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ITs out! Naruto, Bleach and One Piece Chapters!

Naruto chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/94539395/1

Bleach Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/61723769/1

One Piece Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/55924931/1



168 Responses

  1. NOW WHO IS TOBI?!!!

  2. Its about damn time kishi reveals that the masked man isnt Madara. Good job to all those who said the masked man isnt Madara. Well i wanna see what the edo Madara can do.


    1. We saw Kakashi fight off fat fish boy
    2. We saw the real Madara Uchiha
    3. WHO THE F*** IS TOBI?! LOL

  4. Amazingly well played Snake boy junior! Thats the best trump card anyone could have got- now how the heck did he know Nagato?! Now lets see what the Uchiha King can do……………………

  5. I´m excited about Madara´s appearance but I´m even more excited to see the flashback of the fight between him and the first Hokage when he is defeated

  6. Okay, Finally Naruto is getting very interesting again!!! No one should be surprised that Tobi isn’t Madara Uchiha and finally we get confirmation, now, Who is this masked guy?

    I can’t wait to see Madara stomp over the alliance! He better destroy Naruto’s clone and kill someone and show some extreme ultimate power that makes us go completely nuts!

    Also, What does this say about Kabuto? How much power has he obtained and what is he really capable of? I mean if he is capable of this, he must have something even bigger up his sleeve.

    How the hell do Madara know about Nagato!? I just can’t wait for the next chapter! I haven’t been this excited in a long time. I wonder if he’ll be able to use his EMS, this is a huge test for Naruto! I wish the real Naruto was fighting him. Oh my, I can’t wait. Kishi better not let them beat him, based on the fact that they are all exhausted from the previous fights. I have so much I wanna say but I am just going to keep it to myself for now.

  7. Well well well……

    Best twist in a while!!!

    I had this “feeling” eversince the masked guy was scared of the sixth coffin, remember kabuto´s words “no I have told a soul”

    So, who is behind that mask??? Sasuke´s father??? Uchiha´s ancestor???? that Uchiha who was on Sarutobi´s team????

    Let the madness begin…..

  8. @Yellowflash

    I guess Madara (wow) will beat the hell of the alliance, or at least those guys of the already weakened for division, Onoki, Gaara and Naruto´s clone plus the usual cannon fodder, but when he is about to finish someone big off, Itachi will reach Kabuto and the latter will summon the big guy back, and some interesting flasback will begin…..

  9. I´m guessing we wont see the battle in expand since Itachi is gonna to cancel Edo

  10. I tend to think that both Itachi and Madara will fight and seal each other, so the main reason of this twist will be leave us with no clue on who or what the masked guy really is….

  11. Ok. So as most everyone knows, it has been a very popular theory that Tobi was not in fact Madara. I myself have thought this for a long time. Its about time we see that we were right! Now when we take a look at who Tobi is, we now have a small bit off new information to base our conclusion on. After Madara came out of the coffin, before we saw his face, he said that Nagato must have really grown. This makes me wonder if perhaps Tobi isn’t somehow connected to Nagato. What I mean is that maybe Nagato did something that Madara knew would only be possible if he had reached a certain level of power, which was to create Tobi. Of course we must also take into consideration that Madara may be under the impression that Nagato is the one using the impure world ressurection jutsu. In which case all of what I just said is crap. But who knows for sure. I just can’t wait to see if my personal theory is correct about Tobi being Obito. Not that there arent others who are of the same mind. There is one simple thing that makes me think this. His warping jutsu is identical to Kakashi’s, and he even says that Kakashi’s jutsu won’t work on him. Also there is the fact that Kishi hasn’t shown us what Tobi’s Mangekyou looks like. Probably because it is identical to Kakashi’s, and it would be too easy to then figure out. At the very least, Tobi has the right eye Obito. It could be that this Tobi is just like a Frankenstein monster, with bits and peices of all kinds of people and just needs a bit more to get his “complete body” that he has mentioned before. Anyway, just thought I would toss in my two cents. Can’ wait for next weeks chapter!!!!!

  12. Me too guys, I haven’t been this excited in a while- finally some major bombshell to shake things up!! Well this explains why we never saw Tobi use the EMS – I mean no matter how badly injured you are, I swear the thing doesn’t turn off an go back to a regular sharingan!
    Tobi could be Sasuke’s dad- it could all be one big fat lie that Itachi was in on! lol

  13. The obito theory will be back, but even though this twist seems to open many doors and windows LOL, I just Cant see that fool kid planning on wars and knowing that much jutsus and info about everything….

    I go with the Uchiha from sarutobi´s yonger days, sasuke´s father or the uchiha´s ancestor….

  14. Please please no tobi is obito theories again. Again Obito was a low level ninja who just awakened his sharingan before his death…

  15. I don´t get it why ppl think Obito is the mask man…..there is no motive for that….why should he do that

    I don´t think Itachi is go for Madara since he said he want to cancel the whole Edo jutsu, not there´s much left

  16. It seems as if Madara believed himself to be revived permenantly? Muu actually had to inform him of the impure resurrection. That is when he realized he is not permanently bound to this world. That means he must of met Nagato when he was young and probably gave him the rinnegan. He probably knew of the capabilities of Nagato’s outer world revival technique, which would explain why he probably thought he was reborn?

