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Its out!Naruto, One Piece and Bleach Chapter!


One Piece:http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/64985431/1



66 Responses

  1. I did not exspect to see him this early!!! Can’t wait to see what happens awesome cliff hanger!

  2. Imo the nine tails is gonna start to help out naruto and soon they will be able to work in tandem like bee and the 8 tails. The nine tail has already stopped sapping narutos chakra which means that without even saying anything the nine tails is choosing to help naruto out

  3. OMG i think kakashi crapped his pants when he saw the nine tails looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool seeing kakashi scared if even for a second is just looooooooooooooooooooooool

    im not sure i see the point to this bleach story arc

  4. What i want to know is what the hachibi was hinting at in regards to the kyubis past. He stated the tailed beasts have feelings, sounds to me like something happend probaly long ago to cause the kyubi to be a malevolant evil entity in the past.

  5. I really like the theme that Kishinev is giving naruto now. Even in the midst of a huge battle, there is still a sense of comic relief like the old days, and for some reason I feel like sasuke’s cameo reclaimed a spark of that cool sasuke we all knew. The battle against the jinchuuriki is really not in favor of bee and naruto right now. Hopefully the nine tails will reveal something about his past that will ultimately end the tension between him and naruto and hopefully turn the battle around. I can’t wait to see what jugo and suigetsu are up to, and I’m still anxious for itachi to kick kabuto’s ass and end this zombie nightmare. All in all, I just want to see what the hell happens next lol

  6. the theories r endless at this point except to say, “kishi, wow!”

  7. Kakashi didnt’ see the nine tails, he saw the five tails…. and the nine tails is already helping naruto (by that i say that he stopped trying to kill naruto, if he wanted, he would have sucked him dry a long time ago)…

  8. I agree with impaler, if the kyuubi really wanted to he’d have sucked Naruto dry ages ago! I wondered why he was in 9 tails mode for so long! Awwww its kinda cute seeing Kyuubi warm to Naruto – he might even give us a smile in a few chapters time! I loved the little convo wit the 8 an 9 tails – I got a sneeky feeling there gonna find a way to free the other tailed beasts!
    Now down to business – did anyone notice that chakra chain Tobi used to strangle the 5 tails was the same kind that Naruto’s mum Kushina used to pin down the 9 tails when naruto an mr fox had their fight…….
    Also was that a new technique that Kakashi used or just a chidori variation?? Suigetsu an Jugo – looooool at them thinkin that Sasuke an Karin wanted some alone time – they probably think she’s gettin that fire style right now!! Was cool to see them again but I can easily see a Suigetsu an Jugo vs Sasuke Handicap match happening when they find out that Karin got arrested!
    P.s Guys opening up gates like a delivery boy yayyyy!!!

    Bleach – wat the hell is up with this plot????? Ginjo dead already? Really?? Say it aint so – he looked too cool an was hyped to see his hollow!

  9. Just as I somehow expected.

    Tobi is using Kushina Uzumaki’s Tailed Beast Chain restraining Technique. Secondly, Tobi’s Tailed Beast control starts to fail when the Tailed Beasts take on their full forms. And also, Tobi’s control doesn’t let him use the techniques of the 6 Paths with them. I am starting to see he weaknesses of his 6 paths. After they are stopped, Tobi will have a significant Chakra drain.

    I love seeing some of the backstory between the tailed beasts too.

  10. i meant five tails lol -.-

  11. I’m with you @madara_uchiha

    This is starting to feel like one big filler arc. I thought it would lead to those guys that were looking for Ichigo that are down there with Aizen, but it didn’t. Then Ginjo didn’t even put up a fight *facepalm*.

  12. @??? yea im thinking the same thing. Clearly those chains r borderline identical to what kushina used so tobi has to be at least part uzumaki… which makes me a little upset cause outside of a couple uzumakis there were no mention of them which would mean that tobi is a character that has not been mentioned yet if in fact he is an uzumaki. And it seems that outside the chains tobi is using pure eye power so that would be difficult to maintain as i would imagine its difficult to have held just the nine tails, much less 7 at one time

  13. Is it only me, or does it feel, like the objective of the war, changed from preventing the Moon’s Eye Plan, to saving the tailed beasts. I felt so sad, when I saw the sadnes of those beasts (crying, and being used as pets..) Just sad, they’re just like Willy…


  15. Ohhh sasuke is probably going to meet the 5 kages. If naruto can be a yellowflash too, have him give tobi a surprise attack while tobi’s still solid… kakashi said tobi has a bar on his chest too? so he is a fake. If sasuke kills old lady tsunomi, naruto will be so pissed.

