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Its Out! Naruto, One Piece and Bleach Chapters!

Naruto Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/23677185/1

One Piece Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/82338206/1

Bleach Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/99409630/1


83 Responses

  1. FIRST

  2. So if Madara didn’t immediately die after his fight with the FIRST, what exactly was he up to? He obviously experimented with the Rinnegan, and wood release. (and what was underneath his shirt that he looked at??) And whats this “Plan” he keeps referring to that supposedly kabuto is on board with as well? If Kabuto doesn’t think Tobi is on board with the plan, then that means it probably isn’t Madaras younger brother, or a clone of Madara.

    How the hell did Madara get a summoning contract with the Kyuubi, crazy, probaly forced him into it when it was under his control with sharingan, thats why the kyuubi doesn’t like him.

    The clones dont have chakra limits do they?? Can’t he just spam that meteor attack over and over and over till the battle is over?

    Farewell Oonoki, nice knowing you

  3. i meant do the *Edo summons have chakra limits, cuz otherwise we can stop reading, cuz its game over

  4. Oonoki… Can’t wait to see Madara wipe him out. So many cliff hangers & questions. I’m just going to sit back & enjoy. The guessing game is getting old… Putting too much thought into this.

  5. I think the Edo Summons do have chakra limits. We saw that Hanzo was effected by poison, even though he was a zombie, and the zombies act as regular shinobi, besides the regenerative abilities.

    Madara is just overkill. Sweet, sweet overkill.

  6. The last part of one piece was epic….i wonder if luffy killed hody?!!

  7. @Reno Tobi and Kabuto have said that Madara fought Hirashima to gain some of his power. So the question is, what exactly is he planning to do with those abilities? Since he can probably use the wood release due ti the rinnegan, he probably wanted the capability to control the tailed beasts.

  8. Bleach is out!

  9. It’s a little ridiculous that everybody EXCEPT the charcters with names died in that attack.

    I had hoped the Kyuubi chakra would do more than fizzle out after a few rasengans.

  10. Epic One Piece paying homage to Ace!
    Bleach is sucking major balls right now…
    Naruto… since the arrival of BIG MAGNUM is there anything better???
    I agree with Jman guessing games are gettting old… BigMag seems to dig Naruto’s awesomeness!

    EMS+Rinnegan+WoodTechnique+EdoTensei = BIG MAGNAM putting the hurting on Oonoki!!!

  11. @tutor madara can use wood release due to having some of the firsts power. He can already control the kyuubi from before the rinnengan so he doesn’t need the firsts power for that and I think what he looked at was a part Of the first like what danzo got on his arm when it went out of control and the head in the tree like in tobis hideout.

  12. Madara is just to strong, creepy strong, he looks cool too. How does he know what edo tensei was originally made for? Maybe he meant summoning the meteor, because what he said on page 3 didn’t make sense. It was nice knowing Oonoki, there will be more joining him in ninja heaven. If Madara is impressed by Naruto wait till he see Sasuke. Here’s 2 theories I want throw out there that could happen. 1. Since Tsunade is the only known Senju in the series, could Sasuke get her DNA like Madara did the 1st. 2. Can Itachi give one of his sharigans to Kakashi so he can have EMS. Both theories might not happen seeing as how Madara is on a rampage, and we’re getting closer to the identity of Tobi.

    side note: Remember when Orochimaru was looking for the the “Sword of Totsuka”?? I wonder why Madara’s susanoo doesn’t have the items (Yata’s mirror, gourd, and the Sword of Totsuka). Itachi and Sasuke have at least 3 items that Madara susanoo doesn’t have.

  13. Plendid chapter. Big Mganum contnues to be forced!! But can we all agree Mega Magnum was the beastest shinobi who ever lived, before Big Mganum stole his powers and all. So he is impressed by 1/5 Naruto clone in regular mode? Well wait till he face 1/1 Naruto in kyuubi mode (especially now that kyuubi will be cooperating).

  14. So basically when Naruto splits into clones the Kyuubi splits off as well. So does that mean his power is split off that many times as well. And why didn’t Naruto get the old fox cloak around him.

