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One Piece Chapter 646-Beatdown

What a exciting and right to the punch chapter. Mostly scenes of the Strawhats annihilating the New Fishman Pirates. I do not think I need to say much about this chapter since its self explanatory and very short, possible one of the shortest chapters in One Piece history. None the less it was a sweet chapter coming of the one week break. So I will try to make this quick and enjoyable read.

Ussop The Smart One

First lets start with Ussop who out of the rest of the crew is the most tactical  in his battle. He uses a couple of his plants to send his opponent flying. Now original I thought that Ussop would become more of a gun powder long range fighter, but his knowledge and ability to set up a trap for his opponent with his plants only makes sense, because he spent two years fighting the plants. So its only natural that he learned about them and uses them to his own power and plus it makes his character and power even more original. But I think that this is only the tip of the ice of his power because he only used about a three pop greens plants.

Franky’s Laser

To be honest I was expecting Franky to have some sort of a laser attack because he was going through Dr. VegaPunk blue prints. The thing to note is that his laser attack is very similar to Admiral kizura laser attack and it only makes sense because Dr. Vegapunk was the one who researched Kizura’s Devil fruit ability and was the creator of the pacifists. Now the question is what exactly is the consequences of this attack? Because Franky’s down side is that he is running on soda and he only has a certain amount before he refuels again and every strong attack takes a tremendous amount. But its been two years and I would assume that Franky has found a new way to fix this problem.

Sanji “Remember Hell”

For those who do not know why Sanji never uses his hands? It is because he believes that the hands most be clean at all times for a chef and if he were to use them in battle they would get dirty. The funny thing is that he smokes and smoking can cause some the figures to be very dirty; which contradicts his belief. But this is One Piece and lots of things do not make sense. So back to what I was saying about how freaking awesome and funny Sanji was this week. Basically I think that Sanji has upgrade to the level of beyond what I expected because he took a Giant and literally grilled him in mid-air. At first I thought that Sanji was way behind Zoro in ability but now I think that they are about the same level with zoro slightly higher than Sanji.

Mr. Freeze

Ever since his introduction after the time skip, from now and than Brook has become one of my favorite character in One Piece. His new ability makes him one of the coolest character I have seen used in a Manga with the ability of freezing. There has been lots of adaptation of freezing abilities in Mangas. For example, Haku from Naruto or Hitsugaya from Bleach both have some sort of freezing power. But so far I would have to pick Brooks power as the best adaptation of the freezing element, I am not saying this because I am a One Piece fan, but I am saying it because of how awesome Brook has made this ability to be. I mean when he said “Even Blood Freezes…In the winds of Hell” you got to admit thats pretty badazz. Now do not get me wrong haku and Hitsuagaya are awesome in their own respect and in fact they are one of my favorite characters in their respected manga. Now I think about it Brooks new freezing ability is similar to Hitsuagaya’s power, I guess Oda is a Bleach fan too. Now which one is better is for you to decide.

Side Notes:

  • I know that I did not touch on Zoro, Chopper and Jinbe, it is because they were not as exciting and they did not have such a dramatic impact as the others did.
  • I want to see Nami’s progress because until now she is the least known about Strawhat in ability. 
  • Now that the New Fishman Pirates are down for the count what else awaits the SH?
  • Sorry it took me long to write this up but lots of things are getting in my way to do this, so I apologize for the inconvenience. 


11 Responses

  1. love brooks quote 😀 IMO it’s even better than zoro’s quote in ch 642


  2. really good review and yeah brook is awesome now

  3. Brooks quote and even sanjis was pretty gd nice to see the traw hats hav also improve the one liners……must say tho one piece as always emphasied tht sanji and zoro will always be similar in fighting ability…..and im pretty sure it will always remain tht way

    I would like to see more gun powder from long nose-hun as well
    brook improvement is amazing, he was strong before but now he’s deadly
    as for sanji i like how strong he is but i dont like how hes gaining abilitys 2 similar to devil fruits ability…..nut sure if u know wht i mean lol

  4. Great chapter Review Brooks is so Badass now!!! Can’t wait to see what happens next chapter hopefully luffy Stops NOAH!! :X

  5. Well it was good but i thought that Zoro’s part was pretty good. And i thought that sanji fought with his feet cuz since he was a cook he didnt want to damage them. The dirty thing doesnt really make sense since he does handstands and stuff 🙂 it was a good chapter

  6. I just start watching One Piece recently and I thought Sanji said he does not use his hands because since he was a cook, if he harmed them he would be able to use them to cook.. I don’t know.

  7. it was the harm thing

  8. Brook is straight Afro Gangster!! I love it when he gets serious!
    Zoro’s slash kinda reminded me of Wolverine’s Weapon X super from the marvel vs capcom games.
    These fishman pirates seem like nothing but a warm up for the new world an dont pose no real threat at all, the real worry is obviously the SH’s have gotten stronger BUT probably so has the other big dogs- the supernova’s, the 3 admirals (especially that magma bastard), smoker an his sword chic partner, the warlords, the blackbeard pirates etc…. would be interesting when they all buck heads.

    One other thing i wonder if any of the other SH’s have developed any haki over the timeskip, i money would probably on Zoro if anyone (remember when he fought Mr 1 an “knew where the rocks would fall” without looking up at them…) Luffy seems way overpowered compared to the rest of his crew in my humble opinion!

  9. http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/66193960/1


    Nothing new, but cool to see the Jinchuriki’s techniques.

  10. @Tense Gizzla, “Magma basterd” hahaha that made my day man. But I am with you on the concept that Zoro is the closest to having Haki.

  11. @ Jdogg I hate him, ace didn’t need to die but suppose someone had to, wouldn’t be much of a story without a major death! I was just thinkin that Haki isn’t really rare at all (I mean Coby’s got it FFS!) , it’d be quite cool if zoro learned it in the middle of battle – he’s gonna need it to take on Mihawk!! Also I can clearly see Caribou joining the strawhats, his bounty is wayyyyy up there!

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