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Naruto Chapter 560 – Madara’s Prime

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Another beautiful chapter this week. Why? Because Madara F’ing Uchiha is here, that’s why!  Forget all about the past Edo Tensei summons, they were mere pawns on the battlefield to the power Madara is about to unleash onto the Alliance Army – even Nagato’s much feared Rinnegan powers now seem insignificant to the damage Madara is unleashing.  Speaking of Rinnegan, who could’ve foreseen Madara’s Sharingans being able to evolve into the fabled eyes of the Sage of the Six Paths. This revelation alone brings back a whole new slew of discussions into the fore front.  So let’s start looking at some of the key bits of information unveiled in chapter 560.

–          Madara hinted at it last chapter, but from this chapter we know for sure his resurrection was planned sometime in the past, and the person he referred to as “him” was responsible for carrying it out.  I think we can safely say that “him” is Tobi, but as to how Tobi is related to Madara is still an open discussion.

–          Madara did not expect to be resurrected through the Edo Tensei, he mentioned Nagato last chapter so it’s safe to say he had planned to be brought back through the Rinnegan resurrection technique rather than in this zombie state.

–          Kabuto states that Madara’s resurrection was a special one in that he brought him back in the state beyond what he was in his prime.  At first I thought Kabuto meant that, because at Madara’s death he was injured and exhausted, he had to bring Madara back at full health in order to be useful in combat.  But what Kabuto meant by “prime” became all too clear a few pages into the battle.

–          Madara’s prime refers to the state where he had gone beyond the Mangekyou Sharingan and obtained the Rinnegan.  He himself says that he only awakened the power of the Rinnegan shortly before his death – referring to the final battle against the First Hokage.  In the short battle this chapter, Madara has already demonstrated that he possesses the exact Rinnegan powers that Nagato could use via the Six Paths.  This means that, unlike the Mangekyou Sharingan, possessors of the Rinnegan obtain the same skill set.  So it’s likely that Tobi can use the same powers as Nagato now that he has an Rinnegan implanted.

–          Madara must have known the extents of the power of the Rinnegan even before he obtained them for himself, otherwise how could have planned for his resurrection via Nagato’s Rinnegans prior to his death?  If Madara was power hungry as he has been portrayed by others in the manga, he must have been in pursuit of the Rinnegan his whole life as it is the apex of Sharingan evolution and brings him to a level equal to the Sage of Six Paths.

–          The secrets of Madara’s Rinnegan was also recorded on the Uchiha stone monuments, so the higher ups in the clan must have also been aware of what Madara was able to achieve.  This brings Madara’s battle versus the Hashirama into question because if getting ahold of the Rinnegan had been a central part of his plans all along, then the battle (and his death) played directly into his hand.  Since awakening the Mangekyous require an extreme action (taking his brother’s eyes), then maybe the pre-requisite for the Rinnegan may be even more extreme (to be on the verge of death).  There’s definitely more to Madara’s death we are not aware of, like why did he die if he was able to finally awaken the powerful Rinnegan? I even question the First Hokage’s role in the whole affair since without him, Madara would not have been able to obtain his Rinnegan… It still bothers me that the forbidden Edo Tensei technique, which has been pivotal in the current war, was developed by the Second Hokage…

–          Madara’s last attack is definitely a stunner, but I think someone will come through to stop it.  However, rather than action from Naruto or someone in the alliance, I believe an easier way to halt Madara’s attack is if Itachi is finally able to find Kabuto and bring subdue him.

–          I was also interesting to see Gaara’s sand (made lighter by the Tsuchikage) being able to penetrate Madara’s Susanoo shields and pull him out.  This means that Susanoo is not as impenetrable as we thought, even the great Madara’s version has weak points.  This is all very good information that Naruto and the others can use in the showdown against Sasuke.