  15. Did anyone see the naruto episode this week….they tking the piss makng hohanamru tht strong…..multi shadow clone jutsu??? tht many of them…….WTF!

  16. ignore the fillers dude.

  17. I normally do but chris! his small shity resengan his twice as powerfull as naruto’s normal use 2 be……4real do they even read the manga

  18. But I’m confused, have all the senjus been wiped out, save for Naruto and Tsunade?

  19. How is Naruto a Senju? We don’t know if the 4th Hokage is a Senju, and his mother is a Uzumaki. He has inherited the Will of Fire, obviously. The only Senju by blood alive today in the series is Tsunade. Which is why I wonder why we still haven’t seen her kick ass.

    @Fleece Johnson: Sasuke should be smart. He has the EMS, and is in Tobi’s hideout unattended, and also has read the Stone Monument of the Uchiha. He can take some of the 1st Hokage’s DNA from Tobi’s giant reserve of it and hide it away for his own purposes. When the war is over, here comes Rinnegan Sasuke. Whoever called him “Saucegay” is about to get whooped.

    Here’s another theory guys, about the Jinchuuriki and how I think Tobi will lose.

    When Tobi unleashes the 10 Tails (which, frankly, looking at his/Kabuto’s power, its just a matter of time), I predict that he won’t be able to control such a vast power and succumb to its bestial influence. From what we’ve seen in the series so far, to be a Jinchuuriki in control of ones beast, you need to have “something” in your heart of control a Tailed Beast. I believe that something is the “Will of Fire”, and unstoppable hope for love and peace to counteract the hatred of the beast.

    All of the successful Jinchuuriki have had it so far. The Sage of 6 Paths chose the younger son’s philosophy, pointing towards his own Will of Fire, and legends describe him as a savior and patron of peace in a war torn world. Naruto undoubtedly has it, and Killer B and the 4th Raikage alluded to B having it, with the test at the Falls of Truth, the wisdom of the 8 Tailed Beast’s previous Jinchuuriki, and his training of Naruto. The 4th Mizukage was probably given the ability to control his beast via Tobi controlling him.

    Although Tobi and Madara have exercised control over different tailed beasts, they have both never been Jinchuuriki. A Jinchuuriki without the Will of Fire is doomed to fail. Without the Will of Fire to counteract the 10 Tailed beast’s hatred, Tobi will fail. This is Tobi’s downfall.

  20. @??? there is no proof that uzumakis r from the senju however take into account the only two peopl who had the rinnengan sides the sage was nagato (who was uzumaki) and madara only AFTER he too the firsts power. SO by what we know its safe to assume the only way to get rinnengan is to have senju blood in u and therefore since naruto was uzumaki hes from the senju line.

  21. @fleece thats y hes sasugay lol he is just gonna take more powerups… first he took oro, than he took itachis eyes and if he takes the firsts dna.. yea that pretty bad lol. I honestly forgot about sasuke….. madara is by far the coolest uchiha and he earned his powers (cept for the whole bro eyes part lol). Marada is what i wish sasuke could have been.

  22. I gotta say, Kishi didn’t disappoint with this chapter. After wiping out the bulk of the 4th squadron and only leaving a hand full of ninja I’d say Madara has a reason to be feared. I am glad Kishi is finally making this war bloody. Having the Mangekyou Sharingan and the Rinnegan is crazy! I don’t think he has any weaknesses. Madara is truly a gifted shinobi. To be able to summon two meteors at once and just drop them out of the sky is just cruel and I love it.

    Also, this battle shows even now that Naruto needs more training and experience. He just used all the chakra the Kyuubi gave him on one super stupid attack. Why not go into Kyuubi mode? Why not at least aim for you opponents instead of the trees? Right now i don’t see anyone who is on this level except maybe Tobi. Kabuto is truly smart to use Madara’s power to take over. I just don’t know if Tobi can top this power but we’ll see. Tsunade coming to the battlefield is a complete waste of time. Maybe she has some secret Senju abilities that we haven’t seen from her.

  23. I want to see what Onoki can do, I mean he fought Madara before and survived so maybe he’s stronger than we thought. I know he’s probably not as strong as Madara is now and he’s most likely not his prime either but I wan’t to see why he is so feared as well.

