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Naruto Chapter 566 – This Chapter only has 13 Pages! Hrrrrrnnnnnggg!

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Sweet chapter this week, the battlefield is being set up for the next epic encounter in the war, and although I consider the odds to be still very much stacked against the good guys, you can’t complain about the epicness of the dynamic duo that has come to back Naruto up. Not only that, but Naruto’s gonna get help from squads 1,2,3 and 5, so we’re gonna have quite a few notable Naruto regulars come in to help out in this pitched battle. But even with so much back-up coming, you have to face the reality that they’re finding a team of six immortal, Rinnegan/Sharingan modified Jinchuuriki with what appears to be all their original powers intact and then some, not to mention the fake Madara is leading the charge. So without further ado, let’s get to the heart of my weekly/bi-weekly/monthly half-assed, late-as-usual blog post, Hrrrrrrnnnnngggg!!!

One Jinchuuriki is hard enough, the heroes will need to pull out every trick in the book to just stay alive here. Honestly, even with Kakashi and Guy backing them up, I can’t see Naruto and KB winning this one without doing one of a couple key things – none of which are gonna be easy. One is to just take out Tobi directly, yeah, easier said than done. If it were that easy, the war would’ve been over months ago. It’s hard enough to get past his bodyguards, but then you have to figure out a way to kill a guy who can phase out of the physical plane at any time. Two, is to take out the guy who’s responsible for the Edo Tensei, Kabuto… this is out of our heroes hands at the moment; we can only hope Itachi is getting close to locating the little snake. Three is for Naruto to gain a tide-turning power in the midst of battle that can overpower the zombie jinchuuriki and allow everyone else to focus on Tobi – this power is up to your imagination, but what I think would be cool would be for Naruto to be able to take on the form of the Kyuubi much like Killer Bee did with Hachibi in this chapter. The Nine-Tails is the most powerful of the tailed beasts, and I think Naruto would have no trouble taking out the other Jinchuurki chumps if he was able to somehow forge a new bond with the fox.

It’s nice to finally be able to see Kakashi and Gai in action as a team, this is a rare sight despite how well they can work together. You have to remember that these two have been rivals since ninja school, and have consistently challenged each other in duels and contests over the years. Each knows the other’s powers, strengths and weaknesses to a T, I’m sure they know each other so well they can coordinate their next steps without a word spoken. Kakashi’s Mangekyou Sharingan may be the only counter against Tobi in this battle. I haven’t seen Tobi use genjutsu yet, but Kakashi may be able to dispel them if he does resort to that type of jutsu. More importantly, Kakashi is the only one present who can access space/time jutsu, and as Tobi’s abilities are space/time based, Kakashi may have something up his sleeve to at least shutdown Tobi’s phasing and warping powers. I think Gai will be a big help in fighting off the Jinchuuriki, with his gates unlocked I believe he is almost on even ground with one. Remember he was able to take on Kisami one-on-one before in terms of strength and toughness, and Kisame was the one who singlehandedly took down a Jinchuuriki.

What I was a bit disappointed on in this chapter though is how Naruto is still being kicked around like his new Sage powers (which were so crucial in earlier battles) are virtually useless now in the face of the new enemy. Everyone seems to be faster and stronger than him, and Naruto has to be constantly be saved by KB (how many times has Bee had to pull Naruto out of danger with his tentacle now. As well, the Naruto we saw taking on the zombie kages earlier with precision and skill now seems to have devolved into his out habit of charging in hard without a backup plan. I know Kishi is trying to put Naruto in a situation of jeopardy so that the other characters coming to help have a chance to shine, but must Naruto always go back to his old ways of fighting with his fists instead of his head?
Other things to note:

– I count only 13 pages this time! Lots of action though, so I don’t mind the missing 3 pages we’re usually accustomed to. But hey, people get busy, it’s hard to commit to a weekly schedule and deliver every time year after year.
– I liked how Kakashi and Gai didn’t just jump in the moment they got to Naruto’s location. They hid and bid their time like true ninja to get a chance to take out Tobi when he’s most vulnerable while using Naruto as bait, too bad Tobi is such a damn weasel at playing ‘can’t touch me’.
– Gai’s already in his gate mode, I’m excited to see just how many gates he’ll need to open to take on the Jinchuuriki.
– Got to remember that Kakashi and Gai, and the rest of the squads coming to help have just been battling their respective enemies for over 24 hrs without any real rest, now they’ve rushed as fast as they could to a new battlefield facing even tougher foes. This might be a test of skill as well as endurance for the good guys.


28 Responses

  1. i wonder if the reason this naruto thats fighting is weak is because he is a clone while the real one recharges and makes a strategy

  2. Go Gai sensei! Great review bob

  3. Good summary bob, Gai might be able to open the gates and take on the Edo’s Jin’s but im not to sure how he is going to seal one of them. never seen him do seels before but im sure kakashi has something up his sleeve!

    Naruto is going to tag team with Kyubi sometime soon me thinks. twice now Kyubi has been in recent chapters so he is going to kick ass if he teams up with a tailed beast bomb for starters.

    Like i said in previous posts. naruto has used a shit load of Chakra in the war so im not surprised he’s not brining his A game to this fight. Also Naruto has the speed but not even his evil sensing skills are not as sharp as all 6 rinnengans and sharingans pointing at him. naruto hasnt gone up against people with occular powers yet really so its going to be a difficult one. I was hoping with Narutos speed he would be dodging and countering allot more then he has instead of dodging and backing off.