64 Responses

  1. Primero! Arriba Arriba

  2. i got one issue and its that kabuto mentioned orochimaru to BIG MAGNUM in a way that makes it seem that madara knows who orochimaru is

  3. Isn’t anyone else disappointed that the EMS is only a stepping stone that we just mostly skipped?

    Bob, you’re forgetting that Tobi said that just before he was defeated by the 1st he took some of his DNA. This must have been how he activated the Rinegan.

    Also, is anyone bothered about the long haired Madara’s appearance to kill the Uchiha? He even had a different mask, but a few years before that Tobi (short hair swirly mask) is seen battling the 4th hokage.

    And you’re right about the second hokage’s technique… It’s also strange that he formed Konoha’s Military police force using the Uchiha.

    Does anyone remember the Demon behind Itachi in the Sasuke vs Itachi fight? There was what appeared to be a big Rinnegan in the middle of it’s forehead. I believe this may have been a glimpse of the Juubi.

    I’m disappointed that the sages eyes do EVERYTHING… I bet they can make a smoothie too.

    Having the sages body seems to really suck… I mean, really what can it do? We’ve seen regular Joe Gaiden get super strong and stuff… My guess is that with the sages body you can have a 5 hour erection.

  4. Kakashi had once mentioned that the Rinnegan was a mutation/evolution, depending on the translation. This means he was aware that a Sharingan user could achieve that apex of ocular jutsu. I wonder if he read the Uchiha stone monument with his normal sharingan, and in his great deduction power, found out how to awaken the Mangekyou. Once he achieved that, he reasoned from what he was able to learn with his new eyes, that the Rinnegan was the next evolution.

  5. And I believe something must have been up to with the Second Hokage. Perhaps he was under the control of somebody, first to create such a forbidden and morbid jutsu (which Madara was disdainfully aware of, meaning it was developed before his death possibly) and create the Konoha police composed of Uchiha. Very little is known about this character.

  6. Reckon Tobias is actually the brother that madra took the eyes from

  7. Nobody wants to give the First Hokage his freaking credit… I cant figure that out… Here’s my take… Jus my opinion. The history of Madara and the First goes way back… They knew each other, had prior clashes with each other way before their epic battle at the Valley of the End. If villages hired Uchiha the competiton hired Senju. The best of the best. Now Tobi informed us that both clans or parts two a whole. The eyes and body of the Sage of the Six Paths. He gave his blessing for a replacement to his younger son the founder of the Senju. A very important but very over looked point. The Sage annoited his son his sucessor. The eldest who inherited the eyes was pissed and fought his younger brother and he did not win. So the oldest eyes which we presume are Rinnegan battled his brother who carried the body of the Sage. One can conclude then that against the body of the Sage, the life force if you will the Rinnegan or EMS isnt all powerful. It can be beaten. Itachi wisely said every technique has a weakness. So i believe that the First being a descendant of the Sage’s youngest son is fully capable of beating Madara. Now the science of the Edo Tensei was explained by Kabuto and the Second Hokage invented. Therefore the technology and information regarding cell and dna was obvioulsy known during Madara time. So maybe his plan involved getting The Firsts DNA, but I have a hard time believing that the First himself was unaware of the Rinnegan and how to achieve. He could have easily transplanted a sharigan and voila he would have the Rinnegan too. So the next evolution will be Naruto who is a descendant of the Sage’s youngest son gaining a portion of the Rinnegan’s power and incorparationg it with Sage Mode. That’s how he should beat Sasuke, Tobi, and Madara. There is also That jutsu that only Naruto can complete. Now im the biggest fan of Pein, and I hate seeing his eyes pawned but at least Kishi hasnt been cheap about it…

  8. Super saiyan 1, super sayian 2, super sayian 3, super sayian 4…….sharingan

  9. Spamming the rinnegan now. Me no like

  10. You must be an Uchiha to reach progression from sharingan to Rinnegan but you can get use of ready made Rinnegan if you are Senju or u have the First’s power. It seem madara awakened his Rinnegan but he couldn’t get access to it’s power since it required first’s DNA that why he lost the battle with the first hokage. For sure if madara could use the Rinnegan he will beat the hell of the first hokage