    Another thing is, We always thought that the present generation surpassed the shinobi of the past. I believe now that Nagato and Minato both are not on the same radar as Madara and Hashirama. I just can’t wait till Naruto gets on this level. I want to see Madara’s and Hashirama’s Valley of the End battle so bad!

  24. I Kabuto has had the biggest power up of the whole story. I know Sasuke has powered up a lot but Kabuto was weaker than Sasuke at first and now he’s using all these forbidden techniques and is dominating this war.

  25. @?????? You’re right, I forgot Tobi had that.

    “therefore since naruto was uzumaki hes from the senju line”

    Uzumaki’s are not descendants of Senju’s. Nagato activated the Rinnegan and he’s not even a Senju.

    @Token I don’t blame you for forgetting King Sasuke. They showed Sasuke on one page like 7 weeks ago and that was it. I too wish Sasuke could have been something like Madara, but it’s still early and we don’t know the full capabilities of Sasuke or Naruto for that matter. From the looks of it Madara is unstoppable, and i hate to admit this but he makes Naruto and Sasuke look weak. The only way i can see Madara losing is if Sasuke turns good and fights him along side with his brother, and for those who don’t think Sasuke will turn good or it would be corny if they had him turn good, wait till he finds out who Tobi really is.

    side note: If Kabuto is smart he would capture Jugo. Jugo is way stronger then Anko, and by capturing him it would give edo tensei a boost in power.

  26. @UchihaTheInfamous, As long as Naruto uses the Chakra and not the Mind of the Nine tails he will not take on the form of the fox. See Chapter 490 pg 11-12.

  27. The whole thing with this madara summon is that for most of his life and against the first madara was not this powerful. He was probably a beast no doubt but what we r seeing now is a rinnengan madara infused with power from kabuto. I’m not sure what kabuto meant when he said he made madara stronger that his prime. What’s interesting is we know madara got the rinnengan after the battle at VOTE…but than what killed him. Madara doesn’t look like he died of old age so y is it he died after activating the rinnengan? Still some unanswered questions here and don’t forget madara has no limit of chakra so spamming chibuku tenseis Is something he may not be able to do if alive. Oonoki has no chance though against madara….. madara is the complete package I mean honestly it will be hack howvere kishi decided to kill madara lol

  28. This manga is turning into bullshit. i mean how good it was in part 1 where they had to work hard n have the combined chakras in order to create somethin new, like first hokage had earth n water and created somethin unique, and sharingans but it feels like waterever kishi said in part one was pure bullshit. since seeing madara being able to obtain renningan and wood release jst by obtaining some part of first hokages dna. and dont even talk bout danzo with so many sharingan

  29. Is there a website or chapter in manga that breaks down the families in Naruto? I would like to see a family tree…particularly for Danzo, Mito Uzumaki and Hashirama Senju. What was the name of the 1st Hokage’s child?

  30. @everyone

    Will someone please tell me why this Naruto had the fox inside of him. Is this a clone of the fox, so is it only 1/5 of the original fox. If so, no wonder he ran out of the chakra so fast. And this time he did not take the regular fox chakra that he normally taps into, he took the actual evil chakra that was left by the fox. So that means his will was still attached to it, and apparently BIG MAGNUM must be pretty evil and made the fox do some pretty bad things for him to be that scared, and to choose Naruto, and all the fox want’s to do is destroy stuff, but the stuff BIG MAGNUM had him do was even worse than that, so I wonder what all evil stuff did he really have him doing if the fox is supposedly all evil. Back to my original point though, no where does it say that if Naruto does a clone that the fox gets cloned as well. I think this is just a really big plot hole that was created for this situation. I think BIG MAGNUM may have accidentally killed himself. He probably was trying out his new rinnegan techniques and accidentally killed himself. He did say he hasn’t seen this type of destruction in a while, so he may have survived the meteor attack to see the destruction but died shortly after there after from his injuries.

    Another plot hole HOW THE HECK does Shukaku know BIG MAGNUM’S attacks, smh.

