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Naruto Chapter 563 – Win

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Another magnificent chapter this week, the battles just keep getting more epic by the week. We are closing in on the battles that will win or lose this war for the alliance, and the big guns are finally being brought out into the battlefield. This week has the five kages united in a pitched battle against the Edo Tensei Madara while Naruto and Killer Bee go head first into the fray versus Tobi and his bodyguard of Edo Tensei Jinchuuriki’s. It’s gonna be one heck of a brawl next chapter, so it’s not surprising to see Kishi take a break next week to take a breather. And before I go further, a big thanks to Sothe for covering for me on last week’s chapter when I took my own break.
So the kages are uniting as a team to defeat this manifestation of Madara. It’s a great risk to bring the leaders of the five most power villages together to fight against one of the most powerful man in the history of the Naruverse, but the stakes have gotten this high. In a split second, they lost nearly an entire army to Madara’s power, the kages know they must step onto the field and put this villain down again if they want to prevent another senseless loss of lives and have any chance of winning this war.

Despite the kages having less than cordial relationships in the past, it’s surprising to see how well they can coordinate together and benefit from their respective specialties when they have had no preparation going into this fight. This Madara can’t be underestimated, he has the combined powers of his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan as well as the Rinnegan – one mistake or miscalculation will be exploited to its fullest by Madara. It looks like the two attackers on the kage team are the Raikage and Mizukage. As always, the Mizukage is great at controlling the shape of the battlefield with her water and acid techniques. This distracts Madara long enough for the Raikage to rush in and do what he does best – get in close and start kicking ass. For now, the Tsuchikage is going to a support role to augmenting the Raikage’s speed and power by manipulating his density. The Tsuchikage is a powerful ranged offensive force in his own right, but I’m guessing he’s putting his money on the Raikage’s insane strength and speed to break through that Susanoo armor of Madara’s where his ranged dust jutsus might not do the trick. Tsunade and Gaara are stuck on the defense for now, but I wouldn’t seeing either of them going in for some shots at Madara too.

I was surprised that even Madara’s sharingans/rinnegans aren’t fast enough to keep up with the speed of the Raikage. Madara was barely able to defend against the Raikage’s first assault, but with the Tsuchikage increasing his speed even more by density manipulation, that Susanoo armor may be coming down fast. Still, I feel like as if Madara is just toying with the kages for now. We haven’t seen much of the offensive force he had been unleashing on the rest of the army just a few chapters back, and neither have we seen him use any of his RInnegan powers on the kages yet. Madara only used one counter attack the entire chapter while being assaulted, and spent the majority of the fight defending. If Madara used some of the Rinnegan’s abilities, he could’ve nullified many of the kage’s jutsus. And let us not forget that Madara’s Sharingan can be unleashed at any moment as well and put a stop to the kage’s battle plans with a powerful genjutsu. It feels like he’s just observing and letting the kages think they might have a chance of winning before unleashing his full force onto them.

Next chapter, Naruto has smashed head first, literally, into Tobi in a bold move (I’m surprised that Tobi allowed Naruto to actually hit him and not used his phasing ability). It’s a very risky move and I’m surprised the kages gave permission to intentionally confront the person who is out to capture him. Even with Killer Bee with him, Naruto is facing against Tobi and seven of the nine Jinchuurikis, you could almost say Naruto is playing right into Tobi’s hand. Nonetheless, it is Naruto’s chance to get another shot to take down the man behind all of this madness.


110 Responses

  1. @bob nice summary as always!!! imo tobi didnt phase thru cause he didnt expect naruto to reach him so fast! narutos speed may just have gotten up to the raikages and minatos level.

  2. i think tobi and naruto knocked heads as a symbol of their philosophy, and so tobi had no intention of dodging–its all out war

  3. So it takes 5 Kages to do what the 1st Hokage did…WOW..talk about inflation!!

  4. Where’s the kagezords when they need em?

  5. @RSVP well remember this is a more powerful version than the first hokage dealt with… this madara has rinnengan, the firsts own wood jutsus and has been powered up beyond his prime. this isnt ur grandfathers madara here lol. This one is op as hell right now.

  6. @RS

    No, you have to add Edo, wood element and the Rinnegan. Without Edo he would crush himself on the first move already….It is just me or does Edo give their holders endless Chakra reserve????

  7. @ultimate im not sure they have infinite. remember that muu is at half as when he split himself he lost chakra.. now half of infinite is still infinite but muu mentions that he needs time to recover (or it was kabuto mentioning this not sure). Now they may gain it back if they r killed and regenerate but from what we have seen there r chakra limits.

  8. @RSV
    yeah you’re right madara still didnt use any of the rinnegan or the 1st abilities against the kages until now but he might need it to win

  9. 6 jinchurikis .. bob Slipped up .. lol, Naruto, Bee and gaara are the other 3

    why did KIshi have to take a break nxt week ..(sigh!!!)

    nothing more, just enjoying the chapter in awe

    @Suna if you read this : where is the fan fiction? all of yaa just upped and left all of a sudden

  10. @token

    his recover is not based on his chakra reserves….I guess….it relies more on Kabuto´s jutsu and I´ve never heard that one Edo was complaining about their chakra draining out

  11. @ ultimate http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/23606060/6. granted it never says chakra but it does mention his power being halfed and whatever he summons will be weaker. As we know the power and chakra of the summoner determines how strong the summon will be so this is y i said his chakra must be low. If chakra isnt a issue than y would kabuto wait for muu to summon madara as his chakra should have been full and infinite.

  12. ya I know about Muu, but the question is if you can differentiate between chakra reserve and strength. He could have the same chakra reserve but only the half of his original strength

  13. the other question is, Naruto´s clones are weaker due to their chakra reserve or do they have less skills?

  14. @ ultimate

    naruto’s clones have the same skills, just less chakra reserves. like the clone with gaara’s team, he was pretty spent after using his rasenshuriken on madara. only until kyuubi gave him his chakra to defeat Madara that he’s able to use the multiple oodama rasengan. even then, after that he’s totally spent. i was just surprised that he didnt poof in smoke.

  15. @shyk

    if we don´t take the high class clone of the current Naruto and just take a look at the former clones of Naruto, they weren´t that fast, or coordinated or their thaijutsu weren´t good as the original one, that´s why they got easily beaten. but do you really can relate this gap to their chakra reserve or are they just less skilled….that´s why I am asking. The current clones are so strong, it is difficult to differ them from the original one.

  16. @Ultimate

    LOL… I guess your right, without Edo tensei the metor shower would of ended everyone like the dinosaurs!!

  17. hmm.. nice chapter, wait the nexr chapter..

  18. Bob nice review as always but u said 7 out of 9 jinchuurikis are with tobi. I though he had 6 unless he did something else with the one-tail

  19. nice review bob as usual. however bob you seem underestimate naruto power, actually from tobi’s eye you can say he catch by surprise by naruto move. naruto intentionally aimed to hit tobi’s head on purpose to smash his mask and reveal his real identity since naruto knew that tobi is not the real madara. so it’s obvious next chapter we will have the privilege to see tobi real face since naruto

  20. Start your search engines!! Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations (Spring 2012) Looks the New Hotness!!

