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Naruto Chapter 558 – Everything’s Going to be Alright?

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hiyo everyone, Bob is back with a Naruto review this week. I missed last week’s review because of work but at the same time after reading 557 I didn’t feel that there was that much to write about. Sure, Gaara used a neat trick learned from his father’s gold dust technique to beat the former Mizukage’s exploding clone, but it was all explained in plain English and nothing new was really introduced. As much as I love Gaar-centric chapters, It’s sad to say that last chapter was pretty average for a non-Naruto-centric chapter. This chapter, though it has not introducing anything profoundly mind-blowing, has presented enough new morsels of information and mystery to keep us readers guessing and wanting more.

– Number 1 on the list is the return of the enigmatic Muu character. Remember when Naruto helped seal him a couple of chapters ago and Muu was trying to communicate something prior to being sealed…. Well that something was important.
– Muu’s splitting technique is more than just a clone jutsu according to Kabuto, it is super fast and requires no hand seals – which can help explain why no one detected it including the Tsuchikage. Muu also has a non-detectable chakra signature, but you could argue that Naruto should still be able to sense his location while in his new mode. However, Naruto’s “life detection” technique is based on sensing the good/evil intent of the individual – perhaps Muu had none of those feelings because he held no emotions for the people he was forced to fight.
– I like Kishi’s decision to bring Muu back into the fight. He is such a powerful yet mysterious force on the battlefield, you can’t help but want to learn more about him. Furthermore, all the kages from the previous generation appear to unanimously respect his power, so I’m dying to learn about his past and how it shaped the history of the ninja world.
– Muu’s summon – it must be something pretty powerful if it was put in at the cliffhanger after Naruto exclaims everything’s going to be alright. It’s placement suggests that by next chapter, everything is going to shit. Well, maybe not that bad but it’s going to be significant. My question is whether it will be one of Muu’s own summons or something Kabuto has prepared… one of his Edo Tensei trump cards perhaps?
– Speaking of Kabuto, why hasn’t Itachi found him and kicked his ass yet?
– Some have complained in the past about how overpowered the undead Raikage was… but consider this, the Naruto that defeated him turned out to be just a clone… one clone out of maybe several dozen, meaning it had a fraction of the power of the real Naruto yet was still able to defeat one of the strongest fighters in history. I don’t think Naruto has much to fear from Sasuke in terms of power level at this point.
– With Naruto’s clones spread out in so many battlefronts, I bet he’s going to gain tons of experience when he releases them all. Remember when Naruto was learning to use his wind chakra and was using hundreds of clones to boost his experience gained – this is very similar and each clone has so much more skill/knowledge to pass on to Naruto. The only thing to worry about is the cumulative fatigue Naruto will also receive, but with the kyuubi chakra backing him up, it may be no problem at all.
– Naruto must be getting such a nice ego boost this chapter after pretty much turning the tide of war all by himself. He also simultaneously saved the two girls of his life, Hinata and Sakura, racking up big points with each. This little pimp is on a roll!

50 Responses

  1. First 😀

  2. This chapter just prove my point about how over powerfull naruto has come in the short space off time he has bin given training, he has the man power to fight the war on his own…..and your right about how naruto cant detect muu….cause the mummy dude dont hav any intentions at all

  3. Dos X

  4. ‘the little pimp is on a roll!’ lmao go naruto ^_^

  5. Loved the laugh at the end. Great Review

  6. Back in the day, Naruto was the underdog, whereas sasuke was the genius, that has changed, some people like that, other dont.

  7. the 6th coffin is the uzumaki leader i hope. it will all be revealed next week on my birthday!!! i think of next chapter as a birthday gift from kishi

  8. @ Polytox
    I wouldnt say its changed- id say naruto finally caught up with angry uchiha thanks to that ice cold orange fox juice! The 2 of them are equal powerwise whereas all the other rookies look like genin compared to them!

    So it looks like Muu is the last kage standing – he did look the coolest out of all of em!! The uzumaki leader needs to make an appearance and clear up the whole mystery of where the heck they’ve been all this time!! Somehow i dont see kishi finishing this manga next year tbh We havent even seen Dan’s ghost technique yet!!!!

    Itachi should reach Kabuto in about 3-4 chapters time- looking forward to this battle! Special red eyes vs Snake boy junior for the heavyweight naruto title!! lol

    P.S Someone kill one of the good guys – this war’s been going on for months and not 1 meaningful death.

    One piece war- Ace and Whitebeard died (Both of them should have lived tbh)

    Bleach war – Gin died (Tosen did aswell but he was an idiot!)

    Naruto war – Everyone lives!!!!

  9. I also realized Naruto is defeating these powerful shinobi with only his clones and gaining a great amount of experience. I just can’t wait to see what Muu is about to summon. It has to be something very powerful for Kabuto to focus all his power on him. I also can’t wait for Itachi to kick Kabuto’s ass. I honestly don’t think Kabuto is going to get killed by Itachi in fact I hope he doesn’t but I do believe Itachi is going to succeed in cancelling the Edo Tensei technique. I am just waiting for something big to happen. I want someone to die on the alliance side other than the nameless characters that we don’t care about.