  16. @jax66, sasukes going, to burn off raikages other hand lol

  17. **YellowFlash2– will the next chapter to your story be up soon?

  18. I thought the bar was just to control the six paths n their shared vision all that stuff cause Tobi was using the sharigan to control them. interesting because he has enough reserves to continuously use the sharigan though uchiha’s aren’t suppose to have large reserves but than again he did the 1sts DNA. Also it seems like the beasts can break free from both tobi n kabuto control which could lead to some new developments overall just ready to see the next phase in these battles………………….Bleach I lost any small sense of purpose with this ark I thought it was gonna be yu yu hakusho type thing but…..idk it needs to advance to whatever its going

  19. what if tobi is half uzumaki and half uchiha. it would be special because never before have there been two great clans that have a member that belongs to both great clans. it would be funny if the uzumaki never truly accepted him becuse he has uchiha in him and the uchiha not acceping because he has uzumaki in him. it would make sense that tobi would strike up a conversation about misery and such a few chapters back.

    madara was probably the only one who ackowledge his existense and trained him and taught him about his history. somewhere down the the line they discussed about the moons eye plan. soon madara died and tobi filled his shoes and is trying to use the moons eye plan for himself.

  20. can’t wait for Jdogg’s review. Yeah, don’t like the idea of Akainu that cold-blooded no-conscience ass took over Sengoku… grrrrrrr….

    on the other hand, maybe Weakyhoshi will join the Strawhats because Luffy wants to protect her from Caribou… anyway nice chapters from both Naruto and One Piece. Bleach was blaahh..

    Oh HxH was pretty good too!!

  21. shykss,don’t u think u r goin a little far by saying that weakyoshi will be joining the crew just so that luffy protects her there is no way she is joinin the crew.If not jimbei then no one.

  22. @ nigga

    well yeah it was a longshot.. coz she being the ancient weapon and all.. but since jinbe turned down the offer i thought maybe instead of fishman a mermaid will be joining the crew. the currently only have 2 women in the team. i guess she’s too conspicuous since she’s so humongous. lol..

  23. I think Sasuke is gonna try and fight Madara to test his new eyes to the max.

  24. who’s Sasuke fighting?

    He’s right outside Tobi’s lair which is a ways away from the battle field (you can tell by the giant skelton behind him). I hope he didn’t run into Itachi.

    Also, I too was confused by the use of Kushina’s restraining chains.

  25. What a freaking tease 8-(


  26. @ shykss
    Yeah the strawhats need another lady to join, it wont be weakoshi tho. Robin, Nami and another lady in the SH’s……One piece Hentai will go through the roof haha

    Oh and Why is Caribou still alive?? where the heck is Oda going with this character? I bet Swamp boy is gonna end up joining, thats the only reason i can think of as to why he’s still alive.

    Sasuke is gonna end up swinging Sugetsu an Jugo….or maybe that’ll be too easy??!

  27. $10 says first sasuke’s gonna bump into itachi and/or kabuto. Kabuto will try to do whatever he’s planning to do with sasuke, but will fail an sasuke roasts his ass, then itachi an sasuke will get into a heated argument which leads to them fighting, then sasuke roasts his ass as well. Or vice versa depending on who he meets first out of the two.

  28. I don’t think Tobi is any part Uzumaki, I say this because the chains are a technique, they are not bloodline. Tobi saw Kushina use it with his Sharingan and copied it like Sharingans can.

    Bleach was so fast paced I didn’t really get what happened this chapter other than Riruka being hidden inside Rukia.

    Back to Naruto, loved the telepathic convo between Hachibi and Kyuubi, and Five-Tails throwing in his 2 sense, this was a huge turning point in terms of strategy for the good guys. instead of trying to seal the Jinchuriki, now they just have to get them all to go full Beast mode and Tobi wont be able to control them. Although, it did seem like Tobi unleashed the 2 at the end.

    By the way, how many tails did the slug beast and other octopus-like beast have, I couldn’t count them.

    Last thing, the page of the Jinchuriki together was sick, I hope that that is what happens after the war, Bee and Naruto release them from Tobi’s hold, the Tailed Beasts give their hosts chakra to resurrect them Chio style, creating full symbiosis among the Jinchuriki and the Junchuriki become a world wide peace task force going where their services are needed… Naruworld Peace and Bee-bama (Bee/Obama) is elected President.

