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One Piece Chapter 650- NEWS

What an epic revelation we got this chapter, finally we get an upgrade on what happened in the world of One Piece during the two year absence of the Strawhat Pirates. Lots of information is revealed this chapter and has impacted the future struggles our heroes will face. So I will try to sum up all the information we got this week in a orderly fashion from most important to least important. So with out further or do lets get on with this weeks epic chapter.

The New Fleet Admiral

For starters a Fleet Admiral serves as the general of the arm force and the navy force and in a sense is the top General of the Marines in One Piece. He has the full control of the Marine, only answers to the world government. The Fleet Admiral is the most powerful ranked person in the marine, sort of how the Kage system works in Naruto, or how the Captain ranking in Bleach. While One Piece the Fleet Admiral is usually picked because of their power and ranking in the marines and most of the time they are picked by the World Government, or suggested by the previous Fleet Admiral. But after the Marine vs the Whitebeard Pirates war, the current Fleet Admiral at the time retired and suggested Aokiji to be next in line. But the higher ups wanted Akainu to be the Fleet Admiral which sparked an event never that never occurred before.

Aokiji who has a lazy persona and most of the time does not care much about what is going on, went against Akaniu becoming Fleet Admiral; which eventually led to their infamous secret battle. Now this hints a new issue on the Marine and the Government to being unable to control their most powerful soldiers. Because now the marines lost three of their top soldiers: Garp, Sengoku, and now they lost Aokiji. In my opinion the marines lost a tremendous amount of power and a figure for future people who wanted to joining the marines. So to combat for their loss the WG gave them a very powerful weapon. I would assume that it is a person or maybe a new invention made by Dr. Vegapunk.

For those who are not up to date with One Piece(*warning major spoiler).  Akainu is probable the most hated character of One Piece because of what he did to Luffy and Ace. In my opinion I think that he is and will become one of the main antagonist. His sense of justice goes to extreme measures and it just this chapter proves my point because now the Marines have become more powerful on their “justice”. For instance, what did Ace really done that he deserved to be killed of. The Marines thought that since Ace was the son of Roger that was a sin of it self deserving of death. But you cannot blame the son for the sins of their father. That is why I think Gard, Sengoku and Aokiji left the marines because they realized how corrupt and unjustifiable the Marines and the World Government have become. And Akainu is a perfect example of how blind justice can do more harm than good. I would assume that Akainu has so much hate towards Pirates and revolutionist because something happened to him that led to his grudge. Maybe his family were killed or that he just hates outlaws. Overall Akainu becoming Fleet Admiral will change the way the Marines look, plans and their way of doing things and spells trouble for our heroes.

Blackbeard Pirates

Other than Akainu, the Blackbeard Pirates are the only other group that Luffy shows a hatred or more that of never forgiving them for what they did. To those who don’t know the blackbeard pirates are one of the true evil villains in One Piece. They do not have a sense of right and wrong, no morals or norms, a purely evil band of highly ranked pirates. In fact, half of their members where imprisoned in the lowest level of Impel Down. Their Captain Blackbeard has become one of the Four emperors; the Four Emperors are known as the most powerful pirates and the ones closets to obtaining the Treasure One Piece. This is very fitting for Blackbeard to become one of the most feared and hated Pirate in the Grandline, very fitting for the mythical name of Blackbeard who was a really pirate in real life who was both feared and hated by people just like the Blackbeard in One Piece.

But the thing to take into account is how influenced and intelligent Blackbeard is, in just a short amount of time he has become so powerful. Though he sort of cheated his way to the rankings; for one he knew all the territories of Whitebeard, has the most powerful and evil criminals as his crew, and now has the ability of somehow stealing other peoples devil fruit abilities. Blackbeard in sense is the exact opposite of Luffy. For example, Blackbeard evil, cruel, and a coward, Luffy good, loving(just do not get in the way when he eats), and courageous. This is just an example of how different these two guys are and what they represent and I think that Oda will elaborate more on this concept.

Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus the Weapons with the name of Gods

Okay so we know that there is three ancient weapons that if come together or can single-highhandedly destroy the world. Pluton the ancient warship that has the power to cause mass destruction, sort of the Nuclear weapons in our world. Pluton is another name of Hades the ruler of the underworld and the oldest of the gods in Greek mythology. Poseidon, the ancient weapon that can command  the Sea Kings which are the largest beings in the sea. Poseidon is a god and the ruler of the Sea in Greek mythology. Now that we know two of the ancient weapons, a new one is mentioned by Robin which the ancient weapon Uranus. Uranus is the father to all of the Titans and Gods in Greek mythology, he is labeled as the father sky, in a sense he is the first Titan/God who gave birth to the Titans and Gods. Just from observing how Oda has incorporated Greek mythology into One Piece, I would assume that Uranus is some sort of ship or object that has the ability to fly in the sky which has tremendous amount of power. But so far only Poseidon has being really shown as in presence wise. But nonetheless if the news of Shirahoshi is Poseidon spreads it can disastrous for Fishman Island.

Side Notes:

  • The end of this chapter cooks up a very interesting plot twist. Big Mama wants her candy and is willing to go to war for it, this just made things more interesting.
  •  Interest fact that Poseidon, Neptune and Otohima are all gods in mythology. Poseidon is the god of the sea in Greek mythology, Neptune is god of the sea in Roman mythology and Otohima is the the daughter of Ryujin the sea god in Japanese mythology. Oda really likes mythology and is doing a great job of putting them into his work.
  • Luffy eating and kicking Caribou. Poor Sanji never gets what he wants.
  • Jinbe made me laugh so hard, yelling at Luffy for not being the Captain or at least filling the role of a Captain. But just like Sanji said that why he has great friends to help him out.
  • Sanji and Zoro this chapter just rising the theory that they might have haki, since they can somehow sense the presence of Caribou.
  • Hodi and his crew grew old and I could not care less for them, what a disappointing waste of character.
  • Nami wants gold, trying to steal from a thief. She truly knows no bond of the laws of a thief. But it did made for a funny scene.
  • Sorry that this is so long, but there was so much to cover, and if I missed something, please share it with us.


45 Responses

  1. Good review jdogg. I hope Blackbeard has a limit on how much devil fruit he can take because that will make him too overpowered. His crew shouldn’t get DF powers because they are already strong which is the reason why they were in Level 6 prison.
    I wonder what Garp, Sengoku, and Coby are doing now that they aren’t with the marines. I can see that they’ll be helping the strawhats in the future and so is aokiji. Getting very exciting and i hate that its only one chapter a week lol

  2. Jdogg, my boyyyyy!!!!!! Always look forward to ur reviews= great work as always. This was a monster chapter loaded with epic info – best chapter so far of the whole arc, now to put a Tensa spin on things….

    Fleet Admiral Akainu – I hate this magma bastard- there wont be any fair trial or anything with this guy – he’s gonna have 1 rule only – KILL ALL PIRATES ON SIGHT! Aokiji knew that he wasnt a fair man an wanted to prevent the corruption of the marines but lost but where does Kizaru stand in all of this – is he now the right hand flash light of the magma??!! I think Magma boy’s past has something to do with Jewelry bonney. That little convo he had once blackbeard defeated her keeps ringing in my head. Aokiji’s got 4 options now either work solo an aid the SH’s as an ally, join the revolutionary army under Dragon (i really want that to happen), make a 3 man squad with Garp an Sengoku or make ice cubes for a living 3 beri’s per bag!!

    Blackbeard – this sneeky son of a bitch!!! i was raging for hours coz he got ranked as an emperor but i give credit where its due and he is a clever rat, he came up so quickly it was ridiculous! I wanna know how many abilities this guys gonna have coz having more than 2 is way over the top – he already has 2 of the best powers ffs how can u fight against darkness an earthquakes plus more weird fruit powers!

    Weapons of Mass destruction – so 1 of em is a mermaid, 1 is a ship and the other im guessing is a staff or sumthin that controls the sky… wouldnt it be cool if the revolutionary army had one of these!

    Big Mam – isnt she Lola’s mum??? i remember lola giving them a vivre card at the end of the thriller bark arc and talking about her mum being a badass.

    Sanji and Zoro hinting at Haki – I wouldnt be surprised if they both got it tbh, Zoro’s hinted at it previously in his Mr 1 fight, i cant remember if Sanji has at any point but Haki isnt all that rare – the admirals have it, Rayleigh, Ace, Coby, Whitebeard, Jozu etc… quite a few people have it an those 2 SH’s are gonna need it going forward.

