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Naruto Chapter 569 – A Shinobi of Action

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hey, it’s the first Naruto chapter of the year after Kishi took a break for the holiday season and the new year. Although this chapter had some nice moments and we are seeing more progression in the bond between Kyuubi and Naruto, I was somewhat disappointed that Kishi didn’t have more in his offering after a 2-week break. We certainly do have the standard 17-pages we’re accustomed to, but I think having so much of it devoted to cut-and-paste flashback snippets from past chapters is a little too fillerish.

However, I do understand the point Kishi is trying to push with these flashbacks – they’re actually flashbacks that Kyuubi is rememberin; this fact alone reveals that despite Kyuubi’s usual demeanour with Naruto, he actually has been carefully watching his host’s every action with great intent. If Kyuubi truly just despised Naruto like all his previous hosts, then he would have cared less about these key moments in Naruto’s evolution as a great shinobi. The Kyuubi of the past was certainly more interested in exploiting Naruto to have a chance to regain his freedom, but as Kyuubi has gone through both the hard and good times with Naruto as his host over the years, he has come to see that Naruto means what he says and is not one to betray others – even a tailed beast. Naruto may be thickheaded, but he is about the most honest and sincere guy you can find in the Naruverse, Kyuubi understands this because the knucklehead continues to come through every time on his promises with action, not mere words.

The action in this chapter was on the light side, but you got to love how inventive the guy is with his limited repertoire of techniques. I don’t believe there has been a recorded case in the past where a shinobi managed to induce vomiting in a tailed beast by using mass shadow clones in the beast’s digestive tract. But the real ingenious moment in this chapter was Naruto leaving behind a sage-mode clone inside Goku as a back-up to help push out that chakra stake Tobi is using to keep the beast under his control. It’s one of the oldest tricks in Naruto’s play book, but it has proven to work time and time again because even the cleverest opponent fails to foresee such a simple yet effective tactic. Just on a side note, I think the chains themselves are a power from Tobi’s Sharingan, but the use of the chakra stakes is borrowed from Pein and Tobi may be using his Rinnegan to allow him to combine both chain and stake techniques.

I would like to yap more, but like I mentioned a good chunk of this chapter was filler. At this point, I think it’s a sure bet Kyuubi will commit to becoming a true partner with Naruto fairly soon. It would be such a nice scene when a combined Naruto/Kyuubi combo finally brings down this fake Madara.


26 Responses

  1. Just as predicted awhile back – that this was the building ground for the bond between the nine tails and Naruto… Can we call say ‘About Time!’

    Naruto is about to be powered up once again!

  2. Nice bob.
    I actually liked this chapter it was more set on one thing other than all the other focuse Kishi been doing. So its nice to see him devoting more character build up between Kurama aka Nine Tails and Naruto as well as Son Goku. To be honest I hope that Son Goku is not a floater character like those Nine tails brothers i forgot their names or Tsuandas Lover. So to me this chapter was decent and enjoyable to read. I hope Kishi takes his time on this battle and devote more time to one battle at a time and not jump to another battle.

  3. Good review bob. Not much to say from this chapter.

  4. So Madara saying the chains are Rinn powers. Kushina used very similar if not the same chain tech, what does this mean??

