mayuri every else is there. The fun begins after the initial greeting. A long-awaited question of many has been answered. SS finally filled up their ranks again.

i was kind of surprised tbh, as team Vizard didn’t seem to keen to return to SS. But I find it a welcome sight. We don’t meet everyone again, but we see a few faces return. Kensei being the first, Rojuro Otoribashi the second.

Ichigo came her to see the old boss. For a request I didn’t see coming. He’s becoming quite noble. He came here to ask for Ginjou’s body. Wanting to give him a proper burial in the real world. Our third Vizard shows up, being Shinji. It’s hard to see but I think he’s back being the 5th Squad Captain and he’s wearing a tie(smooth). I assume Kensei is the 9th squad captain again, that would mean Rojuro would be the 3rd Squad Captain. Love’s seat is still taken by Komamura.

Anyway, Shinji questions his judged, all captains having read the reports by now. Wondering the hell Ichigo would give him Ginjoy the respect. As Hirako said. The man did fuck with his families minds. Ishin being the exeption ofcourse. Ichigo wishes to give Ginjou the respect he thought he had when he was a Shinigami representative. WE don’t get an answer, but given Ichigo’s status, he will mostly likely get what he wants.

The chapter finally slows down, heading for the end. Ukitake and Kyouraku reflecting on what has been done.

The chapter ends on a roof. Riruka standing on a fence looking over the city. She thanks everybody she met. Ginjou, Chad, Orihime and of course Ichigo. the last living member of Xcution disappears marking, in my eyes, the end of the Fullbringers arch.

Short Arch overview
As I said in the beginning this arch felt like it was finished a bit hastily. Most of that feeling is what happened in all the earlier chapter. Ginjou dropping down Ishin’s picture. A lot of possible foreshadowing. The middle part where Tsukushima shows up, Ichigo trains, is great. The almost constant mind-fuck-city going on was a good read, reminding me a bit of the old arch. You know… Aizen.

The end fight could have been more. A bigger reveal, possible use of flashback to give Ginjou more story as I feel he deserved. One flashback chapter would have made a great difference. In the large scope I found the arch ok. But I just can’t shake the light feeling that this all felt a bit like a filler.


8 Responses

  1. I agree with you that Tite in away made this arc just to fill the gap while, what I am hoping for is that he was planning a new arc that will make us the readers come back to the Originality of Bleach. This is not to criticize your way of writing, but I really liked your thoughts on the Chapter and I would rather hear your thoughts, theory and analysis on the chapter more, leave the summary as the small part. Because you write really well when you are giving your thoughts, this is just an advice, you still write good, few grammars but we all are humans, I will still read your blogs about bleach. Keep up the good work.

  2. nice chapter summary pretend3r ! continue your good work!

  3. sometimes i just read it without leaving a comment as many do….

  4. Nice review, I have to say it was a pretty good chapter.
    And the arc as a whole was good to.

  5. i was kinda hoping hisagi would be 9th divison captian but oh well lt. better not have been taken by that stupid girl from the vizords

  6. Ginjou is certainly an interesting character, and I’d be interested in some more back story on him, but nothing to elaborate. However, I would love to finally unearth the answer to the now months-old questions: Who is Isshin Kurosaki really? When was he a Shinigami? Why was this kept a secret for so long from Ichigo? Did Masaki know? I’d like an extended background on Isshin Kurosaki; it may give us insight into the origins of not only Ichigo, but his extensive amount of power.

    And as for Ichigo’s inner Hollow, I’d like a return, and maybe some elaboration on its nature. I can accept that the Hollow was created during Urahara’s training when the mask formed before his transformation, but it doesn’t explain WHY it happened. Did Zangetsu’s will force the process to delay to give Ichigo time? Was the Hollow already there, dormant and thus explaining the Fullbring? Was it yet another one of Urahara’s complex ideas for whatever he’s been trying to accomplish? Ichigo’s nature is too complex to avoid a legitimate explanation. A living human, a Shinigami/Vizored, and a user of Fullbring? In a series like Bleach that’s full of conspiracy, there’s no way all that is just a coincidence, or worse, a crippling loophole in the plot.

  7. I agree with the lack of flash back point but the highlight of this arc is the amazing powers everyone had mainly four eyes-san, not very often you see someone with memory changing abilities…and quite frannkly he was the straongest of the group if u asked me

  8. Good, as always. I hope that things pick back up, now that bleachedichigo is here. I was just wondering why it was moved over here? Did I miss that somewhere? I know that the other site was slowing down, and I didnt respond much, but I did check every other week at the least. Anyways, hope to see a lot more!

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