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One Piece Chapter 652- New Adventure

Hopefuly everyone had a happy New Years and what a new way to start the new year of One Piece by having a chapter with the title of “Grim Premonitions”, it is very clear that Oda has given us a hint on what to expect this year from his amazing work of One Piece. So lets get on with dissecting this information/action packed chapter.

Conservation between the God of the Sea and the Knight of the Sea.

A very interesting conversation indeed; one Jinbe is that I am about 80% certain will be ending up joining luffy and second Neptune will most likely be ending up represent the flag of the Strawhat and have their protection. The things to take into account is that the fact that Jinbe has no choice now but to remove his ties with Big Mama, but will he go and join luffy after? The puzzling part is that in this chapter we got the fact that the Sun pirates still exists and it is also still under the command of Jinbe. So will Jinbe leave the Sun Pirates and join luffy? Very unlikely but also possible at the same time. The only way we will get an answer to this question is in the future. Second, Neptune wants to flag the Strawhat Pirates flag shows how much respect and powerful the Strawhats have become.

The Strawhats a league of their own.

This idea of Pirates claiming islands as their territory is a new aspect in One Piece. We first got this aspect of One Piece back when Jinbe was first introduced. But it makes perfect sense, think about Pirates are like gangs in our days, whether it’s the Mafia, Yakuza, Triads, Cribs, Nor Tenos, and all the gangs in the world, but in One Piece its Strawhat, Big Mama, and etc. The point is that both claim a land or island in this case as their territory and if one was to step over the boundary there will be war.  Now the Strawhat Pirates have become so influential that they can claim islands to be their territory and Fishman Island will be the first of many islands to have the crossbones and a skull wearing a Strawhat as their flag. You guys might think that I am given the Strawhat too much credit but I will prove to you how powerfully they have become.

Achievements of the Strawhats

Their captain is the strongest man in east blue, was able to defeat two Shichibukai, CP9 with the help of his crew, which consisted of only a hands full of people. Caused huge chaos and confusion to the marines and is one of the most wanted Rookies. The strawhats were able to take one 100000 Fishman Pirates and defeated them with only miner scratches. Their captain is the son of the most wanted man in the Grandline, who is the son of the hero of the marines. The list can go on and on. But the main point here is that they have become well known pirates that even got the attention of one of the Four Emperors. Which brings me to the next topic, Big mama’s crew.

Pekoms worth 330,000,000?

Pekoms shows us his strength this week and it is not to be taking lightly. For one he defeated Caribou with one hit, second he has a Zoan type Devil Fruit, and he also knows haki. This cat is one badazz man/lion, and he also has one of the highest bounty to be shown just under Jinbe and luffy’s bounty. This means trouble for our heroes because Pekoms seems like one of the low ranked crew in his crew or maybe one of the highest, nonetheless this is not good for the Strawhats because if Pekoms is capable of defeating a logia type and has a high bounty than what are the other crew members capable of?

Vice admiral Smoker and Captain Tashigi

So Smoker has become a Vice Admiral, not surprising because of his ability. But the surprising thing is Tashigi because she has become more curvy. When she was first introduced she was not as curvy and had that nerdy look to her, but now she looks like she can compete with Nami and Robin in curvy. But that is not the only thing that she has improved in her ability in swordsmanship has escalated. She also has this love/hate relationship with Zoro and resembles Zoros childhood friend that pasted away. But she has very different ways of doing this from Zoro, hes a pirate she is a Marine, he slices but she deflects cannons. So in a way they are very different. But one thing is for sure is that Luffy and Zoro will be seeing and possibly be fighting Smoker and tashigi very soon.

Side Notes:

  • The bomb in the treasure will start the war between Strawhat vs Big Mama.
  • Caribou seems to be like the clown that gets punched around, but his Gatling gun was awesome.
  • I was expecting Nami to react the way she did.
  • G5 sounds like a bunch of no good marines that are the roughest marines, but I highly doubt what the rumors say about them being cannabises.
  • The skit between Ussop and Shirahoshi was pretty funny, never notices Ussop being such a gentleman as to he apologized right away.
  • Expect a adventure never before from One Piece this Year because it is now that we will truly see our heroes struggle and achieve greatness.