  29. @Shikamaru,
    I could have sworn those chains were an Uzumaki only technique?! I suppose it makes sense for tobi to be using the tech if it isn’t a bloodline- he’s been around long enough to know most jutsu. Chiyo an Kimmimaru have probably been sealed by now so doubt the jinjuurki’s will get brought back to life.
    Just thought of sumthin whilst in the gym – wat if Sasuke goes to where Kabuto is an see’s Itachi fight him an b4 Itachi’s edo body disappears after he beats Kabuto he puts another trigger type genjutsu on Sasuke which activates in the final stages of his fight with Naruto an says sumthin like “stop bein a douchebag, I’m resting in peace – me an the clan an we’re happy that u went so far for us an become strong but now’s the time to end the cycle an forgive the leaf an protect them blah blah blah” an he become’s a good guy an fights alongside Naruto an the 9 tails against Madara an Tobi…. Naruto an Sasuke vs Tobi an Madara would be epic tbh

  30. @ shikamaruistheman

    that’s really a good ideea, just think about it, until now, the tailed beasts were used as weapons, (like nuclear bombs), they brought only destruction and war; naruto is bringing a new world, a world without the circle of death, and he could change the beats into a meaning of peace

    or, Tobi, could take all the beasts he has, (including the 8 tails, Bee, will die, we all know), because he will see that he’s loosing, and try to rush the Moon’s Eye Plan, and the only one that will stand against him will be Naruto with the 9 tails, like a hero…..(something like what happened in Shaman King, if you watched it)

    sry for the long post…

  31. They say BIG MAGNUM is so powerful that the Kyuubi has to summon him.

  32. Fleece what do u mean?Shyks srry it’s just that it’s pretty impossible for her 2 join she would be in 2 much of a risc ridin’ with luffy:)) tensa do you really think caribou will join the crew?what is the point each crew member could pretty much beat the …..out of him so what is the point of such a weak character joining the crew?loving nami:))

  33. @shikamaruistheman; it would be possible for tobi to have copied it…. if he had seen her use it. However when she used the chains tobi was not around as he had fled from the fourth after their battle. So its not likely tobi copied as he was not around when she used it towards the end and that was the only time other than in narutos mind we had seen her use them. And if he didnt copy it the only other choice right now is he is part uzumaki or at the very least knew of that technique; the problem is from what we know kushina formed her own chakra to form the chains and as far as we know right now no one sides an uzumaki (kushina) has used it

  34. @token

    I find it highly unlikely that he didn’t stick around to watch if he could. He obviously knew that Naruto was the 9-tails, and we know that info was top secret in Konoha.

  35. @ripcord well you could say that but from what we have seen so far thats not likely.. im not sure i would want to stay around while the man who just kicked my ass is still standing there. Also y watch… im not sure what he could gain from staying behind… was he just going to stand there and watch the fight out of pure interest? if zetsu was around that would have been his job. Also he probably heard about naruto being the nine tails somewhere along the way, like the same way he found out about kushina and her birth and such even though that too was supposed to be top secret. Just because it was top secret doesnt mean he didnt have means to find out. there is alot he knows that shouldnt be known. Sides that info was not necessarily top secret… the third ordered all the adults and such to keep quiet about it around naruto but most of the village knew what naruto was so its not like it was the third, his elders and thats it. Most of the village knew who naruto was.

  36. And kishi can always backtrack but from the manga evidence we have right now, there is no sign that tobi was still around after he fled form minato and im going by what we know. later on kishi may say o tobi was there the whole time but without seeing any kind of evidence i am partial to thinking tobi is part uzumaki or something of that nature. He already has rinnengan and sharingan so y not have uzumaki in him too

  37. Tobi is mr lego man – he has green arms, blue legs, black chest, a white face and red an purple eyes!!

    @ n*****a, yeah i think caribou will join purely because what other point is there to his character?! He’s done nothing the whole arc apart from turn to mud, eaves drop an get slapped about by the StrawHat’s – he could be the spy of the crew!! Infiltration is his game – send him to spy on blackbeard lol

  38. They say BIG MAGNUM once slapped Orochimaru so hard, that he turned him into a pair of snakeskin boots.

  39. @UchihaTheInfamous
    Orochimaru should be happy that it wasn´t Chuck Norris who did it on him.

  40. @Seda

    They say one time BIG MAGNUM saw Chuck Norris walking on the street, and then he walked over to him and kicked him so hard in his red beard that it flew off onto a nearby bus and painted the bus red, and that’s how fire trucks were invented.

  41. Yeah and whats the point to get a crew member who gets slapped around by them and is just stupid and also he wont leave his crew…i’m 400% sure he isn’t gonna join we ewill see what his role was in this arc when it finishes:P luffy won’t use a spy definetly not:)

  42. BIG MAGNUM is so powerful that Chuck Norris facts and even a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick has no effect on him.

