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One Piece Chapter 643-Soul Power

I most apologize for the late post, but I don’t want to bore you with my troubles, so lets get on with this weeks chapter. The beginning of the chapter had me so pumped but than the ending kind of ruined it for me. And I think I speak for ever one here when I say that the whole concept of Hody is getting very repetitive and boring, though something got my attention during this chapter that Hody is a new bred of bad guys in One Piece.

Hody the Psycho

So the true form of Hody is that he is just a psycho who wants to see people suffer that he has no absolute goal. Like I was saying that Hody is a new bred of antagonists. So far the SH have been facing people who even though they are the bad guys they had a certain goal that made sense. For example, the main antagonist of the SH are the Marines and the Blackbeard pirates; the Marines want order in the world while Blackbeard wants to rule the world. Hody on the other hand has no goal but to cause panic and chaos that like of which of a pure evil being. That cannot be reasoned with and the only way to stop them is by force and Luffy has all the force to stop Hody. But it will be easy to see how the SH and Fishman Island will deal with Hody once he is defeated because I think that he will never stop trying to destroy Fishman Island. So how would you deal with some one who cannot be reasoned with?

Robin Two Times

I think Oda likes to prove me wrong because last week I talked about how we wont get to see Robin in action, but we got a glimpse at her new power. A power that is very interesting and mysterious. Robin can now fully and partially replicate her self. Now what is the extant of this power? Let me give you a 101 on Robin’s ability. We know that she can replicate certain parts of her body mainly her arms, but after the time skip she shows that she can replicate her whole body. The downfall of this ability is that what ever harm is done to that specific replicated body part will be returned to the original Robin. So the question is that if she fully replicates herself and that replication is harmed will that damage be returned to the original body?

Ussop the Brave

Possibly the most entertain fighter of the SH as in tactics and comical relief is Ussop, but now he shows that he can no longer lie about him being strong or that he has thousand of soldiers. Ussop has become an honest warrior who will show his strength in combat than his strength in coming up with the most outrageous lies.  For example this chapter he shows how crafty he is; this whole time he has been planting his weapons and given Dasuma the idea that he was missing his shots but in reality he was not aiming for Dasuma.If you look at Ussop’s fights you can see that he has a tremendous impact on his opponents into thinking he is just a weakling who uses simple tricks and they end up taking him lightly leaving them vulnerable. I think that Ussop will change in the sense that he will not be this coward who uses lies and runs away from a fight but he will still have that comical relief.

Brook The Phantom

What ever I said bad about Brook in the past I take it back because this guy just became one of the baddest of the bad in just two to three panels of a chapter. Before Brook was not that famous with the fans of One Piece or with me but now I think that Brook has become one of the favorites. I mean he can practically be invisible because only certain people can see him in his soul form and now he can fix his body via his soul form and can generate his soul into his Sword, which ironically is called Soul Sword. But when he does that the sword brings the coldness of the underworld that gives him the ability to freeze whatever he slashes, a truly deserving ability for Brook.  Brook truly has become a Phantom that will terrify his enemies and bring contribute to the power of the SH.

Side Notes:

  • I wonder what Sanji’s reaction will be once he finds out that Robing can replicate herself completely and see two Robins.
  • How will they stop Noah? And how was that conservation between Luffy, Shirahoshi and that fishman being generated?
  • Hody this week scared the crap out of me. Scary face.
  • Seeing how the Strawhats have come along in power level, how would you rank the Strawhats now.


6 Responses

  1. That’s a cool review Jdogg. Thanks for doing it. I hope whatever troubles you had, got sorted out.

    I actually kinda get bored that the firght with Hody is still dragging on. I had hoped that Shirahoshi would save the day by calling out to the king fishes or whatever monster fishes out there to at least push Noah away from destroying FI. But since it had happened before, and is happening again, my kinda curious as to what happened during that first incidence.

    Also, seems like that slimy guy, was it Maribou? who’s still lurking in FI has not been caught yet. Wonder what trouble or significance he’ll bring to this arc.

  2. Yeah we’ve been teased very nicely by Oda here; didn’t reveal too much early on so just when we thought the extent of Brooke was his music he unleashes SOUL POWER!!! Honestly I think Hody is just being used as a backdrop to have something to go to in between SHP fights where they reveal their growth. Noah crashing towards Fishman Island allows for Luffy to reveal some ultra awesome technique because once the island is evacuated and he’s given the go ahead to rather save Noah you know the prophecy will be fulfilled and he will be the Earth Shatterer that destroys and entire civilation (bricks and mortar at least).

    Noah will truly become Noah coz after Luffy destroys FMI all previous residents will move onto the, new bubble coated, ship.

    Oda is a story-telling genius…

  3. Another side note is that the slaves plus the neptune army is now helping the strwhats….This fight cannot last long
    Its funny how Usop said he is gona end the fght in 3 more snipes…i love the confidence

    Hodey hates humans solely because he thinks god has made fishman the superior race, what he needs might be share humiliation by the hands of a human

    The strawhats r now all just badass, I think thy would easly tke on all of the other rookie pirates…..all of them can now hold there own and we still havnt seen wht they do best yet and thats fight as a group
    They dont have to worry about numbers
    Robin:ability (clone)
    Luffys: haki (kings disposition)
    They dont longer hav to worry about logia types
    those are the only thing they dont have and they now can counter that

    Another very importat thing is that there ship is probly the best in the onepiece world

  4. 1. Red Haired Pirates — Nobodys fuxing with them
    2.big maam — havent seen yet but i think stronger than kaidou
    3.kaidou — Got his ass whipped by shanks.
    4. Black Beard Pirates — Teach is strong, we havent seen all.
    5.Straw Hat Pirates — They may be able to beat blackbeard but i wana see the battle before i rank higher.

  5. Awwww~~ i kinda miss the old Usopp but the new one is mature and sO cool!! *0* i wanna c Zoro~~! xD

  6. I appreciate the effort but these reviews never have the quality of bob’s. There are several words misspelled several times, words being used in the wrong context and just an overall hint of sloppiness. I don’t want to sound too harsh like I said I still read them every week and I truly appreciate the effort. Think of it as constructive criticism

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