  4. nice and exciting review bob even though i think this week is a boring chapter. tobi with his phasing ability + Rinnegan shared filed of vision is untouchable however i notice one of the Jinchuuriki who transformed completely to tailed beast and hit the eight tail without the Rinnegan/Sharingan eyes so does that mean they lose these eyes if your to to full tailed beast mode or may be kishi forget to draw it

  5. its now time naruto summoned gokou and bitchslap all this funky undead villains and tobi…

  6. @mattmaru

    what are you talking about? naruto has been going up against sharingan / rinnegan all series. he fought sasuke. itachi. Pein. then pein again. it can be said he has more experience combatting the rinnegan then anyone else.

    i have to believe its the real naruto. as he has taken damage and not dispersed.

    Good review this week.

  7. Something I noticed is that no one with an implanted Sharingan can use genjutsu, the only reason Danzo did it was because he had the 1st genes in order to be able to use Izagnagi(sp). So this further leads me to believe Tobi isn’t a real uchiha, but even more-so a Zetsu clone, plus he does all that phasing through the ground like Zetsu does by following the tree roots. We haven’t even seen Kakashi cast genjutsu on anyone with his Sharingan. Something else I asked a long time ago and got no reply to is Kurani’s(sp again) here eyes look like a permanently activated sharingan without the tomoes, plus she is really good at genjutsu, and she has the signature uchiha black hair. Is she like an offshoot Uchiha, like a part of another branch that is from genes being split off just not as strong as the main branch, or is she half Uchiha, of course her genjutsu isn’t as strong as most Uchiha, even Itachi said it was very low level compared to his, but so are 99% of all other genjutsu users, but her’s is still much higher levels than normal people who aren’t Uchiha. What do you all think?

  8. I think we need to face the possibility that Gai will die on this battlefield. Unlocking all the gates to defeat the enemies or even just to buy them some time. At there current states, they can’t even hold off the enemy. I know we talked about how the good guys haven’t had any serious losses, well this would be monumental

  9. @uchihathefamous, kakashi used genjutsu on sakura in the beginning of the series, and once again during the timeskip when naruto and her had to fight kakashi to show how much they improved, if u want to argue that he didn’t use it when they first became genin then ok, but after the time skip he removed his headband at the start of the match. and tried to catch them in the same moves he causght them in at the beginning of their training

  10. i meant he hasnt been since the start of the war. he’s obviousl fought rinnengan and sharingan as well. he hasnt thought people with both so thats different.

  11. @uchihathefamous

    Madara has used genjutsu on konan to get the coordinates of the rinnegan. He also used it on the wood user (brain fart on the name) to ge some valauble information out of him.

    It seems like Naruto is able to hit Madra in nine-tails fox mode. I hope he has realized this.

    Anyone notice to how desperate Madara has become? What ever happened to letting Sasuke capture the nine-tails? I really think Bee will get captured very soon.

  12. Thanks William & just passing, I forgot about those times, but I still would like some input on the whole Kurenai thing.

  13. I think Tobi didn’t phase Naruto through his mask because Naruto would have seen inside it as he passed through. Not sure how close the mask sits to the face, but that’s a possibility.

    I feel like Naruto going full QB mode is the only answer here. That panel with the Haichibi getting stabbed just… I don’t know, it just felt like such an emotional panel:

    KB was fighting so hard to protect Naruto and you just feel like he’s going to pay the price for being in over his head, while Naruto hasn’t been able to do anything.

  14. Man give KB his props! He is doing everything he can with the eight tails. In all reality KB and Naruto should have not won this battle anyway with these modified beast hosts…

  15. if Hachibi and Kyubi tag team i think they could win that fight!

  16. Nice review Bob, I agree with everything you said. I just wonder if Gai is going to have to open all eight gates and somehow be killed in this fight. I know everyone would hate this but this is a war and I think it’s time for Kishi to take the kid gloves off.

    I also agree with what you said about Naruto. With all the strength and power he has gained he is still not strong enough. I’m tired of everyone saving him. I think he KB should stop saving and let him get knocked around so he can learn on his own. He has the power he just needs the battle experience and that’s where his teachers are going wrong. Let him fight and get better!

    I thought KB’s Bijuu attack in this chapter was epic and I hope Naruto learns how to transform as well.

  17. I always thought Kurenai sensei was half uchiha, genjutsu seems to be the only thing she can really do – dont remember her throwing a single punch or having any ninjutsu skills but then again quite a few of kishi’s characters are under-developed.
    Naruto needs to step his game up, with KB protecting him so much he’s gonna end up caught if he aint careful. I know it sounds harsh but i fully expect the worse from this battle as in Gai sensei will die and KB to get captured – but im at least hoping they go out like true badass shinobi. Like yellowflash said kishi needs to take the kid gloves off and get realistic – its war at least 2 of the major good guys need to die!! (Im predicting Gai, Onnoki and maybe Tsunade, hell throw Yamato in there too!)

  18. It is interesting tobi wanted naruto is suppose to fight little uchiha but maybe with madara out in the open the plan changed than again sausake is getting his hands on someone n I project he’s gonna kill a big group of ppl

  19. I think Sasuke is going to fight the 5 kages. Something has to happen to clear the path for Naruto to be Hokage before the manga ends.

  20. I’m thinking the same thing Tensa.

  21. spoilers


  22. Poor ginjo:))the battle ended 2 fast ginjo just activated bankai wtf?:|

  23. It’s really nice 2 see there will probably be chapters dedicated 2 the beasts pasts:P it will be interesting,good 2 know kyubi has feelings:)))

  24. http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/97848931/1

    Someone make a banner!!!!!!!

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