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One Piece Chapter 644- Start Over

Read One Piece chapter.

Well here we are again, with another One Piece chapter that brings an excitement to the story. For one we get a fast flash of Hody’s life, Prince Fukaboshi confession of having hate towards humans and begs Luffy to save the day. And Luffy does what he does best; shows us a new mesmerizing move. So without further or do let’s get on with this week’s chapter.

Hody’s past

I must say that Hody’s past is sad and in a way I piety his character because he is a victim of hatred; A Victim of war, a child that will inherit the hatred of the adults leading him to have a psychotic mentality.  You must admit you got to have a little piety towards Hody, all this time I thought he is a pyscho who likes to see people get hurt. But after that flashback, I got to say I really piety what has caused Hody to become what he is now. A soulless person that had hatred implanted in their beliefs.

Why Hate?

This chapter just goes to prove how children are so fragile they are personality wise. In this case, Hody grew up as an orphan with no real father or mother figure, while Luffy who even though didn’t have the support of his parents, had the support of his grandfather, his two adopted brothers, and the bandits as a kid and the people in his hometown. What I am trying to say is that they both grew up in different environments as kids; one grew up with adults that preach about how to hate the humans and how horrible they are, while the other grew up in a nice loving environment. If the situation was reversed we could easily see that Hody would become a loving caring fishman while Luffy will become a cruel human.

It’s just amazing how I am reading a fictional story yet the story feels so really. This is one of the reasons Oda has the reputation of being one of the best of the best, truly deserving of his states. My hat goes to him this week for changing my perception of Hody. (I still think that Hody is a psychotic crazy bastard that deserved what was coming for him.) But the way he was grown to be, no child should of growing up like that.

Luffy’s New Power

Ever since One Piece had its time skip, us the viewers were just nagging to see how the Strawhats improved and every week we get a little glimpse of their power. It is like Oda is teasing us and killing us with excitement every chapter. Ever time luffy attacks he shows a new move, so far he has never repeated the same move twice and the same thing goes for the rest of the SH. Every time they show up they are pulling of some amazing moves but its such a tease because we only get glimpse of their power. But than again this is what keeps One Piece fresh, because think about it, if Oda was to show the full extant of the Strawhat Pirates powers, than in the next arc it would not be as fresh as it would be when its brand new.(Do you guys get what I mean?) Also the NFP are not a strong opponent for the SH anyways. But the move Luffy pulled of this weak was epic. A true testament of how creative and skilled is.

Mixing haki with his gear second speed to make it go aflame but the most interesting thing is the name of the attack. Ever since the war, we really don’t know how Luffy feels about Ace death, other than sadness. But now we see that he very much remembers his brother and even incorporates Ace’s attack name to be his own. If Ace was still alive he would be smiling and saying “Yep, that’s my no good little brother” with laughter. It just goes to show how Luffy never forgets any one and will help anyone that he considers his friends. Now after that attack, will Hody actually get up? But than again we did get to see his flashback, which is a phenomenon in manga stories that the character is about to die or lose the fight.

Side Notes:

  • Fukaboshi is such a wimp.
  • How far has Luffy really exceeded as in power?
  • So the way they will stop Noah is by engulfing it in a air bubble. I never thought about that.
  • A new start for Fishman Island does sound nice.
  • What exactly is the origin of the Steriod Pills.

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