  21. @ultimate, he cant create the dust tech cos he hasnt got enough Chakra…

  22. Good review as usual Mr . Canada.
    Do you think Tobi has lost his Phasing ability now that he is using the 6 paths? Since he has to control the paths perhaps he needs to maintain a continious link and therfore phasing is not an option while in this mode. Like they have noticed in all his fights..he has to be solid to attack/grab/etc…I doubt he can be phased and still control the 6 paths.


  24. bob its only 6 not 7 jinchurikis. gaara is with the alliance.

  25. great ch analysis bob. i also think naruto headbutted tobi to break his mask, if u look close u can see 2 lines that look like cracks in tobis mask…

  26. @RS That game will suck, just like all the other naruto console games.

  27. Oh Tsunade, being as useless as ever lol.

    All joking aside, Raikage needs to never change. Keep smacking those disgusting Uchiha bastards.

  28. Speaking of Uchiha’s this is all gonna get extra crazy soon as there’s one of em in every main event…we’ve got:

    – 5 Kages vs BIG MAGNUM (enhanced with the forest king’s powers an Muu his faithful sidekick)

    – Our favourite blonde Naruto drunk off fox juice wit Bee vs Tobi and his zombie henchmen

    – Super Itachi vs Snake boy junior is gonna kick off soon BUT which battle ground do you think Angry Uchiha (Sasuke) headed for??????????

    He could show up at any one of the BIG THREE and either see his brother again, fight alongside Tobi and end up swinging naruto or end up backing up BIG MAGNUM………..

  29. I’ll put 10$ on sasuke showing up with kabuto and itachi.

  30. This was a great chapter. With each chapter, there are so many new things I want to know. They still have a lot explaining to do before this war ends. Can’t wait until next week!

  31. sasuke’s probably the final villain. smh.

  32. Nice review.

    This war has turned into a more epic series since Naruto entered the battlefield. Upon his breaking out of the blockade and Raikage/Hokage, we witness the showdown of the Kages we been longing to see, a peek a Kakashi battleground and all the remaining. Naruto reuniting with Kohona 11 again and turning around the tides of the war into favoring the alliance. But as Good comes so does evil with the appearance of Madara who showcased a variety of deadly justus that proven he’s not to be reckon with. Plus I’m sure he has a long more tricks up his sleeves, because his dialogue is more observative like he is trying not only his ability but his opponent, the 5 Kages. Kishi has really turned around the hype of the war, now we can’t wait for the next chapters, since all the major battlefield has been set. Sad about no chapter next week but I bet it’s worth the wait.

  33. @Tensa, darthuchiha

    I think Sasuke is showing up at where Tobi is because right before EMS transplant he stated that he wanted to destroy Naruto and everything he stood for. Plus, he don’t know about Kabuto or Itachi for that matter yet.

  34. @darthuchiha,

    Yeah your probably right about UNS grenerations game play/story mode but i said it “looks like the New Hotness!” Check out the graphics on youtube and if I’m not mistaken I believe you can play as Sasuke in Sansuno mode. I wish they would make it a open-ended enirnoment game like GTA series or Red Dead Redemption. However I’m sure that’s wishful thinking.

  35. Hey question: So will Naruto release all his clone to gain his full chakra and risk being fatigued from all the clones or will he opt to keep the clones and fight at only a fraction of his full power?

    Naruto did not headbutt Tobi to break his mask, he did it because, well it looks uber cool. Finally you encounter the antagonist that has been plaguing your life from the day you were born, and you are about to go head to head. What do you do at that moment? stop and say hello? NO! You try and rip thru that moda4car the first chance you get. Same for Madara, Naruto is the last piece of the puzzle that has been causing him all types of trouble.

    The clash of heads between the two is more symbolic than anything. It is an awesome way for the two to finally meet.

  36. @fleece and his ridiculously stupid arguments in the “It’s out” post.

    1. Tobi won against the 4th because the 4th died and Naruto suffered.
    Do you understand how stupid of an argument that is taken into context. I mean, as you clearly know, Tobi went in to steal the 9 tails. He never planned on facing the 4th or anyone. He went in at the time when it would be the least difficult to get it, wen the lady was in labor. Not only did he fail in taking the 9 tails, but he succeeded in getting his ass whopped by the 4th. And as soon as the 4th released the 9 tails from Tobi’s control, he hi-tailed it out of there. After that, Minato would have stopped the 9 tails at anytime, but he opted to seal it within his son. So he halves the tails and seals it. That is why he died, not because of Tobi.

    Konan is better than the 4th? Well if you read the chapters, you will se konan state that she had been planning this for a while. She had time to study Tobi and come up with a plan. And tho she did cause him more damage than the 4th, the 4th had never known of the existence of Tobi or his teleportation prior to their encounter. Despite that, he was able to significantly injure Tobi, forcing his retreat.

    Shisui is better than Itachi? WTF have you seen from Shinsui to warrant this claim. Just because Itachi said he looked up to him as an older brother does not mean he was stronger. So what if Shinsui had the greatest genjutsu in the series, tell when a shinobi has ever won a fight with a genjutsu. Itachi will not only wipe the floor with sasuke, but perhaps even madara.

    When we say greatest uchiha, we dont mean the members of the uchiha clan would agree so your argument about him killing them all is completely irrelevant. Actually, as a matter of fact that only goes validate our claim that he is the greatest uchiha. But yeah what we do mean is that he is the most gifted uchiha in history. his character is the best, he had no evil intentions and he achieved his great power through his own hard work, unlike sasuke and madara going around stealing other peoples eyes and cells. Prime MS madara gets an ass kicking from prime MS itachi.

    and here is my ranking of the hokages:
    And Kabuto isnt all that strong either. We havnt seem his fight much, the fight chance he did get to fight he ends up running and ninjanapping yamato cuz he said he could possibly win against the 4 fodder guys we was faced with. When Kisame ran, he was facing the top two jinjurukies and Guy. Kabuto would lose to almost any of the main charcters in a one v one scenario.

  37. @Rs Nahhh, the timing and location doesn’t feel right for sasuke to show up with tobi and naruto. Tobi has traveled a long way with his zombie henchmen, and sasuke showing up means he’s been trailing tobi, and has sensed naruto coming from a great distance. I think thier fight will be short and sweet, with niether being the loser, just them showing off thier new abilities on each other. It feels like naruto will find sasuke(probably in the middle of wreaking havoc) not the other way around.

  38. @itachidabaus Man how are you gonna respond to me on a entirely differently post? Should I even debate with you on this subject? I scrolled down to your long comment and seen you wrote —->

    “And Kabuto isnt all that strong either. We havnt seem his fight much, the fight chance he did get to fight he ends up running and ninjanapping yamato cuz he said he could possibly win against the 4 fodder guys we was faced with.”

    then you wrote

    ” Kabuto would lose to almost any of the main charcters in a one v one scenario.”

    Are you a new fan of Naruto? Did you even watch part 1 or are you just spewing hate to spark a debate? Or maybe you’re trying to make us all laugh? If Kabuto had EACH and EVERY edo tensei zombie before this war, you’re saying almost any of the main characters in Naruto can beat him? You LOST this debate before it even started, Lol. Look up Kabuto’s jutsu techniques, he’s built for war.

    4:08 Kabuto kicking common sense into Tsuande

    Not to mention in the beginning of shippuden. Kabuto was willing to kill his former S ranked master(Sasori) under Orochimaru’s orders. And don’t come back to me saying without Edo Kabuto has nothing. It’s a technique he studied like every other ninja learning ninjutsu.

