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Its Out!Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece Chapters!

Naruto Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/66193960/1

Bleach Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/99028841/1

One Piece Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/39808484/1


46 Responses

  1. First!

  2. Well, all right. Looks like Tobi dropped the Madara act. I find it strange that all he wants to now is to complete the Moon’s Eye Plan. Who other than Madara would want to see the Moon’s Eye Plan occur? I mean,it seems like Tobi and Madara are the only ones who understand it. As for bleach, why does the idea that the substitute soul reaper badge also functions as a tracker and inhibitor even matter?

  3. Bleach is reaching for plot points now and trying to fool us with wide eyed panels and Ichigo screaming in an attempt to make us care….

    “Goddamn you Kabuto”, lol, never trust a snake! Good Naruto chapter, how in seven Hells they will manage all these impurely resurrected Jinchuuriki will be a sight to see!!!

  4. @tawuya this chapter is alot like the 5 kage vs madara battle; the panels shown r basically the jinchurrikis showing their moves and such but in the end naruto and Bee have barely a scratch. I think they will pull of awesome combos (i hope its just not a rasengan spam as always sigh) Although it was interesting that the panel flashed to the nine tails when naruto was saying its not all bad having a tailed beast inside. I think this is the beginning of the alliance with naruto and the nine tails and soon we may just see the hybrid eyes we saw against pein. At least i hope so

  5. i think the narut-bee/tobi fight is gonna be a bit one sided. naruto and bee will be over-whelmed.

    on one piece side..
    yesssssssssssss!! i knew the sea kings will respond to shirahosi… i’d say one piece and naruto are both epic these few weeks.. bleach has been in slumber .. boo~~

  6. Looks like we know who Tobi is know. ” No One” He said all he wanted to do was just complete the moon eye plan, that’s all he cares about. So in my eyes it seems like he’s an experiment Madara built to carry out the plan if he ever died, and it seemed to work so far, cause who would “No One” be?
    P.S It seems like under his mask he’s just an old man. 😐

  7. Yamato mark two 😛 i know he tried to recreate the 1st hokage, but did anyone think he might of tried to recreate a uchiha as well? after all he has so many shaingans in his lab on the wall that we saw! maybe he recreated one with both genes you never know!

  8. Naruto – is it just me or it that the 1st time that Naruto’s headbutt didn’t work??!?! So looks like we’ll see Tobi’s face as a xmas present! This 2 day war has lasted half a year lol

    Bleach – Will be interesting to see a fullbring/shinigami bankai – go ichigo! Ps why do I get the feeling urahara is finally gonna have a full scale battle??!!

    One piece – So the sexy giant mermaid unlocked her haki-ish secret power- what happened to hody tho? Surely that one move from luffy 2 chapters ago wasn’t enough to finish him?!

  9. Can’t believe that mask did not crack, damn! A little dissapointed that it was mostly about fighting and nothing new came into light.

    Hmmm… Mr. Nobody? it sounds like a clone. Why did Kisame act like he was Madara when he saw his face? The person under that mask would look like real Madara or at least an older image of Madara but this Tobi looks weaker. Anyway, this fight Naruto vs Tobi is like Naruto vs Pein. Both depicted the world as miserable. I think the Naruto Talk no Jutsu is coming to save the day and we’re gonna see Kabuto/Sasuke as the final villians.

  10. @ Rocks

    Screw talk no jutsu!! Dont want fox boy to talk his way outta this one, i actually want both of them to get caught – would make it a lot more interesting to see if they can get out of it! Oh and itachi is on his way to make some fresh snake skin boots out of 4 eyes – dont know whats taking him so long though, probably stopped off to get some noodles and apple juice – Ninja’s gotta eat too!!!

  11. Hello, could anyone tell me what sword does Ichigo have in his hand on page 22? It seems bankai version 2.0 (with fullbring)? Ideas?

  12. i think its interesting that tobi thought he was going to phase through naruto, what does that mean exactly

    There is no way naruto/bee should win this fight unless they unleash some godly attack that involves throwing them into the sun, there too strong and have sharingan/rinnegan combo

  13. I am assuming the 9 tails has more power than all 6 tailed beasts in place…and as Naruto is losing the Fox will bow down to Naruto and give him his full power! Fox power up FTW! OP!!!

  14. @Renzokuken

    I think Tobi thought he could phase through Naruto as per normal, but since Naruto is in his sage glowing mode, Tobi can’t phase through, that’s why the headbutt connected. Though it didn’t even crack tobi’s mask.

    I’d like to see the other konoha eleven helping out naruto and bee with fighting off the zombie jinchuurikis while naruto/bee hold off tobi.

