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First chapters of the Year!!!

Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/84058700/1

One Piece: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/48504148/1

Bleach: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/44013055/1


10 Responses

  1. 1st?

  2. Why do so many of the tailed beasts have squid or octopus arms, I think like at least 2 or 3 do. That’s pretty repetitive.

  3. Naruto- Looks like Kurama is finally coming around. Also, is this the return of Sage Naruto?!

    One Piece- Lol. I can’t wait to see Big Mom’s reaction when that bomb blows up in her face!! I wasn’t very surprised that Pekoms could use haki but being a turltle WTF. Looks like Smoker hasn’t been sitting on his ass these past 2 years. He’s a freaking vice admiral which means he knows haki as well. Is he and his crazy G-5 marines gonna clash with the Strawhats?!

    Bleach- Lol…. a 3 week break…I thought Tite just took one! Anyways this chapter was kinda confusing for me. Why are the Vizards allied with SS? I could have sworn that Hirako himself said that he hates everyone in SS! So what changed their mind?!

  4. ok. so im not a huge fan of this chapter. for 2 weeks off i thought kishi could have done abetter job. what i see is the kyubi waiting to see if naruto can prove himself worthy. i thought the flashback by kyubi was kinda long and its something we seen repetitivly by other other characters.

    also, i think after this chapter we can conclusivly say that the tailed beasts were sealed into there respective edo zombie hosts. first i have to wonder how madara managed to accomplish this in the course of 1 day. as there are 6 of them and we have been led to believe that sealing a tailed beasts takes a long time. and for that matter what would happen to them if kabuto released his zombie jutsu? would they all just go free to rampage across the globe?

    i have some other thoughts but im shor ton time be back later.

  5. Naruto – Just remembered where the f*** is itachi???!!!

    Bleach – looks like the vizards made their peace with soul society – does this mean that there are more divisions now seeing as kensei an everyone seem to have resumed there captain roles. 3 weeks off is taking the piss tho – after that lame arc u wanna take that much time off?! hopefully tite is brainstorming some good ideas!

    One piece – tiger turtle is a beast!!!!!! lol poor caribou, muddy dreadlocks is turning out to be everyone’s bitch!! Nice gatling gun tho – wonder whatelse he’s got hiding in his belly?! Now is it just me or did Tagashi turn bloody hot!!! 2 yrs of training an the girl looks juicy! I like the way she handled those cannon balls too (although zoro would have just sliced em) Smokey’s upgraded aswell to a vice admiral aswell talk about a massive jump – Cant wait to see a Luffy an Zoro vs Smoker an Tagashi matter of a fact make it SH’s vs G5 : )
    Oh one other thing if Smokey is a vice admiral, who do u think replaced Aokiji as admiral????? Coby maybe???………… (he did get a massive Haki boost during the Whitebeard war)

  6. @Tensa, Coby would not be close to admiral yet, he just found out he even had Haki, so at best he has partial mastery over the Armament and is a lieutenant. My guess the new admiral is someone we haven’t seen yet, or one of the old vice-admirals.

  7. Also I think those chains are an Uzumaki trait, because they look exactly like Kushina’s plus he is using them in conjuction with black chakra rods. I’m starting to believe more and more of my theory that Tobi is an Uzumaki, he is of course the one who knew about Naruto’s evil sensing ability which was like Mito,an Uzumaki, he knew Nagato was an Uzumaki, and he’s taken a strange interest in Naruto. I think secretly he is trying to strengthen Naruto to prove to Sauske that the Uzuamaki’s/ Senju are still better. I’m starting to think it was his whole plan to go against BIG MAGNUM, the king of Uchiha, the whole time to get some sort of secret revenge, and everytime he refers to Uchiha, it’s in a Negative way. Even BIG MAGNUM himself doesn’t do the same thing about his own clan, and we know how bad they did him. Also, like I mentioned previously if he wanted the rinnegan that badly and he was an uchiha, all he had to do was implant the 1st cells in him since he already had them, but he didn’t. He used them to make clones. I think this was so because he already had the Senju/Uzumaki genes in him to obtain the rinnegan. All he needed was the eyes. Which he was cultivating in Nagato. I think he probably introduced Nagato to BIG MAGNUM because he already had connections to the Uzumaki, And BIG MAGNUM needed an Uzumaki/Senju to hold his eyes til he came back. That’s why Tobi said he ‘gave’ Nagato his eyes. It’s all starting to make since now. That’s why those fake fillers sounded somewhat plausible to me. I think he also says he’s nothing because all the Uzumaki, faded into “nothingness” except for 3. Him, Nagato, and Naruto. Just like the Uchiha. Now he has part of an Uchiha in him who’s clan also faded into “nothingness”. So in theory he is the epitome of “Nothing” because he has parts of 2 nothings in him.


    Now how’s that for an theory, lol.

  8. @uchiha

    i have also thought that Tobi had some uzumaki blood in him. i will say though that kushina’s chakra chains was not a blood line limit. it was because of her “special chakra” as she stated when naruto met her. i also expect that this is the reason for the longevity of the uzumaki clan as kushina also stated. i think this would also explain why we have never seen the MS that big magnum is supposed to have had, its because the sharingan eye isnt madaras. if the chains holding down the tailed beast are similar to kushina’s that would mean that tobi also has that “special chakra” as even kakashi said some jutsu cant be copied. if the chakra chains require chakra like kushinas then that would mean even if tobi copied it he wouldnt be able to use it.

    regardless of all his pandering i cant see tobi giving another shinobi access to the rinnegan. given the power those eyes have it would have been better if tobi had kept them himself. i mean really, what if pein didnt die after resurecting the leaf village. with the rinnegan i doubt he would have lost in battle to tobi, especially with his paper women protecting his real body.

  9. In the latest Bleach chapter, I was glad to see the Vizards reappear as captains. All the other captains have slightly changed. As for the whole 3 week break, it does suck a lot that we have to wait for a whole month pretty much. But I heard from some people that Tite had done an interview and said he was going to be only doing two more arcs and then the manga was finished? I heard this from different websites. Anyways, I read somewhere that Aizen might be involved again and I also read that Grimmjow might have a role in coming back since some people still are debating if he is dead or alive…

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