    I never said Konan was better then the 4th. The damage she did to Tobi was greater. How much did she really need to study if all we seen Tobi do is teleport? You Minato lovers can’t get over the fact he died because of Tobi. Yes it wasn’t Tobi’s goal to get the 4th Hokage killed, but hey it happened. Stop being so butt hurt and just accept the simple fact that Mianto died because of Tobi. Does it mean Tobi’s better then Minato? HELL NO! It just means Tobi’s the dirtiest player in the game.

    “Shisui is better than Itachi? WTF have you seen from Shinsui to warrant this claim.”

    Nothing, but he was considered one of the MOST talented members of the Uchiha clan, and was renowned as “Shisui the Body Flicker”. What was Itachi renowned as? Shisui had MS long before Itachi. The argument was who was the best Uchiha of Itachi’s GENERATION, NOT of all time. There is a reason why Kabuto wants Shisui’s DNA, and Tobi was VERY hesitant to consider giving it away. There’s a reason why Tobi was pissed off when Danzo crushed Shisui’s eyes.

    Back to Itachi, when he 1st debuted, I was a fan until I learned his history. He knew Danzo took Shisui’s eyes, and what did he do???? Nothing. The elders told him to kill his entire clan. Did he have to kill his mother too?? What was she gonna do if he kept her alive?? How can you KILL the person who gave BIRTH to you?? If the elders told Itachi to commit suicide to avoid war, would he? If the elders told Itachi to cut his penis off and wear lip stick for the rest of his life, to avoid war with another village, would he?

    At least Madara and Sasuke got heart, pride, and dignity. Do you think Neji would kill his entire clan for peace, if the elders told him to? What about Choji, Shino, or Kiba? No, because it doesn’t make sense! The Uchiha clan was around BEFORE the founding of Konoha. Itachi is SOFT. Yeah he scared Oro, Diedara, and Kakashi (2 out of 3 ninjas Sasuke killed, and 1 who has no chance against Sasuke) at a very yound age and graduated from the academy at age of 7, so what else did he accomplish?? Atleast Nagato got revenge on Hanzo. Itachi allowed Danzo to keep on living knowing he took Shisui’s eye. I guess Danzo was to much for Itachi.

    To sum up the Uchiha massacre, it would be like the Pilgrims coming to America fighting with the Indians until they got tired and created peace, then hundreds of years later the vice president orders a Indian to kill off his entire tribe to avoid war.

    I repsect your ranking of Hokage, but that’s it. No one never wins a debate with Mr. Fleece Johnson ask Mart1.

  39. “So what if Shinsui had the greatest genjutsu in the series, tell when a shinobi has ever won a fight with a genjutsu.”

    Itachi vs Deidara,

    Itachi vs Orochimaru

    Itachi vs Kurenai

    Jiraiya vs Pain’s 3 bodies

    Tobi vs Konan

    Sasuke vs C (Darui’s partner)

    2nd Mizukage vs alliance

    Nice try itachiDaBaus, better luck in the future

  40. I agree completely with Itachidabaus, actually your arguments (fleece) dosn´t make sense most of the time. And that´s not because we are you so called “Minato lover” or “Itachi lover”

  41. And so many people reply to your comments, maybe you start to think it´s not because we are biased rather than you are wrong. Ever thought of that

  42. @ fleece

    Minato caused much greater damage to tobi den konan did. he hit em wit a rasengan dat caused him to retreat. Konan managed to upset tobi and got killed for it. The kyuubi was responsible for minatos death, by that time tobi phased himself outta there wit his tail between his ass.

  43. @darthuchiha,

    Ok, Naruto sensing Sasuke on the battlefield…I get that.That actually sounds very possible. On the other hand, I just can’t see how Sasuke would know the whereabouts of Naruto now that he’s destroyed one of the Zetsus and gone completely rogue.

  44. I just now realize after rereading some of the manga that Sasuke has the same name as the 3rd Hokage’s father. You know, even thou I’m not a believer in fillers and spin offs from the main story line. Kish/or the producers could of delve further into the earlier generations of naruto like the seven swordsmen, the previous hokages, and main character’s parents.

  45. @fleece yes shisui was conisdered one of the most talented…. while itachi was considered the best of his entire GENERATION. He was a literal genius who by many is top 5 in the ninja world. Shisui was gifted and had a awesome genjutsu… but u cant compare him to itachi who is one of the best the uchiha had to offer. Itachi was no slouch in genjutsu either and with horribly weakened eyes at that.
    And itachi is soft?!?!?! this man killed his entire family and didnt shed a tear except for his brother lol.. thats not soft bro u need to learn what soft means. And what did itachi accomplish?? not only was his prescence alone what kept tobi from going after sasuke or konoha for that matter but by just showin up at konoha he warned the elders and danzo that he was still alive and well. Not only that he sacrificed his life to protec this younger brother and konoha. Because of him naruto is still going thanks to the pep talk itachi gave him about how to deal with his brother by whatever means necessary. Itachi is what I wish sasuke was instead of a whiny brat complaining about how unfair his clan had it while itachi lived with it and had a much harder life than sasuke will ever have.

  46. To be fair, minato lost against the kyuubi(or some could argue a draw), not tobi. By the time minato fights him and used the seal, tobi had no control over him anymore.

  47. “I agree completely with Itachidabaus, actually your arguments (fleece) dosn´t make sense most of the time.”

    Ultimate I don’t expect you to agree with me, and if you completely agree with everything ItachiDaBaus wrote (including what he said about Kabuto), then you’re just as delusional as he is.

    @dabeastwithin. @darthuchiha I’ve already stated that Tobi had no control over the Kyuubi in the last post. Was Minato planning to sacrifice himself the day Naruto was going to born? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS were made for Kushina’s birth, but who disrupted those arrangements????? You guy’s need more help figuring out things then the blue’s clue’s guy.

    @Token, Itachi is indeed soft. Killing your parents because someone ordered you to doesn’t make you courageous. Itachi was a puppet controlled by the elders and Tobi. My question remains unanswered. I asked do you think Neji, Choji, Shino, or Kiba would had kill off their entire clan for peace? I don’t care if he was apart of ANBU, Uchiha has been around long before ANBU. What’s the difference between Nagato and Itachi? Nagato has witness war, but that didn’t stop him from engaging in wars. Itachi witness war, and to avoid war he kills everyone in the Uchiha clan except his brother?? Where’s his heart, pride, and dignity. Nagato got revenge by defeating Hanzo for making his BEST FRIEND kill himself and became leader of his village. Danzo defeated and took Itachi’s BEST FRIEND (Shisui’s) sharigan, and what did Itachi do? Warn Konoha elders that he was still alive and well. Congratulations.

    His accomplishments pale in comparison to many other great shinobi. Tobi still had to go through Oro to get to Sasuke, so your claims of Itachi protecting him means little to nothing. Itachi was very talented and intelligent I give him that, but besides him looking out for his brother, what else has he really done to make him Top 5??

