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One Piece Chapter 647-Fishman Island Arc

It looks like we are at the end of the Fishman Arc. It is funny how the past two chapters including this one, were so short but moved the story the most. Last week we got to see the Strawhats abilities and put a whipping on the New Fishman Pirates main forces. This week the finale of stopping both the NFP and Noah has occurred and hopefully the Strawhats will be heading towards the New World in the next three to four chapters. But there is still unfinished business in Fishman Island.

The Summary

To give people a summary of Fishman Island Arc: Luffy and his crew descended to Fishman Island, forced their way in, got separated, were accused of kidnapping the princess, got to see the history of Queen Otohima and Tiger. A fight occurred in the palace and the Strawhats won against the royal army. Hody attacked Fishman Island, Luffy and his crew decided to put an end to Hody and in this chapter we can finally say that Hody and his crew are down and out. Now the only thing left for the Strawhats to do is to put a stop to Caribou.

Princess Shirahoshi’s Power

This was not a surprise to me at all, that Shirahoshi is able to communicate and in a sense control the Sea Kings. Sea Kings by the way are one of the largest creatures in the sea, they are so large that some can grow to be the size of an island. Like I said Shirahoshi is able to some what control the Sea Kings and that in it self is a very powerful ability. If this ability was to get in the wrong hands I can guarantee you that their would be major power  difference in the rankings of the super powers (i.e. The Navy, The pirate Lords). But their are some that can take care of a Sea King, but imagine an army of Sea Kings. If Shirahoshi would be trained in the  arts of combat she would be a power force to be reckoned with, but Shirahoshi is a sweetheart and the last thing she wants is to hurt someone, even if that person is evil.

How much has Luffy really improved?

Well we got a simple answer to the question we all been asking: how powerful has Luffy become?  the answer to that question is simple, Luffy in my opinion has become powerful enough for me to say that he can conquer the first half of the grandline. If Shirahoshi had not stopped Luffy from attacking Noah he would of destroyed it.  Let me remind you that Noah is the size of a island. So far Luffy has been able to take down 50,000 Fishman without lifting a finger and has the ability to destroy a ship the size of a small island. I am confident enough to say that if Luffy was this powerful when he went to the Marine war, the out come would of been much different.

Side Notes:

  • That’s all I got this week, if i missed something please share it with us.
  • I was shocked that Hody did not get up, and I am assuming  this since he did not show up this chapter.
  • I am hoping that we get to the next arc in the next couple of chapters. I would say that we still got about 4 or 5 chapter left in this arc.
  • It was funny how Franky was jealous of Chopper being bigger than his robot form and how Robin making the comment that his robot was pointless.
  • Who the hell is Joy Boy?




9 Responses

  1. @Tense Gissla, I highly doubt Caribou, for the simple fact that he is a psycho, he kills people and enjoys it. No one in the strawhats is a psycho and likes killing people. Except Robin but she was some what of an assassin and we really do not know if she killed people. But Caribou joining the Strawhats, no way!

    But I agree with you that what happened to Ace made the story of One Piece better in the sense of emotion and improvement in the story line, I am pretty certain that Zoro and Sanji know about haki since they knew what Luffy’s power was.

  2. wtf is a caribou o.O oh wait wrong manga….

  3. nice review Jdogg. Keep ’em coming.

  4. @Jdogg,

    Yeah Caribou is a psycho but maybe that’s what the strawhats need to give them that little bit of a edge in the new world plus he’s got a massive bounty so he’s gotta be strong besides Caribou doesn’t seem that bad- he seemed rather in control of his urges if not he probably would have attacked the strawhats even without his crew and his bro backing him up when they crashed into their ship before. Also didn’t Luffy say when he left Dadan’s place to begin piracy that he wants at least 10 crew members- he’s only got 8 – im hoping he gets at least another 3 (a man and 2 women).

    Also if Zoro doesn’t get Haki im gonna be pissed, Mihawk’s got it hasn’t he?! Hopefully he’s taught him at least 1 out of the 3 types…

    P.S Robin is sexy as fuck! That is all.

  5. @tensa gizzla: I would note that I would not be surprised if Zoro didn’t get haki. I would think that his training with Mihawk would have been to learn how to draw out the power of his swords and allow their energy to become his weapon. I only say this because it would be boring if all the members of the straw hat crew got the same power. Just a thought though…

    -pcgnome out

  6. @pcgnome, yeah I suppose ur right – he does deserve his own unique power, but that power that zoro gets (or maybe already has) needs to be able to strike down an admiral an so far the only way we know that he might be able to do that is with Haki. Maybe Oda will introduce a way for him an sanji to be able to fight on equal terms with the Marine’s strongest trio without Haki enhanced moves- I aint really worried about the other supernova’s tbh

  7. power of his swords??? allow its energy to become his weapond….unique power?? u guys onepiece isnt anyhting lke tht…..FYI everyone is born wth haki most people just cant use it……and to fight with a logia type u need 1 of 3 things…..a superior element to the logia type or haki and seastone or the sea’s itself….im afraid thts it, oo and old age lol

  8. Agree with legendaryKid, Zoro is definitely going to have to have developed some aspect of haki else he’ll be useless against Admiral logia types. Or maybe in true Zoro style his badassery will be enough, lol

  9. Im sure Mihawk enhances his blade with haki… would explain how he can cut massive ships in half which Zoro can now do to! Oda’s probably got somethin juicy in mind for Zoro an Sanji. From what we’ve seen so far im most impressed with Brook and Choppers personal development – they both seem to have fully mastered their abilities especially chopper. That fluffy reindeer is now gangsta!

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