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ITS out! Naruto, Bleach and One Piece Chapters!

Naruto Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/73851290/1

Bleach Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/46195080/1

One Piece Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/88730115/1


67 Responses

  1. NIICCE!!!

  2. My theory in short; senju blood ems=rinnengan

  3. Sorry Ladies and Gentlemen about the late post!
    But thats in the past so onward with the discussions:)

  4. Ok then!!!!!! That was nuts!!! I guess Madara having the Rinnegan isnt quite as suprising as I thought it would be. I mean really if you think about it the fact that you first need the sharingan to read a portion of the tablet and then the mangekyou to read more and finally the rinnegan to read the entirety of it, it only makes sense to follow that progression as an evolution of the dojutsu. Also when Nagato first used the statue summoning against Hanzo it did seem to be similar to a Susanoo and its sealing ability is akin to the Susanoos’s as well, so I I can see how the eyes could be related as a part of a sequence. And also I find it interesting that Madara seems to definately know who Tobi is and that things aren’t going exactly to plan. I guess this still allows for the possibility of Tobi being either Madara’s brother or a kind of clone of Madara himself. Cant wait to learn more about this whoe thing. I gotta say though that the rinnegans powers are very different from the Uchiha clans normal fighting style and such. It seems kinda odd to me in a way, not sure why…anyway, this was a great chapter overall. Next weeks should be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Game over………until Itachi gives you an extra life

    Interesting note, he only awakened it right before he died, which means he most likely couldn’t use it to its full potential. He probably sustained fatal injuries from the battle with the first, got the rinnegan, tried to resurrect his brother ( incomplete version or SHELL of former shelf because he didn’t have enough experience from rinnegan) gave him the rinnegan eyes, gave him a plan and died. Maybe they even once tried with nagato but failed/temporary, and that’s how he knew who Nagato was.

  6. Itachi=Tobi………….This guy broke the Impure World Ressurection…could that have something to do with who Tobi really is, just a thought but everything else seems dull and stupid, Madara is dead, clearly, and for kicks “BIG MAGNUM” is seriously effin the war up, but lets be honest, Itachi also knew about the Uchiha history with the Senju. Hes the one they chose to do that awful mission about killing his whole family. He is the one that would want true “peace” in the leaf. So he takes all the tailed beasts and administers this Moon Eye plan to control The fire country and Konoha. And lets not forget he mumbled something to sasuke right before he died. AND he knew how to counter his own Amatseru he implanted on sasuke……just saying… its a good theory

  7. @ren: timeline wise, Madara could not have met Nagato (pein), his summoned form is still at the approx. age of his battle with the 1st.
    I like the theory of him resurrecting his brother, giving him a sharingan and a plan for his own resurrection.
    another thing is interesting, EMS:
    either Madara doesnt have it or it is not “eternal” in the sense that ur eyes can go to any sharingan form (he displayed S, MS and rinnegan but no EMS).
    consequently, it is all a tobi fuelled lie about Madara taking his brother’s eyes.
    u think tobi is uchiha Nagato, Madara’s real brother, who has obscured his identity to further his goals. the whole EMS thing was a theory him and Madara had that was tested on Sasuke.

  8. @????????
    Great theory about the evolution of the sharingan and rinnegan – it makes perfect sense!! So is it safe to say that at some point sasuke might get his hands on some senju/uzumaki dna and evolve even further due to his raging hate?! This whole Senju an Uzumaki connection is bugging me tho- yes they are relatives but kishi needs to break this down. Also how comes all of the development seems to be geared towards the elder son and his “hate and occular” powers?? Surely the younger son must have had some more “life an body” powers??