  3. Very good review as always!!!

    I agree that Blackbeard is evil but all he is doing is acting like a real pirate, Pirates are not suppose to be good

    @Tensa Gizzla nice theory for aokiji dude

  4. kaio tht was the point i was gona make, he’s bad but i really dont think he is all bad! remember he does carry the will of D in his name

  5. @everyone, Thank you for you support, I really appreciate it.

    @rock lee, I highly doubt it if Blackbeard can have more devil fruits because he already has two of the strongest abilities, power of earthquakes and darkness, that in itself is a tremendous amount of power. Anymore would make him unstoppable.

    @Tensa Gizzia, I really like your theory on the Staff being Uranus.

    @Kaio, Pirates are bad guys, but piracy in itself is an act of being free and doing what ever you want. Now that can be bad because it is true that being free is to do whatever you want until it can harm others. Luffy for instance has not hurt people and he is a pirate; in fact he helped more people than harm them. But I think that Blackbeard is a evil person who does not care about anyone but himself, gives Pirates a bad name. But I know what you mean Pirates are considered bad guys, but some of them are sort of the bad guy that are really do more good than harm.

  6. remember what white beard was like when him and luffy first meet……he’s a pirate tht crosses the line sometimes and thts it…….BTW great review, i can tell u enuff how i enjoy reading these…thnks for keeeping up the good job….the pic u have there of luffy and blkbeard is a very epic moment, love it!

  7. uno wht i really love about one piece…..is tht fact tht u just dont know how the charcters r gona ply out in the manga…..naruto u can see a important charactr from a mile off……..one piece is very hard 2 tell somtimes

  8. @legendarykid, Thank you, and did you mean that Blackbeard cross the line. I think that all pirate are in some out like the outlaws of the west. Sort of your wild cowboy. But some cowboys are idolize while some are considered just plain outlaw. Well I think that Pirates are the same, they are considered bad, but some chose to be the bad guy to be the good guy. Does it make sense? haha For example, Jinbe and Tiger chose to be pirates so they can free the slaves. But they were branded evil and bad. Blackbeard on the other hand, uses any means necessary to achieve his goal. Blackbeard is your typical Pirate and shares lots of similarities with Luffy but huge differences. My point is that Blackbeard will be depicted as THE “BAD GUY’ in One Piece.

  9. @legendary
    That is why Oda is a story telling genius! When we first saw blackbeard an luffy in that bar eating food, i thought he was just sum random fat guy who liked to talk….who have thought he’d turn out to be one of the dirtiest players in the game!
    One thing ive never understood though is that you know there are 4 emperors aka the 4 strongest people in the new world – why havent they taken each other out?? so that there’s 1 less powerful threat out there with the potential to find one piece…. or is it a situation where there’s no point them fighting coz it’ll be a tie?! (like whitebeard an shanks, even though shanks was in his prime and whitebeard was 70+ years old)

  10. Nice Chapter review….Dam imagine if luffy beats big mama & becomes one of the emperors!! Jus my theory!!! >:D

  11. @Tensa Gizzia, I think that they at constant war, like a never ending war because like you said they are equally in strength and numbers.

    @KLP, It would be epic if Luffy becomes one of the Emperors but I think that he wont face Big mama because she will become his ally not his enemy.

  12. Off topic but I wonder how strong Luffy’s father Dragon is and what his powers are. What he did to Smoker back then. What Dragon has done the past two yrs

  13. @Rock lee, there’s a big rumour that Dragon ate a wind cyclone type of devil fruit when he helped luffy an ace as kids indirectly an when he helped in smoker vs luffy round 1 he used wind power.
    I get the feeling he’s gonna be presented in a similar manner to whitebeard as in he’s totally badass but has just 1 fight (probably against one of the top people in the world government) and it’ll be EPIC!! I wanna see who he’s got in his army apart from iva an that scissor guy. It’ll be real interesting if Sabo an Aokiji ended up as his right hand men!

  14. I think that the emperors dont fight each other is because if 2 of them fight, in the end they will be weak and it would very easy for any of the other 2 to eliminate them.

    Also at this point its very difficult to say if blackbeard is the main bad guy. It could also be the WG now that akainu is at the head, he seems to be a bit like blackbeard as he would do anything to achieve his goals

  15. Did it say that cobi also left the marines?

  16. @me, no cobi is still in the marines.

  17. i dont think that blackbeard would be the final boss since there also is don flamingo and the ppl he is working 4 they also seem strong and interesting.

