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Naruto Chapter 561 – Overpowered

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Chapter 561 did a good job of showing us just how broken the Edo Tensei Madara really is. It seems like he has every powerful ability in his arsenal and then some. Mangekyou Sharingan, the Rinnegan and now the Wood Elemental powers of the First Hokage… if Kabuto had pulled out Madara from the very start of the war, it might have been over already. With an enemy this powerful, according to the laws of shonen manga, a named character needs to sacrifice himself to defeat it. We saw this with the Third Hokage, Jiraiya and Asuma, now it looks like the Tsuchikage needs to step up to the plate.

Still, I’m getting the feeling that Kishi will have the true Madara stick around for a bit, at least until things with the imposter Madara (Tobi) are cleared up. Kabuto, it seems, has aligned himself with the true Madara all along and even knows what his goals are. It was foolish for Tobi to ally himself with Kabuto in the first place, but I guess he was strong armed into it when Kabuto pulled out Madara’s coffin. But if I were Tobi, I would have tried to find a way to kill Kabuto while he was preoccupied with controlling the Edo Tensei summons, or sick Sasuke on him or something. He knew Kabuto would turn on him eventually, yet still let the guy do as he wants throughout this war. Pretty much the majority of Tobi’s firepower is being provided by Kabuto’s Edo Tensei summons, heck even his personal goon squad of summoned Jinchuurikis are Kabuto’s and can be commanded to turn on him in a second. I hope Tobi has some backup plans, because things are going to get wild pretty soon. But this situation has created a great opportunity as well… the possibly to witness Tobi and Madara face off against each other. It will be the first time we may see a Rinnegan vs Rinnegan battle.

Oonoki and Gaara did a great job in a very clinch moment to at least try to slow down Madara’s meteor drop. The second one dropping was just plain hacks, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from an Uchiha :p But I have to also wonder why more people in the army didn’t take defensive measures too. We saw earlier how rock users could collectively form a very strong barrier to protect against mass damage attacks – couldn’t they have tried the same trick or create a bunch of trenches in the ground for people to shelter in at least? Rather than defensive measures, the order was for everyone to just run like crazy and get as far as possible, not the best use of an army of elemental jutsu users in my opinion, but it does make Gaara and Oonoki look more heroic.

Lastly, Madara’s wood elemental powers. As Kabuto hypothesized, even though he was losing the battle against the First Hokage in their final encounter, he did gain some of his opponent’s power. How Madara managed to copy/absorb a bloodline limit ability is unknown, because as we all know one of the limitations of the Sharigan’s copy ability is that it cannot copy bloodline abilities. And I would think the same would apply to a Mangekyou Sharingan. Madara also said he awakened his Rinnegan around the same time before his death, so perhaps it was the Rinnegan that allowed him to obtain the First’s powers. Madara also checks under his shirt in this chapter to confirm whether Kabuto has summoned him with “something” (I can think of a couple of crude jokes here but I’ll be good)… I’m wondering if part of Madara’s body has the First’s cells infused in him, or maybe it’s something different entirely that will surprise us later on. Another thing to note on is that Madara said “our plan” in this chapter, so that confirms that even after Madara’s death there was a person or group who were working to bring him back and fulfill their “plan.” Kabuto also suggests that Tobi might not be supportive of the true Madara’s plan…. My guess is that Tobi was originally the one who was going to bring back Madara, but along the way decided to take on Madara’s identity and tried to fulfill his own goals. But now that the real slimy shady is back, he’ll have some explaining to do 😛


47 Responses

  1. Dos! Uchi-Uchi-Ya-Ya-Ha!

  2. My prediction:
    Tsuchikage and Tsunade will die
    Itachi will cancel edo before Madara destroys the whole army
    Kabuto wont since he will cancel Itachi before he manage to kill him
    Sakura will face Sasuke and before Sasuke is gonna kill Sakura, Naruto steps in again
    Before Madara got canceled we will see his fight with Hashirama in a flashback
    Team Naruto who will face Tobi is, Tsunade, Bee, Kakashi and Naruto himself

  3. if BIG MAGNUM is this powerfull, i dont see him not being able to breakfree of edo tensei, itachi did…and also tobi does have zetsu spying on kabuto so im sure he has a plan.