    I do like Uchiha trinity’s hypothesis on who Tobi is though. This is all crazy and I can’t wait to see Madara’s powers

  17. How does Edo Madara know Nagato? Granted, edo Summons only remember what they were doing just before they died, but it’s still hard to believe that Nagato had a hand in Madara’s death. Although using the rinnegan aged his body significantly, Nagato shouldn’t have been old enough to challenge someone like Madara. Could Edo Madara have been thinking out loud about what someone else said to him? But then, who might that be? Madara’s appearance opens up a lot of issues. So, Kishi has a lot of explaining to do in the next chapter.

  18. I know ultimate, back I guess Kabuto will summon Madara back jus before some big good guy is killed, after fall, kishi likes that stuff, and we will enjoy some skirmish between the two dead uchiha guys…..

  19. Got a theory. What if the edo Madara didnt die in the battle with the 1st. He lived long enough to give Nagato the rinnegean. He probably was a dying seeing he lived so long and he created tobi a clone of himself similar to the white zetsus that couldnt compare to his true power. Thats why tobi says hes a former shell of himself.

  20. I haven’t read the other comments yet, so if I say something that has already been said, I apologize. I think Tobi is a clone of Madara, that’s why he could take off his limbs so easily. I think Zetsu may have been a failed experiment of Orochimaru that had a dominant personality, ex. completely black Zetsu (that created first a version of him that had two personalities, and the others that were dumbed down clones.) He focused on emulating the most powerful clans he could find, Uchiha, Senju, and developed this Madara personality that wanted to have Senju/Uzumaki blood running in him.

    The only question that remains is how in the heck does he Madara know about Nagato, but that does explain why The clone Madara said that he “gave” Nagato his eyes. Maybe the real Madara helped Nagato to develop his eyes, and the clone found out about it.

    The real Madara looks pretty beast the way he blue the coffin open, and had Muu shaking in his bandages. And what better time to bring Muu back for a second time than in the month of Halloween. Nice work Kishi, Nice work.

    Lastly, I think this Manga is about to end far sooner than expected. Because this is a major plot mover now. This Madara looks to be really strong. I hope they don’t make him weak like they did Hanzo.

  21. @William Since you show that Madara thought he was revived by Nagato’s resurrection technique, could you also say that Nagato’s technique has a strong relationship with his power level?After all Edo Madara thought Nagato’s powers had grown. Furthermore, I think that Nagato could resurrect anyone he chooses in proportion to his power level. Maybe the amount of chakra Nagato needed to summon someone like Madara relates to the length of time that he or or she has been dead.

  22. I remember that Nagato said he could not revive someone who died long ago and that he cant use that jutsu often, which means the tried but failed at bringing Madara back at some point….

    Also the very first thing the masked guy said after knowing Nagato´s outcome was like “he betrayed me, I NEEDED that justsu” which would explain his or its surprise after watching the content of six coffin…..

  23. @a lost shinobi that seems to be a very likely theory. When u put it all together it fits almost perfectly. the key here is the connection with madara and nagato. From when we can gather they had a run in when nagato was realllly young and madara naturally assumes that nagato used the rinnengan powers to bring him back. Tobi insists he gave nagato the rinnengan and since we now know madara and nagato had a run in its quite possible that madara in fact did give nagato the rinnengan or something that could potentially awaken it and if tobi claims he is responsible perhaps tobi really is a clone of madara and my guess is oro created it (oro had the means and the skills to do this and from what we have seen oro has had dna from some of the most powerful shinobi and this would explain how kabuto knew so much about tobi… he was probably right there with oro helping create this clone.)

  24. @ lost shinobi ive been thinking the same thing, ive been trying to figure out the importance of zetsu and how he really ties into everything. now i must admit right now i am reaching, but we already know that the white zetsu is basically a clone of the first, so what if the black zetsu is a clone of madara. one white, one black, yin and yang, good and evil, light and dark. you combine those two a long with something else, something that was missing when zetsu was created and you get the man behind the mask, then give him the sharigan, some powerful ones and you have a force to reckon with, now this is must an off the wall theory, but clearly zetsu plays a big role in who that masked guy is or isnt.

    @everyone why do people think it could be sasuke’s and itachi’s dad, i would like to know people think this, i find it interesting, but hard to believe, please explain, thanx.

  25. @Naruto tutor

    I had actually never even thought of that. Nagato was nearly to death so he said he could only revive people when he invaved Konoha (time tables are always difficult to predict in Naruto so lets from the invasion to using his resurrection technique was an hour..?maybe). He never specifically said that there was a limit to the technique only that he was at the end of his life. And we know that he can use it on anyone since Tobi thought he woud save it to use on him. Also edo Madara has no idea on how long it has been since he died.