  5. Also I think those chains are an Uzumaki trait, because they look exactly like Kushina’s plus he is using them in conjuction with black chakra rods. I’m starting to believe more and more of my theory that Tobi is an Uzumaki, he is of course the one who knew about Naruto’s evil sensing ability which was like Mito,an Uzumaki, he knew Nagato was an Uzumaki, and he’s taken a strange interest in Naruto. I think secretly he is trying to strengthen Naruto to prove to Sauske that the Uzuamaki’s/ Senju are still better. I’m starting to think it was his whole plan to go against BIG MAGNUM, the king of Uchiha, the whole time to get some sort of secret revenge, and everytime he refers to Uchiha, it’s in a Negative way. Even BIG MAGNUM himself doesn’t do the same thing about his own clan, and we know how bad they did him. Also, like I mentioned previously if he wanted the rinnegan that badly and he was an uchiha, all he had to do was implant the 1st cells in him since he already had them, but he didn’t. He used them to make clones. I think this was so because he already had the Senju/Uzumaki genes in him to obtain the rinnegan. All he needed was the eyes. Which he was cultivating in Nagato. I think he probably introduced Nagato to BIG MAGNUM because he already had connections to the Uzumaki, And BIG MAGNUM needed an Uzumaki/Senju to hold his eyes til he came back. That’s why Tobi said he ‘gave’ Nagato his eyes. It’s all starting to make since now. That’s why those fake fillers sounded somewhat plausible to me. I think he also says he’s nothing because all the Uzumaki, faded into “nothingness” except for 3. Him, Nagato, and Naruto. Just like the Uchiha. Now he has part of an Uchiha in him who’s clan also faded into “nothingness”. So in theory he is the epitome of “Nothing” because he has parts of 2 nothings in him.


  6. Great theory UchihatheInfamous.

    I think the Kyuubi is gonna teach Naruto some techniques after the whole partnership is complete. He is the best teacher on Uzumaki techniques since he was around when they, i.e. Previous hosts, mastered it.

    This would be awesome.

  7. Thanks kakwai-san. It’s just something I’ve been starting to notice over the last few chapters.

  8. Good insight Kakwai-san, I would love to see the nine tails building up Naruto’s ranks justus and this over all him make him a fierce shinobi like his father

  9. @uchiha

    i have also thought that Tobi had some uzumaki blood in him. i will say though that kushina’s chakra chains was not a blood line limit. it was because of her “special chakra” as she stated when naruto met her. i also expect that this is the reason for the longevity of the uzumaki clan as kushina also stated. i think this would also explain why we have never seen the MS that big magnum is supposed to have had, its because the sharingan eye isnt madaras. if the chains holding down the tailed beast are similar to kushina’s that would mean that tobi also has that “special chakra” as even kakashi said some jutsu cant be copied. if the chakra chains require chakra like kushinas then that would mean even if tobi copied it he wouldnt be able to use it.

    regardless of all his pandering i cant see tobi giving another shinobi access to the rinnegan. given the power those eyes have it would have been better if tobi had kept them himself. i mean really, what if pein didnt die after resurecting the leaf village. with the rinnegan i doubt he would have lost in battle to tobi, especially with his paper women protecting his real body.

  10. @bringer

    I think the chains are similar and I think “special chakra” means a bloodline limit like everytime someone refers to “special eyes” it’s one of the bloodline limit eyes. Plus who else have we seen with the chains other than her. What if Tobi is even Naruto’s uncle. He could be Kushina’s brother or even twin brother, that would mean their chakra’s would be almost identical. That one is a little far fetched but possible.

    Also, if Nagato had to have lived that’s exactly what Tobi wanted. He was wanting Nagato to bring him back in case he died.

  11. @ uchuna –
    i quite like yr theory as it does sound plausible. Does that mean Tobi is as old as madara? Coz he had to be around to learn of madara’s intent and plans to counter that uchiha. He wld hv started planning when kushina was made the next host. That was alot of time and planning. Tho i warm up to the idea of tobi being a relative and is actually propping naruto up for the huge battles to come. And as always nice writeup Bob!!

  12. Thanks Shykss, I mean it could be plausible that he could be anyone related to Naruto, maybe even his grandfather or something, or just a distant relative. But, I do believe it’s very plausible that he could be an Uzumaki, and he would want to exist to Naruto as nothing because Naruto doesn’t know anymore about his heritage other than what his mother told, and on a side note, did Minato’s clan fade into nothingness as well as Kakashi’s. Maybe Minato and Kakashi’s father just migrated to the village or were war orphans or something.

  13. Don’t get me wrong I think Tobi has his own plans by all means, but I think he also wants some big revenge on someone, but I think he is using Naruto and Sasuke as a test for this.