  4. @ madara uchiha

    I was thinking the same thing. His abilities far exceed Itachi’s so there should not be a reason why he can’t break it at anytime.

  5. 1).Tsunade,take a seat…Smh tring to go onto the battlefeild, and for what?to heal and talk, and possibly get killed off-_-
    2).Itatchi what r u doing, Taking a bathroom break on the way to Kabuto?

  6. @madara uchiha – Itachi broke edo tensei because he activated the sharigan that was with the crow he gave Naruto, which set off a gen justu that allowed him to break free. Madara is still stronger then Itachi

  7. Too powerful edo tensei made him, think about it everytime hes body get destroyed hell be back on top shape possibly full recharge on chakra. How do you stop that? plus he got sharingan ms, to rinningan, with wood ability and on top of that he’s trying to summon the kyubi Damn,…. Lol,

  8. Wasn’t Tobi the one who summoned the Jinchuurikis after Kabuto showed him how to do it?

  9. Did i not say from day one tht kabuto provided 2 much of mandara fire power….i mean he wasnt planning 2 hzv kabuto there so wtf was he gona do…..bluff his way to victory?

  10. Im pretty sure he was looking to see if he had the first cells….
    @Bob im disapointed you didnt talk about the demon fox hate for mandara….i mean he even stooop as low to help naruto

  11. Yeah Bob you are slacking! I want my subscription $ back! Oh this is free..nevermind! This opens the door for a full 9Tail beastbomb mode!

  12. Well firstly Kabuto isnt really controlling Big Magnum. But at this stage, it is impossible for Big Magnum to break free. It is not a test of strength, but of strategy that allows one to break free from edo control. Itachi didnt really free himself, he just activated a powerful genjutsu that overpowered Kabuto’s will. Itachi stated it’s the most powerful genjutsu ever, and it just got distroyed. Now unless Big Magnum has a similar jutsu that he could some how cast on himslef, there is no way he can break from Kabuto control. Itachi’s situation was just by pure chance, had he been facing any other oppenent other than naruto, he would still be under Kabuto’s control.


  13. Please kishi has to fucking explain how boss the first is so idiots like double4anime can shut up. seriously lil kid, red the manga a few times first b4 putting up yur review. And it pisses me off when yall bring up the fight with the third and the first. oro had him perform 1 ninjutsu and 1 genjutsu. that was it, that last move madara jst pulled off is only a fraction of what the first can actually do.

    why cant yall just admit the first owned madara?? oh thats right, cuz kishi has also turned into a shameless uchiha lover and is refusing to show the power of the senju. makes me sick!!

  14. @ItachiDaBaus
    What do you think Bob writes this stuff? The poor guy is probably gathering firewood to stay warm when he’s not playing hockey. Those Senju you’re so concerned about only have daughters due to an Uzumaki sealing jutsu that only let’s X chromosomes in since women in Naruto seem to mostly take the sidelines or are medical ninja. They knew this would leave the future Senju leaders impotent (case in point Tsunade). Brilliant plan Uzumaki’s. Seeing how effective this was they tried it on some other clan’s Lady birds. Thus, you begin to understand why they were wiped out. Anyway, that’s my theory on the end of the Senju wood… users.

    I thought it was interesting how Madara knew about the edo tensei and said it was to wipe the world clean along with the user. I wonder if this jutsu was created before the second hokage used it. Otherwise who was trying to wipe the world clean? The Sage’s ugly eye son?

    errbody’s getting the ugly eye!!! Sasuke, you’re next!


    Sasuke’s thinking “Yeah… infinite power… yeah Forget bouncing genjutsus off the moon. All I need is a mirror and some lotion.”

    And what the heck… why did Naruto use all the kyuubi’s powers to just block the wood jutsu… And Kyuubi acted like “yeah let’s F**’n do this Naruto! we’re just wasting all my energy to… suck balls!”:p

    Besides that… Awesome chapter

  15. it’s madara not mandara +_+

  16. if kyubi gave Naruto his chakra, why didn’t Naruto flare up? its Kyubi chakra dammit, there has to be at least a chakra shroud or something. or was there?