    Good point. I agree with you that maybe there is a relationship between the two. Sounds like edo Madara truly did believe he was revived and that Nagato has mastered his rinnegan.

  26. Also itachi himself insisted that tobi is madara… given that itach is rarely wrong or off with his observations this lends even more evidence to the theory that tobi is in fact a madara clone… just itachi didnt kno it was a clone perhaps he was fooled into thinking he was the real thing.

  27. @ the truth

    Some people say (not me) since the upper members of the uchiha clan were nowhere to be found at the time of the nine tails attack, and considering the masked guy was the one responsible, that might link him to sasuke´s father.

    I Believe that the masked guy wanted nagato to bring madara back, but since only people who died recently could be revived he failed, which would explain why when nagato died after saving konoha he said “damn I NEEDED THAT JUTSU”

  28. thanx, that is very interesting, im going to have to think about that one.

  29. @ the truth yea zetsu has to play a major role in this even if hes was only a experiment for Madara to pratice making Tobi

  30. @ token maybe oro did create the clone. That would explain why Kabuto know so much about Tobi

  31. lets see, lets just throw out some theories, first what are zetsu’s known powers and/or abilities. We know him and tobi share some of the same abilities, one being they both can phase in and out of things, like the ground, but zetsu cant travel between dimensions, probably due to the lack of a sharigan. they both can regrow body parts that they lose for whatever reason… yet why does tobi looked wrinkled and old when his mask comes off, smh… still thinking, be back later (incomplete thoughts)

  32. @the truth he may be a incomplete clone so that he ages and maybe he ages more quickly than he would like. gettin the power of the jinchurrikis along with the rinnengan and juubi may provide him with power and the ability to live forever and not age.

  33. @token, right, so if hes an incomplete clone, and zetsu is an incomplete clone, whats making tobi age the way he is and not zetsu.

  34. I’m guessing that it’s Madara’s younger brother. He survived having his eyes removed, and implanted some new ones from his giant collection. Now he wants to carry on his brother’s legacy. If you look back at how he acts when he is talking about his brother in chapter 399 when he explains the Uchiha history to Sasuke, it raises some interesting questions.

    Plus, his hair looks a bit more like Tobi’s

  35. as you get older your body starts to give out on you, but not your mind or your memories (not at first at least), so what if tobi has a zetsu body, but the head of an old uchiha, sounds strange, but it would some what explain why he has wrinkles, yet can still lose body parts and not panic.

  36. here are important fact i think everyone has forgotten. kisame saw tobi face and referred to him as miskokage. So i dont think hes a clone of madara. And let remember sauske saw his face and had no reaction as if he had n idea who he was but u would think their would be a pic of mardara somewhere in the uchiwa hideout. I think tobi is a clone of the second hakage. tobi = tobirama….remember he just disappeared so many years ago. i think oro tried cloning 2 second hokage and gave it a sharingan. He didnt think he could copy the first so he went to the next best thing, the second. thats y kabuto know so much. i think he was created the same way they made yamato and not out of a zetsu.

  37. @teamevolution kisame also called Madara as well. Kisame refering to Tobi does not prove a point. Most shinobi refer to their kages by title not name.

  38. That would be cool to have Madara & his brother side by side fighting! People will die!
    But the clone idea is possible too.
    So as of now I’ll put my money on Tobi being a “form” of Madara’s brother.

  39. Finally something interesting!!! I just hope that naruto wont beat him in a few pages with a clone
    Why would the Uchiha have a pic of Madara, the banned him from the clan and sasuke didnt who madara was when he talked with the kyuubi

  40. No wonder “Tobi” was scared of the mystery coffin that Kabuto/Orochimaru brought out, which lead to their “alliance”. LOL….man, that’s SOME TWIST, Kishimoto!

  41. I think the reason why people might think tobi could be sasukes dad is because we’ve never actually seen sasuke’s dad dead apart from in Itachi’s Tsukoyomi….Their dad was the leader of the uchiha rebellion who wanted to take over the village an overthrow the senju leader an bring back the king of the Uchiha’s…. Madara

  42. The one knock against my “Brother” theory is that during the chapter 399 explanation I referenced earlier, we see a shot of the kid lying in a coffin. However, keep in mind that everything we learned and saw in that chapter came from Tobi, who we now know is a complete liar. We have no way of knowing what part of his monologue is true or not. It’s a form of the unreliable narrator technique from Rashomon. We know kishi is a fan of Kurosawa.

  43. i think tobi was created by the creation of all things tech

  44. I’m just glad I was right about Tobi not being madara, I don’t really think it’s madaras brother either, it has a better chance of being obito than it does madaras bro for the simple fact obito needed a body an only had one sharingan but who ever Tobi is one smart guy to trick itachi an make minato think he was madara , gotta say tho I’ve not been this excited in a long time can’t wait for next chapter,

  45. Who didn’t see that coming?

    The real question is:

    Edo Tensei revives you as you were when you died. We know Madara had the appearance he has now when he fought Hashirama. Nagato was born 60+ years after Madara’s fight with Hashirama, so why in the blue hell does he still look so young if he knew about Nagato!