  11. unfortunately for Madara, the 3ninja powerful enough to do something r on this battlefield:
    1. gaara: we have seen him use his sand multiple times to stop a massive attack, is this too massive? who knows… gaara is badass.
    2. tsuchikage: unfortunately he cant use dust technique, but he still has that douton he used on Gaara’s sand this chapter.
    3. Naruto: debut of his version of the tailed beast bomb.

    someone mentioned tobi being an uuzumaki. consider:
    1. the uzumaki (the senju’s allies) were mysteriously whipped out like what happened to the uchiha (the senju way of dealing with things)
    2. tobi says he ‘gave’ Nagato the. rinnegan, possible if he means in terms of geneology.
    3. the uzumaki had the seal knowledge and life longevity to be integral in Madara’s rebirth
    4. the uzumaki would have been eliminated for siding with the uchiha. mito’s marriage was arranged for peace.

    @bob: Nagato (pein) is in a different timeline for Madara to know about him. I propose Nagato uzumaki as the Nagato he is referring to.

    side note: did the tsuchikage figure out sussano’s during their battle in his youth? what a guy

  12. Madara was defeated bby the First, Not Killed … think back, he survived that fight, he did not awaken the Rinnegan in that fight

    My theory :

    Madara Survives VoE, and now has the First’s DNA, he uses the cells to activate his body and thus the Rinnegan,His accomplice (now Tobi) helps him to fully activate the Rinnegan and uses the DNA to create Zetsu(i’m sure this is in there somewhere since Tobi needed YAmato to fully power Zetsu clones and was using Mega MAgnum Clone for Similar Purposes),

    this is thinking that Tobi killed Madara don’t ask me how i’ve been racking my brain to think that one out (and that is why he was scared when snakeboy JR edo’ed him) Plants the Rinnegans in Nagato, and so on, now i don’t know Tobi’s purpose of doing all of this

    another possiblilty
    Now get this, Tobi/Madara was able to create a living Clone of Mega Magnum using a living Tissue(chapter 512 pages 8,9) why cannot he do the same with himself

    (the only loop hole being the Mega Magnum clone has no mind of its own)
    i get this but the zetsu clones have a mind of their own,
    and if i put both the stories the Mega Magnum was a failed experiment or he made it to be that way, so Tobi was not scared but shocked of the edo Madara.

    at the end of my brain storming i realize something, whoever is playing puppet has no objective set in Mind, the only one with an actual objective was oro who wanted to learn all the jutsu’s and become NUMERO UNO MAGNUM (lolz)
    Madara wanted to protect the Uchiha
    Tobi just wants a Perfect body (that sounds horny)
    Snakeboy Jr. wants Sasuke, (Gay!!!)

    Peace out (my head hurts)

  13. wouldnt it be awesome if black zetsu turn out to be the first hokage himself?

  14. @ sisskin…That is funny as hell lol!!

    I’m with bob, why on earth would the second create such a morbid technique like that…It just doesn’t make any sense…And If Madara activated his Rinnegan before his death, wouldn’t he be able to resurrect himself?

    I sware I thought this manga should have changed its name to Sharingan now I’m convinced it should be called Rinnegan…

  15. @Bob

    I stated this in a previous post last week, but I think that the second Hokage was a shaky character, because as evil as Madara has been portrayed to be he said that the edo jutsu was dispicable, and we know that in order to be able to do the edo you have to kill living people. So did the second conduct secret experiments like Orochimaru did on living people to try to bring back dead past warriors to help him in battle. Plus very little is always said about the second hokage. The farther this series goes on, the more and more I think the second is to being a villanous character.

  16. I think the Second created Edo Tensei to resurect the First Hokage, think about it, the First Hokage was able to subdue Tailed Beast like no one’s business, imagine having that power in your village, that power by itself would assure the supremacy of your village, fortunately the Second had enough sense to forbid that jutsu and only Orochimaru was morbid and smart enough to figure it out. That’s the thing with most “true” villians they have no morals or qualms about using underhanded tactics. lol.