  14. Wow, its been too long….

    Didn’t the Ginkaku brothers or something manage to make the Kyuubi vomit? I thinks that’s the first recorded case of something like that happening, I shudder to think the other alternative. lol

    Very nice chapter in my opinion, the Naruto clone looked bad-ass in Sage Mode as he was striking that stake, Naruto shows his ingenuity once again. Not much else to say, chapter is pretty much straight forward.

  15. There should be a vote on series of the year award out of these three, based on plot, character development, an the drawings themselves.

  16. darthuchiha, I wouldn’t really award the titile to any of the main three. Plot: Kenichi
    Character Development: mahou sensei Negima (overall)
    drawings: Yureka

    but then again most people don’t read as widely as me. Still I don’t think that the main three have really done much in any of those areas. Naruto seems to have become a S**t show of over power ninjutsu (hyper development), Bleach seems to have gone into a mangaka inspired fiiler arc, and OP staid on the same island for far to long and made it painfully obvious that the opposition had as much chance of winning as the conditionally super powerfull villans in a naruto filler arc

  17. naruto could learn to use more moves, techniques to fill out his potential and his character. i love his creativity and ingenuity but he could blend a new element into his ninjitsu to create a whole world of new techniques that would help combat his opponents. i would of thought his name naruto would suggest he would adopt water element at some point. wind and water mix would be deadly. blending his kyubi chakra with water he could create some bad ass medic jutsus like healing water or something. the combo with yamato when they made that huge torrent of water and wind to take out some of kakuzu’s hearts was very impressive so im sure he could do that with a clone. Allot of people have said that after the war this is the end of naruto. i would like to think it isnt as he has allot more to learn and new directions to take. he could adopt the teach role and be like kakashi having a team if/when he becomes hokage! he still has allot to learn before becomes hokage as well. i mean he is impressively powerful but his judgement isnt the best for a leaders role is it.

  18. @mattmaru
    the naruto yamato combo didnt take out any of kakazus hearts ot protected kakashis group grom the hearts wind/fire combo. it was narutos rasenshurikan that destroyed the hearts. just Fyi.

    i dont disagree about water element. i think he needs to learn this too off set sasukes fire element. . i do disagree though on any healing techniques. naruto is a front line straight forward foghter. he lacks the necisary intelligence to have healing techniques. thats sakuras role. plus he all ready has fantastic recuperative abilities because of the fox.

    i think naruto needs more inginuity with his clones. i mean his clones are advanced enough to use his techniques. it would be noce too see them be more usefull. for instance using his wind element to create clones that would explode instead of dispearse on contact. like kakashis lighting element trap clone. or for that matter leave a clone somewhere to continue his training while he fights. Perhaps learning a new element.

  19. yes that would be good him just havign a clone or two training constantly on new techniques! he would be well skilled in no time! i agree with you on the wind clones that would be fun, i wonder if you could include that into a shadow clone though?

  20. well kakashi did. i know he is considered a genius, but he made a lighting element clone. i dont know i this was a Shadow clone using lighting element chakra or just a whole new clone or not, but either way naruto should be able to do this on some level. after all look at how far he has come with chakra control I.E. rasenshuriken and fox cloak of his.

  21. one thing to control the wind in your hand though another to put it into a vessel. must be some sort of sealing as well as clone creation as well.

  22. It’s OUT! naruto manga chapter 570!


    Nice one it is 🙂

  23. Maybe we will finally see the the sage mode fox mode cross we got a preview of when he fought Pein.

  24. I wonder what naruto will look like now he has full kyubi chakra! maybe he doesnt have a shroud or maybe its the orgional red?

  25. so basically naruto managed to down one tailed beast with his own chakra and a little of the kyuubis (which mostly went to his clone) not to mention he wasnt even close to even 3/4 full when this battle started and had to use kyuubi mode and sage mode at the same time (with his clone in sage mode). Man imagine a Naruto with FULL access to the kyuubis chakra with no drawbacks now and his sage/kyuubi modes on top of that. This I think almost guarentees we will see the kyuubi/sage combo from teh pein arc. Kishi wouldnt put something like that in there for nothing and this is the perfect opportunity to use it. this battle just got more interesting.

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