    Soak it Naruto heads, plot holes and hacks galore. Only in a Shounen manga is this possible, and I say thanks Shounen for all the ridiculous overpowers up until now. My favorite though still is Broly. Now one is more hacked than him, although BIG MAGNUM is coming close.

  31. Here’s the deal:
    Tobi vs. Madara
    Itachi vs. Sasuke
    Naruto vs kabuto/full power Orochimaru

    You heard it here first folks.

  32. I can’t believe you guys, it is so obvious that Nagato’s Rin’negan are MADARA’s EYES! He gave them to Tobi, who put them in Nagato. Now that Nagato is dead, Tobi took them back. These, I believe are the ONLY set of Rin’negan since the Sage Six Paths because Madara was the only one who could combine EMS with Senju whatever it is.

    There was no Rin’negan ability in the Uzumaki bloodline, Tobi said that Nagato’s eyes belonged to him, and that he “gave” them to Nagato.

  33. tab 7.0 plus

  34. @ripcord I believe u have to have both senju blood and a sharingan to get he rinnengan. The sage had the rinnengan and gave his eldest the eyes and the youngest the body. My theory is in order to get it all u have to have both. I think nagatos r madaras however like the sharingan if not the right vessel ur body will have problems with it. IMO nagato was chosen cause he was an uzumaki, had senju blood too so his body was a great vessel for madara

  35. is it just me or does anyone else believe that Kakashi will eventually have rinnegan too.

  36. Ok so can someone explain to why there is only 1 senju remaining? Weren’t they a clan the size of the Uchia and were just as powerful if not more powerful? So why is there only one left? Nothing has ever been said about them, we dont know who the members are aside from he first, second and a few others. Was jiraya a senju? was Oro a senju?

  37. If they arent then the only senjus ever were the first, tsunade and the second? Only three? what of all the others that stood by the first’s side against the uchia??????

    C’mon kishi, where the fuck is the justice? you can’t just make everything about the fucking uchia!!!

  38. oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    next BIG MAGNUM move would probably be

    Byakugan=”8 Trigrams 64 Palms”


    What a mess.

  39. Tsunade thinks she can make a difference on the field, so LAME!

  40. double4anime, condense what you have to say mate, i know your excited but your kinda babbling! lol

  41. @ripcord, about tobis eyes, yeah i thought the same thing about madaras eyes, stuck them in nagato 🙂

  42. @everyone

    Will someone please give me a response to my last response. I am pretty confused about this whole Kyuubi split off thing.

  43. @UchihaT yeah its the clone who has no chakra left and kyubi inside the clone is part of the clone. when that clone is gone kyubi’s thoughts inside the kyubi clone will go back to the origional and the origional kyubi will realise that madara is around and assist the origional Naruto. lil confusing i know. Naruto clones are complete clones with kyubi inside as well. but they have to split there chakra equally as you know.

  44. The Senjus and the Uzumakis are distant relatives. Kushina has mentioned it before.There’s even a picture of the ancestors of both clans together.

  45. BIGMAG had a vision of Mito Uzumaki once he realize Naruto had the Nine tails. The series never mention who Mito Uzumaki’s child name was. Did BIGMAG had a child with Mito?! LOL!…Maybe that’s how he got his name BIGMAG?!

  46. @Matt

    Thanks, I was not getting that, I just thought it was a major plot hole.

  47. I have a question. What happened to Minato’s clan, and what were they known for?

  48. I imagine OGdara would have had an apprentice and or followers who he plotted with to become Hokage back in the day. This Tobi guy has to be related to be linked to the zetsus somehow as most of you have pointed out.

    When Madara looked under his clothing I assume his body may be like Danzo’s arm was when infused with Shodai’s cells. I am wondering why Orochimaru never transplanted Sharingans on himself…he could have killed Saucegay and taken his eyes long ago.

  49. @Mexican_Jitsu
    He didn´t take Sauskes eye beacuse he wanted his body to.. if he only took the eyes he wouldnt have a complete Sharingan use, instead he would be like Kakashi and Danzo, and he wanted the complete set och the uchia bloodline

  50. @ mexian_ Jitsu Most likely because orochimaru didn’t just want sasuke’s eyes, he wanted his bloodline. As you seen with danzo and kakashi, someone with implanted sharigan eyes can never compete with a real uchiha. If orochimaru just wanted to take sasuke’s eyes, he could’ve easily have done that, even with the 2 and a half years of training he gave him. By having sasuke’s body as his own, he not only gets access to the sharingan, but all the benefits of being an uchiha as well.

