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Its out! Naruto, Bleach, One Piece Chapters!

Naruto Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/23606060/1

Bleach chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/31310421/1

One Piece Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/59032007/1


27 Responses

  1. What an ass pull, Naruto is able to sense “evil” within zetsus clones, but not the Muu´s splitting technique……

    Glad he is alive though, I wonder who or what that summon is going to be,

  2. Maybe because he senses Evil intensions not the Chakra like in Sage mode and Muu is being controlled against his will…
    He was a clone after all…reason for still acting cocky!

  3. muu lived up to his reputation as the one who rivals mizukage.
    Glad that mummy fella still left with screen time.

    since his appearance there was s’thing very mysterious abt him( now very much cleared with Kabuto using “THAT” abt him.)

    Still very sad on seeing one of the once coolest and strongest ninja (NEJI) struggling with regular army.
    How come once considered to be stronger Kekkei Genkai than sharingan losing his edge in actual battles.

  4. Ass i said before naruto is now so strong and outa everyone league that he can fght this dam war on his own…
    i cant belive geneious’s like neji r now so below naruto now that he isnt even fit to shine his kunai

  5. Kishi is making Neji seem so weak! I’m sick of seeing naruto show up every 2 mins to every battle **goes to watch One Piece – Zoro vs Kuma

  6. You know what I am actually liking the way Naruto series is going.
    Because we finally get to see Naruto actually being the main person where people will depend on him, just like a kage who his village needs him. Now people might think that he is way over powered, think about it he has the Nine-Tails power now under full control he should be this powerful, so I am not surprised at how powerful he has become. Now some people were saying about how he is so young yet so powerful, but than again so was Itachi, I mean Itachi was only a kid when he became black ops status, so its not surprising that Naruto is at the kage level right now. And I especially liked how powerful his clones have become individually, no more those useless clones that are there for diversion, but they can actually hold their own against formidable opponents.

    On to Neji, hes not as weak as people have being saying. Look he has being fighting for a whole day with little rest he must be worn out right now. But I will agree with people that compared to the Sharigian and the Ringge, the Bakyguan looks like a little kids toy when compared to those two, which is why it pisses me off about this whole eye power stuff, because I remember that technically the Bakyguna was supposed to be stronger than the shariagan. I just feel like Kishi needs to improve the power of the Bakyguana more because it is the coolest eye out of the three and the most interesting one. The sharigan is way overestimated and over used in Naruto, the Renga is in its own league its to powerful. But I still believe in Kishi and he will give Neji more screen time and hopefully fulfill my faith in the Bakyguana again.

    Bleach was right to the punch, epic but fast fight. it was over before it begin.

    One Piece was One Piece, expect my analysis by tomorrow afternoon.

    Sorry for the grammar.

  7. I don’t consider Neji weak and he doesnt look to be struggling either…it is just a bad situation for non-sensor ninja knowing who to attack and who not to because they might be your friend!

  8. muu was using a summon jutsu at the end right? Any thoughts as to what it might be? Could it be something of muu’s design,and/or possibly kabuto’s “trump” card?

    I’m not sure if naruto’s fight with the kages were happening around the same time or not, but did yall notice that one of his clones was using sage mode, while the other(s) was in kyuubi mode? I wonder what kind of combinations he can do if he summoned shadow clones facing sasuke using different modes…….

    And while on the subject of naruto i wouldn’t be sucking naruto off yet just because the kages were beaten facing naruto clones. Muu is no where near finished yet, naruto had to get outside help in dealing with the raikage, the mizukage was gaara’s victory alone, but even then him and oonki had to push thier limits AFTER mizukage telling how his justsus work and how to defeat him. I’m not sure how many clones are out there but all of them has the same skills and jutsus as the original, just less chakra to work with. We’ve already known his chakra reserves and endurance are on inhuman levels with his chakra as well as the near limitless supply of the kyuubi. Naruto is really strong, true, but he’s not overpowered, at least compared to other characters like the 3rd raikage, nagato, madara etc..

    That fact that naruto didn’t sense muu is disturbing, though perhaps he just thought it was over an didn’t pay attention, or Muu can make himself undetectable, or there’s not much to sense as far as emotions in dead people. After all, other than the zetsu clones, he so far only used his senses to find his friends, not his zombie enemies.

