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One Piece Chapter 641- The Fish, The Ship, and The Rubberman

Possibly the most interesting cliff hanger that we had in a One Piece chapter ever since the Fishman Island arc started. After a two weeks wait this chapter put us right back into this huge problem of Noah heading towards FI. To be honest I was more interested in the fights of the rest of the SH pirates than this situation of Noah and Luffy vs Hody. Don’t get me wrong I want to see Luffy fight but not against Hody, but when Prince Fukaboshi said “I know Hody’s True Form” this got me pumped and now my mind is going through hundreds of theories on this True Form?

The Ship

Noah the largest ship in One Piece so far, we already know that and Oda has expressed this fact ever since Noah was introduced. But what exactly is the purpose of Noah? My theory was that it will be the ship which will carry the Fishman race to the surface, now I have mixed feelings about this idea. Because this chapter again exaggerates the importance of Noah; for one King Neptune asks his children to do everything possible to stop the movements of Noah. And now we know that it should not be moved until “that person” comes.  I think this great person is Joy Boy, remember how Robin was reading the poneglyph and there was an apology  and Joy Boy was involved. But Neptune states that this promise was made centuries ago, so how possibly can this person be alive? There could be two possibilities: it could be that this promise was passed on through the generations until the promised day comes or it could be that the person is still alive which I highly doubt. All in all, this Joy Boy and Noah are becoming more mysterious the more they are included into this arc.

 The Rubberman

We all know how powerful Luffy has become and if you have not noticed here is his accomplishments so far since the two years. He was able to single handily take down a pacifist, just with his will he was able to take down 50,000 Fishman pirates and was easily able to take down Hody who keeps getting back up and now is given a Fishman a hard time underwater. But this week he wanted to smash a ship that is half the size of a country. Knowing Luffy, he never says something that he is not able to do, so I think that Luffy has something that powerful that is able to smash Noah. The technique that I could see him pulling of on Noah is Third Gear Gatling Gun.  If Luffy ever pulls a technique like that, I think that no one can block it. And now he is able to volcanize his skin, this ability of his is very mysterious and we still have not been introduced to its strengths and weakness.

The Fish

By now you all should know how I feel about Hody, possibly the most disappointing character in One Piece as in his strengths. I thought that he would be this all powerful Fishman that will give Luffy a hard time, but now he is underwater in his field of expertise and he can’t even finish off Luffy who is weak underwater. I felt like Luffy should of ended Hody a long time ago and moved on to the New World, but now Oda has dragged on Hody’s character long enough. And what do you know? Oda does it again, sparking of a new interest in me for Hody. We are left of in this chapter by the quotes “Hody’s True Form”. It could be that he ishalf human half Fishman. But than again there is not a lot of conceivable evidence that he is. It could be that one of his parents was killed by humans and the other by Fishman, since he was an orphan. Or it could be that he is just pure evil that enjoys people suffering. All these theories can be wrong or right, but one thing I know is that Oda never disappoints; which just makes me more interested into want to read the next chapter and solve this new mystery of Hody.

Side Notes:

  • Hody is really given the Prince brothers a beating.
  • Luffy once again uses that vulcanization technique.
  • What is happening with the rest of the SH?

The Dark Doctor



11 Responses

  1. Vulcanization as the hardening Haki form right? Maybe Hodi is a royal, betrayed for humans?

  2. @ Tawuya-sama
    vulcanisation is a chemical process for converting rubber into a more durable material so its like hardening rubber
    I personally think talking about hody right now is a waste off manga pages, enough talking has bin done in this arc and its time for action maybe at the end of the fight then we can go back into talk, i personally was kinda disapointed with this chapter because all it gave was alot of meaningless info and at the end of the day nothig really happed

  3. @jdogg and anyone eles that read this

    Out off all luffy’s creaw mates, who do you think luffy done the most for?
    like how he saved nami from a life of slavery under arlong and so on

  4. @legendrykid
    I would say Robin, he saved her from the marines

  5. true but luffy saved brook from a life stuck in the shadows without friends

  6. yeah but robin was probably going to be executed. even if he was stuck in the shadows, brook was still “alive”

  7. @Legendrykid and kaio, All of the SH childhood or some point in their life was sad. Zoro best friend dies, Nami’s adoptive mother gets killed in front of her, Sanji almost starved to death, Chopper was hated by both humans and dears, Ussop mother dies, Robin’s whole family and friend gets killed right in front of her, Franky’s father figure gets killed in front of him, and Brook was all alone for years. All of them had a harsh life growing up and ever since they met Luffy their life, personality and character became happier. But I think that the most impact Luffy had was on Robin.

    I have to agree with Kaio Luffy helped Robin the most not because she was about to get killed by the marines, (Zoro was about to be killed by the marines but Luffy saved him. This happened in the beginning of One Piece.) But Robin was at a very weak emotional state. She was depressed, heart broken and did not have a friend in the world. In fact the only friend she had was killed in front of her. This lead Robin to the point where she did not care if she live or die. But Luffy has impacted her by his great friendship that she decides that she wants to live and travel with the SH. Basically Luffy has changed Robin from this depressed girl to the happy going Robin we know now.

  8. Thanks for the second half off that comment jdogg…lol ino they hav all had dramatic experiance at one point but what i kinda ment is who needed luffy the most

  9. I would have to say that its Robin because of the situation she was in. Her desperation for friendship was most likely the highest out of the whole SH and that she needed some one like Luffy as a friend.

  10. fair enough, i think brook tho, i mean robbin could hav somehow went and meet luffys dads people but brook….his condiction the way he looks, just everything, luffy is the only person in the world that could hav truly saved him not 2 mention his dream to find laboon luffy rekindle

  11. the time skip happened, so now we get to see luffy kick ass animated style now. Shame naruto anime is no where near the manga.

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