  15. Either this fight will be a draw, or naruto an bee will lose. simple as that.

  16. i get the idea tobi could be a former jinchiriki…and that bleach twist really wasnt my fav lol i was reading it n was like yeah yeah next chapter please

  17. ichigo gave the same “I don’t give a fuck” attitude that the readers were having about his badge,an be like” lets end this bullshit” an went bankai

  18. Did anyone notice Tobi’s 6 jinchuricki went 1 TAIL!?!?!??! All there tails just showed up on that last page. Man… Naruto and Bee are in for it.

    I’m curious how madara survived the 4th hokage’s attack long ago. I hope to see the end of Tobi in this fight but in the back of my mind I think he’ll run and die at the hands of Sasuke or Kabuto. This poor guy should have died a few times by now with the fight against the 4th (rasengan through the heart) and Conan (mostly blown up) and I’m sure there were others.

  19. I think what Tobi meant when says “I should’ve slipped throuh you” is just that. He means he should’ve attempted to slip through but did not do so for some reason. He did not mean that he attempted to slip through and failed. His dimensional jutsu still works

  20. @mexican_jutsu: well you would think that but remember that there is only half of the 9tails inside naruto so i dont know how that adds up to his power level compared to the others! maybe the strength of the chakra is stronger then the other tailed beasts.

  21. @siskin except yugito as they took the 3 tails from that great big lake.

  22. sorry not yogito its Yagura, http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Yagura im not entirely sure how the tailed beast was taken out of yagura and was roaming free in the lake though…

  23. @Mattmau – Yes, the fourth sealed half of the 9Tails chakra (supposedly the dark evil portion) yet the 9Tails has been an asshole throughout the manga! LoL My question is that the chakra sealed was not the 9Tails soul and eventually the fox regained its full chakra level as Naruto grew up?

  24. well he sealed the yin chakra within the death god and yang chakra within naruto. now when naruto was inside his subconcious kyubi wasnt the right size, probably only half the size he should be. as Kyubi is living energy i dont know whether he can regrow the yin part of his body or not as its similar to a soul i guess it cant come back from the death gods belly unless some how it is released. it could be possible that kyubi’s yang chakra grew as naruto grew but i wouldnt be connviced of that TBH. what people have said though that naruto can augment the kyubi mode with sage mode to create a more powerful chakra combined!

  25. here ya go here is evidence of him shrinking after his yin chakra sealed away http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Kyubi

  26. i wonder if we will get any history from the jinchikuri’s? they havent spoken yet really have they? who is actually controlling them? is it “Tobi” or Kabuto? i would be inclined to think that “Tobi” is controlling them.

  27. When Tobi said that he should slipped through.. http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/66193960/1

    did he mean that he should have done that instead of headbutting him or did he mean that in a way that he tried but e couldn´t maybe beacuse of Naruos 9tail power?

  28. What if tobi turns out to be the secret good guy?


    Maybe tobi was an astranged uchiha that stumbled across the real madara’s moons eye plan and thought to himself “this guy has to be stopped, but this plan was toooooo geniusly conceved and already in motion so my only option is to complete the plan before he does. (which might explain his freak out on the battle field with the big tree). He then goes on to hatching his own “counter” plan with what he considers “neccessay” casualties.

    Heres a little support for my argument:
    -Tobi is only indirectly responsible for FEW “neccessary” deaths.
    -Even when he encountered team 7 and naruto multiple times, he could have EasILY captured naruto plenty of times. (instead, he talks).

    Lastly, in this lastest chapter, it seems he has no intention on defeating naruto, but to do to him what hes been doing to sasuke!

    ThinkAbout it.

  29. You mean the good guy after he tried to destroy the entire leaf village with the 9 tails n turned the mist into the darkest age in its history

  30. hhahahahaha love case24’s response….tobi is definately not the good guy….i think he is def a madara;s bro or obito…someting fked up for sure….

  31. Naruto has always have an element of surprise in each battle we won. We often make a trick to defeat his opponents. I’m not surprise if he tactically headbutted tobi to implant something in tobis cloak. Same as his father did when he encounter tobi. How about that? Who knows? After headbutting tobi why he didn’t throw rassengan at the back of tobi. Does naruto strategically implant something in tobi cloak just to have an idea about the true power of Tobi? This is not hier 1st encounter at all. When they 1st met naruto trick Tobi but the rasengan was slipped through Tobi’s body. Fighting tobi is not easy as that. I understand their should be a decoy to fight tobi because when tobis attacks he become solid. Naruto knows that. I can see in his facial expression that he is confident he can defeat Tobi because he already did something. I think reinforcement will came. This is not as easy fight as we think. The former jinchirikis with a 4 tail is a Kage of the mist if you remember. They are 6 of them plus tobi. They need help with the other.