  9. Naruto is using his clones now the way they were meant to be used, the reason it was on that forbidden scroll he stole years ago.

  10. @jdogg
    itachi was powerfull but in a smart way
    he was gifted, he was born tht way in a sence and his power wasnt emposed on the naruto world
    naruto on the other had power stuff down his throat literelly as well, he went from this drop out to the most powerfull character in the series in 2 short off a time

    ok lets break it down
    rock lee+naruto=drop out+works hard
    naruto would kick all there buts togther hands down

  11. you guys hav to edmit….the fact that we want to see less of naruto is a bad thing in everyones eyes
    being a uchiha gives u to much of a advantage in the ninja world

  12. @jdogg
    i cant believe luffy has the ability or think he does to destroy noahs ark and it looks like sharp objects can still effect him
    personally i think they prolonging this fight long enuff and i pray to god we dont get another flash bk into hody past….plz god no…i just want this ark to finish already and see the strw-hats in the new world

  13. you know what grinds my gears? the fact that this site has not been updated in nearly a year. why is chapter 505 still the latest chapter update for this site? come on, get with the program.

    anyway, i like the fact naruto saved hinata in this chapter, but i was hoping for a minato-like save. then again, he did save sakura as well. naruto needs to make up his mind already.

  14. @Legendarykid, I get what you mean about Itachi, but I was just trying to make a point that age and experience are not a value in Naruto. For example, Sasuke was able to beat Danzo who has an unbelievable amount of experience but lost to a 16 year old kid. But I agree Itachi was one of a kind, same goes with Minato.

    About Luffy, you got to realize that Luffy is Luffy, once he sets his goal he goes for it. So its not surprising that he would try to smash Noah.

    @Jon, I realized that about Naruto saving Hinata was kind of foreshadowing something in my opinion.

  15. @legendary kid
    i disagree with “being a uchiha gives u to much of a advantage in the ninja world”
    its been shown that even among uchiha activating a sharingan is rare. and there also not every uchiha is strong. as stated by granny puppet master from suna ” an uchiha is not so special on battlefield”.

  16. dont people remember that when muu was first introduced that he was undetectable. muu has that ability, as previously mentioned in earlier manga episodes, so i would assume that is why naruto can’t sense him? perhaps naruto will need to go into sage mode to have a better chance to sense him.

  17. i think the reason naruto didn’t sensed Muu back then is because the other half of muu was dead and he just regenerate now.
    even in Sage mode naruto will not be able to sense Muu since Muu can have Zero Chakra.

  18. On the page where Gaara completes sealing Kage, what do you think he meant, after called said him and Naruto made good duo, when he said, “I see…”. In Mangareader he says “Really?” is this just random blurb I’m reading too much into?

  19. Also loved the Naruto save of Hinata pic, reminiscent of when she saved him from Pain while he was pinned down…

  20. This chapter just proves how powerful Naruto really is now. That Planetary Rasengan damage still hasn’t regenerated on Muu.

  21. @manish
    Didn’t granny puppet master say that the sharingan is deadly in battle an that if fighting one on one u run if u attack from behind u’ll stand a better chance?!

  22. Really, as said multiple times in the series, a weapon is only as strong as its wielder.

  23. @manishuchiha,

    The Uchiha: Were said to have powerful chakra, exceptionally strong techniques, and natural aptitude for anything combat-related and thats without activating the sharringan

    Sharingan: see the flow of chakra vast increase in perception( im not even going to go into wht tht gives u on a battle field, it grants the user the ability to memorise almost any technique that the person witnesses and it also gives the wielder brand of hypnosis
    btw that wasnt even mangekyo Sharingan

    now put all that togther and u get a powerfull ninja, ofcourse not to the lvl of itachi sasuke and madara

  24. Naruto can’t sense Muu because he wasn’t in kyuubi chaker mode.

  25. I know that many people may have already realized this but Naruto really has gotten strong. I say his because these Kage who are supposed to be among the strongest in the world and none of them are able to defeat Naruto’s clones. Remember, the clones are only a fraction of the users power so the real Naruto should be even stronger.

  26. actually yellow flash the clones has the same fighting power as the original

  27. actually seems like ur right

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