  9. younger son did, we just dont know that….thats why first hokage beat madara. awsome chapter and uchiha madara rockzzzz, lets c him wreak havoc…hehe

  10. im pretty sure i saw madara have the ems, so it goes sharringan, then ms, ems, rinnegan, then that pattern eye on the jubi maybe, madara, oh excuse me, BIG MAGNUM’S susanoo was pretty dope, four arms and two faces back to back, hand signals bringing down a giant boulder/comet down to earth, would love to see itachi, sasuke, tobi and madara all fight each other

  11. i think the younger son – the one with the sages “life and body” can have the rinnegan too, remember the bloodline of the descendants of the younger son are the senju and uzumaki clans and “nagato” is an uzumaki. the masked guy of the akatsuki mentioned that when he found nagato’s body after beating konan and nagato has rinnegan so any senju or uzumaki clan member could probably have rinnegan. but to achieve that one must accomplish a certain condition just like having the MS. i just thought, is it possible that naruto can have those eyes to? cause naruto is an uzumaki just like nagato… but that would really suck cause he’ll be really! really! powerful

  12. @ antrozz
    Itachi cannot= tobi, lets not be silly with these theory’s now…..WE saw tobi and the 4th hokage fight each other when we witnes and young itachi with a infant sasuke, The idea tht you need the senju DNA to unluck the Rinnegan is gd but i dont agree i mean the six paths gave his older son his eyes so im guessing it reaching his dad stage isnt tht supriseing, now everyone might be thinking the senju got the short end of the stick but getting the sage will and stronge body isnt all tht bad, cause tht means they have a much longer life and higer will and tht spells trouble for anyone

  13. i think we will see more of the younger son’s life/abilities to come through naruto probs. it looks like the war has been going far to well for the allience and now it is time for some devestation to be wreaked upon the battlefield. with Naruto fecked from spamming his Kyubi mode whats gonna happen hey? i mean he can only go into sage mode for so long and and sage mode doesnt seem to be a match for Madara and his small planet that is descending upon scene lol. the only power i can think of that could take that out is either narutos Kyubi mode. maybe Killer bee could use a tailed beast bomb to blow the thing up. either that or Kakashi could use Kumai but i dont think its close to his fight? or is that big its gonna just engulf the whole war?

  14. so the first hokage won against a rinnegan?or was it not unlocked at that time. does this mean tobi had also unlocked the rinnegan and gave it to Pein? if so what other uchiha had enough skill to unlock those eyes that wasnt madara, since he died long before pein existed, and tobi isnt pein. For that matter, will Itachi or Sasuke unlock the rinnegan? i dont know about itachi but you know sasuke will in his final battle cause he is a douche.

  15. @madzi he did show the EMS it was right before he activated the Rinnegan. If you look at his eyes it is clearly the combination of his brothers eyes and his put together. He just never showed the MS. He went from sharingan, to EMS, to rinnegan.

  16. Before madara died he revived his bro and told him his masterplan.


    tobi is a pimped zetsu (regeneration) and cant really handle rinnegan, so madara told him to put his rinnegan into an uzumaki (nagato) then manipulate him, then make him revive him (madara)

    ps, in the konan tobi fight u can actually see a white half and a pitch black half of his face…could be coincidence, or a hint

  17. i reckon tobi is the original older brother from the legend of the sage it would explain how he nos so much etc you dont no any history before madara and harishma reall so who nos he could have tried it many times b4 or be biding his time and planned the massacre to obtain all the sharingans etc

  18. where does the supposedly all powerful Byakugan fits in this. if rinnegan is the ultimate doujutsu.. and to get rinnegan you must first fulfil the conditions by activating certain Sharingan techs, then wheere does this fit Byakugan.

    somehow it feels like byakugan is a useless doujutsu. this is sad…..

  19. @madzikage He did show the EMS. Just not the MS. When you obtain EMS, it just replaces your Ms and opens the path to rinniganhood. I think thats all the EMS does.

    1) @cas24 I was just about to say that. I too think Tobi is the original Nagato that Madara is referring to, it would only make sense because no way he would know who Uzumaki Nagato is.