  32. Itachi was a good guy and he murdered his whole clan except his little brother!!!!!

  33. &Oni-chan: I raised that point some time ago. if you have played star wars:knights of the old republic, thats wht Revan did; the means justifying the end. what is konoha and 9 jinjuuriki when the fate of the world is at stake

  34. jusst waanna say… hunter x hunter is awesoommeee… i dont quite like the ANTS arc but the ‘save Gon arc’ is soooo awesomee.. i hope someone would rwrte a review on HxH =D

  35. Itachi prevented a civil war n possibly a 4th ninja war tobi threw the world on a state of chaos his organization killed multiple leaders n innocent people on top of the 40,000 killed in this war so far no matter what way you look at it if your the direct link between everyone dying you can’t be the good guy

  36. Anyways out of curiosity the statement naruto made about the mask n the hidden eye is he saying that no name had the rinnegan hidden the whole time? I know he took nagato’s but that statement made it seem like no name already had one in his possession

  37. I would like to see ichigo new bankai to look like the form when he fought the final battle with aizen

  38. @cas24, I thought naruto was just guessing when he made that statement a bit unlikely that he knows about the whole eye transplant thing. I just realised that Madara’s got the same hair as Raditz from DBZ or Goku SSJ 3 lol
    @VJ, that’s unlikely tite will wanna mix it up an make the new bankai more fresh an new, personally tho ichigo final getsuga form was the coolest he ever looked – wonder when Zangestsu’s gona show up!

  39. @Tensa

    I think that Naruto has no idea about eye transplantation… which makes sense in a way, he has no idea about things like that.


    We already know that Tobi had a sharingan there, so this just shows that Naruto is simply trying to figure Tobi out… but he doesn’t have enough information to understand the whole story. Probably if Naruto learned they were Nagato’s eyes (actually in reality I think they are the original Madara’s eyes that were given to Tobi to give to Nagato), he would go nuts.

    In general, I think this is a huge case of what they call “wag the dog.” Most of the alliance is worried about fighting the white zetsus and the ET zombies, including Madara. The problem with this is that they are distracted from what they were trying to do in the first place: protect the jinchurriki’s so that the ninja world is protected.

    Quite frankly this is a huge mistake. The Kages should be with the 8 & 9-tails and together they should move around the battle field if needed. They will probably win the fight against Madara, but I think in the end they are going to lose the war by the end of this year when Tobi wins (or at least captures Bee).

  40. Here’s what I don’t. Tobi had no issue showing kisame and sauske his true identity. The you have kisame referring to tobi as the misukage which implies he was once affiliated with the mist. I think tobi is the second homage son. The age would make sense as well as the space time jutsu as well as him having senju bloodline. He father created the uchia police corp which is why he new so much about the uchia clan. Another thing that bothers me is you would think their would of been something with a picture of madara on it in the uchia hideout and sauske would of said wait a minute your not mardara.

  41. sasuke never saw his face. just his sharringan

  42. I expect Bee to get captured tbh, when he fought sasuke (even though he whopped his angry ass) he got forced into a corner and had to use a clone to escape, Tobi’s smarter than that so i imagine he’ll pressure em with the jinjuruki’s and watch from the sidelines and get one or two cheeky jabs in!

  43. Well first off:

    Kisame and Sasuke are too young to know what Madara looked like.

    Second: Kisame called Tobi “Mizukage” because he was controlling the Mizukage when Kisame got Samehada.

    Thirdly: The sharingan eye he has is CLEARLY his original eye, otherwise I see no reason why he wouldn’t replace it with a Rin’negan. Plus we know the space-time jutsu originates from that eye. This means that the space-time jutsu is a sharingan technique and he can’t be the son of the 2nd Hokage or anyone else who is not an Uchiha.

    You can’t take one piece of the manga and use it as evidence to prove who Tobi is, you gotta take it ALL together to figure it out. I don’t have time to lay things out like that anymore, I used to re-read the manga yearly, but I haven’t done that in like 3 years. Still:

    1.Hairstyles don’t change between characters. Yes, Jiraiya had more hair when he was older, but his general style was the same.
    2. Tobi’s eye is clearly his own, as he won’t replace it, so he must be an Uchiha.
    3. Tobi has replaced some of his body with Zetsu parts, so his body was badly damaged at some point.
    4. Tobi uses space-time jutsu with his sharingan, so he likely has Mangekyo, but we haven’t seen it probably because it would give away his identity.
    5. Tobi has clearly gotten 99.99999% of his knowledge from Madara, as the two knew each other. Anything Tobi knows, I am 100% certain he probably learned it from Madara himself.

    People say Tobi can’t be Obito (or at least his body), but they also said that the coffin couldn’t be Madara. I was right about that, the evidence was in the manga. People also said that Itachi was evil, but if you look back over the manga, you can see how he was trying to AVOID harm to the Leaf. I’m not saying Tobi is fulfilling Itachi’s role, but the clues to who he is are already in the manga. Kishimoto will not bring in some new character unless there is definitely a part 3.

  44. some spoilers



  45. naruto-http://mangahelpers.com/forum/showthread.php/73846-Naruto-565-Spoiler-Pics-Summaries

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