  48. @fleece
    Did tobi planned to have a rasengan smacked into his face? Did tobi planned to high tail out the villiage? Did tobi planned to lose control over the kyuubi? So he disrupted “SPECIAL ARRANGMENTS” for kushina’s births……big whoop. He’s not the first bad guy to interuppt carefully laid plans, and he certainly won’t be the last. I guess I really do need help figuring things out, starting with finding a valid point through your words.

  49. Dead or no, at that point, minato bested tobi, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

  50. Before you can decide who won between Minato and Tobi…you first must understand what winning means to both parties. So far the winner looks like Minato.

    For Tobi
    1. Bypass the barrier and takeout ANBU ninjas (Successful)
    2. Kill Minato*, Naruto, etc. (Not successful)
    3. Release and control the 9 tails (Successful)
    4. Destroy the leaf village (Not Successful)
    5. Capture the other tail beast (To be determine)
    6. Execute Moon’s Eye Plan (To be determine)

    For Minato
    1. Save Naruto (Successful by FGT)
    2. Save Kushina (Not successful b/c 9 tails was removed when he saved his son)
    3. Neutralize Tobi (Successful by FGT level 2 and Contract seal release)
    4. Save leaf village (Successful by Space-time jutsu used on tail beast bomb)
    5. Recapture the 9 tails** (Pass by Dead Demon Consuming Seal on ½ of the 9 tails’ chakra )
    6. Protect future threat by Tobi (Successful by making Naruto new 9 tails jinchuriki)

    *IMHO Minato’s death comes with the job of being a ninja especially Hokage. Technically, you should call it suicide by DDCS b/c he could of decided to let Kushina recapture the 9 tails and die and trid to recapture the 9 tails later.

    **Success was initially for Kushina to recapture all of the 9 tails’ chakra. However because the process would cause her death and the 9 tails would be lost Minato choose the next best option DDCS.

    PS: My wife thinks i’m crazy for going so deep on this…LOL!

  51. Let the church say Amen?!

  52. @RS
    Did your wife even understand a thing what you are writing? 😉
    Not that your points make sense, they do. But it´s not really a girl thing isn´t it?

  53. @fleece

    ok, that point with Kabuto I disagree. Someone who can keep bussy an entire army and especially his intelligence makes him one of the most dangerous guys in this manga, but if he weren´t so cocky about his Edo´s he could cause more damage. He just throw most of his Edo´s just like trash away.
    BUT the rest of your arguments and discussing with you is sometimes like talking to a wall…..no offense dude but I don´t even try to argue seriously because I think it would be a waste of time to repeat this discussion again and again

  54. @darthuchiha
    “Did tobi planned to have a rasengan smacked into his face?” Loool

  55. Well I now realize that it is pointless to argue with u fleece. So w.e u want to believe go ahead. But b4 I go, let me clarify that I do not believe kabuto is weak. But on his own against the likes of any of the kages (save for tsunade) he would not survive. He is a very smart ninja, and given the time and resources, he can win against the top guns. But on a one v one against a kage, kakashi, Naruto, tobi, B, sasuke, Itachi, etc he would lose. The bid u put up of the fight with him and tsunade is jst laughable. Kishi did no justice to any of the characters (except maybe Naruto) in that fight. I mean c’mon, tsunade broke down and refused to fight after she saw blood. And it is also worth mentioning that tsunade is a completely different person now than that sorry excuse for a nin back then. Oh and Ben jiraiya allowed an armless oro to bite him and look at his summon. Do u agree tho that nagoto is stronger than Oro? Probably not but I’m not go into argue that.

  56. Ok RSPV4GOD, If you put it that way I guess you can say Minato is the winner. That is something I can agree with. You made the most sense, but you’re still forgetting he didn’t save everyone in the leaf village, also Tobi killed Hiruzen’s wife too. Minato did beat Tobi, but I’m still saying Minato died because of Tobi’s actions that led to his death, that is a undeniable fact.

    @ultimate thanks for agreeing, Kabuto is the man. and yeah most of these arguments get repeated over and over again. As far as everything else I must be right seeing as how Chuckie Cheese Token nor ItachiDaFakeBaus can’t refute any of my statements.

  57. I realize the same thing with you ItachiDaBaus, yes Nagato is stronger then Oro. I never said anything about Nagato being weaker then him. Kabuto was willing to kill Sasori a S ranked shinobi on his own, so I don’t underestimate his one on one capabilities.

  58. @fleece ok u want answers her we go:1) to start y did the leaf want uchiha done away with?? simple they were threatening and planning to overthrow konoha and run it as its own (in other words insubordination). So when u have a strong clan trheatening to destroy the village for their own selfish gains what do u do? simple eradicate the problem before they bring it any further. So itachi listened to the elders and did what was best for the village… remember his dad was near the TOP involved with the coup de at. So for the good of the overall village and knowing his clan was doing and planning something horrible he did what he had to do even if it was hard. Imagine if ur dad fleece threatened to overthrow the government and kill thousands of innocent people? in ur case u would probably let them do it cause u wouldnt have the guts to do what needs to be done… if itachi couldnt reason with them he had no choice but to kill those who wanted to do harm to innocent people. 2) Would neji and the people u mentioned do what itachi did?? no cause one they dont have the power to do it. Two their respective clans were respectful and poised no threat. and three neji might of cause he was willin to kill his own sister in the chunnin exams lol. If he can kill blood he wouldnt hesitate if he felt it was his clans destiny. itachis heart, pride and dignity came for the VILLAGE the same village that helped him realize that his clan was on a path of destruction from which they wouldnt be able to come back from.

  59. Fuck kishi for what he did to kurunai. Seriously, he has fucked over too many of the female characters in this manga. I am starting to get sick of these male dominated mangas. And yes, i am a dude. But the females deserve some spot light too. Bleach tho isn’t as bad naruto and OP are at this.

  60. And itachi had the moral integrety to not attack the elders and instead remind them of what they did (guilt can be a pain in the ass). He could have easily gone after danzo but he realized revenge was not the answer and he hoped that sasuke would be the man he should have been and once he killed itachi been the hero of konoha (but sasuke instead was a idiot and is making a stupid decision based on his own twisted view of pride in a clan that wanted to destroy konoha and kill innocent people for no reason other than power lol yea real hero there).

  61. And u know what makes him top 5? hes never been beaten in a battle he tried in, he doesnt make mistakes in tactics or plans, hes been acknowledged by kisame as being the stronger of the two (and kisame was havin his way with Bee by himself which is a feat sasuke wasnt close to being able to do), itachi was such a threat to tobi that tobi literally didnt make a move near sasuke while itachi was alive (i mean come on tobi was so nervous that tobi didnt even go near sasuke till after itachi was dead lol. U want power there ya go). Itachi also has been praised by characters such as kakashi and even tobi who himself wondered just how much itachi truly knew. Even now he planned for his death and impowered naruto with shisuis eye… it came out early but it still helped set into motion a plan to stop these edos and in the end may help sasuke even still knowing his bro is still alive. Itachi was the ultimate ninja who unfortunently wont get the credit he deserves from konoha as long as they r in the dark about what has happened (which is a shame as he is one of the true konoha heros right up there with minato and the third and the first)

  62. @RSVP4GOD: Minato had m’dear prowess but poor leadership. to be honest, u cant make a 16yr investment to deal with a clear and present danger (making naruto a jinjuuriki to deal with tobi).
    but enough about dead, overrated ninja. lets talk about the ass pull kishi us about to do where a chakra low naruto is even able to stand up to tobi.