  46. At kisu to me that’s a more important to know than the identity of Tobi cause will prolly find out who Tobi is when we see why madara knew about nagato

  47. Actually, it’s very important, Minatofan. The Masked Man is very likely related to Madara since Madara knew about Nagato and Nagato was originally supposed to use Gedo Rinne Tensei on The Masked Man. I haven’t cared about this story to make a theory in a long time, but now I do. The Masked Man is most likely a Zetsu clone with the knowledge and memories of the real Madara. His purpose was probably to revive the real Madara so he could use Mugen Tsukuyomi. When Nagato died he skipped the step of reviving the original Madara and just went ahead with the Moon’s Eye Plan.


  48. I’m putting a theory out that Nagato may be Madara’s Grandson or something…

  49. Thank you to who ever updated the One Piece chapter 🙂
    Most likely it was you, Kisuzachi, thank you.

    very interesting chapters especially Naruto chapter, I knew that the masked man was never madara, for one Zetsu never refereed to him as madara always tobi so he might be a new character that is called tobi. But I am loving the theories people are putting out there about him being a clone of madara. I Especially like the idea of the masked man being like Frankenstein. I can see a scene in Naruto where who ever made him saying “Its ALIVE”

    Bleach was quick, Once I began reading it, it was at the end. None the less interesting chapter. Especially with the pat talk that kid got.

    I will say about One Piece on the post.

  50. Nagato being Madara’s Grandson?! WTF??!! Wild theory but i suppose anything is possible right now!! Madara does kinda look like Sasuke abit tho- this Madara- Nagato and Tobi connection is gona keep me awake all night! Even Muu was scared of him! If he knows about Nagato, do u reckon he’s up to date with who is who in the ninja world?! i.e the kages, naruto/sasuke, the diffferent clans etc….

  51. Did you guys notice that Edo Madara shows only the left eye?

  52. @kisu I stated that earlier, please see my post earlier and tell me what you think about my theory, lol. What plot holes do you see in it.

  53. My question still remains why was the sausake named after the 3rds dad though uchicha clearly didn’t like “senju” and their teachings n what role can that play. also kakashi was still young when the 9 tails attacked n tobi was grown n on a level equal to the 4th so Obito should be out of the equation other than that anything is in play. I’m also interested in this splitting technique if oonoki was alive to face madara than muu obviously was too n it seems like a technique madara could’ve learned n used its a stretch but what if he did and lived on with 2 lives at half the power it might explain some things

  54. @Kisu My response does not explain how in the world Edo Madara(see @ a lost shinobi, post 1) knows Nagato, but it does explain why and how he came to exist.
    Anyway, I think that you are probably right that the Masked Man(see @kisuzachi, post 1) is probably Madara’s clone, an idea demonstrated by Zetsu. A lot of us believe in a your idea because it explains Madara’s incredibly long life span. However your claim that the zetsu clone devised the Moon’s Eye Plan in order to merge with the real Madara might be a little off. Since zetsu is a parasite clone, the fact that Madara could die (and, subsequently, be summoned by Edo Tensei) suggests that the clone is already complete.
    Muu’s clone style seems to make more sense. Muu can split his body in two halves. This situation would explain why the Masked Man(see @kisuzachi post 1) said he felt incomplete.
    Furthermore, who is to say that tobi is a clone of Madara? I feel that somewhere in this revelation lies the reason the Masked Man(@ kisuzachi post 1) lost one of his Sharingan. I ‘m s not sure how maybe Izanagi was used to split Tobi from Madara.
    Assuming that Madara was at the point of death when he fought the first hokage, Madara could have used Izanagi to create a clone of hinself at that point. In this way, the ninja world would confirm Madara’s death, never knowing that he left another part of himself to wander around. This scenario would explain why Tobi lost one if his Sharingan, and why Edo Madara(see @ a lost shinobi, post 1) still has both of his.

  55. as cas24 stated: “also kakashi was still young when the 9 tails attacked n tobi was grown n on a level equal to the 4th so Obito should be out of the equation other than that anything is in play.”
    well all of you who still think of obito being madara read this….
    and you cas24 repeat this in bob’s review! nicely done

    and kisu is back, finally, ill begin to read some interesting things 🙂

  56. yesssss, i like it again, this debates were what we all missed so so so much!!!! ❤

  57. @ Rocks I never noticed that Madara’s Edo Tensei summon only shows his left eye! Since the tobi only shows his eye on the opposite side that could be significant. Maybe after we find out who Tobi is we can also find out how he is related to Madara. Based on their similarities this evidence might take Izanagi off the table of possible solutions. However, I could still see Madara(or Tobi) creating a clone of himself in order to fool his enemies. It’s a little far-fetched, but ,assuming that we’re still talking about Madara here, maybe he set up the scenario while being aware that they would know about Izanagi.

