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Naruto Chapter 560 – Madara’s Prime

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Another beautiful chapter this week. Why? Because Madara F’ing Uchiha is here, that’s why!  Forget all about the past Edo Tensei summons, they were mere pawns on the battlefield to the power Madara is about to unleash onto the Alliance Army – even Nagato’s much feared Rinnegan powers now seem insignificant to the damage Madara is unleashing.  Speaking of Rinnegan, who could’ve foreseen Madara’s Sharingans being able to evolve into the fabled eyes of the Sage of the Six Paths. This revelation alone brings back a whole new slew of discussions into the fore front.  So let’s start looking at some of the key bits of information unveiled in chapter 560.

–          Madara hinted at it last chapter, but from this chapter we know for sure his resurrection was planned sometime in the past, and the person he referred to as “him” was responsible for carrying it out.  I think we can safely say that “him” is Tobi, but as to how Tobi is related to Madara is still an open discussion.

–          Madara did not expect to be resurrected through the Edo Tensei, he mentioned Nagato last chapter so it’s safe to say he had planned to be brought back through the Rinnegan resurrection technique rather than in this zombie state.

–          Kabuto states that Madara’s resurrection was a special one in that he brought him back in the state beyond what he was in his prime.  At first I thought Kabuto meant that, because at Madara’s death he was injured and exhausted, he had to bring Madara back at full health in order to be useful in combat.  But what Kabuto meant by “prime” became all too clear a few pages into the battle.

–          Madara’s prime refers to the state where he had gone beyond the Mangekyou Sharingan and obtained the Rinnegan.  He himself says that he only awakened the power of the Rinnegan shortly before his death – referring to the final battle against the First Hokage.  In the short battle this chapter, Madara has already demonstrated that he possesses the exact Rinnegan powers that Nagato could use via the Six Paths.  This means that, unlike the Mangekyou Sharingan, possessors of the Rinnegan obtain the same skill set.  So it’s likely that Tobi can use the same powers as Nagato now that he has an Rinnegan implanted.

–          Madara must have known the extents of the power of the Rinnegan even before he obtained them for himself, otherwise how could have planned for his resurrection via Nagato’s Rinnegans prior to his death?  If Madara was power hungry as he has been portrayed by others in the manga, he must have been in pursuit of the Rinnegan his whole life as it is the apex of Sharingan evolution and brings him to a level equal to the Sage of Six Paths.

–          The secrets of Madara’s Rinnegan was also recorded on the Uchiha stone monuments, so the higher ups in the clan must have also been aware of what Madara was able to achieve.  This brings Madara’s battle versus the Hashirama into question because if getting ahold of the Rinnegan had been a central part of his plans all along, then the battle (and his death) played directly into his hand.  Since awakening the Mangekyous require an extreme action (taking his brother’s eyes), then maybe the pre-requisite for the Rinnegan may be even more extreme (to be on the verge of death).  There’s definitely more to Madara’s death we are not aware of, like why did he die if he was able to finally awaken the powerful Rinnegan? I even question the First Hokage’s role in the whole affair since without him, Madara would not have been able to obtain his Rinnegan… It still bothers me that the forbidden Edo Tensei technique, which has been pivotal in the current war, was developed by the Second Hokage…

–          Madara’s last attack is definitely a stunner, but I think someone will come through to stop it.  However, rather than action from Naruto or someone in the alliance, I believe an easier way to halt Madara’s attack is if Itachi is finally able to find Kabuto and bring subdue him.

–          I was also interesting to see Gaara’s sand (made lighter by the Tsuchikage) being able to penetrate Madara’s Susanoo shields and pull him out.  This means that Susanoo is not as impenetrable as we thought, even the great Madara’s version has weak points.  This is all very good information that Naruto and the others can use in the showdown against Sasuke.