  51. orochimaru didn’t wanna take kimmimaro’s body becuse he was simply younger, strong and willing. He wanted his kekki genkai. When he does the transfer, he takes everything, jutsu, bloodline an all.

  52. After everything that has transpired recently, I think that Orochimaru and Kabuto this whole time was plotting with BIG MAGNUM, because BIG MAGNUM has referred to “him” twice the first time Kabuto said I am his assistant, the second time was when they had a theory and deciphered the Uchiha tablet. So, he may have wanted Sasuke’s body to upgrade BIG MAGNUM’S body so that it can be like Kabuto said, “BETTER than the one you had in your prime.” The only thing that was messed up was that Sasuke turned on Oro, and they had to find another body, but whose body did they use to help upgrade his body. Maybe they retrieved Yamato’s body and implanted it on BIG MAGNUM’S body. I bet when he takes his shirt off we will see either Yamato’s face or Hashirama’s face implanted on his body, like how Danzo’s arm was. Just a theory.

  53. @darthuchiha
    Wans´t the reason Oro didn´t take Kimmimaro was beacuse he was dying and his body failing him, so instead he took he´s eyes on Sauske

  54. @seda
    But he wasn’t that way when orochimaru found him, was he?

  55. We know that already, and we also know the Uzumakis don’t have any Kekkei genkai. Out of all the kids in the rain village, Madara chose Nagato, WHY?? Naruto, Nagato, and all the other Uzumaki’s DO NOT come from the Senju’s. You don’t hear people saying Neji is apart of the Uchiha bloodline, so why do people associate Naruto with the Senju’s, when he’s a Uzumaki?

    Do you see my point. Never once was it mentioned that the Uzumaki’s were a offshoot of the Senju’s. Also with the Hyuga’s and Uchiha’s, it was never explained which clan came 1st.

  56. Hmm… Could that thing that Madara checked under his shirt be something like Oro’s curse seal?

  57. Madara got upgraded with nipple piercings from Kabuto! Sexy beast mode!

  58. Naruto will not get the Rinnegan! Saucegay probably will get it if he does not have it already… Have the feeling Madara may have implanted Shadai’s cells into Saucegay at the same time as Itachis Sharringans!

  59. @fleece actually it is mentioned….. the uzumakis r distant relatives of the senju.

  60. random thought# dosent arceus from pokemon remind you of the sage of six paths??

  61. And I think I may have come up with a great theory. Tobi said that he gave Nagato Rinnegan. Nagato is from the Uzumaki clan like Naruto and they were somewhat related to the Senju clan. Madara needed Senju dna to get his Rinnegan. So what if Tobi gave Nagato Uchiha dna so he could awaken the Rinnegan. So this means that Naruto would be able to Awaken the Rinnegan like Nagato if he gets some Uchiha dna. Remember this is just a theory.

  62. @token Yes distant relatives. The Uzumaki’s are not descendants of the Senju, so Naruto is NOT of Senju bloodline, just related to them, like the Hyuga’s are related to the Uchiha’s

  63. @itachiDaBaus:

    Tsunade is the only LIVING Senju descendant introduced. My point is actually moot too, because her grandmother is an Uzumaki, so she is not 100% Senju.

  64. @fleece….. dude if ur related to them u r of the same bloodline. How do u not get that. If I have a second cousin in a different family we r still related and have the same family blood. As u go on it gets more and more diluted if u will but the bloodline will always be there no matter how faint. So yes uzumakis have SENJU blood in them as they r relatives. It may be a small amount but they do have it

  65. Tsunade has Rinnegans for nipples that are made of wood! Lmao
    Seriously though I think Tsunade will prove she can still fight and be of use to the alliance!

  66. Wooden Rinnegan Nipples LOL

  67. i believe Tsunade is related to Naruto somehow, maybe even being his grandmother!!!

