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Its Finally Out!Naruto, OP, and Bleach Chapters!

Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/52710473/1

One Piece: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/16037697/1

Bleach: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/51106807/1


38 Responses

  1. Son Goku and Kurama, really? Pretty cool that he knows the sage of 6 paths. If Naruto keeps this up, he’ll be able to lead an army of tailed beasts against the masked man, and probably against the ten tails as well

    Things don’t look good for Gai and Kakashi, someone is gonna have to open all the gates and sacrifice himself…………

  2. FIRST! via 2008 ha

  3. If Naruto can get all the beasts to be on his side, that would would be so awesome. Naruto and One Piece were perfect chapters, Bleach is still lacking in excitement and explanation, hopefully it will get better.

  4. So luffy is going to become an Emperor? Sweet lol, i cant believe he is talking like that to Big Mam.


    Wow…I wondered why Shukaku/One Tail had a name, but all the other beatss didn’t. I love this chapter, hopefully Son Goku reveals some more info on the Sage.

  6. Naruro – Was loving Kakashi an Gai’s tagteam battle! I wonder if Tobi knows that Naruto can enter tailed beasts minds an have a chit chat?! Also was the Ape hinting at Tobi being a previous jinjuuriki??!

    Bleach – What is the point of this arc?!!

    One Piece – So Luffy’s pissed off Emperor Big Mam – so he’ll have to deal with her an Blackbeard in the New World! Glad to hear that Kidd is still causing trouble! I like the Strawhats owning islands that means there moving up in the ranks!

  7. naruto was gd bleach was ok but one piece stole the show yet again!

  8. One piece was amazing!!! But i don’t think luffy is ready 2 take on big mam!!!

  9. OP – Luffy is ready to take on an Emperor! Time to seriously test his new Haki moves! I have a feeling his haki/rubber combos are on a totally different scale than what he could use under water in Fishman arc!

  10. So this will be narutos trump card all the tailed beasts are gonna join him?:| thats just way 2 much Son Goku seriously?=))….i loved one piece:)) luffy is da bau$$ seriously taking on big momma like that:))challenging her it’s just funny and after so much arguing it’ll be like “i saved your daugher and she will be like oh really do u want some candy”?:)) bleach was whack didn’t get anything one moment they are fighting the next everyone disappears wtf??

  11. OP-I hope that luffy wont beat big mom right now its way too early

    Naruto was good, so the sosp was the one who named the tailed beats

    Bleach was meh

  12. also the prediction of luffy destroying FI could be true

  13. concerning onepiece- i think that luffy and big mama will have an argument and then nami will come with the vivi card she got from big mama’s daughter, and that will smooth things out. cause onepiece doesn’t just put things in there for no reason. i mean i think the warthog name was lily, she explained the vivi card and told her that when she goes to the new world to look for big mama. so yeah it will be a funny argument, but when that vivicard comes into play, everything will smooth out and then luffy will have 2 of the big 4 as allies.

  14. Those chains forming the seal. i wonder if thats an uzumaki sealing technique

  15. so will another chapter come out wedesday

  16. goku-a monkey
    kurama-a fox

    No point pointing out the obvious, or the unoriginal.

  17. I don’t know… is luffy really ready to fight one of the emperors? If she is anywhere near shanks or whitebeard’s skill in combat, from what i’ve seen luffy done so far an suspect he’s capable of doing im not sure he’s ready for them just yet. As far as haki goes, he’s only been training for 2 years what other’s been mastering as long as he’s been alive, not to mention being more physically impressive than him.

  18. i am gey

  19. i am too!

  20. @darth, I was thinkin that maybe it was abit too early to have him fight an emperor – he can’t just train for 2 years an think he’s good enough to go straight to the top of the food chain! She’s on the same level as whitebeard an as far as we know isn’t dying like he was so is in better physical condition…. Luffy like most heros of shows needs to stop being so impulsive an think his actions through. I reckon it’ll be a good idea if they at least took out a few supernova’s before they even think of challenging an emperor! It probably won’t even be a full fight once nami brings out the vive card thing

  21. looooool you guys need to calm he’s not gona go fight her now…..its just something that will happen later in the manga

  22. By the time they meet he will be much stronger probably doin some gear 4th:)) i’m so curious about how big mama can move being that big:))

  23. Everyone saying its to early is insane, the crew just spent a long 2 years away from each other taking everything to a new level.

    Remember the Thriller Bark ark? It was kinda scary lol i legit felt like someone wasn’t going to make it and die, id like that feeling again lol and honestly Luffy can hang with probably anyone in the world now.
    2 years ago he got through impel down and the war of the best alive so have some faith in his training with The Dark King.