    2) PLEASE! DO NOT DISRESPECT THE FIRST! Madara could never defeat him for a reason, that being the first was an even Bigger Badass, a Mega Magnum if you will. That being said, I admit he was complete pants when he fought the 3rd under Oro. But remember, that was a weaker edo, and that was way back in the beginning of the series so everything was scaled down. Hashirama deserves his title as the most powerful ninja of his time. Madara had to go beyond natural means (ie take his bro’s eyes, use the tailed beast) in order to gain the power he had and compete with Hashirama, while all of Hashi’s powers were natural. And now, it is possible that Big Magnum stole Mega Magnum’s dna in order to awaken the rinn.

    3) I would HATE for sasuke to also get the rinn, that would just suck! He would be wayy too overpowered compared to Naruto. I mean take away the 9-tails and what do you leave naruto with? sage mode? That isnt on the same level as Rinn now is it?

    4) I believe the rinn Tobi has now is the same Big Magnum has, which he gave to Tobi, which he gave to Nagato and then has taken back.
    5) It would be cool I guess for the Byakugan to be improved, but not to sharingan, to something else.

    6) Nagato could activate and deactivate his rinn. We mostly saw him during fights, or when he was controlling the 6 paths (which required activated rinn). But he has deactivated em in the past. Tobi can’t because he is not Uzumaki and he transplanted them.

    7) So naruto is both senju and Uzumaki (or are they both the same?) so he can definately handle the rinn. Did kishi say naruto would have the coolest set of eyes by the end of the series?

  20. One more thing, That was an insane jutsu by big magnum, and the susanno using handsigns? awesome!!

    One more thing, so bigmagnum can use both susanno and rinn powers at the sametime?? Awesome!

    One morrreeee thing, I gta read this chapter again! =D

    one morrrreeeee thing, @anyone thinking Tobi is an edo summon cuz he has “black eyes” take a look here:
    His eyes are clearly white. the other one looks black cuz of the shadow

  21. There’s no way in hell the 1st Hokage defeated Madara. I always wondered if the Rinnegan was the next step after EMS, but how could that be accomplished is something I could not figure out. Seeing Madara on a rampage is making Sasuke, Naruto, and matter fact every other character since Madara’s death seem inferior (except Kabuto).

    side note: How did Madara show up to the battle scene before Tobi, was Tobi watching the MTV awards or something? He has teleportation! I guess he wanna exercise or something

  22. @ Fleece, instead of teleporting, Tobi was swinging from tree to tree with the rest of jinchuuriki.. hahaha

    also, in the previous chapter, Naruto said he can’t make any more clones right, but tis chapter we saw a few of his clones. does that mean his other clones had already convened at Gaara’s location after defeating the various zombies/zetsus? Is the real naruto amongst them coz he went into Sage mode and did the rasenshuriken? but Bee’s not with him…

  23. @shykss apparently the byakugan must be below the Sharingan from the tree that is shown now. It wasn’t made to be like that in the beginning. If not it may be like on the same level as the sharingan just like a cousin or something removed from the main tree.

  24. @fleece Don’t be ridiculous, no way is kabuto stronger than any of the characters u just mentioned, he’s just a scavenger that feeds off of other people’s hard work. Why do you think he’s not fighting anyone?

    And why is it so hard for you to believe that the first defeated madara? Like I said before, the reason why the first seems so weak now is because he was introduced very early on when all this insane jutsu were not yet introduced. it would not have made sense for him to unleash his most insane jutsu like madara is doing here when he was fighting against the third on that tiny battle field and in just the opening chapters. He had to be beatable so kishi made him look weak.

    Remember, the VoE was not their first fight, Madara and the first had met countless times before with madara never being able to best him. Madara gained fame because he stood up to the first, not cuz he was stronger. the VoE was their last showdown. Madara went there not expecting to win, but to come a way with the second best thing, his life and the first’s dna.

  25. @itachiDaBaus

    I agree with that to a certain extent, but look at Orochimaru, he always pretty much stayed in the shadows and was opportunistic, but we know that he could hang with the big boys and beat them. So some of that had to rub off on Kabuto, plus he has Oro’s genes in him as well, so he had to have gotten some of his fighting prowess.

