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One Piece Chapter 642- Not Worthy

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Its another day and a One Piece chapter is out and it does not disappoints. Coming from last weeks chapter, I really was expecting the explanation of Hody’s True Form. But Oda gives us something even better, the progress of the SH battles and its not really any progress more like the SH given an azz whipping to some weaklings. The SH are way above the NFP’s level that this battle. But it is enjoyable to see our heroes being so confident and for once actually not being the underdog.

The Kraken is Bigger!

If you look at the “Monster Trio” each of them has their own way of fighting, I am not talking about their battle powers wheres Luffy uses hand-to-hand, Zoro uses swords and Sanji uses his legs. But the way they go about when in battle. Luffy fights unorthodox and very random, while Zoro is more about honor and respect, but Sanji out of the three fights very intelligently.  He’s the type of fighter that is more about how can he win a fight with the least amount of work. It is not that he is lazy but he is very intelligent and uses the situation to his advantage. Like in this chapter he keeps on tricking Wadatsumi about the Kraken being bigger.

Chopper The Monster

Ever since Chopper made the comment about that he will become a monster so he can become stronger to help Luffy. After that comment his character has become more than this innocent little cute reindeer kid, he has become a well developed character that shows his affection and love for his friends. Chopper has grown and  his new Heavy point is much larger than his Pre-Time Heavy point. He is more muscler, his hair on his neck has growing becoming thicker. This form of his was originally his form if he wanted to look more human, but now he has worked this form to look more like a freakish bodybuilder. Zoro also comments about the dramatic change Chopper made to his Heavy Point, and his reply that he does not care about being human any more and that he will become a monster to help his friends.

Nico Robin

Robin and Nami are the only ones that have not gotten an opponent. But Robin gets the job of freeing the human slaves. Out of the whole Strawhat crew Robin and Nami are the only ones that have experienced being a slave or to that extant. And when Robin sees the Fishman treating those humans like slaves she shows her feelings. Now we do not know much about Robins fighting ability and to be frank we will not get to see her full power because I think that she will make quick work of those royal wannabes Fishman. But one thing that I did notice about Robin is that she has sunglasses on and to be honest it does not suit her. For one why would she wear sunglasses at a time of battle; which makes no sense, but than again a lot of things don’t make sense in One Piece as in the real world.


He does it again, this guy will not stop being a badazz. I mean every time he has his swords out he does the most awesome thing. Let me explain the Badazziness of Zoro. He is the sort of guy that if went to high school he would be they guy that every guy wants to be friend with, the guy who every girl wants to be with and he will simply ignore all of them and why? Well because Zoro my friends is a BADASS. All of the manga and Anime I watched I think that he tops the list of BADASS, probably Itachi from Naruto and Kenpachi from Bleach will be at his level of BADASS. But Zoro will never stop entertaining us whether it is through comedy or  his cold demeanor fighting abilities.  And this week he just humiliates Hyozo, I mean I was actually thinking that Hyozo was probably the strongest in the NFP. He made Hyozo look like a infant holding a sword when going against Zoro. He simply deflected and cut Hyozo swords in half all the way from the hilt to the tip of the sword and what he says after just makes his action even awesomer. This is one of the reasons that keeps us the readers coming back for more every week.

Side Notes:

  • Franky Vs Ikors is interesting and this new idea that people can clone themselves is getting on my nerves.
  • Nami still fighting all the weaklings.
  • All of Fishman Island residents are acknowledging the SH as good guys.
  •   It looks like the Kings time is about to come up.
  • The scene with the whole slave thing was very emotional, I hope Robin breaks those guys back like she usually does to her enemy.
  • The combination of Chopper and Franky conversation are always hilarious.


2 Responses

  1. Awesome review!! But dam How strong has Zoro Become?? Dude is a Beast!!!

  2. Well zoro ended tht pretty quick……now i hope the other battles end by the next 2 chapter

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