  68. So then the only senju worthy of mention in history is Mega Magnum?? That is just bull. Why do the Uchia get all the lime light while the senju (supposedly the Sage’s number choice) are just bieng used as a tool for by the uchia. As someone stated in another post, the younger senju brother was able to survuve despite his older brother constantly trying to kill him. Aand up until Mega Magnum’s time, the senju have had the upper hand on the uchia. But then all of a sudden we have no senjus while the uchia (supposedly under the senju’s surveillance) were able to live and prosper till the were massacred. So their elimination is explained.

    My question is, if the senju were soo powerful that they were able to lock down the uchia in a remote corner of the village, then how the hell did they all just disappear. Based on what has been said, it seems they were the most powerful clan in the naruverse, matched only by the uchia (who according to madara, they essentially turned into their pets).

    And since Naruto is not a senju, then I am even more pissed because then who is going to represent the mighty senju in the battle between uchia and senju. Based on this, the sage’s younger son really did get the short end of the stick, and for this, I say FUCK YOU KISHI!!! Fucking uchia lover, make me sick.

  69. Just wondering only kabuto and oro knows the plan of madara? How? Do they have connection before with Tobi that’s why they counter the plan in creating the trump card ( Madara ) Kabuto said through muu that they did’t exactly know the details of the plan but he is in Madara side. Meaning both parties have different agenda although they aiming with same goal because Tobi had doubt with Kabuto’s intention but it will be a big help for him. Would this end that Tobi will fight Madara/Kabuto. Coz tobi have full control with the former Jinjurikies although Kabuto who made them out.

  70. @token…. dude the way you’re talking as if Naruto ancestors were Senju which isn’t the case. Yes both clans (Senju & Uzumaki) share a common ancestor, but saying Naruto is of Senju bloodline is discrediting the Uzumaki’s existence, we know they’re related already, but don’t give credit to the Senju clan that did nothing to create the character we know today as Naruto Uzumaki. The only characters shown to have both Senju and Uzumaki genes is Tsunade & Nawaki that’s it, end of discussion.

  71. Minato maybe the son of Tsunade and Dan ( therefore naruto uzamaki is also a senju)! Bwahahaha

  72. Minato got his blue eyes from his father Dan Kato and his yellow hair from his mother Tsunade Namikazi…..

  73. I noticed that Mito Uzumaki has marks in her forehead same like Tsunade. She consider her grandma so that Tsunade has Uzumaki blood too

  74. how much did the first hokages necklace allow him to control the tailed beasts? it was often said (can’t remember whether it was only in the anime) that the necklace allowed yamato to have more control over the nine tails.

  75. I don’t think madara gave nagato his eyes. If so shouldn’t they always be active? From what we have seen with transplants is that they r always active (a la kakashi and danzo) and yet nagatos were Not always active. He used them as if they were his own.

  76. Perhaps the trick to transplanting eyes and being able to activate/deactivate them is by having the bloodline required to fully use those eyes. Nagato being an Uzumaki made him a perfect choice.. Just like the Uchi-Uchi-Ya-Ya-Has switching Sharringans to get the EMS.

  77. @Mexican true that makes sense. It would explain alot. I always found it odd that out of all clans kishi had nagato be from the uzumaki clan. I bet since uzumakis probably have senju blood and have longevity that their bodies r perfect for housing the rinnengan.

  78. Still don’t believe tobi’s an uchiha………..

  79. @Darth I don’t think so either.

  80. And Senju’s have Uzumaki blood,…. ya b*****d

  81. @token. U are right It seem Uzumaki body can accommodate/host any thing from rinnengan to tailed beast. Remember that they are the master of sealing technique as it’s their bloodline on other word to be a host for something is like to seal something and that only an Uzumaki can do. The uzumaki blood is the third factor of the equation
    That the sage of sixth path left behind. You may have eye power like Uchiha or body power like Senju but with uzumaki blood + sealing technique you can have them both.

  82. So then besides Mega Magnum, who else has demonstrated this legendary body of the sage. And still bothers me that the senju’s have just been wiped out like that when they were the ones that had the uchiha under watch!

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