  26. @itachi i disagree. It has been mentioned previously that at minimum kabuto was on kakashi’s level in terms of ability in part 1; http://www.mangareader.net/93-170-15/naruto/chapter-165.html. not only that but he is skilled in many forms of combat specially with his chakra blades. A medic ninja who can battle as proficiently as he can is a very strong combo to overcome, specially when it is shown kabuto has intelligence as well

  27. It seems inevitable at this point that some of the major players are going to die. Unless Kishi throws in a giant Deus ex Machina to get rid of that giant meteor, I don’t see how everybody is going to make it out in time. It would be fitting that the first real casualties of the war are at Madara’s hand, turning the tide of the battle back to the enemy.

    I also think that people are going to die in the next chapter because everybody on this particular field is expendable. We’ve already had resolution for Gaara’s character through his one-on-one with his father. Oonoki helped defeat Muu. None of the Konoha 11 are at this battle site, so they won’t be taken out. And I’m 99% sure the real naruto is traveling with Bee right now.

    I think it’s high time Kishi shook things up a little more

  28. Reposting this here because I can.

    “The Uchiha are burdened with the “Curse of Hatred” from the Elder Son of the Sage of 6 Paths. From seeing the power of the 10 Tailed Beast and the Sage, I think the Sharingan is a scaled down version of both their powers combined. The “Curse of Hatred” is the key to unlocking its potential.

    To awaken one’s Sharingan, one must be in a life or death situation, requiring some amount of hatred, emotion, or passion.

    To obtain the Mangekyō Sharigan, the Sharigan user must experience the “Curse of Hatred” with the emotion of killing their “brother”, or their closest friend like the Elder Son wanted to do.

    To make the power of the Mangekyō Sharigan permanent, therefore creating the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, the Mangekyō Sharingan user must further themself into the “Curse of Hatred” by taking the eyes of their “brother”, going back to the hate the Elder Son had for the Younger Son. But this stage incorporates obtaining a physical power, aka Yang Chakra, to augment one’s own abilities, something the Elder Son and the Uchiha lack in comparison with the Senju.

    To obtain the Rinnegan, the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan user needs to actually “consume” the “Younger Son”, and not just emotionally, but physically. The 1st Hokage seems a likely candidate for the “Younger Son” position, as his Senju DNA is powerful. This fully gives the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan bearer a body physically capable of carrying the Rinnegan, and the spiritual power, or Yin Chakra of the Elder Son/Uchiha Clan.

    Where does Nagato fit into all of this? As we remeber, Nagato’s parents were killed but Kohana Ninja. He then, fueled by the “Curse of Hatred”, killed the guilty Kohana ninja. Nagato has to have a combination of Uchiha and Senju Blood as a Rinnegan bearer, which leads me to believe that either (A) the Uzumaki Clan is a mixture of the Senju and Uchiha who have combined the “Curse of Hatred” and “Will of Fire” in the way the original Sage thought and lived. Or (B) one of his parents is a Uchiha, and the other a Senji/Uzumaki. Look at this picture, his father has black Uchiha hair, and his mother Red Uzumaki hair. Arguably, its an anime one.


    Also, why are you guys downing the 1st Hokage? Being able to beat someone like Madara just proves how much of a badass the 1st truly is. We saw only a glimpse of his ability in Part 1, and it was suppressed by Orochimaru as well.


    I think the logical progression for Madara, and now Sasuke is Sharingan to EMS. Their regular MS’s would be replaced with the EMS, now that they have an entirely new set of eyes.