    I think we all saw the sharingan as a requirement to achieving the Rinnegan, since the Sage and his son’s where explained, the only thing missing is the exact process. I was very pleasantly surprised by Madara’s skills before the surprise of the Rinnegan, infact I was dissapointed with Madara having the Rinnegan, it lessens his overall image of a lone, but proud Uchiha, but it is what it is in this case. There were things to note. Gaara’s sand was fast enough to intercept Madara’s sword and save a shinobi, before Onooki lessened the weight of his sand, Gaara was able to actually drag out Madara out of his complete Susanno, very impressive, if it where not for the Rinnegan, Madara would have been done in that very chapter. lol
    (F.A.R.S)- Fight Against Rinnegan Spam. Join the movement!

  17. Nice acronym John, lol.

  18. This probably why Tobi want Sasuke because now that Sasuke has his EMS he can decipher more of his clan tablet or he can find Kabuto and force him to show him those documents about the Rinnegan.

  19. @UchihaTheInfamous( aka original slim shade-E)
    Thanks. Wish it was completely original, but the original was Fight Against Grenade Spam in First Person Shooters video games, the acronym is obvious, but I don’t want to put it. Same logic applies though when it comes to the Rinnegan, please stop the Rinnegan expansion to other characters. Join the movement! Your community needs you! lol

  20. @john in fairness the rinnengan has.only been used by 4 people so far and as far as we know nagato was given his so in actuality u could say only 2 were naturally achieved; madara and the sot6p. Tobi took nagatos whose eyes were probably not really his

  21. Hey is Kakashi a senju? I doubt it, but then wth is he?

    Tobi was Tobi scared of Big Magnum? Is it not obvious, it isnt because they hav beef, but because Big Magnum is under snakeboy’s controll. He would be scared of his own mother if she was that powerful and under your potential enemy’s control. SO yeah, thats y Tobi sided with snakeboy cuz he wuda had to fight Big Magnum if he didnt let snakeboy join his lil club.

    For the infinite time, Mega Magnum pwns Big Magnum. He did so over countless fights before VoTE and h would do so again!

  22. Byakugan = n0othing more than X-ray vision. damn it kishi, at least make it shoot lasers too

  23. @ itachidabaus,
    i agree, its a major fuckup if kishi wont give lee or neji some kick ass 1on1 fight

  24. Byakugan = nothing more than Scanner. damn it kishi, at least make it printer & fax too.

  25. The Byakugan is still boss. Sasuke or Madara wouldn’t be able to pull off something like 64 Palms with the Sharingan.

  26. @?????
    who needs 64 palms, when u can kick arse without it.

    BIG MAGNUM seems to have a definite high level on basic uchiha techniques, even the susanoo is kick ass

    madara seems to have similar looks as sasuke.

    alliance is pawned……..

  27. @??? would u rather be able to do a 64 palm or summon a skeletal warrior and cast genjutsus around all while keeping up with all the action being drawn to u… yea the byakugan is like the neglected, failure of a little brother while the sharingan is the oldest with straight A’s and captain of the football team lol

  28. What if controlling the Juubi requires some weird double sacrifice? Maybe the Juubi will only reside if the keeper of Sosp’s eyes and the keeper of his body both kill each other. You guys know where I’m going with this. When Naruto’s and Sasuke’s final battle ends, the Juubi will walk again in the Naruverse. For this reason, Tobi helped Sasuke. He isn’t using Sasuke to help him capture Naruto’s Kyuubi, he hopes that fighting sasuke will strength Naruto’s bond with the Kyubi to fashion the Sage’s perfect body by pushing him to the verge of death.