  17. Naruto had to protect the shinobi that were going to get owned by the wood technique! Too funny how people complain about Naruto OP the last 10 chapters and now that he has used up all his chakra he is useless!
    Itachi is the key now! If he doesnt break edo tensei it is game over! Kabuto knows what he is doing keeping such a trump card for last when the alliance is tired and weak!
    I wonder if KBEE can combine with the sword like Kisame did…into a smaller version of the eight tails! Hmmm that woild be sweet.

  18. I thought tobi learned how to do edo tensei from kabuto so i assumed his six paths were of his own creation using the edo tensei he used.

  19. @Sirius remember that kabuto raised up the jinchuriki. Its shown when the whole edition tensei lineup is introduced. Its kind of dumb that Tobis using kabutos summons…. course maybe Tobis overwrite the edo somehow. But the jinchurikis are kabutos and its odd that tobi appears to be leading them

  20. Kyubi only gave naruto his chakra, nothing else. He had to use all of it in order to stop madara’s attack. Remeber the kyubi’s chakra has also been split up into as many clones as naruto has, and every clone has been spaming kyuubi mode so I imagine the kyuuibi doesnt have much chakra either. nice theory @siskin and yes I am aware Bob doesnt write it, I just need someone to answer my question since I can’t ask that uchiha lover kishimoto.

  21. @ 5 * Hotel
    That heal and talk line cracked me up!! lol Tsunade’s titties cant help her on this battlefield!!

    Where the heck is itachi?! I swear he left 6 or 7 chapters ago! Maybe both him and sasuke have gone lookin for snake boy junior?! The First’s jutsu is sweet, can easily see that forest being too much for fire style uchiha, i swear the first had the fishsquad’s swords aswell back in those days?! Would be interesting to see how he’d break free from genjutsu like Tskuyomi tho…….
    My guess is that the Uzumaki clan is gonna pop up anyyyyyyy day now with some explanation from their leader who will just happen to be Naruto’s grandpappy!

  22. Ohhh I can’t wait to see how the first spanked Madara. YESSS THE FIRST IN ALL HIS FUCKING GLORY. DUDE IS A GOD!!!! fuck Madara, its all about the MEGA MAGNUMS BABE

  23. @ itachidabaus
    I know, i wanna see the fight that turned the Uchihas from one of the most feared clans in the ninja world, to Senju clan’s police dogs too.

  24. @darthuchiha

    I bet that flash back will be saved for Madara’s Sealing/death. That’s classic to have the meaningful flashback before someone’s death. Take Hanzo for example…

  25. I reckon the 1st was the only genius from the Senju’s, the 2nd seems more like a mad scientist. I think if it was a clan vs clan battle, the Uchiha would come out victorious!

  26. It was a clan vs Clan battle and the best the uchiha could manage was a draw every time so you’re wrong there tensa. Senju were at the very least as powerful as the uchiha is not more. Remember madara became famous for his battles against the first, not the other way around.

  27. The only thing I have a problem with is, it’s like there is no history past BIG MAGNUM and the first. Like did no one start to get really strong since sage and his sons other than the first and BIG MAGNUM. So it’s been like hundreds of years and no one started to get strong again until the Uchiha, Senju, and Uzumaki came along. Where were the hyuuga during this time. What about the village hidden in the clouds, all the lightning seem to grade A except for the scary sensory type dude the Sasuke owned, smh. The Raikage should have clotheslined him instead of Sasuke for falling to such a simple trick knowing he was fighting an Uchiha.

  28. All the 5 Kages gather in front of Madara. (They all look really badass)

    It appears that they are going to gang up on Madara, but the chapter ends here and next week Kishimoto will take a break.

    Tsunade released the chakra seal on her forehead.

    It seems that the Kages are using a teleportation jutsu which roughly translates to ‘Heaven’s Pathway’.

  29. Raikage’s assistant uses Teleportation Jutsu to teleport them to Madara.

    Tsuchikage says something like “This time I will finish what I couldnt back then”.

    Mei won against Black Zetsu, he retreated.

    Tsunade looks super badass, released chakra and is going to use a secret jutsu. Even Kabuto looks stunned.