  43. Sasuki first encounter with will be
    3- 5 kage & madara
    4- tobi & naruto

    This is my ranking. This is base on distance thought kabuto is the nearest one

  44. I predict there will be a break between chapters prior to Sasuke first encounter on the battlefield

  45. Sasuke is going straight for Naruto…That was the whole reason why he wanted thoes new eyes. I believe he said something about destroying Naruto and everything he stood for…yada..yada blah. The 5 kages are gonna beat Mandara by themselves. Itachi is going to die again b/c Kabuto still has edo tensi and “that other jutus” which will make him invincible (unless he was referring to Mandara and his new rinnegan..which means kabuto dies and itachi wins). Naruto will either lose the 9 tails but live on to learn FTG and use it in Sage Mode or learn how to reverse the DCCS and release the other half of the Kyuubi chakra to add to the fox’s power or become the new 10 tail’s jinchuuriki because he can now communicate with the other tailed beasts sensing their thoughts and emotions.

  46. @Token
    You’re probably right that Tobi could easily learn top-secret stuff, but if that’s the case, then he could easily learn Uzumaki techniques too.

    I agree with you about Sasuke, he would try and track down Naruto first, BUT he has no tracking ability, Karin is no longer with him so he’s on his own to just search around.

    Unfortunately I think that Kabuto survives this one, there has been too much buildup of his character and Itachi is already dead. YES YES Itachi is BAMF, and I believe his loss will be used to show just how strong Kabuto really is.

    I also believe that Madara will be beaten by the 5 Kages right about when Naruto and/or Bee are taken by Tobi. The Alliance will initially think they have won, when in fact they lost. I don’t think Tobi will escape unscathed though.

    Also, I think Naruto losing the 9-tails at some point must happen if peace is to occur, there can’t be any jinchurriki’s in existence for a true peace.

  47. @ ripcord, i think there can be true peace if there is jinchurrikis. naruto just has to do his talk no jutsu to waiver peoples ideas about power struggles, perhaps even become the 10 tail jinchurriki. if naruto earns the respect of the tailed beasts they would all live inside of him rather than have someone abuse them. i think that is what changed the nine tails view on naruto, be chained up with tobi or choose to stick with naruto who has never abused his power or treated him as a pet. if naruto can change the nine tails, i’d say the other tailed beasts would follow suit. i could actually see naruto with other beasts inside of him, although that would mean bee would die at some stage…..

  48. @?

    Yes, but that lasts only as long as Naruto is alive. Now, perhaps there could be bijuu, but no jinchurriki. The bijuu would also have to be freed.

  49. @ Rip

    Itachi might just break Edo but not end up killin Kabuto then angry uchiha arrives – and his big bro gives him a little talk no jutsu and a trigger type genjutsu (for his final battle with naruto tellin him to change his ways an be a good guy again) then itachi’s body crumbles coz he is an edo aswell after all then we have snake boy junior vs EMS sasuke….
    Im convinced that Kishi will make Angry uchiha a good guy in the end (the very very very very end lol)
    As for the beasts – i agree with you rip, those beasts have gotta go otherwise they’ll always be hunted by some clown wanting world domination – Bee’s gonna die tho, he’ll sacrifice himself for naruto -can see that a mile off

  50. Itachi may suceed in breaking the edo technique, but in the end he’ll probably be nothing more than a test to see how strong kabuto (or perhaps sasuke) has really become.

  51. So no review this week?

  52. @SageofSevenPaths

    BIG MAGNUM is so beast that one day he tripped and fell into a sand pit, and when landed he farted and it caused such a dust storm, that it created the village hidden in the Sand.

  53. BIG MAGNUM trained the ten-tailed to guard his weed.

  54. i heard theres no chapter this week

  55. @Profess

    I am pretty sure no chapter next week and 2 wks after that. In any case, we have 2 double issues coming soon, as usual this time of year.

  56. I heard that BIG MAGNUM broke Bob’s hand, gave him writer’s block and over-booked his work schedule with mandatory overtime for slave wages so he couldn’t write a review last week!!

  57. BIG MAGNUM is the reason Sakura’s hair is pink.

  58. He was blowing some bubble gum and it popped in her hair as she was passing by.

  59. where is this weeks chapter 😦

  60. it seems like there is break, (i hope not)

  61. I really hope not

  62. there is no chapter, the anime wasnt that bad though, i nenjoyed seeing how guy and kakashi started their rivalry, the fillers are almost done then we can get to naruto trainning with killer bee

  63. Normally i refuse to watch the fillers and only watched it coz of @profess’s statement – poor guy sensei aka Mr Acorn lol
    Why the hell does Naruto have so many fillers anyway?! talk about milking it!!

  64. I guess the break is this week… and then golden wk in Japan (usually 1st wk of January).

  65. ITS OUT!!!!!! Someone make a banner – Naruto got eaten!!

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