  10. As far as i know when the edo zombies is in a certain mode then you have no emotions is that right?

  11. Gin is NOT dead… he just pulled one of his disappearing acts.

  12. Prediction:

    Muu summons some massive thing that cleans house until Itachi comes and cancel the edo jutsu.

    Muu is sealed, war proceeds.

    The end.

    Summation of the next 3-5 chapters.

    ~The Infamous One

  13. lol uchiainfo dude, Well thats the obvious approach hey but who knows! why didnt he do that at the start of the fight with onoki and Gaara if it was that easy.

  14. @Tawuya
    Gin is out of here – shame tho coz no one else can handle rangiku’s massive….ego….!! Lol

  15. Because it’s Naruto, and nothing is done easy, lol.

  16. 1) Sakura is still worthless ¬_¬
    2) OMG! Where is Kakashi? @_@

    As I see, Kabuto has 3 things available now: A) his trump card, B) the six coffin and C) “that” special jutsu that he claimed would make him invincible and I’m sure it’s not an edo tensei.

    So Kabuto will use a wireless connection to summon some whack summon, someone that should be more powerful than Nagato? WTF? I told you that the next weeks are gonna be very interesting. What do you guys think?

  17. Decent ch. Its cool muu is is about to summon something crazy and all but im more interested in naruto meeting up with kakashi.

  18. What I want to know is… Did Naruto save Hinata and Sakura at the same time? if so… Which was the *real* Naruto… because that would mean that is where his heart lies… Hinata or Sakura? =D

  19. I’m glad that itachi hasn’t found kabuto yet, cause i don’t believe he’ll be able to beat him. Honestly, I hope he runs into sasuke first.

  20. @Guruku
    The real Naruto is with B… http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/23606060/10

  21. @jokey boy

    That would be a badass twist, I can “imagine him” as a powerfull character with immense chakra reserves and stamina, with the ability to control or tame the nine tails, probably from Hashirama/madara time, having ALOT of respect from the latter one, which I think fits into the “6 coffin” stuff…..

    @Tensa Gizzla,
    Yeah, but Naruto was more about perseverance whereas sasuke was the genius “cursed” with his lineage, right now we found who naruto really is, with both are achieving immense power at such young age, something that many dont like.

  22. @Guruku

    The real Naruto is with Bee in Fox Mode. They showed a panel of him after Gaara asked where the real him was.

  23. This was a very interesting chapter. Whatever Muu summon will be at half the power as Kabuto mention that since his other half got sealed away by Gaara.

    Naruto learned his first forbidden justu years ago and is using it the way it was intend, with is great charka reserve and the nine tails charka, this is a piece of cake to him. To see just clones defeating pervious generation powerheads – the real one is total bad@$$. Can’t wait for the Naruto and Sasuke Showdown.

    As sone are looking at the love affair between Sakura and Hinata but if you look at the words he said to each. I think Hinata got a better response from someone who is theirs. “Sorry for running late, everything’s alright now” – that’s something I could hear Minato saying

    I think the first death that will be major to the alliance will be the Tsuchikage because his refusal to go get medical treatment. He will push himself to the limit to take on the summon and have a failure back problem.


  24. if it is the uzumaki leader then he could teach naruto some sealing tech. that are extremely powerful. it would make since that madara would fear him.

  25. i think of the uzumaki leader as someone who is just to badass for his age

    kinda like the old man from the karate kid(not the new one with jackie chan)

  26. The 6th coffin having a cool old uzumaki is just wat this manga needs to further shake things up! It makes sense for Madara to fear him- he could be the only guy strong enough to seal away the sharingan/rinnegan combo an force him to just use taijutsu to fight! Just realised all the important edo’s are nearly wiped out so they’ll be no baddies left to kill anyone unless Madara an his 6 paths go completely nuts on that battlefield……

  27. @ Jokey – MR Miagi <_< Wax on…. Wax Off 😛

  28. @ Tensa – Uzumaki in Shippuden is like Uchiha was to part one <_< we thought its rare special and over powered, but it gotten common… I would hate if its an Uzumaki, really its over done now, Kishi will kill it soon

  29. @pein im not exactly sure how uzumaki is common….. from what we know the only uzumakis in part 2 were naruto and nagato (who we only found out to be uzumaki only recently)…. thats it. Meanwhile uchiha had itachi sasuke madara and sharingans galore. If anything more uzumakis i think would be some fresh air.

  30. Imagine if the 6th coffin mystery has the SOSP younger son in it! What would really be a twist if it was Hyuga or even a Hatake……wait kakashi doesn’t have a clan *sigh*

  31. What if Kakashi was an Uzumaki *collective gasp*, just kidding, lol

  32. Now that yo mention it, kinda strange that kakashis father was not reivived….

  33. @ Token – Uzumaki in part one was an unknown, Chunin Exams etc no one was like “wow a Uzumaki” the powerful clan was Uchiha but now, everyone is like, Uzumaki was a super powerful clan of legend, though they where just ignored in part one, no consistancy.