  18. @n***a, One piece is unique as it seems to have 2 main villians which for now appear to be Blackbeard an Akainu and the WG. Oda could handle a ‘final battle’ in a few different ways such as have the strawhats vs blackbeard pirates an then the winner takes on the WG or visa versa or he could have a triple threat battle with strawhats vs blackbeards vs WG….. Let’s not forget any of the emperors or supernova’s like law or kidd, could be involved in the final arc aka War of the Best 2 Winner takes the One Piece Treasure.
    One fight I would love to see tho is Zoro vs Shiru of the rain (or whatever his name is) Doflamingo is differently part of a mass plot by the WG – he took out Moria with ease an wanted Crocodile to team up with him – his body manipulation is amazing aswell – I actually can’t think of who would be able to fight him – maybe Franky as losing a few body parts should affect him to much!!

  19. yeah but franky just wouldn’t do it:P he beat moria with ease,i know 2 years passed but don flamingo didn’t just read newspaper:))i bet he also got stronger i wanna see who he is working for…i don’t even think akainu knows about what is going on above him….there are just so many ppl op will just continue for a long time i guess:Pand thats good:)

  20. I just thought maybe Coby wont be with the marines anymore because Garp trains him and Akainu almost killed him if it wasnt for Shanks.

  21. @ n****a, Thinking about it properly Franky would fight him but would probably lose tbh, i doubt he can handle a warlord in a fight. One piece has a good few years to go – like u said there’s just wayyyyyy to many good characters and Oda is a perfectionist. If you could see any fight now though in the one piece world which one would u chose bro??

  22. Im feeling a Shanks vs Blackbeard pirates coming in the new world, pretty much like the ace situation Shanks will confront Blackbeard because he doesn’t want luffy to die.

  23. I would really want 2 see the emperors and their crew fighr especially shanks team since and war of the best everybody stopped just becouse of them that must mean they are really powerful:D I hope luffy fight big mam so that we could at least see what lvl he is at and also see the power lvl of one of the emperors.What bout u?

  24. Its about time Oda shows Big Mam. We havent even seen or know anything about her. So is Kaido. All we know about him is he fought Shanks. Wanna see how powerful these guys are.

  25. The 2 people I wanna see in action are Shanks and Dragon, Shanks vs anyone right now would be awesome! I wanna see exactly wat a one armed haki user can do!! Him vs Blackbeard will probably happen at some point tho seeing as how shanks told whitebeard that it was teach who gave him that triple eye scar! (Just realised a few guys have eye scars – zoro, luffy, garp, rayleigh etc…).
    As for Dragon, he’s been building an army for so long – for someone labelled as the world’s most dangerous man – he must be at fleet admiral level or higher

  26. When did shanks say that it was teach that gave him the scar?don’t remember that one,yeah there is also dragon so it must go for a long time:P i also can’t wait 2 see shanks in action:Ddragon just seems so simple but so powerful smoke didn’t say a thing when dragon stopped him:))

  27. It’s so funny:)) i just read chapter 489 and lola gave nami a paper so that she could show the bond to her mum if needed so i don’t think there will be a fight,even if there will be it will be short until nami shows her the paper.:D

  28. When Shanks went onto Whitebeards ship (to try an stop the Blackbeard vs Ace fight from happening an they were drinkin vodka or sake) he told him then
    I get the feeling Big Mam isn’t very bright but stupidly strong – any person that’ll destroy an island over candy can’t be very sane lol
    Is there a chapter this week?? Not sure coz of the holidays
    Oh btw are Zoro an Sanji orphans?! Can’t remember hearing nothing about their folks

  29. @Tensa i think thy prob r ophans…..and wind type loga sounds logical but dont 4get dragon also used electricity to free luffy…..In my opinion the person i wana see fight the most has to be dragon…..i mean the guy is luffys dad! and hes got a problem with the world so he says he gona change it….How hardbody can someone be…..luffy might be on fightinng lvl but its about his crew if thy can fight a yanku…there just isnt enuff of them yet to go war……..remember white bare was capable of fighting the goverment and the war loards with his creww and alliances…….if tht was luffys crew thy would get crush…so im guessing the other 2 yanku or whtever hav the same kinda strngth

  30. Well im hoping Dragon’s power has something to do with dragons lol. He has to be a very powerful man he has Garp and Luffy blood after all. I wonder what Garp’s powers are. I like the characters who are powerful even without the use of DF like him, Zoro, Sanji, Mihawk, Rayleigh, and Shanks. Dragon and Roger still not confirmed if they are or were DF users.

