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Its Out!Bleach, Naruto, One Piece Chapters!

Bleach Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/87477847/1

Natuto Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/60660556/1

One Piece Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/89182735/1


53 Responses

  1. Ohh sweet chapter, looks like naruto will be learning FTG. How did Raikage survive the teleportation?Everytime Mega Magnum (aka forest king) is mentioned he seems more badass. Exactly how old is Oonoki?

  2. So whats BIG MAGNUM’s motivation for fighting? he doesnt seem to be under any control from kabuto, he can pretty much do what he wants. Shouldn’t his biggest concern be finding out what tobi’s true intentions are and if its gonna interfere with the real plan???? or maybe he just wants to exercise his muscles…


  4. Also Flying Thunder God = Instant Transmission

  5. @madara uchiha. Who knows? Maybe it’s all part of the big plan or something. It’s pretty obvious there’s more to Tobi and Madara than we are led to believe. I mean, Madara seems to know Nagato and now he mentions the Infinite Tsukuyomi. How did he even know about that? Did I miss something? It’s like it was really Madara who was behind all this from the start. So confusing. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

    Also, am I the only one to think they are forgetting something, or rather someone? If the plan was to divert everyone’s attention from the supposed real villain of that war, that’s a resounding sucess! Now all the kages have deserted the command center in order to fight a resurected corpse. Greeeat…Sure he’s the all-powerful Big magnum (and I really want to see that fight) but come one! What about Tobi (whoever that might be) and the 6 ex-jinchuuriki that are about to intercept the two persons they’re supposed to protect? Did they forget about him? Or just because they think he’s not the real Madara, they not longer see him as such a threat? Weren’t they the ones who talked about the power in a name and how they were played for fools? Nice move guys…. Well, Shikaku, guess you are in charge now. We all count on you!

  6. Oh, and yes, flying thunder god! So cool… Didn’t pay to much attention since I always thought Naruto would learn it someday, but it’s nice to have it nearly confirmed. Can’t wait to see it.


  8. @marie BIG MAGNUM mentioning the infinite tsukuyomi means that its the real plan from from day one and maybe if tobi has a different plan, he hasnt reavealed it yet. its possible he lived long enough to meet nagato after jiraiya left because its not known what happened really to the ame orphans after that till the akatsuki formed. however, nagatos plan and the infinite tsukuyomi differs significantly *cries* i want pein to come baaackk 😦 😦

  9. lmao yes raikage picoloed that shit!!11!

  10. good chapter this week. so madara knows about Infinite Tsukyomi as well.
    Kages vs. Madara: who will win. at least one of the kages will die.
    during the fight kishi will focus more on the riakage, fifth hokage and mizukage since they didn’t get enough screen before. i can see fifth hokage will work as healer/medical only in this fight.

  11. Good chapter. So the 4th’s special guards are going to teach Naruto FTG while the kages distract Madara and Muu I’m assuming. I don’t know why FTG would be the only technique that could counter Madara’s fire techniques. Tsunade is the granddaughter of the 1st Hokage, so you would think the 1st taught his children how he defeated his strongest rival (Madara Uchiha). Anyways I can’t see the 5 kages defeating Kabuto’s last trump card. I’m still hoping for Jiraiya and Shisui to get summoned on the battle field. I’m sure Kabuto and Tobi made a trade, because the former jinchuriki were under Kabuto’s control first. Raikage grew his arm back and no one bothered mentioning it including himself that his arm has grown back, I smell a another plot hole. I hope Kishi doesn’t take a 2 week break, I’m enjoying this war more then ever now.

  12. @fleece if the first thought madara was dead y would he teach them how to counter madara lol. Also part of the counter involved wood justus, which is a ability apparently rare and only to the first hokage. Naruto learning ftg would be nice but imo only cause he would be like his father. ftg is a good counter though cause the speed at which u move and teleport can get u out of any sticky situation and with madara u never know when that may happen. The reason not many others know the ftg is probably cause 1) takes a large amount of chakra 2) apparently it takes 3 to do what minato could do by himself ( so much be difficult to master) and 3) im willing to bet its a rare jutsu not forbidden but kept from the publics eye as to not be abused. WE have seen that with ftg minato is able to get out of even tobis warp so it is and will be quite useful.

  13. OMG those bunch of sassy konoha jonin had s’thing worth useful.

    i wonder if those three really are 4th gaurds, i mean they practically did nothing at all since the beginning.

    On the other note MEGANE- KUN of the mist got some talent, no wonder he’s Mizu chick fav.

    It all come down to big showdown, can’t wait to see how much of these so called kage’s can live up to their ranks.

  14. what an epic chapter!! it’s really heating up!!