  29. Theres somethings that we all are obviously overlooking… heres a rough theory… if i found a dead MJ (in his prime) and Kobe (rookie) just laying around and someone told me i could take over their bodies or take pieces from their bodies, why not take the whole body of just MJ, why take a piece from both? Tobi found a dead Nagato, and true he took both eyes, but he is only using one. A regular 3 tomoe sharigan in one eye and the rinnegan in the other eye, why not use both of them, better yet, what is stopping you from using both of them? can we not all agree that the rinnegan is the more powerful of the 2, better yet the most powerful of all the eyes with powers in the naruto world. what do you gain from using a regular sharigan that you cant get with a rinnegan?

  30. If i had to guess, i would say tobi is half and half, almost like a mixed kid, he can either be mixed in the sense as his parents had sex and made him, or in the sense that hes a black and white zetsu combined, but with a little extra to him. weve always wondered why he only had one sharigan showing for a period of time, well Kakashi answered that question… if you have an eye that isnt yours, what do you do, you keep it covered until you need to use it, so like everyone else Tobi kept his covered, never really needing to use it until he fought Konan. someone brought up the fact that Tobi’s covered sharigan looked weird, it looked similar to Danzo’s, which like Danzo’s was probably implanted, and implanted improperly.

  31. Tobi is a good boy, Tobi is Madara Uchiha (tobi has said these things at one time or another), 2 different personalities, for 2 different people. Back to good and evil, yin and yang. It is becoming harder to imagine Tobi not being 2 people in one, all the evidence points to it. you have to be an uchiha to properly use the sharigan, check. you have to have senju blood to use izangi, check. so what is the truth about tobi…?

  32. I have a question, I know Kurenai has those weird eyes, and she can cast gejutsu pretty well, but we didn’t see her use sound or some other method so she must have a dojutsu, Itachi told her that her weak genjutsu wouldn’t work on him, but it stronger than most peoples. So is she like almost an Uchiha or what. She even has the dark hair, and it kind of looks like her eyes are “activated” at all times. Is she like an Orochimaru failed Uchiha experiment or something. Or is she in the middle of evolving another offshoot of the sharingan.

    Here is a tree that I came up with:

    Juubi Eye->Rinnegan->EMS->MS->3 Tomoe Sharingan->2 Tomoe Sharingan->1 Tomoe Sharingan->Possibly Kurenai’s Eyes
    Byakugan(Cousin of the Sharingan)

  33. @ the truth

    Tobi really is going to go back to being a good boy when BIG MAGNUM finds out he stole his fan, smh.

  34. i like the idea that tobi is a pimped zetsu the most.

    1) he is no clone of madara… comeon, madara personality is completly different.. he would fail so bad if he tried to be a gooveball like tobi used to be, BIGMACS too serious
    2) that brings to this point, zetsu has 2 personalities too.
    3) in the fight with konan, we can see that tobi has also black side in his face.
    4)Zetsu is a weird creature that can regenerate, just like tobi has shown many times.
    5) Well, finally the pimped zetsu TOBI has got the warping down^^… better that alowvera guy

    and as many noticed his sharingan was always active, and he covered his important izanagi sharingan to conserve chakra like kakashi.^^, maybe thats why he hides his face^^..hahaha

  35. is it safe to assume that BIG MAGNUM didnt really need the nine tailed fox in his fights? cos his power display in that chapter would make even that demon fox wimper in fear. he summoned a fucking ASTEROID!!!!!! and i guess that rennegan thing makes sense. and kabuto talks about orochimaru as if BIIIIIIIIIIIIG MAGNUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM knows who he is…

  36. Madara is a beast, just wondering how powerful was 1st hokage. It has been mentioned so many times that new gen overtakes/overpowers the old gen but I dont see who can possibly overtakes madara and the 1st

  37. Nobody’s noticed that on page 3 madara says

    “This is HIS doing… he definately has something in mind… but what?”

    His is in bold?

    Then when kabuto speaks to madara he says ” I am HIS assistant”

    not sure if he’s referring to tobi, but possibly oorochimaru has his hand in this again?