  31. For orphans those 2 are damn powerful, I bet through some weird plot mihawks gonna be related to zoro an luffy’s mum is gonna be Gol D Roger’s little sister lol
    Now the SH crew – imo the only people that could fight a warlord one on one are luffy an zoro – sanji’s almost there but waiting to see somethin BIG from him – I don’t know how Oda’s gonna enhance his power an improve on his Devil Leg tech – there’s only so much u can do fighting with just legs…. The rest of the SH’s would get crushed, after the timeskip tho Robin, Brook an Usopp look like they’ve improved a hell of a lot. The SH’s have helped so many people that if somethin huge happened I reckon they’d get a lot of backin from other islands like the Skypeia, Alabasta, Thriller Bark etc……

  32. I don’t reckon Garp’s got any major power, he’s just one of those freakishly stronger guys who throws cannonballs like they were oranges!!

  33. I don’t really think mihawk will be related 2 zoro but it would be nice i really wanna see flashbacks from zoro’s training they’ll probably come when we also see mihawk if we get 2 see him again:))just like rayleigh maybe he’ll shade a tear 4 his pupil:))))zoro didn’t even get 2 show 50% of his power:(i wanna see a serious fight:D from our favourite marimo:))

  34. Mihawk doesn’t seem like an emotional guy – the most we’ll get from him is a comforting smile towards Zoro. His training was probably the most Epic out of everyone! Shishi Sonson an Asura are probably a whole new level now.
    The new fishman arc was great plot-wise but action-wise it was barely a warm up! Hodi Jones as a villian was disappointing

  35. He was just a test dummy sumthing like that.yeah definetly the most epic since he lost an eye:Pwho is shishi sonson???

  36. its a technique zoro used on kuma i think

  37. I think Blackbeard will be the final villain honestly, his crew makes up a perfect anti strawhat crew: Luffy vs. Teach, Van Augur vs. Ussop, Jesus Burgess vs. Sanji, Laffitte vs. Nami, Doc Q +Stronger vs. Chopper, Zorro vs. Shiliew, Nicco vs. Sanjuan wolf, while Franky, and Brook take on the other three unknown (ability wise) crew members

  38. ooo the one where there are 3 zoros? yeah maybe but i don’t really think blackbeard is the strongest right now…but we will see:P

  39. @N***a,
    Shishi sonson aka Lion song is the technique he used against Kuma an almost sliced his robotic arm off! He also used it to finish off Mr 1. Asura is the illusion type technique where there are 3 Zoro’s
    Crew vs Crew wise the blackbeards seriously out number an out power the Strawhats right now – they’ve got more members an they’re more dangerous as a whole. They’re even better than Whitebeards crew I think (only Marco an Diamond Jozu are any real threat now)

  40. WOW i i hope luffy gets to fight big mama…..i wanna see him up against a emperor!!!

  41. maybe they will fight but only a little bit the fight probably won’t get 2 be serious:P are they on holiday?no manga 2day?i hope we get christmas presents 2 mangas for bleach naruto and onepiece would be so great:))

  42. @ walmart, yeah i agree that the blackbeard pirates will be the final villain. After blackbeard beats the marines, the strawhats will be known as good pirates when they beat blackbeard.
    @ niggga, i doubt it but i hope they do

  43. I’ve been thinkin about Sanji’s development over the 2 years an seein as he can do the CP9 “Soru aka blue walk” now – do u think he’s mastered all 6 super human styles?? (I forget some of them I remember Tekkai and Shigan) He’ll probably end up fighting a supernova in the new world – him vs x drake will be a good fight – dinosaur boy would make a good stew! Lol Oh an Usopp vs Scratchman Apoo aka pop green vs musical notes!

  44. P.S My bad- its not Soru Sanji uses but Geppo, I think Oda will give him a devil leg rankyaku in the new world

  45. So this will be narutos trump card all the tailed beasts are gonna join him?:| thats just way 2 much….i loved one piece:)) luffy is da bau$$ seriously taking on big momma like that:))challenging her it’s just funny and after so much arguing it’ll be like “i saved your daugher and she will be like oh really do u want some candy”?:)) bleach was whack didn’t get anything one moment they are fighting the next everyone disappears wtf??

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