    Chapter ends with Madara grinning and forming seals

  30. very pleased with this chapter, also cuz it came out early, is kishi really taking a break next week??? hmm…… which of the kages will die in the next 3-5 chapters, i vote raikage and tsuchikage, if the flying thunder god technique was taught to the 4th hokages squad the naruto can be taught as well, madara knows about the infinite tsukyom??? sasuke will show up soon, even though hes not my favorite, i do hope sasuke meets madara, black zetsu isnt done for, choujirou vs zetsu?????

    @rsvp-the chapter ends with madara grinning and forming seals???????

  31. Ok so we got the 5 kages vs BIG MAGNUM (and his new manager Muu)………Doesnt this seem like a bit of a re-run as we already saw Sasuke vs The Kages- I suppose everyone will be going all out but I dont really see BIG MAGNUM KING UCHIHA losing this as he was able to Swing in the ring with the FOREST KING (1st Hokage) and live and is uber powerful.

  32. @Profess, Yeah I was wrong on that prediction…I need to retract that.

  33. “Swing in the ring with the forest king” good one

  34. Did anyone else notice in the last frame that the Raikage’s right hand is back. IT’S RAIKAGE SMASHING TIME!!!!!!!!

  35. I mean left hand.

  36. @UchihaTheInfamous: I think the Raikage’s hand being back is a mistake.

    And I really want to see what Tsunade can do. We’ve never seen her in a long fight, besides her vs. Orochimaru. She better have some secret Senju jutsu or knolwdge on weaknesses of Wood Release/the Uchiha. And her Yin Seal better not be used up.

    And Madara is a bastard. A magnificent, beautiful bastard. Kicking Onoki’s ass when he was a kid. Also he knows about the plan for Infinite Tsyukuyomi (sp?), which means he and Tobi are definitley in it together. He also proably started the 1st Ninja War, going behind the 1st Hokage’s back and ending treaties and shit.

    Finally, FLYING THUNDER GOD. WHAT THE FUCK. Why haven’t these 3 used this Technique before. I cann BS. But its nice to see it, I woundered why nodoby learned the technique.

  37. Ohh sweet chapter, looks like naruto will be learning FTG. How did Raikage survive the teleportation?

    Everytime Mega Magnum (aka forest king) is mentioned he seems more badass. Exactly how old is Onooki?

  38. Pretty darn old.

  39. Good point itachidabaus Onooki’s been around for years- he must be top 3 oldest ninja ever coz he looks 20 something in the flashback when he got spanked by BIG MAGNUM. I actually cant wait to see the MAGNUM clash, Forest king must have had some off the chart jutsu’s -I can imagine him being a senju in his prime, he must have had some rebirth jutsu like Tsunade’s. Kishi didnt really do him justice when Oro had control of him but then again all the jutsu’s back then were more simple and not OTT.

  40. The Five Kages of the Hidden Villages are about to fight against Madara. The Tsuchikage never imagined that he would see the moment when the separate villages fight for a common cause. I thought that the kages would eventually fight together but not against Madara. I thought that the present kages would all fight against their predecessors, but then again this war was always about neutralizing present threats and never about resolving past issues. Because of this situation, I now understand why the five kages had to meet. The most important thing about their meeting was their final decision to stand together against Madara’s plans. This situation represents a logical step following this choice.

  41. Oro summond already Hashirama once and it must be his prime version but looking at Madara now even without the rinnegan the 1st looks like a little fart

  42. @ultimate, How does Mega magnum look like a fart based on what big magnum has done. Seriously dude, go read the manga chapter of when he was summoned (not the anime cuz that wasn’t kishi) and you will see just what oro had him do. He basically summoned Mega Magnum just to 4uk with the 3rd. I bet you didnt really read the manga then, just wached the anime which was an even worse portrayal of Mega Magnum. Lastly, that was a time in the series where urber flashy techs were not being used. The 3rd had to die at the hands of Oro so kishi had to make Mega Magnum beatable

  43. @ultimate also remember when they first fought madara did not have the rinnengan nor the first wood techniques. Most of what we have seen has been either rinnengan or wood jutsu so the madara we see now is alot more powerful than when he fought the first

  44. hey 562 is out….. and the five kages are going to fight…awesome!

  45. I think its either madaras brother r shisui

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