  58. Nagato is tobis son, and tobi is madaras son. Thats why tobi gave nagato the rinnegan, and why madaras knows the little brat.
    As for nagato being an uzumaki, … tobi must have had an uzumaki woman^^
    and anybody would be scared of a badass father in the sixth coffin^^

  59. OMFG!!! XD

  60. @chilla If Nagato is rlated to either Tobi or Madara, I’d probably have to give up on making sense of Madara’s backstory! If what you say is true, then Madara would be even more closely related to Naruto too. I don’t think that Madara of the Uchiha clan would ever actually make a baby with someone related to the Senju clan. In fact, if they are related, Tobi’s interactions with Naruto and Kushina would seem creepier, and Minato’s actions against Tobi would seem weirder. (Talk about your family spats! )That all looks very complicated, and I refuse to deal with any of it right now!

  61. This chapter brings all of the extraneous battles to an abrupt end. It’s been implied for several chapters now, but Naruto coming to everyone’s rescue still bums me out.It’s sad because I was looking forward to seeing how all of them developed.
    We never got to see Sharkskin return to one of its former masters and cause trouble for Kakashi and his squad and so on…

  62. well fuck m in both ears!!! I always knew Tobi wasn’t Madara. So who could he be??
    Obito? No, why, because think back to Minato’s flash back of when Tobi first appeared and stole the 9-tails. That was only a couple years (at most) after Obito had died, but Tobi was fully grown. But wat if he is using Obito’s right eye? NO. Obito’s right eye was crushed http://www.narutohurricane.com/manga_pics/naruto_c243_8.gif

    SoSP? No, wouldnt make sense.
    Madara’s Bro? most likely candidate.
    My friend said perhaps the fourth hokage? naw my friend is dumb.
    Whoever it is though, it cannot be just some random character, and it has to be someone Kisame knew from his past (or that a lot of people would recognize) cuz remember Kisame instantly recognized him when he showed him his face. I doubt Kisame would’ve known Obito.

    Another thing, why the hell did Madara know of Nagato? Based on this, Madara really did not die from the fight with the first. Unless there’s more we need to know about Nagato.

    freking awesome chapter. off to Bleach

  63. Since his introduction, Oonooki, the elder Tsuchikage has become surprisingly significant. He’s almost reached the level of importance Chiyo had during her introduction. The most important thing that the Tsuchikage can do now is to provide info on this Madara. Since he is the only of his opponents left alive, he should be able to inform everyone about this Madara’s abilities. I know that a lot of people may disagree, but I don’t think Madara and the Masked Guy ever shared the same skill set.

  64. maybe madara lived long enough to give nagato the rennegan but if thats so, shudnt he have aged????? his edo tensei form looks like the madara that fought the 1st

  65. i think they’re both madara >_>

  66. Theory

    Similar to kizu and Uchihathefamous..Tobi is a clone with the real Madara spirt or essence.

  67. Since all of the other battles may be over now, I can’t see our old friend “Madara”heading anywhere else than where all the action is. This next chapter could get very awkward. I can’t wait to see how Madara reacts to Tobi. I wonder why Tobi hadn’t adressed this issue back when Kabuto first pulled his “trump card.”

  68. Why do people think edo Madara has not aged. He looks pretty old to me. Maybe the fact that having the eternal magenkyo means long life?

  69. what about Kigame uchiha being Tobi, thoughts, opinions?

  70. wat ever happened to the sound ninjas?

  71. Kigami, sorry.

  72. I hope tobi isn’t Madara. I think that would make things more interesting. Tobi can still squash the alliance no problem with everything he currently has available to him.

    Is anyone hoping for a Sasuke/Madara face off? I know that wouldn’t help out their side any but that’s my Christmas wish. And while that’s happening Itachi will take on Kabuto…. AND RELEASE THE EDO TENSI JUST IN TIME TO SAVE HIS BROTHER… Awesome Kishi!.. Gives me goose bumps.

  73. Things you should know:

    if you watch the anime episodes of zetsu saving sasuke by using his spore technique on everyone and of tobi fighting fu and torune, when tobi removes his arm and it hits the ground you see it looks exactly like what zetsu is made of.

    the first hokage and mito uzumaki had a child that has never been mentioned.

    when itachi first encountered tobi his hair looked similar to that of the real madara’s

    sasuke did NOT see tobi’s face. itachi’s amaterasu activated before he completely removed his mask.

    im sure theres more things that should be brought up, i just have to find them. and to all those who thought tobi is the real madara… how do you feel? hurt?

    this chapter got me all excited lol. i knew tobi wasnt the real madara but i didnt see this twist coming. great chapter.

  74. oh yeah somebody better tell those guys at naruto wiki to get to work LOL.