    In fact, this scenario fits Kabuto’s capabilities even more. Yeah, Kabuto and Orochimaru could have wanted the sharingan to develop the rinnegan, but then they would need the body of aSenju/Uzumaki in order to have full control over the rinnegan. For all we know, the only reason Nagato was given the rinnegan is because Madara or Tobi believed that he could become the next sage. I think that it didn’t work out that way because Nagato never truly opposed the idea of peace and love coexisting. ?He waffledv back and forth between the two concepts his whole life. Likewise, Harashima and Madara may have never totally disagreed. They still had respect for each other, even joining forces to create peace in the ninja world.

    The two brothers in the legend had completely irreconcilible points of view. Despite all of Naruto’s pleas, Sasuke doesn’t just disagree with Naruto’s beliefs. He hopes that killing Naruto will extinguish all hopes of that belief.Obviously, Naruto believes that taking Sasuke down with him will solve all the world’s problems. Out of these two completely justified deaths will come the one life that truly maintains peace and love.

    Ultimately, I think the Juubi will only be controlled by the Sage of Six Paths. Since the Sage maintained total convictions toward a loving, peaceful world, the Sage can only be born of a complete devotion to love and peace. Since the Sage split his power in two, each part has to be fully developed in order to be reunited. Since Tobi was involved with the lives of both Naruto and Sasuke, he probably wanted to make sure that the Inherutors of the Elder Son and the Inheritors of the Younger Son would end up on truly different paths. That way, he as their “father,” might assume the role of Sage.

    Even Kabuto, who is probably very familiar with in Oerochimaru’s Immortality techinique in addition Tobiramas Impure Resurrection would benefit after Naruto and Sasuke have it out. If Tobi doesn’t have his way, I could see Kabuto taking Naruto’s Body and Sasuke’s Eyes for himself.

  29. wow thats really wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out there tutor

  30. Off topic but i wish Kabuto can invent a technique that is like the edo tensei but instead make clones of living ninjas by using dna sample. Imagine if he has naruto or sasuke in his control along with his resurrected ninjas.

  31. I wonder who’s eyes Tobi has then, are they Madaras origional eyes that he put in Nagato or are they Nagatos own ones. Nagato might of been an experiment and now they have all the techniques he needs…

  32. what i found quite interesting was that Madaras susanoo was doing 2 seals which was quite cool which seemed to summon that nice little summon from the sky! now if someoen doesnt pull there finger out there butt hole and come up with an even bigger technique to counter this thing where all gonna miss naruto and chums lol

  33. I think to summon the juubi, you would have to find a way to combine all the tailed beast will’s into one big will(the summon that nagato, now Tobi has), and then find a way to summon the body of the juubi from the moon. I think that’s where Tobi said the body is. What if that meteor is the moon that BIG MAGNUM was summoning just so he could retrieve the juubi’s body. That would be crazy. Because with his new amped up body BIG MAGNUM now has the eyes and body to hold the juubi.

  34. If he’s going to be the jinchuriki he would not need the body. just the chakra. And remember, the other half of the nine tails is inside the reaper.

    I predict Naruto will end up breaking the seal on the reaper and releasing his father and the nine tails

  35. @itachi

    That would be SOME feat.

  36. I think that there is to much Raw power now with Maddaras super ball… Before the ninjas was about decaption and sneakínes.. Like Kakashi he hasnt much RAW power but stil he is one of the best ninja there is.. So if you ask me, Kakashi is the most “ninja” there is.. all the other strong ones is just strong Warriors.. A ninja works in the shadows and now cooming with super duper strongs Ninjutsu

  37. Sorry.. A ninja works in the shadows and not just cooming with super duper ninjutsus

  38. tobi = tobirama

  39. @bobo, tobi can’t be the 2nd hokage coz 1. He got sealed away by the 3rd hokage and 2. He wouldn’t need 2 ask kabuto how edo tensei works when they joint forces!