  38. @itachiDaBaus

    Sorry for late response, but of course Kabuto is the strongest. If this war never happened and he had all of his edo summons, QUESTION who and what character in Naruto’s universe can beat him honestly??? Kabuto isn’t that bad of a fighter, he almost killed Tsunade, he was willing to kill Sasori if they came into contact, and to top it off he’s a skilled medical-nin. Blame Kishi for making us think the 3rd and 4th Hokage were the best Hokage’s Konoha had to offer, and about Oro’s edo version of Hashirama, Where was it explained that they were weaker then their original selves? There is benefit’s with having free will edo summon, and it’s also a downside.

    With the powers Madara’s presenting, i say his bout with the 1st was a draw. Man i can’t wait to start seeing some good guy’s go

  39. Damn the Hyuga’s are starting to look like the family members that never get invited to family reunions but always get a call when there’s a funeral coming up. That’s sad. I almost forgot that the 1st Hokage had the “Bringer-of-Darkness Technique”, so now I can kinda picture how he had the edge against Madara.

  40. You morons.

    Madara didn’t have that ability, nor the chakra sucking ability before the fight at VOTE.

    Kabuto makes it clear that he had to do something EXTRA to give Madara these powers, in other words, Madara’s DNA alone wasn’t enough. I think it is very clear he got the Rin’negan after the fight at VOTE, so any ability from that wasn’t used against Hashirama.

    Tobi didn’t steal anything from Madara, he was given Madara’s eyes, the fan, etc. to pose as Madara to carry out whatever plan they had together. They were obviously partners.

  41. I think naruto is in for another power up soon cause as it stand now he is no match for sasuke , madara or tobi . from the looks of it he is going to need a real big change and i am not saying he is going to get the rinn but lets think about it right now he is forcing out the the 9tails chakra if the 9 tails willingly gave it to him and he went in to sage mode his eyes would change thats what kishi showed us in the pein arc . so now we wait and see what happens when the 9TAILS HATE + SENJU / UZUMAKI + NATURAL ENERGY =????

  42. one more thing. I wanna know exactly how BIG MAGNUM and MEGA MAGNUM died. the EXACT cause o their deaths. we never know yet. Maybe Tobi beat Madara as Akatsuki’s shadow leader/leader behind the shadows/throne through Sexy jutsu lol

  43. wow… to think the EMS would be so mysterious and awesome… all of a sudden it wouldn’t matter at all except as a stepping stone to the Rinnegan… The sages body sucks in comparison to the arsenal these guys have. AND Madara was about to activate the rinnegan before he died because that’s when he was able to take a sample of the 1st’s DNA. So EMS + Senju blood = Rinnegan

    Rinnegan’S FOR EVERYONE!!!!

    Also, I think Madara’s Susano may have two faces and 4 arms because the EMS combines the Susano from the first user to the second. Anyone remeber the Mangakoyou from the Itachi vs Sasuke battle? Big Rinnegan on top? I wounder if that was actually the face of the Juubi.

  44. @fleece I Kabuto stated that his edo was far stronger than Oro’s and the seconds. He said he had mastered it. And as well, I said since the first’s appearance was so early on in the manga, kishsi really couldn’t make him whip out the mega guns. so in a way, kishi curbed his mega magnumness. I mean, do you really think the man regarded as the strongest ninja of his time, and left big magnum as the underdog in all their fights could not defeat the old third hokage with the help of his bro? I think not. Kishi had to make him beatable in order to showcase the third’s strengths.

    As for the SoSP, Gaara called big magnums display “the power of a god” while snake boy states its a “fraction of that god’s power.” Damn, all I can say is the naruverse can count emslves lucky snakeboy cudnt get a sample of his dna, THE OMEGA magnum!!!

  45. There is some nonsense on terms of “who is who” in this series.

    Hashirama seemed “good” at best against Sarutobi, but from what we have seen from Big Magnum, it is quite a feat that he defeated both the kyuubi and Madara……

  46. i dont think madara fought the first with the rinnengan….. honestly i think the fight at the VOTE was for madara to get the firsts dna so that he could get the rinnengan.