  63. can anybody read spanish? If they can, can they translate this for me thank you. 🙂

    Veti Mamani Caceres: yo creo que si va a poder….sabes ay siempre algo bueno que le pasa a naruto…como cuando peleo con Pian.

    My orginal comment was: I don’t see naruto able to hit Tobi.. even with his new speed. If Minato couldn’t do it (unless you count Flying God Technique) then i find it very unlikely that Naruto can.In regards to his headbutt, I believe Tobi allowed that to happen.

  64. When I am saying Kabuto is one of the most dangerous ninjas here I mean that you have to take all the Edo´s also into consideration. Kabuto alone, I am not sure because I didn´t see him fighting seriously till now, so I can´t judge on his fighting skills. But I don´t get it why he is helping Tobi when he is not really on his side, if I were Kabuto I would let Tobi fight against the alliance and than gather all the Edo´s at once and kill one major character after another, I mean those who are left.
    And with Madara, Itachi, Nagato, Jinchuriki and the former kages as his bodyguards, who can possibly win against him. That´s why I am saying it´s just a dump move to support Tobi and use those Edo´s as canon fodder

  65. I was waiting for your response token, and I’m not at all satisfied with your response. What happen to the old token?

    This is what you wrote:

    “Imagine if ur dad fleece threatened to overthrow the government and kill thousands of innocent people? in ur case u would probably let them do it cause u wouldnt have the guts to do what needs to be done”

    re-read what I wrote about the Native Americans and Pilgrims.

    Itachi knew what the Uchiha’s were planning, why couldn’t he sacrifice HIMSELF instead of killing off his entire clan for peace. He could of told his dad and those who were going to participate in the overthrow of Konoha, that he will commit suicide in order to keep peace with the village. Neji’s father had gut’s, Itachi didn’t. The Uchiha massacre started when Konoha WRONGFULLY suspected the Uchiha to be involved with the 9 tails incident, so they moved the Uchiha into a corner. The Uchiha interpreted this as Konoha trying to control them, kinda like how Native Americans were put into RESERVATIONS. Kishimoto doesn’t make magma just for the fun of it, he know’s history. Why would the Uchiha depart a village they started? Don’t act like Konoha is innocent because they’re not!

    If Itachi announced to his clan that he will commit suicide in order to keep things peaceful, I’m willing to bet his father would disregard his plans on overthrowing Konoha. As you say Itachi was the best of his entire generation, I’m sure his clan would had reconsidered if he and Shisui spoke out. That is why Hizashi Hyuga is more of a hero then Itachi could ever dream of being, Minato was a hero, the 3rd Raikage was a Hero. Itachi was a guy who was traumatized by war, a confused double agent who wanted peace.

    What you expect Sasuke to do? Sniff daisies and hold hands with Naruto and Sakura into a field of flowers? The Elders ordered Itachi to wipe out the entire clan. That means kill off the people that loved and took care of Sasuke.

    You said Itachi didn’t kill Danzo because revenge was not the answer. That logic of thinking will get you no where in life. I guess Shikamaru didn’t have to kill Hidan, because revenge is not the answer like you said.

  66. LOL why in the hell would itachi kil himself?!?!1 ROFL thats hilarious! ooo my clan is gonna kill others so im gonna kill myself cause that will get their attention… not. Come on they wouldnt have done it if he killed himself. The clan KNEW itachi was against it and had spies keep track of him. AS for the whole indian scenario… wtf lol . This scenario isnt close to what happened to the uchiha. Lets change it a little… after the peace is brought about the indians decide hey lets take this whole country for ourself even though peace is achieved and things r going along good we want to be in charge. Than yea the vice president should tell a indian to kill his tribe cause should they revolt more bloodshed will be lost just because the indians got greedy. Yea it sucked for sasuke but it was HIS CLANS FAULT. They were gonna revolt against a village that allowed them to co-exist in peace and didnt destroy them when madara attacked the first. The uchiha chose their own grave and sasuke could have taken the high road with dignity as the guy who avenged the uchiha. And ur not listening very well so let me explain how shikamaru and itachi r very different…. hidan killed shikamarus mentor not for war or anything but just to do it and shikamaru had enough. Itachi wasnt out for bloodshed and revenge wouldnt fit here; if he killed the elders this would throw konoha into chaos and disturb the balance set and cause more problems for konoha. its harsh but thats the world they live in. Itachi cared about the vilage more than the clan, a clan that i repeat and please listen THREATENED TO REVOLT AGAINST A VILLAGE THAT WAS TOLERANT OF THEM AND ALLOWED THEM TO LIVE IN PEACE. They werent held against their wil they were looked upon as a valuable asset for konoha but they were too selfish to figure that out. If that doesnt make sense to u im just done arguing lol thats as plain as i can make it.

  67. Also to the uchiha nine-tails point… if they werent involved where the hell were they all when it attacked? if they cared so much about the village they helped start y were they no where to be found to help defend it? We still DONT know the uchiha were not behind the attack or at least a part of it. Why would a mother and father leave their baby boy at home with their 7 year old son and be gone on a night that the nine tails was running rampant and threaten the village and could have killed their sons? Btw the american indian reservation is not a good comparison rofl. Learn some histroy first; the american indians were here FIRST. the pilgrams came acted nice but cheated and betrayed them and because the indians didnt understand the language they gave up land for pennies to the dollar. After the white man came and took over they forced the indians onto various reservations which included the Trail of tears (look it up it pretty much sums up the injustices the american indians endured). The indians were not involved in any controversy or any serious attacks on the pilgrams and yet they were treated like garbage by the white man. The uchiha were not blameless; they were a bloodthirsty clan who only went into a truce cause the senju and uchiha battled over centuries and the senju were considered to be stronger and held the upper hand in battles. The comparision with indians on reservations doesnt even apply here lol

  68. Token it seems you can’t read at all. I think it’s time for you to get hooked on phonics son. As far as the indian scenario goes… It’s a perfect match. Idk why you have to make a joke out of it, and the Uchiha’s were not greedy, so Idk what you trying to compare here. I was comparing Nagato with Itachi, not Shikamaru, but since you’re bringing him up, let’s evaluate what you wrote

    “hidan killed shikamarus mentor not for war or anything but just to do it and shikamaru had enough. Itachi wasnt out for bloodshed and revenge wouldnt fit here; if he killed the elders this would throw konoha into chaos and disturb the balance set and cause more problems for konoha.”

    You’re mixing 2 arguments. I’m not even talking about the elders (Hiruzens advisers) and what they ordered Itachi to do. I’m speaking on what Danzo did to Shisui. What was Danzo’s problem with Shisui that he had to take his sharigan days prior to the massacre. Shisui was Itachi’s best friend and Itachi thought of him as a older brother. Itachi may of had the same seal Sai had. All I’m saying is Nagato, Shikamaru, and Sasuke got revenge by defeating people that killed their love ones. Itachi was along side with Kisame when he collected the 4 tails, so much for being a advocate of peace.

    You wrote –

    “They were gonna revolt against a village that allowed them to co-exist in peace and didnt destroy them when madara attacked the first.The uchiha chose their own grave and sasuke could have taken the high road with dignity as the guy who avenged the Uchiha.”