    1. Raikage having his arm back doesn’t make sense.. unless he’s learnt the trick from Tobi.
    2. Genma’s squads better dont get hurt or killed if they’re gonna teach our hero his father’s techniques. and to think that it had to take THREE of them to complete it… that must be some jutsu!
    3. Usually Naruto’s clones will go puff after taking a heavy pummel. but so far all his clones are still around. how and what did he do to strenghten their ‘longevity’? if he uses that much chakra, then won’t it backfire later on when he had to fight the real madara and tobi and ex-jinchuurikis.

  15. @manishuchiha

    Genma & Raido were able to take on the Sound 4 level 2 all together and survived. We haven’t really seen any of their abilities, but personally I feel like Genma is awesome even though I haven’t seen him fight… I just love that “toothpick.”

    As to the Raikage’s arm, perhaps Tsunade could fix it? It is weird though.

    As to Naruto’s KB being stronger, everyone else’s were always tougher than his for some reason (especially Kakashi’s clones), but perhaps with his chakra control being better he can make stronger clones.

  16. Exactly how did the raikage survive the teleportation? is it possible that tsunade was the one to heal him and also restored his arm?

  17. @token but Madara isn’t Tobi. ftg seems to be a better counter for Tobi not for Madara’s fire techniques.

    BTW does anyone know what the real Naruto and KB are doing?

  18. didi anyone notice that Tsunadae said ” we’ll save that for him” referencing the thunder god technique, she was talking about the mizukage.

    I’m thinking the Mizukage is actually a guy/transvestite and that could be the reason that she/he is so sensative to talk about marriage??

    think about it

  19. is there really no chapter next week

  20. The 5 kages vs. Madara should be interesting but i more interested in where itachi is located. And i hate to say it but i miss Sasuke. If he was on the battle field i bet his emo ass would kill someone whose non fodder by now.

  21. Hey do anyone think that little situation Madara had wit oonoki probably lead to The 1st and Madara final battle?

  22. Think I’m missing something, where do we see Raikages restored arm???

  23. @ tawuya i thought he was still missing an arm as well but on the last page with the kages standing together you can see the raikage has two fists, i think kishi just screwed that up because all the other panels with raikagae you cant really be sure.

  24. @ shikamaruistheman

    hey you could be on to something there.. initially i thought tsunade-sama meant ftg for Naruto… but after that the next panels shows genma & co preparing ftg for mizukage… hmmm if it’s true, it’s gonna be interesting.

  25. @shikamaruistheman nice theory. Kishimoto does have some kind of weird fetish with he she’s or boys that look like girls (Haku, Jiraiya, etc)

  26. wow imagine ftg with narutos speed now. his oponent wouldn’t even know who or whats hit them.

  27. @ ripcord,

    i agree with u there, but still its not a big deal.
    those sound guyz got taken out by likes of young Konoha 11 who were not even a chunin at that time( except shika).

    that’s probably the only time they fought and utterly lost the fight and not to mention almost died that couldn’t possibly be an achievement.
    wht a meant was they does not seems to be fitting the glorious would be image of 4th hokage special gaurds.

    ON THE SIDE NOT yup! genma is one the most coolest character out there.

  28. @just passing

    I said that earlier. and Itachidabaus said he thinks its a miss print.

    I noticed that his arm was drawn in. I think it has significance because it is clearly drawn. I don’t think Kishi was include this detail now and he’s left it out this whole time, and it was even colored in so we couldn’t help but notice it. I don’t think this is a mis-draw at all. although bigger plot holes have occurred in this series, lol.

  29. Raikages left arm was amputate not his right! looks like he has it on the last page but i dont think he has! maybe he got a medical ninja to graft one back on im not sure!

  30. Raikage probably has a prosthetic piece in place…I doubt it is a real hand. Perhaps they attached a robotic hand or a fistlike hand so he can still fight and use it to punch. If you notice he has not used that left arm at all simce it was removed. I doubt he would keep the stump for the enemy to see.

  31. Does anyone Notice that the Raikages Arm are back,… yes he got two hand now lol

  32. I think tsunade’s the reason why the raikage got his arm back, and why they survived the teleportation.

  33. Well it was freaking stupid how he lost his arm anyway. Didn’t Pain rip one of Jiraiya’s arms off, perhaps that didnt fall into the abyss and Kabuto maybe able to get his hands on it.


    Stop saying shit, his arm isn’t back anywhere on the last panel. Its obsured by his side and clearly not drawn as a full arm. THE RAIKAGE’S ARM IS NOT BACK. STFU.

  35. The last page must havw been a mistake. If u look when the raikage transports and punches muu wit the right arm u can clearly see his other arms sleeve folding where his arm got cut off.