  75. It’s already been confirmed that Tobi has some of the First’s cells. But honestly Tobi is definitely going to be somebody we all know because what surprise will come out of him being somebody we don’t know? just because he has a sharingan doesn’t mean he automatically is from the Uchiha clan. This dude’s been taking other people’s eyes since who knows how long. But he is definitely somebody we already know. Would it be odd if the resurrected Madara didn’t have his right eye? After all that was the only thing on Tobi’s face first revealed to us. His RIGHT eye…

  76. All I got to say is “this” Madara looks like a badass, not any weak, former shell of himself crap that Tobi has been giving us. This real Madara looks not only intimidating, but looks like he can handle bussiness. Theory: during the 1st Hokage and Madara fight, Madara lost and he was deprived of power, but got hold of DNA, used some of the Second Hokages research to create a clone, since more and more the Second seems to be the science type or something, result was Zetsu(Original one) this Zetsu was enhanced with Madara’s and the 1st’s cells, this became Tobi, he was indoctrinated to think like Madara and carry out his plan to revive Madara later on. Madara knew he was going to die as a result of the wounds he received from the First Hokage, he had knowledge on how to “create” a Rinnegan using Senju, Uchiha and Uzumaki blood, choose a name beforehand, like a code name, in this case Nagato, just to know who it was brought him back and to be aware that his clone, OG Zetsu aka Tobi succeeded, since he was aware that only the power of the Rinnegan would bring him back. The Zetsu’s we see know are the clones of the Original zetsus’s clone, aka Tobi’s clone, Normal Zetsu. I’ll stop for now I don’t feel like writting a book. Nice chapter, I’m satisfied.

  77. At John wow that’s a very detailed and well thought out theory good job

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    Before I refer to 399 I want to state that I believe that Tobi is not precisely one person, but may be a collection of different body parts of different shinobi unified with the consciousness of another shinobi, who I believe to be Madara’s younger brother.

    While reading chapter 399 I noticed that on page 4 Tobi (when claiming to be Madara and relaying his story to Sasuke) mentions his younger brother sacrificing his eyes for Madara and Tobi’s reaction to that (which is him clenching his right arm) just seems slightly off. Sasuke too notices this, and Sasuke is very perceptive, and I’m sure this will be referred to later on.

    Now, I believe that a great deal of Tobi’s consciousness may be derived from Madara’s brother, which would explain his great knowledge of all of these events, as well as his arm clenching reaction). Some will argue that this was merely the angry reaction of an older brother at what may have ultimately turned out to be a meaningless sacrifice of his younger brother’s eyes (and life?????) since the Uchihas and the Senju made a truce, But thats not likely, and I believe thats why Kishi made a point of showing sasuke noticing that reaction. It is primarily this dialogue, as well as Tobi’s unmatched and, to a degree, accurate recollection of the Uchiha’s history which really could only have been known from someone there.

    Another point supporting the idea of Tobi being madara’s younger brother is the mere fact that Tobi claims to be Madara: I believe that Tobi realised from very early on that the best way for him to succeed would be to refer to himself as someone with respect in the ninja world. Merely referring to him as Uchiha Tobi would not allow him to garner the support or fear he has garnered throughout his campaign. Now, this would only be realistically possible to do if one knew specific and precise details about the person they were imitating, and who better to know these details than the brother of the person being imitated? Plus, also in chapter 399 Tobi vigorously defends Madara for taking his eyes stating ‘what kind of monster would want to take his brother’s eyes?’. We know that the younger brother gave away his eyes willingly, which would explain why he defended Madara for those actions.

    finally, the shock when Kabuto showed Tobi the final body can be explained for two reasons: firstly, Tobi, was shocked because Kabuto had the real body of the person who he claimed to be, thus rendering Tobi’s whole story to Sasuke (his crucial peice in this war to defeat the ideals of the senju) useless, and exposing him as a fraud to the ninja alliance (which really doesnt matter considering his abilities anyway). Those who say that Tobi wanted Nagato to revive madara miss this point because if Tobi wanted Nagato to revive madara then kabuto’s technique would probably have been welcomed by Tobi who would just have to have devised a technique to defeat Kabuto or master the technique. Hence, his fear of that final body, which we now know (or at least assume) to have been the real madara’s, can demonstrate that its unlikely that tobi is some clone of madara’s whose end game was to revive his real body using Nagato.

    Secondly, the shock of Tobi at this fact may be explained by the fear that Kabuto had his older brother who could own him since he would now be controlled by Kabuto.

    The above has gone on for too long, so i’ll say that physically I beleive that there is a connection between Tobi and kakashi because of the similarity of their sharingan abilities which involve time warping. Now, it cannot be Obito’s body (as explained not just above, but throughout the last year or so since Tobi’s identity became a debate), but I do believe that some part of Obito may have been used in constructing Tobi. Just because his eye was smashed doesnt mean that a medical genius like orochimaru couldnt do anything with the cells of Obito’s eye when it was smashed- go outside an smash a fried egg with a rock, you can still make a plan with the smashed up bits, and you probably aren’t as twisted or as intellegent as someone like oro. So, I believe that, like Kakashi, Tobi has a degree of Obito’s DNA implanted in him (and possibly a wholelot of other Uchihas too) which would explain the similarity between Tobi and Kakashi’s sharingan warping abilities.

    I know this has been long, and I hope it makes sense. give your comments. I’ve got to rush, but will finish off my physical argument later.