    Do you remember what manga you’re reading Token???? The Uchiha abandoned Madara before he faced off against Hashirama for the last time. It took Tobi to tell Sasuke the real truth, and by then what was Sasuke gonna do?? Go back to a village that already considers him a “missing nin”? I should not have to take my time and remind you of these simple things token

    LISTEN CAREFULLY. After the 9 tails attack on the village, KONOHA WRONGFULLY ACCUSED the Uchiha’s had something to do with it, so they were moved into the corner of the village so they can be EASILY MONITORED. You call being monitored for a crime you didn’t commit peaceful?? So no, the Uchiha’s did not dig their own grave. It was the advisers that killed them. It was the false accusations made by Konoha that got rid of them.

  69. LOL ill go slow for u and go point by point to help u out fleece.. ur struggling here;
    1) shikamaru was mentioned here by u ” I guess Shikamaru didn’t have to kill Hidan, because revenge is not the answer like you said.” and thats y shikamaru was brought up.
    2) Itachi didnt kill danzo cause he doesnt do things for revenge. He never has thats not who he is.
    3) it is never mentioned itachi was with kisame when the 4 tails was taken. If u go here http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Four-Tails kisame is the only one mentioned with the capture.
    4) yes the uchiha abandoned madara… but what happened later on? they planned a revolt against konoha.
    5) sasuke was a a missing nin only after he attacked team 7 with yamato and was responsible for attacking bee. Remember up to that point sasuke did nothing wrong against konoha and actually did them no harm but once he attacked bee (a jinchurriki and the raikages bro) for no reason other than as akatsukis little pet sasuke was deemed a menace and therefore a missing nin.
    6) Tobi did not tell sasuke the whole truth. He claims he was not behind the nine tails attacks… but what happened? since im sure u forgot this is not true as minato mentioned tobi as being behind the nine tails attack after extracting it from his wife.
    7) From what we know fleece the uchiha may have been involved. I have a question I want u to answer; where were the uchiha during the invasion? where were they while the nine tails was running around and what were they doing to leave their two young kids to fend for themselves? We KNOW the uchiha plotted a revolt afterwards and tobi claimed a uchiha wasnt behind the attack (but we now know he was lying so isnt it safe to assume the uchiha may have something to do with this? we know he was behind it so konoha was spot on when they thought the uchiha or someone with a sharingan was behind it and who has the sharingan?)

  70. btw shisui was still alive after danzo took his eye wasnt he? im still confused how he got the eye as shusui could easily have used a genjutsu on danzo and keep his eye. so y would itachi kill danzo when his friend was still alive (albeit with only 1 eye) lol

  71. “LOL why in the hell would itachi kil himself?!?!1 ROFL thats hilarious!”

    Yes, why not? Neji father did it for peace. Go ahead result to using LOL, wtf, and ROFL when you losing a debate.

    You of people really don’t have to tell me to learn my history. I know my history. I wasn’t comparing the entire REAL LIFE history of the Native Americans and Pilgrims to the Uchiha, just on the reservations ONLY, like the Uchiha were cast to the corner of the village, so the reservation part does apply. I appreciate you teaching others on the Native Americans, but don’t act like you’re teaching me something I already know. Whites and Indians fought many times. The GUNS, DISEASES, and ALCOHOL was the upper hand the White man had. Can you link me to where it says the Uchiha only called for a truce because the Senju always had the upper hand???????? I thought both clans were hired to fight each other because they were the best clans to match against each other

    1. I mentioned Shikamaru because you’re defending Itachi saying revenge is not the answer. Playing chess with that mentatlity, you’re bound to be a loser. I wasn’t trying to compare the 2 you fool

    “3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93PGaNLBbnk

    “4. yes the uchiha abandoned madara… but what happened later on? they planned a revolt against Konoha.” Yea, 80 years later SMH.

    “6. Tobi did not tell sasuke the whole truth. He claims he was not behind the nine tails attacks… but what happened? since im sure u forgot this is not true as minato mentioned tobi as being behind the nine tails attack after extracting it from his wife.” Are we talking about Minato again?? Itachi never told Sasuke the whole truth neither.

    “7. From what we know fleece the uchiha may have been involved. I have a question I want u to answer; where were the uchiha during the invasion? where were they while the nine tails was running around and what were they doing to leave their two young kids to fend for themselves?” Who knows, just because Sasuke’s parents weren’t around, doesn’t mean they had anything to do with Tobi unleashing the 9 tails on Konoha. Even if the Uchiha’s were involved, it would be a huge curve ball to the story, and would shatter my thought process into pieces, If Tobi was a Uchiha why would he meet up with Itachi planning on killing the Uchiha if they helped him with the 9 tails invasion? Tobi himself is still a mystery so this argument goes no where until we get the ENTIRE truth of the Uchiha massacre and the identity of Tobi. It’s not like Kishi showed every shinobi from every clan helping out during the invasion. If he did I must have missed it.

    About Shisui. Danzo must of given him a beat down if he took Shisui’s eye. The damage that Shisui received was enough for him to ask Itachi to help proceed his death and entrust him with his sharigan. If that was Itachi’s BEST friend rather dead or alive, you would think he would had got revenge by beating Danzo, but like you said Itachi never been a character to take revenge, and Shsui was for peace aswell. Killing Danzo would start a war I guess. Having any top 5 at this moment is kinda dumb, because we haven’t seen EMS Sasuke, what Madara is capable of against the 5 Kage’s, and what Tobi can do against Bee and Naruto. Itachi is top 5 for now….

  72. @fleece
    You are incredibly stupid mate.


  73. @itachi nah fleece isnt stupid. he may have opinions that r different (and sometimes way off IMO :-P) but he still has supported a couple points effectively. Dont call him stupid just cause his opinions may seem off and may differ. Just a different perspective thats all. I enjoy these kind of debates honestly lol keeps my naruto knowledge on point.

  74. @Itachi say’s the guy’s who spells “Boss” Baus?????

    I appreciate that Token, I always liked many of your arguments and view points


  75. @madzikage, What should have Minato done differently to improve his leadership during this crisis situation? I mean the 9 tails is loose..what do you do? Do you let go free and run the risk of it getting captured by enemy nins like oro’s sound nins or recaptured by Tobi? One thing confuses me thou…is why did he teleport both Kushina and Naruto (a newborn baby) back to the fight scene?! I can see bringing his wife back.. maybe…but there’s nothing you can do that’s gonna make me bring MY ONLY CHILD to a fight and jepordize his life. So basically Minato was dumb for that because kids shouldn’t be in grown folks business!

  76. g don’t b a baby fleece, I assure you I know how to spell the word “Boss” but I don’t really feel grammar matters much in this blog so…

    I don’t know you personally so when I say you are stupid I mean the argument to me is laughable EX. “He could of told his dad and those who were going to participate in the overthrow of Konoha, that he will commit suicide in order to keep peace with the village.” LOL yess the moment he threatens to kill himself his dear ol dad (whom “LOVED” and “CARED” for him so much and NEVER saw him as just a TOOL to stay in touch with the village) would just abandon his entire clans hard work and planning. Yes, and the entire clan would also agree to go along with it and stop, just so that dear ol Itachi doesn’t kill himself. ROLF quite laughable indeed.