  40. Off the topic…
    When one of Naruto’s clones disappear, he gets that knowledge from the clone. So a clone arrived to Garaa a while ago and it seems that clone had made clones. Since there are now 1 original clone & 2 cloned clones; can’t the original clone just disappear so he can warn the real Naruto that Madara is where Garaa’s at? Plus Naruto still has 2 clones there so he can still fight (but would it be less stronger clone since it’s a clone of a clone?
    You’d think that Naruto would do that so he could inform Naruto & Bee and then they could reach headquarters “telepathically”.
    Anyways, a lot of great points above and some interesting “guesses” or “I think” ideas. Things are going to be getting serious & secrets revealed. But let’s see some serious bouts & serious damage. If you are going to end a series you go out blazing! Kill off a lot of characters that were known & make it worthy of the years I “we” have put into this!

  41. guys did u not notice that his eyes changed completely to the Rinn, so im gussing he cant use both at the same time hence the reason why he needed nagato so he can take it back and use bouth at the same time as the sot6p did thats what his plan was….?

  42. Wow I am quite impressed at how much stronger Naruto’s clones have bcome. Remember he stil has at least one clone on every battle field, and then the original him. For every clone, his overall chakra is split evenly so by no means have we seen Naruto fully powered (xcept vs raikage, but he wasnt really fight then).

    All the hype about the raikage, remember it was Naruto at atleast 1/5 power in sage mode that defeated him same with Muu, and Nagato.

  43. @itachiDaBaus
    It’s not naruto’s clones that become stronger, its naruto. Don’t forget, the jutsu itself is a crazy powerful techinique in the right hands, the reason why its on the forbidden scroll naruto stole. Naruto already had adnormal chakra reserves to begin with, increased further by the suppy of the kyubbi’s. Kakashi did say that with just naruto’s chakra alone he has about 4x as much as him, and with the kyuubi, naruto has over 100X as much. The clones have always been able to do what the original could. Up till recently naruto has only been using them for either bait or to subdue opponents with sheer numbers. Because chakra is split, the clones are easier to tire out and be dispatched, but they still have naruto’s skills and justsu, which improved greatly.

  44. of the topic..
    i think tobi is an uzumaki..
    tobi is should be really old.. and uzumakis have long lives..
    he knew the powers of uzumaki mito…
    he knew the weakness of kushina seal which supossedly created by the uzumakis..

  45. Sharingan – advanced taijutsu, ability to copy techs and hve a high standing in genjustu

    Mangekyou Sharingan – Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, Susanoo(side effect is you go blind)

    EMS – perhaps unlimited use of Tsukiyomi, Amaterasu & Susanoo

    Rinnegan of Madara – EMS techniques + Sage techniques.

    Byakugan – 64palms..

    c’mon Kishi, at least power up the Hyugas. I don’t want the Rin’negans to be of common usage as the Sharingan. and anyways, which is stronger, Gedo Mazo, or Susanoo?? thanks..

  46. Nagato hasn’t shown us techniques based on Sharingan as well as a demonstration of his mastery of all elements. 😦 which is why in my earlier post I wrote “Rin’negan of Madara”..and I’m still pissed off for Itachi defeating Nagato. I have nothing against itachi but seriously, “you are just stabbed by my awesome swordie named Totsuka and u dead”. By taking Nagato out we thought it would only be Tobi left who can use Rin’negan, but thanks to Madara we can see more.

  47. After giving this some thought that meteor probably wont hit the alliance…. remember old man kage can move an entire turtle island with ease. Imo he will attempt to throw this meteor and may divert it but be severly injured in the process… he has had no flashback however so that may not be the case unless he has one while moving the meteor

  48. @ token

    Yeah Onoki fence sitter should be able to do something with that big ass boulder – maybe he can make light as a feather like gaara’s sand….
    @sage of seven
    maybe susanno is like the spirit of gedo mazo! They do kind of look similar

  49. It’s looks like it’s going to be the end of Oonoki in this upcoming chap. from the spoilers.

  50. Well, fasten your
    seat belts to this one my friends…

    In this i stated the logical sequence for obtaining a highter Dojutsu within
    the Uchiha…