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    5)Tobi is a failed experiment of oro. Just like yamato was from the first cells. He probably thought why not try Madara^^. Probably put some obito cells in there (warping)

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  119. Correction* being oro’s creation

  120. @jefe, I have been thinking something similar to your theory as well. I think Tobi is kind of like a patchwork ninja in that he has pieces of other ninja incorporated into his own body, held together with whatever the hell Zetsu actually is. I think he has parts of Obito, since he can use similar techniques and knew Kamui couldn’t work on him. His soul is probably either Izuna or a piece of Madara, what I mean by this is that it was said somewhere that Madara’s chakra and spirit were so powerful it wouldn’t allow him to die, so what if when he actually did, he willed his spirit to split in half and start trying to reconstruct himself? I know this seems like a long shot but if it could happen, then there’s no reason the same couldn’t be done with Izuna since they were supposedly equals.

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    he managed to remain alive even after a battle against 8 tailed beasts( give the fact that all the 8 beats were under hashirama control at that time)

    more importantly all the bad asses today and in the past “SHITS’ their pants from a look of him —-( now that’s a priceless market value)

  136. @manishuchiha: it was never stated thast madara faced off against all 8 beasts… in fact madara himself controlled the nine tails and faced off against the first hokage with the nine tails under his command. And as we have seen the first was strong, however he wasnt even the strongest hokage so madara while much stronger than any of these peon kages (with the exception of old man oonoki and the raikage) he and the first were close in power but i wouldnt even call him the firsts equal seein as how from what we know the first won (although those details are murky). hopefully with the real madara here we will find out what really happened at the valley of the end

  137. btw onoki himself faced off against madara so it will be interesting to see what that fight was like

  138. @Token
    Which hokage do u think was stronger than the 1st then?? The 2nd wasn’t, the 3rd an 4th are questionable coz we don’t know everyone’s strengths an weakness’s!! The 1st an Madara are legends for a reason – I don’t think any of the present kages could handle either of them

  139. @ Tensa – Who says the 2nd wasn’t stronger then the 1st, he had Space Time Ninjutsu, Edo Tensei, awesome Genjutsu, power over Water Style etc… Hashirama was also strong. I believe in the manga the 3rd is also mentioned as stronger then his predicessors and the 4th was hailed as the strongest Hokage for his age lol

  140. @token,
    scarcity of facts still remains over the control of bijuu.
    if the memory serves right hashirama was in control of bijuu and only after fight between madara and him the bijuu were distributed (close to 1st ninja great war).

    also it was a myth that sharingan could control kyubi but it was never proved.( so madara controlled kyubi is a understatement!)

  141. @manish, I’m pretty sure if Sasuke could control Manda, with a strong of a will as he had, that Madara could genjutsu the Nine-tails, even the fox said himself when he saw Sasuke that his eyes and chakra were more ominous than his like that of Madara Uchiha, which means he had gazed into Madara’s eyes at least once, and you know what happens when you like directly into their eyes. So, I think at the very least he got caught in some type of genjutsu from Madara.

    #SN I think we have enough votes for the real Madara to be known as BIG MAGNUM, lol. @manish again, that was pure genius for that name dude, lol.

  142. @Tensa, Yeah I’m saying that Madara, Big Magnum haha, had such a strong spirit that it literally would not die. This might sound horribly far-fetched but this is Naruto and we’ve seen stranger things happen.

  143. @firefist when you say it you have to put it in all caps to get that added effect “BIG MAGNUM”, lol.

  144. @Manish its not myth that the sharingan can controlled the kyuubi……. when talking to minato it was revealed that Tobi controlled the kyuubi via the sharingan and minato himself severed that connection while fighting Tobi.
    @tensa kishi himsegf mentioned that the third and fourth were considered the strongest hokages, when oro brought back the first and second to fight the third the third beat both at the same time even though the third was clearly not in his prime and at times in part 1 many people wished the fourth was still alive to fight for them.

  145. hi.. I m posting for 1st time…
    Here is a theory thats been running in my head..
    Its obvious frm this chapter that madara didnt die in the fight with 1st hokage nd some how he managed to extend his life till nagato was born.. When he realised his life is coming to an end he made a body with 1st hokages dna and transffered his conscious to the new body .. The new body being tobi and madara must have died instantly..tobi then implanted the eyes of old body to his new body..

  146. Still belive tobi is madara or his brother, if it is anyone else, i think thier memories and personalities been altered to force them to believe that they are madara, or it’s an advance clone. Either way, unless we know more, so far the info that’s been given, there is no good motive for someone else to do this.

  147. @token

    If there`s some sort of flasback between Big Magnum lol, Onoki and his master, then we will know for sure that someone is going to die…..

  148. At first, I’m wondering what are the limits of which items, and how much can tenten have in her scrolls; now im wondering why should i even care………..