    Naruto and Nagato where Uzumaki, but we learnt that they where actually a whole Hidden Village with powerful seals and SO6P techniques etc, this is what makes them “common” now, its like Kishi wanted an excuse to over power naruto, his sensing ability also comes from his Uzumaki Blood.

    What annoys me now, is that they now seem to appear out the wood work while in part one they where never mentioned, Madara was hinted at the beginning of Part 2 etc and Itachi and Sasuke been around since part 1…

  34. Well uzumakis were not mentioned much cause honestly not many people knew about them. Most of the generation that did know about uzumakis r gone ie those around the time of the third. All that we know about them r from kishina and those around that time frame so its only realistic that in part 1 with the younger generation not much was known of them

  35. WTF?

    pein0avenue, Naruto’s sensory ability comes from his usage of both Sage Mode and Kyuubi Mode. Not from his blood. Get your facts right. And where in the manga does it say the Uzumaki’s have SO6P Techniques? It just says they have longevity and great sealing techniques.

    There a grand total of THREE Uzumaki’s introduced in the manga. Naruto, his mother, and Nagato. Anyone who says the Uzumaki’s are overpowered and over-exposed should kindly shut up and read the manga.

    If anything, it would be lovely to see more Uzumaki exposure, dealing with the mechanics of Sealing Techniques and, much more importantly, Nagato’s history.

  36. @pein0avenue and ??????

    Naruto’s sensory abilities (that are complete hax, imo) come from the Nine Tailed Fox’s power to detect negative emotions. http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Negative_Emotions_Sensing

    Mito had them too since she also conquered the Fox. http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/545

  37. Your forgetting the First’s wife was an Uzumaki who also had the power to sense emotions and negativity. So that would make FOUR Uzumaki’s.

  38. @ Token – Still when Neji and Naruto fought it was like “Oooh the amazing Hyuuga Clan…” and when Sasuke came on it was like “The Uchiha Clan Amazing” but never was there a moment, from the new or old generation that Uzumaki was even mentioned. When you look at it Kishina was an Uzumaki and the Jinchuriki of the Village so she should of been sort of known but most of all the 1st Hokage’s Wife was also an Uzumaki, she would also be commonly known in history of Konoha at least…

    Technically the clan was also not just destroyed, some of its members fled and ended up in Konoha and the Rain Village, it wasn’t a genocide like the Uchiha…

    @ ????? – Wow, came the hell down… Firstly, Sage Mode Sensing and his Good and Evil sensing are completely Different, one doesn’t actually have anything to do with the other… Mito Uzumaki was also the host but we don’t know how exactly she learnt to sense negative emotions or why the hell Naruto can, it was never mentioned before or built to, it just happened… <_<

    The story went from being about the hatred of the Uchiha and Senju to the now, Hatred of the Younger Brother and Older Brother and Distant Cuzzy that we never heard of, or seemed to matter till this point <_<

    Also if Mito was the first wife then that would mean she was Tsunade's great grand mother, which means the entire plot of part one, Naruto being a no one with nothing special (except his curse) never to become Hokage is now, its like he been destined all along to be the hokage… Son of the 4th, Uzumaki Power up etc, Bell Test! So in the end Neji was right all along you can't fight destiny since this was all now Naruto's destiny 😛

  39. No, that’s not just a simple sensory ability. The emotion detection ability is from the 9-tails. Sage Mode has more traditional sensory abilities, amplified by a great degree, you remember at the start of Naruto vs Pein, he literally sensed all of Kohana and could sense that Kakashi was dead.

  40. http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/94539395/1


    I have to give mad props to the people here for their predictions of who was in the 6th Coffin.


  41. I am just fan-gasming all over the place.

    Shit is about to get real. Naruto better run.

  42. LOOOOL this is gona be epic! the man himself! but why did he mention nagato???!!!

  43. wooow that chapter was awesome altough I allready thought so about toby

  44. tobi=obito

  45. Now i just wanna go on record to say that i tried to tell everyone that the guy behind the MASK was not Madara, but someone else, not many would believe me, but i tried to tell them, i tried, smh. Well it now feels good to finally have the truth revealed. The Truth About Tobi

  46. @legendary kid I was thinking the same thing. It seems he knew nagato when he was a kid but if that was the case he had to have lived longer than konoha expected as nagato really wasnt that old by comparision.

  47. @the truth alot of people on this site didnt think it really was (too much info to say he wasnt as those closest to him never acknowledged his true identity) in fact if i remember only a few people really thought it was him. If it was him under the mask i would have been pissed lol cause that would have taken away alot of the suspense for me.

  48. i knew it but just didnt want to believe it

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