    Itachi is not stupid, he did not want to massacre his clan. He loved the Uchiha name, perhaps more than anyone else did. He chose to be the villain so that the village does not become aware of the horrible scheme the Uchiha plotted. He chose to let his brother survive because he loves him and in hopes that he would carry on the Uchiha name.

    You can’t compare Itachi’s situation with Neji’s fathers. They are completely different. Neji’s father gave his life to protect his brother’s and the clan, as well as the village. Itachi never had that option. I am 1000% certain that if the Uchiha/ elders wanted only one life (as it was in Neji’s father’s situation) then Itachi would have agreed to it in a second. But the Uchiha wanted more than that, the only way to stop them was to annihilate them. They were not going to stop otherwise. About Itachi not taking revenge on Danzo? well Danzo didnt really kill Shinsui.

  77. Fleece: bro u r off the hook most of the time. I dont know y others trying to convince a wall to listen lol. im saying this coz i hve been reading bobs blogs and the comments every week for the past couple yrs and hve realized u r wrong most of the time.

  78. @ItachiDaBaus

    You’re extremely retarded amigo


  79. @RSVP minato may have taken naruto with him cause frankly tobi was still alive lol. He could have went around and tried to find naruto while his dad was busy so his dad wanted to make sure he could keep a eye on him. Also he did want kushina to be able to say goodbye to naruto and he planned on makin naruto the jinchurriki so those r a couple reasons y.
    @ everyone attacking fleece damnnnnn lol. seems a little harsh. I respect fleeces opinions as some of the defenses has given me a different perspective. He may not always be right but who is. Sometimes just takes different viewpoints to see diff things. Sides sometimes even walls listen and respond back 😛

  80. “bro u r off the hook most of the time”

    Off the hook like fried fish?? Thank you my brother for such a wonderful comment.

    as far as being wrong most of time…..? Off share memory I won most of my debates

    Fleece vs Mart1 topic- SOSP vs Madara
    Most agreed with me at the time that the SOSP was stronger

    Fleece vs John topic- Nagato vs Jiraiya
    Again most people agreed with me that Nagato was stronger

    Sasuke being better then everyone else topic was based off opinions, Many disagreed, some agreed.

    Commenting on past chapters, many agreed with my opinions.

    Don’t know how long you have been on shannaro, but I suggest you recheck your history. One thing I dislike about shannaro is that anyone can go under a different alias and pretend to be a different writer, when in fact it’s the same exact person.


  81. I also debated The Evil Ryu, Token, Rinnegan Invasion, and eventually Kisu in the past. All great debaters BTW.

  82. @fleece i dunno if u really won those debates u had especially with john and mart1 but like others i just dont get what the hell youre talking about. Ive been visiting this site for over a year now but rarely posts and love the debates but i just get so confused when reading your posts. John is a great debater imo but he doesnt post much. U too token and ripcord for his facts

  83. Wow you guy’s really went at it! I was gonna post my new video and leave but this debate got me glued to my seat. I think both sides are correct to some degree. I’m not confused at all by Fleece Johnson’s statements, it’s just another point of view instead of the same common view that most share.

    No matter what, don’t stop giving your opinions Fleece, no matter if most don’t agree. This great debate has sparked many ideas for my future videos.

    If you like my vids hit the subscribe button

  84. Fleece: u win coz others jst gave up. Simple.
    btw im no writer or anything, jst a member since 2007 but its been couple yrs i jst visit the site to read bobs weekly blogs, and never bother commenting. But seriously u need to open ur eyes and clearly think bout it.

  85. Shiittt, the only debate I ever had was against kisu about minato and A and the speed of thier jutsus, an I lost that shit. Pretty much everybody who read dissagree with me…………..but then I winded up being right about everything in the end! So…..did I really lose, or not?

  86. Incredible debate from fleece and token, I fortunately retired from debates.

    I laugh every time I see your name Fleece 😀 , your name sounds so country to me. When we debated it wasn’t even about Naruto, it was about The Rock and Hulk Hogan, and should Sting retire remember? I won those debates against Mart1 and John on those topics, NOT you Mr. Fleece Johnson LMAO. From your writing I can tell you grown a lot, back then you were goofy as hell. As far as your current debate goes, It’s hard to decide a winner because both you and token make valid points. Stay up!

    I go on YouTube now to get reviews, but there is nothing better then Shannaro.

  87. @Darth that’s what makes all this debating so fun. As of right now we don’t really know who is right about a couple topics like the uchiha abscence during the nine tails attack. We wont know till later but its fun to debate with what we know now. I remember Ur minato argument and I thought u were right from the start. In the end u did win

  88. RINNEGAN! Are you here to stay or sell us out? I remember when you and Kisu debated John. The comments reached 250+, now this site is lucky to have 50 comments for reviews. The Rock sells tickets, Hulk Hogan gives them away from free LOL. I still think Sting should fight Taker before he retires. How’s life been?

  89. @rinnengan what channel do u subscibe to or normally go to for reviews on youtube?

  90. @token mainly Sawyer7mage, and many others reviewers on YouTube my friends or subscribers link me too.

    @Double4anime Great vids. I didn’t know you visited shannaro. I seen your vid on my suggested list. You would definitely learn a bunch of new topics visiting this site, and you will learn a lot from the people on Shannaro. I’ll sub.


    Sell out?? I don’t have internet access all the time, unless I’m with my family or visiting a library. I live in a cabin now, so that means I’m one step ahead to being free. No bills, no taxes, no worries. I still visit my parents to stock up on food though lol, but when I get me a aquatic greenhouse I’m good. Remember this Fleece and never forget. Own NOTHING, control EVERYTHING. Own EVERYTHING, Control NOTHING. I’m also self employed, there is nothing better then being your own boss!

    Hulk Hogan was the standard, no matter how you look at it. Hulk was making movies 1st, The Rock follows his foot steps, not the other way around. Sting should retire seriously man.

  91. I was never a big hulk hogan fan lol (although he was somewhat the standard in the day). I was always a mr. perfect or bret hart and randy savage fan. Mr perfect and bret hart were just fluid and near flawless in techniques and execution while randy savage i loved for his high flyer/more quicker paced style. Sigh those were the good days…..

  92. @rinnengan, token

    Check out Likenaruto.com. This site has all videos for Naruto (i think dub in english), Naruto Shippuden and Manga with reviews etc…Also, you can download mp3s of Naruto theme songs (well so far I only heard the lastest ending song for naruto).


    If I own a house, don’t i control the people living in it or if I own a business, I control the workers who work for me right? No one has full control over there lives, well except for the elite, farmers, and tribal people, but to be civilized you need some form of government. Do you have electricity, water, heat? Sorry if I’m asking so many questions but what type of work do you do as a self employed worker? I wash dishes for 3 days and get $140 each week. Help me get free please.

    Besides rinnegan, if you’re gay don’t click my YouTube link, it might hurt a stomach or turn you straight!

    The Rock is coming, so itachidabaus know your role and shut your mouth. IF YA SMEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLELELELELOOOWWW what The Rock is cooking *rock music*

  94. I’m very interested in seeing what the other Jinchuuriki are capable of. 6 tails was weak imo, 4 tails got beat by Kisame, two tails got beat by hidan and Kakazu. The other 3 could be strong and I wonder since they all have Tobi’s eyes could they to use space time jutsu… hopefully.