  149. It’s been a while since I’ve been urged to posts but this chapter did it for me as it seems it has for a lot of folks… BIG MAGNUM is classic. His aura just jumps off the page and if there ever was an argument for the present not always superceding the past then he is it. Nobody is fucking with him. Obviously Naruto will pull a jutsu out of his ass to pull it off but other than him no one is holding BIG MAGNUM’s jock. However I did have a point and it was something like this. BIG MAGNUM and the First Hokage did fight, the First came back alive and BIG MAGNUM didnt. The First dispersed the tailed beasts to prevent war and BIG MAGNUM was never heard from again… And the only person who can tell you what happened is standing on a hill looking like hell fire and brimstone in the flesh. I lean toward the First actually wining which for me makes him the strongest kage ever. This manga is so full of plot holes and power imbalances who actually knows, its all speculation I just hope we get some answers.

  150. Doesn’t an edo summon come back weaker than its original form?, im sure that’s why all the summonings have been dieing so easily, so i don’t think Madara will be his godly self, im sure he’s still capable of killing off anyone thats there….

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  153. @infamous, haha sorry my mistake…BIG MAGNUM should provide some really good combat and story explanations. If Tobi is Izuna, I see him using a touchy feely approach ot sealing his brother…and then he says suck it Kabuto.

  154. @token,
    the manga actually full of uncleared potholes which truly deprived clear explanations over facts, we can only give our views of what might actually happened.
    it rests in hands of kishi for a definite explanation.
    its true some uchiha lead kyubi asssault on konoha but that ain’t “madara”
    also how did the respective uchiha controlled it still undefined.

    @UchihaTheInfamous, well sasuke is probably the weakest of uchiha and manda can’t be compared with a bijuu.
    u are right about kyubi knowing of madara but it doesn’t show anything about latter controlling the former.
    also im glad if u really liked the BIG MAGNUM stuff, but did u really mean it??

    it just came out with excitement of finally seeing madara ops(BIG MAGNUM) on screen.

  155. no seriously manish, that’s stuff was hilarious. That’s why I have been the lead advocate to change the real Madara’s new name on here to being BIG MAGNUM when referring to him. It’s great dude, lol.

  156. @manish

    I do disagree on the Manda part, Manda’s will is pretty darn strong, I would place him at least on the level of the 1 or 2 tails bijuu.

  157. Orochimaru is one of the strongest fighters in the series, and he still didn’t have complete control over Manda.

  158. @manish http://www.mangareader.net/93-55672-5/naruto/chapter-503.html
    http://www.mangareader.net/93-55203-8/naruto/chapter-501.html it clearly shows the sharingan is in play and I never said madara lead it (as it was tobi) but the manga itself clearly shows the sharingan is used to control the kyuubi, which is what i was trying to say in the first place. As for the nine tails being controlled by the first during the battle with madara according to tobi and the flashback show madara was controlling it at the time; http://www.mangareader.net/93-404-12/naruto/chapter-399.html and is stated in the wiki http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Nine_tails#cite_note-6 . also http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Madara states what was shown in the manga as well.

  159. Manda is nowhere near the level of any Tailed Beast. That’s just BS.

  160. It would definitely be a shocker if Tobi turned out to be female…. just saying….

  161. Chief Tia was as powerful as the 1 tailed so I’d say manda is to

  162. Naruto wish theory:
    Madara is good.
    after forming konoha he was meant to be the second and died in a battle against nepotism. he realised that the 2nd (the inventor of such unworldly jutsu as edo tensei and the sensei of such twisted ninja as danzou and the elders) would destroy the konoha hick and harishama built, but the 1st wouldnt have it.
    Madara dies at thr valley, luckily leaving his ‘will of God’d to his brother nagato, who endeavoured to resurrect him but only achieved his len longevity, and us our current tobi.: a pseudonym that is a direct slap in the face to the douche who caused it all; senju tobirama


  164. Hey guys it been a while since I commented, but I see my theory might come true that Madara brother never died just by taking out one eye. And it seem that the real Madara died after the rinnegan was giving to Naguto, because those that are brought back by edo remembers until the point of there death. If its not Madara brother we can look at the example of Sarori how he left his body and put his life force and chakra in a canister, and just maybe the real Madara put his being inside the Zetsu blog that he uses to rapair his clone Toni. Just some of my thoughts and I can’t wait until next week.

  165. Kabuto wouldn’t have had to find Madara and Madara’s cells… because if Tobi was a clone that’s all he would need. Crazy… How did the 4th hokage kind of kill tobi… and why did that madara have short hair where the madara that helped itachi had the sterio-typical long hair? this was a few years later in the time line.

  166. @Minatofan:

    Chief Toad barely defeated the One Tail Beast. He was almost taken out by his Air Bullets, and had to stop the influence of the Tailed Beast over Gaara, not actually defeat/tame it like Naruto/First Hokage/Madara did. No summon is at the level of a Tailed Beast.

  167. @UchihaTheInfamous

    dude i agree with ??????
    as manda not even comparable to a Bijuu, they are completely different entity.

    hmmm i see.

  168. Yet let’s not forget that chief Toad did sit on a full powered Kyuubi and contained him for a time, a summon is only as effective as its user, Naruto did not know how to work with the chief Toad well, yet someone like the Fourth used him effectively to help against the Kyuubi, strength is relative when it comes to summons, relative to their user.

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