  36. Imagine all of naruto’s clones doing FGT Level 2…that’s just crazy!

  37. when tsunade was talking about when she mentiones saving ftg for him she also talked abotu fire technique’s and madara being an uchiha so my guess is she meant transporting the mizukage who could use water style to counteract madara’s fire style

  38. @Dabeastwithin

    Yes, but Tsunade used her Genesis Rebirth technique after that and I believe she used that to heal herself and the Raikage. From what Tsunade said the first time we saw her use it, it is not normal healing, it is regeneration, so the Raikage could have grown a new arm from that perhaps.

    It’s definitely a fist though, because the Raikage cut his arm off at the elbow, so his “stump” would never extend that far. Either it was Tsunade’s healing jutsu or it is a drawing mistake.

  39. Also, this is classic wag the dog. The 5 Kages should be around the real Naruto and Bee right now, not fighting Madara. Yes, he would wipe the floor with anyone else, but Tobi is going to swoop in and snatch up KillerBee and Naruto pretty soon, especially since Naruto is all worn out.

  40. OMG… Rufruffy you’re right. Except I think it’s because of Tsunades regen thing. Still, I didn’t notice that when he says “yeah” it’s growing back. And you can see both hands on the last page.

  41. Hey Rip, think the where the 5 kages are at the mo is the clone of naruto, not exactly sure where the real naruto at the mo which is slightly confusing!!

  42. My Question is, where is the Real Naruto and where is he heading too? im so confused with him being on every battle front! If the clone where madara is fighitng dissapears then the real naruto will realise whats going on and kyubi will work along side naruto with his full power at narutos disposal!

  43. @MattMaru

    The real Naruto is with Bee, and they are headed toward Sasuke, but Tobi is about to intercept them.

  44. If you go back and read the chapters again you will figure out what Naruto is where! They are right about the real Naruto heading out with KBee, but they aren’t looking for Saucegay! They are headed to fight Tobi as Itachi is headed to fight Kabuto and Madara whoops on the Kages! So we will get 3 epic battles at one time soon!
    I see Raikage dying and KBee taking his place! I see Hokage dying and Kakashi replacing her! I would also like to see what kind of summons the Mizu, Rai, and Old”Fly”Man Kages have!

  45. Can see any Summons to be honest, think its gonna be a close fight! Maybe raikage dying yeah good shout, not sure tsunade though, she might sit of and distrubte her slugs again.

  46. @Mexican, it really doesn’t say where Naruto and Bee were headed, but I think once he went into 9 tails mode he could sense Sasuke’s power and remember Tobi and Sasuke were located in the same place when Naruto set out towards them. He only summoned the other jinchuriki after he departed from the layer, by then Naruto had sent out all the clones, and he and Bee left.

  47. When did Naruto’s clones get so tough?

  48. @ Uchiha…yeah does not say he is, but Tobi wants the 8/9 tails regardless and im sure Tobi knows how to find them. Saucegay vs Naruto has to be the last match! I see Itachi beating Kabuto and Saucegay finding him eventually releasing his Edo Tensei by giving Itachi closure!

  49. @Mexican

    I think Sauske is going to meet up with BIG MAGNUM as a symbolism of the present surpassing the past, and also as a wakeup call as to who Sasuke will be come if he keeps going down the path that he is on now. I think BIG MAGNUM will be quite please that an Uchiha has decided to take on his will, and fight for the same reasons that he used to. The only difference is even though BIG MAGNUM is as twisted and ruthless as he is, his main goal is for everyone to be at peace even if it is only in a genjutsu. I think even though as much as he despised the Senju he got tired of fighting them, and really just wanted equality for the Uchiha clan which is not a bad motive, although the means are quite skewed. Also, did anyone notice how BIG MAGNUM almost fell for the infamous “Talk No Jutsu” when he was talking to the dust kage? For a split second he actually mulled over the thought of peace, and I think when he sees that Sasuke is just like him he will reconsider his actions and realize that even after all these years the cycle he helped start created the current monsters of today.

  50. HOW did the raikage get his arm Back?

  51. Raikage either got his arm back from tsunade and some special regeneration jutsu or it is a drawing error.

    I want to say something about the most recent filler episode about Konohamaru. It just re-affirmed why Shikamaru is indeed THE MAN. He is the new generation’s Kakashi, he talks in riddles the kids don’t quite understand and he is always just laying around looking at the sky being “lazy” I love it!!

    I am a big believer that the new generation will surpass the old but c’mon man, 5 kages vs. Madara (a guy from at least 3-4 generations old). It will take all of them and it isnt a gaurentee they will win since Madara’s got the Rinnegan and can use all 5 elements… This is gonna be epic.

  52. The young surpass the old but in Madara and the 1st hokages cases their generation was so insanely epic and full of just full scale wars that they are pretty much just boss killers lol.

  53. I really hope that in the future the five nations commemorate this moment the same way VOTE was commemorated. I hope that one day they call that battlefield the Valley or Plain of the 5 Kages and have a statue of each one.

    Kishi. This needs to happen!!!!!

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