  24. ruffy u are also underestimating the 4 emperors if luffy would go 1v1 against big mama right now he will definetly lose but after a few fights he will be able 2 go toe 2 toe with her:) i really wanna see zoro in a 100% fight:D Big Mamas crew look though:D

  25. it’d be pretty stupid for luffy to go up against her this soon, most likely luffy will win because the manga is about him. 1). he doesn’t have a big enough crew. 2). if luffy beats her or fairs off her, his status and popularity will go outta da roof. 3). plus there is still bleack beard out there and it would make since for the pirates to go through the ranks and power in means of pirate groups. so it’s pretty stupid 4 luffy 2 go against mama’s forces and that would take out so much power.

    also it would appear that one piece has stolen the show this week because evrybody’s talk’n about op and not naruto as usual which has been having a hot streak of good chapters lately. Bleach is in a pitiful slump and it doesn’t make sense for the reasons that there are so many chapter’s that leaves fan with confused feelings, so Tite needs to get his stuff together

  26. Yeah the manga is about him but he should lose if he were 2 fight her right now it would seem fair 4 us:P cause it’s boring just beating everyone up:( yeah op has been stealing the show these past weeks,bleach is just way 2 confusing it’s like a useless time skip…..naruto no comment:P

  27. Corny! Tailed Beast are becoming soft for what? I guess Sasuke is going to make his 3rd appearance next year. The war really need him. I wouldn’t mind seeing Madara rape tsunade in front of the Raikage. I know Naruto is supposed to be the focal point of the storyline, but god damn, It’s booooooooooring, like Robert Freeman said


  28. wonder if the 10 tails had a name also

  29. Luffy would loose if he fae big man right now……..100% fact….maybe on a one on one fight yes…..but crew vs crew no…..if white beard could provide such fire power againts the goverment so can big mom….and ther is no way luffy can currently survive that kinda off attack if he was to get it now…..but soon he will be able to take them on……Even tho luffy has never met his father…thinking about it luffy has a lot of bk-up but it isnt like luffy to go ask his dad for help

  30. This chapter was from last week I guess, does it mean that tomorrow a new chapter will arrive?

  31. @ultimate hopefully, it should be another one out

  32. @jajuan,
    EXACTLY!!! Fighting big mam an crew now is straight suicide!! Like someone else said it would make sense for the strawhats to warm up an get up the ranks first an fight against supernovas an other pirates from different islands before u dare go against an emperor! Crew wise aswell big mam’s probably got at least 40 crew members I’d imagine – luffy has less than 10. Oda will find a way to showcase each members full growth but against a crew big mam’s size an talent common sense would tell u that they’d lose maybe even die!

  33. @all for one piece

    I totally disagree. I think he should fight Big Mam. While we need to see growth, he needs to be shown that the overwhelming difference in power he saw at the war of the best can’t be overcome in two years. I think the way it should play out is that all his crew loose, but he fights big mam even and then has to allow himself to be captured to ensure their lives. After that he will do something to get loose, cause trouble, and grow. I don’t think he should be allowed to be at the top just yet, although he should not be too far away either.

    Gotta love having unpopular opinions

    -pcgnome out

  34. I agree. Luffy should face Big Mam because i think she is the weakest of the Emperors. If Kidd has already destroyed some of Big Mam’s ships why should Luffy be scared. And it will show the gap of their powers and see where Luffy stands. They are about to enter the New World so they better be super strong.

  35. if luffy loses, that would be a major let down to the fans and it would be like a useless time skip if luffy were to up and lose like that. Oda would be on some Bleach stuff if he did that. plus you have to think that mama is like white beard and has tons of allies even more than 40 being that she is an emperor. also u have to consider that luffy just showcased his powers, the next thing that Oda will be doing is finding a new member for the group like he did in most arcs. plus mosdt of you are missing that even when luffy did take on the marines, he had tons of help and if it wasn’t for that help, luffy would be in jail or dead. so go through the ranks, unless Oda made up all off those rookies way back at the archipelago for nothing.

  36. *jajuan-so 4 u it would be cool if luffy would beat big mam?just getting that powerful?naruto 2:| i wouldn’t be disspointed if luffy would lose cause almost all his fights he has only won i was so happy when i saw them getting owned by the kuma’s it’s boring always winning just like the movies all of them u just think how the good guy is gonna win…it’s just boring

  37. no i don’t want luffy to go against mama cuz it would be a waste of time, he would fair well against the lower ranks but then lose when he gets to mama. that’z why i say he should wait. plus we haven’t seen luffy fight. all we’ve really seen wuz luffy beat up on the fishman pirates and wasn’t a fight like when goin up against the leopard guy can’t remember his name. 2, i agree with u it would be nice to see him lose but not so soon, i mean we just finished an arc where they’ve come back let them taste the new world, then they could lose once to teach them a lesson, then they will get a power boost like most characters of manga do

  38. We have only seen luffy really throw 1 punch so far.

    And 100k of fodder was nothing to the less than 10 members.

    Luffys Kings haki is a huge weapon, its like Gol D. Rogers baby ship facing shikis fleet. Roger had some insane Haki control like luffy so #’s didnt mean anything.

    If luffy faced big Mam it would get cut to 1v1 fights vs big mams top 8 and Luffy vs Big mam. Would be epic.

    And another point is Moria said he defeated Kaidou, so if luffy and crew can survive a 1k shadowed Moria i think Big Mam wouldnt be impossible….

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