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One Piece chapter 649-POSEIDON

I must apoligize for my lack of blog last week, but I thought that it was self explanatory and not much going on and I was overwhelmed by Final Exams. But I chose to do this blog and talk about one of my favorite manga, so I will stick by it and try my best to entertain you guys. So enough of my bickering and lets get on with this weeks and last weeks chapters.

Last Week: Jinbe “joining” the Strawhats

Since the beginning of Fishman arc there has been speculation that Jinbe will be the ninth person to join Luffy on his journey. And last week this theory seemed to becoming true. The last chapter cliff hanger was Luffy asking Jinbe to join his crew. I for one am a fan of Jinbe, he is a noble, honest, respectable and a formidable fighter. I think that Jinbe would be a very good addition to the crew because he has something none of the others do, it is his honorable personality. I know that Zoro and Sanji and the rest of the crew have their own respect aspects of honor but Jinbe is a walking proof of honor. From the way he dresses to the way he fights, it carries the aspects of honor. But he does have a comical and crazy side that fits with the rest of the crew, nonetheless Jinbe fits in with the Strawhat crew perfectly whether you like it or not.

The Fiesta

In their own selfish way the Strawhats run away from the rest of the people because they do not want to simply share with people. It is very ironic that Nami comments on how Zoro and the rest of the guys have that selfish desire for booze, when she is the most selfish cunning witch when it comes to money, gold or anything valuable. So they all decide to head on ahead but were stopped by King Neptune to have a fiesta that they were originally to have in the beginning. You can take note that this is a repeated event in One Piece that after every major event the Strawhat and whatever island they are on end up having a fiesta (with a few exceptions). And I think that our heroes deserve it because think about it, it has been two years since they been together and what better way to spend time with your friends that you have not met in two years than to be in a fiesta.

New World

This new side of One Piece is going to be an action packed aw inspiring awesomeness filled part of One Piece. I say this because I feel like Oda has been teasing us for too long about this New World part of One Piece, and he will not disappoint. To me Fishman arc is the exact same arc as the Arlong arc in the sense that it will kick of One Piece. Its like the teasers you see in the movies and in my opinion this arc went on for too long, but it was fairly enjoyable.


Finally we get something very juicy in One Piece, Poseidon. Just the name demands its awesomeness. Poseidon for those who do not know is the mythical Greek God of the Sea and Earthquakes, son of Cronus, brother of Zeus and Hades, father to Theseus, the list goes on and on.  But his most notable title is the God of Sea. He has been adapted into movies, comic books, myths just about every thing and now his name has reached One Piece. But Shirahoshi other name is Poseidon, I felt like Oda has wasted such a great name, he could of used it for another more epic character. Do not get me wrong I like Shirahoshi, but she does not fit the name of Poseidon.

Her ability might fit the role of Poseidon, but her personality, values, ethics, and role in the sea just does not fit Poseidon. I might be looking to much into this but nonetheless Shirahoshi’s other name is Poseidon the weapon of the sea that has the potential to destroy the world. Now this blurs up lots of theories in the sense of how exactly Shirahoshi a pussycat destroying the world. Also, do not forget that Madam Shirley’s prediction still has not being evident, so this week we got more questions than answers. Which makes me disappointed because now I want to know what Shirahoshi and Luffy’s role are in this apocalyptic event that supposedly Shirahoshi has the ability to make it happen.

I really liked the conversation between Robin and Neptune, it was funny and epic at the same time. Never thought that JoyBoy and Poseidon where involved with each other. But to clarify it for you, basically Joyboy is a human that broke a promise with the Fish race and left Noah on the bottom of the sea until one day some one will accomplish his mission. This changes everything because we know that Luffy has that ability too, to hear the Sea Kings. So something will stir up again on Fishman Island and this is where I think that Fishman Island will become the most exciting.

Side Notes:

  • The racial discrimination of Humans and Fishman on Fishman Island is slowly disappearing because of the current events.
  • I wonder what will the World Government do if they found out the power of Shirahoshi?
  • Finally Sanji gets what he wants, surrounded by beautiful mermaids.
  • The art work in this chapter was just purely perfect.
  • Ussop shows some interest into women that we never seen before. On how he yells at Sanji that he only wants to stay is because of the mermaids which Ussop also wants to see as well.
  • I like how Neptune miss interpreted why Robin wanted to talk to him along.


5 Responses

  1. Great work on the review as always! Now a couple of things I’d like to address…. Luffy being able to talk to the sea kings….is it just me or is luffy becoming too powerful too quickly?! I know its been 2 yrs but damn! Next thing u know he’s gonna have 2 devil fruit powers! It seems abit off that he isn’t Gol D rogers son yet he’s presented in a very very similar way – Monkey D Dragon better have some serious powers coz imo it would have made more sense for Ace to be able to hear the sea kings or maybe it isn’t a bloodline ability….
    Where the heck is Caribou??! He kipnaped the sexy fish chics an then set em free…maybe he’s hiding in the Sunny like Robin did?! I’m tellin u he’s gonna end up as a Strawhat!
    Jimbei – what special mission could he have that’s so important that he’d put his offer to join the SH’s on-hold?? I get the feeling its government related….
    Poseidon…. I fully agree that mermaid princess does not seem like such an epic character to have such an epic power unless perhaps when she gets pissed off she gets a split personality complex…. When the government finds out someone’s coming to hunt her down!
    Robin….if she asked to be alone with me in a room, I’m sorry but I’m giving that girl twins!! Zoro needs to deal with that sweet Ohara ass!!!

  2. I’m curious to see what this thing that Jinbe has left to handle. I would almost assume it’s something to do with the World Government but at this point you can’t be sure. He’d be a monster addition to the Straw Hats and as for his role within the crew, that’s an easy one; he’d be the helmsmen.

  3. yes pussycat isnt worthy of the almighty name of Poseidon!!

    A new character should have been introduced.

    As for luffy, can you say Gol D. Roger clone??

  4. Yea but think like X-men on this one, the chic flips out and goes all Phoenix and could just snuff out someone like Garp or Sengoku…… That would be a huge weapon. And its very possible

  5. @firefist, I love the idea of Jinbe as a Helmsmen of the Strawhats.

    @itachiDaBaus, well I thought that Luffy is more like the reincarnation of Roger, but it does not make sense because Luffy is not related to Roger and lots of people think that if Luffy was the son of Roger than it would make more sense on how Luffy is similar to Roger. But if you ask me I think it would of messed the story up and ruined One Piece originality. But I think that Luffy is so similar to Roger because Shanks lived and sailed with Roger and some of Rogers aspects reflected on Shanks which in turn reflected to Luffy. Do you get what I mean?

    @RuggRuffy, Shirahoshi having a super badazz ego like the Pheniox in X-men, would be so badazz and it would make the name Poseidon more fitting. Nice thinking man.

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