16 Responses

  1. First

  2. Good review…In all honesty its mainly rookies that will go to fishman island so i agree with you….the straw hats is curretly perfectly capable of putting fare in people hearts at that part of the grandline…….I think smoker will be shocked at the growth of luffy and his crew…I think jinbi will join the traw hats before thy even leave lol and if thy do get jinbi i dont see luffy and his crew having much problem dealing with smoker and his boys (+girl)

  3. Tbh i thnk luffy giving up that loot was pretty stupid, I agree with nami and i like what peckoms said in this chapter….logia that thinks thy invincable have a short lifespan…..you can telll new world is a all new ball game whn it comes to devil fruit 🙂

  4. Good chapter review i def want jimbei to join luffys crew add more powerful members….and wow smoker a VA not surprising,,,,

    How we doin guys?! Good chapter this week – l didnt even know the sun pirates were still in operation but if there under big mam an leave her crew to join the strawhats, this could be the beginning of luffy building up some serious man power just like how whitebeard had 42 or 43 ships worth of backup!
    I just realised that either lola or jewelry bonney must be related to big mam, lola coz of what she said an the vivre card in thriller bark or jewelry bonney coz she just eats an eats andddddddd eats somemore!
    Tagashi got HOT (her boobs have got bigger aswell lol)!! Zoro might just have a nosebleed when he see’s her! Those 2 are gonna have a very emotional battle when they fight- i swear luffy an zoro get some of the best pick of women (e.g luffy an hancock or zoro an robin etc…)
    Smoker looks gangster in his lil black sunglasses! As a vice admiral im sure he knows haki now an so does our rubber man so its gonna be ornnnnn! lol
    Caribou aka muddy dreadlocks got owned by the turtle-lion pekoms, just goes to show as long as u know haki anyone can be defeated in theory. Turtle-lion vs Chopper would be an interesting battle, i say that coz choppers mastered his craft now an im sure he said he only needed a rumble ball for a new transformation an can control monster point now….

  6. Niiiiiice jdogg!!

    Yeah i think after hearing that luffy had declared war with big mam im sure he’ll join strawhats before asap. That wld be great!! And jinbe somehow looks awesome partnering up with robin. Theyd make a formidable duo.
    If pekoms is a lion and turtle does that mean hes got two DF abilities? Bcos chopper ate hitohito fruit thats why hes able to understand human speech….

  7. It was nice seeing nami giving a good ol beating to the monster trio. Smoker will try to prevent the SH from going in the NW just like in the beginning, unfortunately for him he will probably fail again. I still hope that he will be able to take on luffy

  8. @Kaio,
    Im pretty sure that smoker can handle luffy even now after 2 years! Smoker’s got a good track record when fighting luffy- when he fought him in loguetown, luffy was about to get taken out but got saved by his daddy and when he fought him at marinefold- again he got taken down but was saved by hancock’s sexy leg lol Those 2 are like Garp an Roger of the new generation. Zoro an Tashigi will be interesting but dont see her being that much of a threat to the three sword style. Oh anyone notice Zoro an Rayleigh both have eye scars lol

  9. @Tensa
    Don’t be so sure that Smoker can beat Luffy so easily. If you read back during their confrontation during the Whitebeard War, you would see that Luffy was CLEARLY faster and stronger that Smoker. It was only because Luffy couldn’t “touch” Smokey that he was beaten. Also Smoker CHEATED by using his sea stone rod.

  10. lol how is using a sea stone rod cheating, luffy was also free to use a rod if he wanted to. Also if that is considered cheating, using any other weapon or even a devil fruit is considered cheating

    zoro isn’t able to open his eye tho

  11. @kaio
    call it whatever you want dude…the point is that if he is still relying on that rod for his attacks, he is not going beat luffy….

    Anyways I’m still curious about who Caribou is going tell Shirahoshi’s secret to. I bet that its someone in the world government.

  12. @7warlord – I don’t think Caribou is going to tell Shirahosi’s secret to the government (he is a freaking pirate dude!). I see him working for Blackbeard, who is working on world domination at this point. Imagine her with a scumbag like him.

    I look forward to Jinbei joining the SH, but I don’t think it will happen until it is a surprise to Luffy during an important (and close) battle where he and his men make a crucial difference.

    Just a couple thoughts a usual…..

    -pcgnome out

  13. crud, how do I delete that?

  14. @pcgnome, what? So confused?

  15. I think when Smokey an Luffy fight- this 3rd time around it won’t be as one sided with luffy unable to touch him- this time they’ll both be a bloody mess but yes luffy was faster during there last round but maybe smoker’s speed has gone through thr roof after 2 years. There fight could go either way!
    Zoro as we know right now is technically half blind – If Tashigi was smart she could just attack from his blind spot side but knowing zoro he’s probably got a defense in place for that weakness! Shirahoshi with blackbeard pirates??!!! No way!!! She’d get raped by that half dead dude on the horse!! Luffy should get robin to make a clone of herself to keep an eye on Caribou aka muddy dreadlocks

  16. @Jdogg – didn’t mean to put my real name…….. Would like to remove the name so that people cannot google me as easily…..

    – pcgnome out

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