  95. Someone was talking about Neji dad sacrificing himself to save his brother and his villiage, well some of that may be true, but i say the main reason was because it was the only thing he could do that would be his choice, his whole life he had to do what the main branch wanted to do, he was basically a slave, him sacrificing his life for his brother and his village was just a way for him to free himself from being controlled by the main branch. but onto this chapter it was pretty sweet seeing all the kages work well together, but im sure its safe to say that as good as things are going the real battle hasnt even begun yet and I just cant wait to see what madara really is capable of and tobi too, the only thing im worndering these days is when is Kabuto going to strike, but knowing him its going to be when both sides get weak.

  96. I know this has nuttin to do with naruto, but if your fans of left for dead 2, check this out

  97. Im a big Itachi fan but seriously he gets way too much credit for being a hero, so what if he prevented war in konoha. He even used Tobi for help the same man who wanted to destroy his village. He still joined akasuki who wanted world domination. He helped cause this war. He let his brother live knowing the darkness in his heart. Itachi has tons of faults that no one seems to want to point out. All which dont make him a hero.

  98. @a lost shinobi thing is when he joined akatsuki he did it to stop them from attacking konoha. As long as he was around they did not step foot near his village and only after his death did they do that. He was a driving force in keeping them as safe as possible, tobi told him he was doing it for revenge on the uchiha not konoha, and his one mistake was puttin his faith in a sniviling brat who is ignorant and stupid (sasuke lol). He didnt help cause this war cause there is no manga evidence that he helped to capture any tailed beast and from what we have seen what damage has he cause any village? we hear of hidans exploits as wel as kisames and peins and yet itachi is not mentioned in any negative way outside of killing his own clan. And remember if not for izanagi (which imo is what tobi used when hit by amatersu as im not sure his teleportation would work as it would just follow him but who knows) tobi wouldnt be around he would still be rolling around burning on the ground. And dont forget he is off to kabuto and theres a chance he may be the reason the war gets turned around (we will have to wait and see.) He was a hero but u gotta remember a hero is sometimes the one who has to get his hands dirty and from the outside looks like the opposite of a hero.

  99. “and his one mistake was puttin his faith in a sniviling brat who is ignorant and stupid (sasuke lol).”

    While letting Orochimaru influence and train King Sasuke?? Sounds like another mistake made by Itachi. Where was Itachi when Oro attacked the village he loved so much?

    Tobi’s intentions at 1st were to invoke war on Konoha as a whole. Itachi offered Tobi to take revenge on the Uchiha for turning their backs on him (Tobi disguised as Madara). A hero doesn’t kill children, women, and elders to pursue peace.

    The only way I see Sasuke turning good is if Kabuto resurrects the entire Uchiha clan to fight Itachi and Sasuke. Everyone else in the Naruto series got closure with their family member or close friend except Sasuke. Kabuto resurrecting the entire Uchiha clan could fill in plots behind the massacre of the Uchiha clan and where Sasuke’s parents were up to during the 9 tails attack. People who praise Itachi, act like he done nothing wrong at all. Who knows what evil things he was doing during his time in Akatsuki. I don’t hate Itachi, but man I’m just saying….

  100. @fleece thats the thing we dont know. U can say he did do evil things but we dont know he did. What we do know is that he didnt participate in akatsuki efforts (as u mentioned him and the 4 tails that is anime and can never be taken as official. In the manga its never been stated itachi helped take the 4 tails as only kisame is mentioned in its take down so by manga and official canon kisame was the only one who did it.) As for the oro sasuke thing for one there is no way itachi would kno sasuke would go crawling to oro for more power ( i mean itachi didnt want to believe that his bro was that desperate for power he would crawl to someone else… someone who is inferior to itachi). Remember when he left itachi made sure the third kept a eye on sasuke and apparently the third did a good job as sasuke had grown into a good ninja and was also tutored and trained by one of konohas legends in kakashi. I mean come on with the third and kakashi helping him out im sure itachi thought sasuke was in good hands and oro wasnt even in the picture. Itachi also had to stay undercover in akatsuki. When oro attacked what he was supposed to give up his cover and help a village that akatsuki is against? him helping konoha in that situation would have exposed him and what he was doing inside. Sides the third was still alive and the village had ninja capable of handling oro so its not like itachi wasnt aware that they could handle oro. They handled him quite well and although they lost the third they moved on and r still strong. And a hero is many things and although he did kill women. children etc remember this is a ninja clan and world so things that apply to us doesnt really apply to them lol (also we dont know that itachi killed the women etc… for all we know he killed only the men and tobi did the dirty work). Itachi had a choice; betray his clan and kill women and children or stand by while his clan attempted to kill women and children… its a lesser of two evils and itachi had to choose between one or the other… and honestly without the uchiha i dont see how konoha was any worse off. They r still strong have strong ninja and r firmly above most of the other villages (the only village id say is stronger is the lightning). But anyways itachi had to choose one or the other and he did what he thought would be the lesser of two evils… sometimes even heroes have to do some dirty work.

  101. @fleece http://www.mangareader.net/93-358-9/naruto/chapter-353.html
    kisame says “u wouldnt say that if u knew this guy” so obviously itachi didnt take part in the battle to capture him. If he had he would have known the abilities and the toughness he possesed.

  102. even here lol makes it even more obvious:

  103. The ninja worlds standards of what’s evil or not are different from ours. I mean killing women an children does seem kinda of women, but how many women and children are participating in war right now? As far as we know, they have thier liscense to kill the moment they decide to enter ninja training. Whose to say they wouldn’t particpate in the coup the uchihas were planning?

    Don’t get me wrong, orochimaru is a powerful an threatning ninja, but doing the attack, he was a powerful ninja surrounded by shitloads of fodder ninja. Itachi already went through enough trouble to get his cover as well as plans for dealing with sasuke. Does he really need to throw that all to waste just to handle them? If the village couldn’t stop orochimaru and his invasion, then not even itachi an all his power can save a weak village when the akatsuki come knocking.

  104. OMG !!! fleece …u r becoming more and more wrong with every post of yours,

    @everyone get this into your head, No one (except Itachi and the elders) know why the Massacare order was given … we will find that out soon,

    and fleece don’t go presuming things casue u aint writing this story Kishi is, and we are going by what is presented to us, not your Unicornish imagination, you Don’t even know who tobi is as of yet, you’ve become Kishi now, running around in circles, honestly Kishi himself is getting now ideas day by day, and he’s adjusting them per the story line, at the end of this there are going to be alot of unanswered questions, and Kishi will say “Ummm… errr … lol, i forgot !”

    and going back to a really old comment of yours, Konan tried, but failed and died, by the hands of Tobi,
    with Minato, He had to “retreat” .. that’s all i have to say,

    u saying Minato died bcoz of Tobi is partly correct, but Minato Did that to save naruto, because Kushina couldn’t be saved anymore, but not the reason why he Died,

    Itachi Kill himself for what .. Negi’s Dad was a Friggin Twin of the Clan Leader, he Did that to save his son, His clan, and protect konoha, Itachi Killing himself would just add fuel to the fire, lol and reading that one made me laugh out loud, who do you think you are Jiriya !! it came up on the if your dad tried to take over the world post .. u sacrifice yourself .. lol

  105. the new chapter is out! I like it 🙂

  106. And it was kinda of short, in the anime version this would probably take 2 minutes

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