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Naruto Chapter 561 – Overpowered

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Chapter 561 did a good job of showing us just how broken the Edo Tensei Madara really is. It seems like he has every powerful ability in his arsenal and then some. Mangekyou Sharingan, the Rinnegan and now the Wood Elemental powers of the First Hokage… if Kabuto had pulled out Madara from the very start of the war, it might have been over already. With an enemy this powerful, according to the laws of shonen manga, a named character needs to sacrifice himself to defeat it. We saw this with the Third Hokage, Jiraiya and Asuma, now it looks like the Tsuchikage needs to step up to the plate.

Still, I’m getting the feeling that Kishi will have the true Madara stick around for a bit, at least until things with the imposter Madara (Tobi) are cleared up. Kabuto, it seems, has aligned himself with the true Madara all along and even knows what his goals are. It was foolish for Tobi to ally himself with Kabuto in the first place, but I guess he was strong armed into it when Kabuto pulled out Madara’s coffin. But if I were Tobi, I would have tried to find a way to kill Kabuto while he was preoccupied with controlling the Edo Tensei summons, or sick Sasuke on him or something. He knew Kabuto would turn on him eventually, yet still let the guy do as he wants throughout this war. Pretty much the majority of Tobi’s firepower is being provided by Kabuto’s Edo Tensei summons, heck even his personal goon squad of summoned Jinchuurikis are Kabuto’s and can be commanded to turn on him in a second. I hope Tobi has some backup plans, because things are going to get wild pretty soon. But this situation has created a great opportunity as well… the possibly to witness Tobi and Madara face off against each other. It will be the first time we may see a Rinnegan vs Rinnegan battle.

Oonoki and Gaara did a great job in a very clinch moment to at least try to slow down Madara’s meteor drop. The second one dropping was just plain hacks, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from an Uchiha :p But I have to also wonder why more people in the army didn’t take defensive measures too. We saw earlier how rock users could collectively form a very strong barrier to protect against mass damage attacks – couldn’t they have tried the same trick or create a bunch of trenches in the ground for people to shelter in at least? Rather than defensive measures, the order was for everyone to just run like crazy and get as far as possible, not the best use of an army of elemental jutsu users in my opinion, but it does make Gaara and Oonoki look more heroic.

Lastly, Madara’s wood elemental powers. As Kabuto hypothesized, even though he was losing the battle against the First Hokage in their final encounter, he did gain some of his opponent’s power. How Madara managed to copy/absorb a bloodline limit ability is unknown, because as we all know one of the limitations of the Sharigan’s copy ability is that it cannot copy bloodline abilities. And I would think the same would apply to a Mangekyou Sharingan. Madara also said he awakened his Rinnegan around the same time before his death, so perhaps it was the Rinnegan that allowed him to obtain the First’s powers. Madara also checks under his shirt in this chapter to confirm whether Kabuto has summoned him with “something” (I can think of a couple of crude jokes here but I’ll be good)… I’m wondering if part of Madara’s body has the First’s cells infused in him, or maybe it’s something different entirely that will surprise us later on. Another thing to note on is that Madara said “our plan” in this chapter, so that confirms that even after Madara’s death there was a person or group who were working to bring him back and fulfill their “plan.” Kabuto also suggests that Tobi might not be supportive of the true Madara’s plan…. My guess is that Tobi was originally the one who was going to bring back Madara, but along the way decided to take on Madara’s identity and tried to fulfill his own goals. But now that the real slimy shady is back, he’ll have some explaining to do 😛


One Piece Chapter 644- Start Over

Read One Piece chapter.

Well here we are again, with another One Piece chapter that brings an excitement to the story. For one we get a fast flash of Hody’s life, Prince Fukaboshi confession of having hate towards humans and begs Luffy to save the day. And Luffy does what he does best; shows us a new mesmerizing move. So without further or do let’s get on with this week’s chapter.

Hody’s past

I must say that Hody’s past is sad and in a way I piety his character because he is a victim of hatred; A Victim of war, a child that will inherit the hatred of the adults leading him to have a psychotic mentality.  You must admit you got to have a little piety towards Hody, all this time I thought he is a pyscho who likes to see people get hurt. But after that flashback, I got to say I really piety what has caused Hody to become what he is now. A soulless person that had hatred implanted in their beliefs.