  47. @Token

    orrrr…. Izuna gave Madara(the stronger brother) his eyes planning that he would obtain the 1st’s DNA but die in the process so he can iin turn pick up the pieces after the battle so HE can obtain the Rinnengan

  48. Oh come on! I just reread the chapter of mega magnum vs the third. That wasnt even a fight. This is what oro made him do, 2 woodstyle attacks, where he just grew a bunch of roots, and the genjutsu, bringer of darkness. while the second used 2 water style attacks. oh and they both threw in a couple of kicks, and that was it. the rest of the time they were just standing there doing absolutely nothing. Even Oro said they were just toying with him.

    My point is, stop judging mega magnum based on that “fight” there is a reason that he continuesly bested big magnum in all their fights. Granted I think big magnum’s rinn makes him stronger than mega magnum now.

    But pre rinn big mangnum is bested by mega magnum!!!!

  49. read it to refresh yur mems guys, chapter 120 on mangareader.net

  50. @ itachiDaBaus

    I agree, that fight was nothing compared to the real thing, plus i believe the impure world resurrection’s limit is within the holder of the jutsu. Maybe Oro didnt know how to fully utilize the undead big bosses, but Kabuto is, has been and will always be a beast at knowing his opponents past or present, so putting them in his hands will be more lethal than when oro used it.

  51. madara has ninetails and EMS
    first has control over all the tailed beast
    who will probably win?

  52. i mean think about it, who will win if madara has control over the ninetails and an EMS and the first has his wood things, enormous amount of chakra and control over all the tailed beast who will probably win? will it be madara or the first?

  53. i bet tobi is the uzumaki leader whoever he is.. It all adds up.. Uzumakis are known to hav long life.. He had a good understanding of the seal placed on kushina and he knew the uzumaki mitos ability to sense evil intention.. It also explains how he can use sharingan better than kakashi..
    And n other matters tobi must have implanted madaras rinnigan into nagato after his death

  54. why would the uzumaki leader declare war especially on konoha?

  55. first of all i think madara is the strongest active ninja now i read interv with kishi sayin the first and the 4th are tied for the strongest dead ninja.
    2.i dnt care about kabuto hes just oro wannabe i didnt like him from day1 he well always be asidekick to me i just dont understand why kishi killed oro and replaced him with snakeboyj he could kept oro and killed kabuto not viseversa
    3. IMO the regular byaku is more useful than regular sharingan if you toke the evolving of the sharingan then the byak is better but what the sharingan holds in terms of potential is far far better.
    4.when somebody reachs EMS it replace the MS and it will be a combination of the holder original and the implanted EMS eyes.
    5.madara reached the rinn jst before he died and after he fought the 1st which that means its either a)he got the 1st dna and then reached the rinn or b)he must reached the full potential of EMS wheres no more
    improvement for him and that got him the rinn.
    6.as for the 3rd ppl got the wrong idea that hes the strongest hokage ever and thats wrong they said before that he is the strongest kage in his time(in his prime) comparing him to other countries present kages and not over all(past and present).
    7.@?????? ithink you are right it seems nagato has an uchiha father and uzumaki mother.

    for now im more intersted in the past madara vs hashirama cuz madara seems much more powerful than him and the 4th as far as what we’ve seen, SO6P power, minato,hashirama,SO6P,madara and tobirama’s bachgrounds.
    as for tobi there is good theories but to me iwant him to be areal person uchiha or none uchiha and not some experiment or a mixed personalities maybe some relative to madara his brother or even sasuke father but not some mixed dude.
    ithink the manga near its end and madara with tobi most likely as the final villains against naruto and sasuke(obviously after they fight each other)
    sorry for the long comment.

  56. @ Monket09= well it would be good to see a fresh fight against the 1st and madar but as the 1st won the first time i reckon he would 2nd time. seems as though madara unlocked his eyes before he died and still didnt help him….