    * Kill your best FRIEND and obtain the Mangekyou

    ** Take your SIBLING’s eyes to obtain the Eternal

    Now, how do you obtain anything higher? the only higher dojutsu left is the

    I stated that, Madara with his EMS decoded most of the tablet and possibly
    gained the knowledge to obtain the Rinnegan. And how did he do it? A Certain
    Jutsu… (hey Vivi…Could this be Izanami and how it works…)

    btw… my theory is this…to obtain the untainted eye, of the Rikoudo, one
    must go a step further, not killing a friend or a sibling but rather
    Sacrificing HIMSELF… so

    *** Madara Sacrificed “HIMSELF” and EMS and
    somehow entrusted it into Nagato… So that when Nagato grows up and Activates
    The Rinnegan, He Madara will come back to life(This is the other secret of the
    tablet, that the rinnegan at its activation would automatically revive the
    person whose eyes was sacrificed)…… thus the statement in chp 559 page
    3…”so it finally happened… this would appear that little brat Nagato
    managed to grow”.

    But you may ask, Nagato activated the Rinnegan a long time ago? And Madara
    wasn’t revived so what happened… I’ll tell ya?

    Because the Eye that Madara sacrificed wasn’t his to begin with but IZUNA’s
    eye, Izuna was the one who got revived when Nagato awakened the Rinnegan…
    (This is the justice in Rikoudo’s…if you take your brothers eyes and go
    further with achieving the power of the rinnegan, the brother who’s eyes were
    taken would be the one to be revived).

    So Tobi is Izuna and this is why he also has the right to tell Konan that the
    Rinnegan belongs to him in the first place because it was his eyes used for the

  51. @hotel… than how can ,madar have the rinnengan when edo summoned if he gave eyes

  52. I had previously stated that tobi was madras brother dam auto correct made it Tobias. But I love ur explanation hotel

  53. @hotel are u implying that BIG MAGNUM died to gain the rennegan by ‘sacrificing himself’? he did say he awakened the renegan before he died…so that aint make much sense -.- but i do think its possible nagato’s rennegan could be BIG MAGNUM’s actual eyes. and its possible tobi may be izuna, i mean after losing his eyes to madara he just dissappeared from the story, if he was BIG MAGNUM’s equal as stated then there is no way being ‘eyeless’ could have made him that much of a weakling to just vanish from the storyline. its possible that those brothers had a very messed up love for each other and still worked loyal to each other even after BIG MAGNUM lost support from the uchiha clan, and that means…

  54. Ok cut the nonesense, you will not need to sacrifice yourself n order to obtain the rinn. That’s just stupid, Kishi wouldnt pull that. You are all dumb fr thinking that, seriously notice how dumb your theories are??

    It is safe to assume Madara knows about Tobi, and who he is. What that means is that Tobi really is a near immortal being. Based on what Madara stated last chapter, it doesnt appear that those two are particularly good friends.

    Tobi has to be someone from Madara’s time that we have not been introduced to, else then it has to be his Bro. It can’t be the second Hokage cuz well he’s already been summoned and sealed, unless there’s some loophole in edo Kishi hasnt revealed yet. Then in that case, anything is still possible.


  55. wait nagato got his eyes from childhood…doesnt the the size of ur eyes change as you grow older?????? so how did tobi give them to him…?

  56. wheres the chapter guys? im getting impatient!!!!!! Grrr lol

  57. IT OUT!!! WUHOOOO 😀

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    Why is Madara just so…overkill? Two Chibaku Tensei in a row (and very quick ones), Wood Release, and screwing with the 9 Tailed Fox. Nagato just seems like an amateur now.

    Tsunade better have some beastly unrevealed justu.

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    Crazy theory time:
    Madara had an affair with Mito and thus Nagato was born…….
    1st hokage was pissed and thus Madara vs 1st hokage death match…!!

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