Why Hate?

This chapter just goes to prove how children are so fragile they are personality wise. In this case, Hody grew up as an orphan with no real father or mother figure, while Luffy who even though didn’t have the support of his parents, had the support of his grandfather, his two adopted brothers, and the bandits as a kid and the people in his hometown. What I am trying to say is that they both grew up in different environments as kids; one grew up with adults that preach about how to hate the humans and how horrible they are, while the other grew up in a nice loving environment. If the situation was reversed we could easily see that Hody would become a loving caring fishman while Luffy will become a cruel human.

It’s just amazing how I am reading a fictional story yet the story feels so really. This is one of the reasons Oda has the reputation of being one of the best of the best, truly deserving of his states. My hat goes to him this week for changing my perception of Hody. (I still think that Hody is a psychotic crazy bastard that deserved what was coming for him.) But the way he was grown to be, no child should of growing up like that.

Luffy’s New Power

Ever since One Piece had its time skip, us the viewers were just nagging to see how the Strawhats improved and every week we get a little glimpse of their power. It is like Oda is teasing us and killing us with excitement every chapter. Ever time luffy attacks he shows a new move, so far he has never repeated the same move twice and the same thing goes for the rest of the SH. Every time they show up they are pulling of some amazing moves but its such a tease because we only get glimpse of their power. But than again this is what keeps One Piece fresh, because think about it, if Oda was to show the full extant of the Strawhat Pirates powers, than in the next arc it would not be as fresh as it would be when its brand new.(Do you guys get what I mean?) Also the NFP are not a strong opponent for the SH anyways. But the move Luffy pulled of this weak was epic. A true testament of how creative and skilled is.

Mixing haki with his gear second speed to make it go aflame but the most interesting thing is the name of the attack. Ever since the war, we really don’t know how Luffy feels about Ace death, other than sadness. But now we see that he very much remembers his brother and even incorporates Ace’s attack name to be his own. If Ace was still alive he would be smiling and saying “Yep, that’s my no good little brother” with laughter. It just goes to show how Luffy never forgets any one and will help anyone that he considers his friends. Now after that attack, will Hody actually get up? But than again we did get to see his flashback, which is a phenomenon in manga stories that the character is about to die or lose the fight.

Side Notes:

  • Fukaboshi is such a wimp.
  • How far has Luffy really exceeded as in power?
  • So the way they will stop Noah is by engulfing it in a air bubble. I never thought about that.
  • A new start for Fishman Island does sound nice.
  • What exactly is the origin of the Steriod Pills.

Fire Fist Ace

Its Out! Naruto, One Piece and Bleach Chapters!

Naruto Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/23677185/1

One Piece Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/82338206/1

Bleach Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/99409630/1

One Piece Chapter 643-Soul Power

I most apologize for the late post, but I don’t want to bore you with my troubles, so lets get on with this weeks chapter. The beginning of the chapter had me so pumped but than the ending kind of ruined it for me. And I think I speak for ever one here when I say that the whole concept of Hody is getting very repetitive and boring, though something got my attention during this chapter that Hody is a new bred of bad guys in One Piece.

Hody the Psycho

So the true form of Hody is that he is just a psycho who wants to see people suffer that he has no absolute goal. Like I was saying that Hody is a new bred of antagonists. So far the SH have been facing people who even though they are the bad guys they had a certain goal that made sense. For example, the main antagonist of the SH are the Marines and the Blackbeard pirates; the Marines want order in the world while Blackbeard wants to rule the world. Hody on the other hand has no goal but to cause panic and chaos that like of which of a pure evil being. That cannot be reasoned with and the only way to stop them is by force and Luffy has all the force to stop Hody. But it will be easy to see how the SH and Fishman Island will deal with Hody once he is defeated because I think that he will never stop trying to destroy Fishman Island. So how would you deal with some one who cannot be reasoned with?