  57. one more thing IMO sasuke wont have the rinn cuz as i said he must have either the 1st dna or the EMS full potential which will take him a long time to achieve but which one is the window to the rinn we’ll figure out later.

  58. taking a break from who the hell tobi is, i think sasuke is playing by Tobi’s side, i mean after the fight with Itachi he was very weak, fighting Tobi then would have been just dumb, maybe that small fight with naruto after the Danzo fight made naruto realize this which is why hes protecting sasuke so much, he must realize sasuke is playing the tobis card, i mean how else would he safetly get itachis eyes if he opposed tobi….

  59. guys what happened to yamato ???

  60. @monkey first of, if bigmagnum can control the 9 tails y wouldnt he be able to control all of them.

    second, the first was never said to use the beasts in battle. All he could do with them really was tame them, lock them up in his wood prism. I don’t believe he could force them to do his bidding. and he deff didnt use them in the fight wth madara

  61. Perhaps Obito is Tobi… Maybe when he gave his Sharingan to Kakashi e developed a new Sharingan power that activates when you give you Sharingan in selfless deed… Just another crazy theroy

  62. Aoba=Tobi ! Same barber! Wears glasses to hide his stolen eyes! He could be Madaras grandson…I am sure all Uchiha weren’t killed that night!

  63. So funny that people cannot accept the 1st Hokage rocked Madara and his EMS a few times back in the day!
    Spiritual Energy/Strength > Ocular Power/Chakra
    You have to give Kabuto credit for what he has done so far!
    4th Hokage rocked Tobi 16 years ago and he would rock Madara too! Lmao

  64. Just a theory but tobi is letting naruto n sausake reach their full potential n battle seeing how naruto used the so6p sealing on 9 tails you think tobi plan is to seal the other 8 beasts in naruto n let him n uchiha boy waste their energy fighting each other than he absorbs both of them?

  65. ok i thought i’d wait for Bob’s analysis ..

    Madara was defeated bby the First, Not Killed … think back, he survived that fight, he did not awaken the Rinnegan in that fight

    My theory :

    Madara Survives VoE, and now has the First’s DNA, he uses the cells to activate his body and thus the Rinnegan,His accomplice (now Tobi) helps him to fully activate the Rinnegan and uses the DNA to create Zetsu(i’m sure this is in there somewhere since Tobi needed YAmato to fully power Zetsu clones and was using Mega MAgnum Clone for Similar Purposes),

    this is thinking that Tobi killed Madara don’t ask me how i’ve been racking my brain to think that one out (and that is why he was scared when snakeboy JR edo’ed him) Plants the Rinnegans in Nagato, and so on, now i don’t know Tobi’s purpose of doing all of this

    another possiblilty
    Now get this, Tobi/Madara was able to create a living Clone of Mega Magnum using a living Tissue(chapter 512 pages 8,9) why cannot he do the same with himself

    (the only loop hole being the Mega Magnum clone has no mind of its own)
    i get this but the zetsu clones have a mind of their own,
    and if i put both the stories the Mega Magnum was a failed experiment or he made it to be that way, so Tobi was not scared but shocked of the edo Madara.

    at the end of my brain storming i realize something, whoever is playing puppet has no objective set in Mind, the only one with an actual objective was oro who wanted to learn all the jutsu’s and become NUMERO UNO MAGNUM (lolz)
    Madara wanted to protect the Uchiha
    Tobi just wants a Perfect body (that sounds horny)
    Snakeboy Jr. wants Sasuke, (Gay!!!)

    Peace out (my head hurts)

  66. @ itachi
    read this link, this explains that the first can control any bijuu


    this links, shows how madara can control the ninetails,


    aside from the link above it was always said over and over by everyone that the only person who can control the ninetails is madara i think its because of their sharingan

    look at this link, even the masked member of the akatsuki can control the ninetails


    i think he can control only one bijuu at a time since it requires eye contact and a genjutsu, and its hard to cast a multiple genjutsu at a time.

  67. Jdogg… still waiting for yur OP review…

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