Robin Two Times

I think Oda likes to prove me wrong because last week I talked about how we wont get to see Robin in action, but we got a glimpse at her new power. A power that is very interesting and mysterious. Robin can now fully and partially replicate her self. Now what is the extant of this power? Let me give you a 101 on Robin’s ability. We know that she can replicate certain parts of her body mainly her arms, but after the time skip she shows that she can replicate her whole body. The downfall of this ability is that what ever harm is done to that specific replicated body part will be returned to the original Robin. So the question is that if she fully replicates herself and that replication is harmed will that damage be returned to the original body?

Ussop the Brave

Possibly the most entertain fighter of the SH as in tactics and comical relief is Ussop, but now he shows that he can no longer lie about him being strong or that he has thousand of soldiers. Ussop has become an honest warrior who will show his strength in combat than his strength in coming up with the most outrageous lies.  For example this chapter he shows how crafty he is; this whole time he has been planting his weapons and given Dasuma the idea that he was missing his shots but in reality he was not aiming for Dasuma.If you look at Ussop’s fights you can see that he has a tremendous impact on his opponents into thinking he is just a weakling who uses simple tricks and they end up taking him lightly leaving them vulnerable. I think that Ussop will change in the sense that he will not be this coward who uses lies and runs away from a fight but he will still have that comical relief.

Brook The Phantom

What ever I said bad about Brook in the past I take it back because this guy just became one of the baddest of the bad in just two to three panels of a chapter. Before Brook was not that famous with the fans of One Piece or with me but now I think that Brook has become one of the favorites. I mean he can practically be invisible because only certain people can see him in his soul form and now he can fix his body via his soul form and can generate his soul into his Sword, which ironically is called Soul Sword. But when he does that the sword brings the coldness of the underworld that gives him the ability to freeze whatever he slashes, a truly deserving ability for Brook.  Brook truly has become a Phantom that will terrify his enemies and bring contribute to the power of the SH.

Side Notes:

  • I wonder what Sanji’s reaction will be once he finds out that Robing can replicate herself completely and see two Robins.
  • How will they stop Noah? And how was that conservation between Luffy, Shirahoshi and that fishman being generated?
  • Hody this week scared the crap out of me. Scary face.
  • Seeing how the Strawhats have come along in power level, how would you rank the Strawhats now.

Naruto Chapter 560 – Madara’s Prime

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Another beautiful chapter this week. Why? Because Madara F’ing Uchiha is here, that’s why!  Forget all about the past Edo Tensei summons, they were mere pawns on the battlefield to the power Madara is about to unleash onto the Alliance Army – even Nagato’s much feared Rinnegan powers now seem insignificant to the damage Madara is unleashing.  Speaking of Rinnegan, who could’ve foreseen Madara’s Sharingans being able to evolve into the fabled eyes of the Sage of the Six Paths. This revelation alone brings back a whole new slew of discussions into the fore front.  So let’s start looking at some of the key bits of information unveiled in chapter 560.

–          Madara hinted at it last chapter, but from this chapter we know for sure his resurrection was planned sometime in the past, and the person he referred to as “him” was responsible for carrying it out.  I think we can safely say that “him” is Tobi, but as to how Tobi is related to Madara is still an open discussion.

–          Madara did not expect to be resurrected through the Edo Tensei, he mentioned Nagato last chapter so it’s safe to say he had planned to be brought back through the Rinnegan resurrection technique rather than in this zombie state.

–          Kabuto states that Madara’s resurrection was a special one in that he brought him back in the state beyond what he was in his prime.  At first I thought Kabuto meant that, because at Madara’s death he was injured and exhausted, he had to bring Madara back at full health in order to be useful in combat.  But what Kabuto meant by “prime” became all too clear a few pages into the battle.

–          Madara’s prime refers to the state where he had gone beyond the Mangekyou Sharingan and obtained the Rinnegan.  He himself says that he only awakened the power of the Rinnegan shortly before his death – referring to the final battle against the First Hokage.  In the short battle this chapter, Madara has already demonstrated that he possesses the exact Rinnegan powers that Nagato could use via the Six Paths.  This means that, unlike the Mangekyou Sharingan, possessors of the Rinnegan obtain the same skill set.  So it’s likely that Tobi can use the same powers as Nagato now that he has an Rinnegan implanted.

–          Madara must have known the extents of the power of the Rinnegan even before he obtained them for himself, otherwise how could have planned for his resurrection via Nagato’s Rinnegans prior to his death?  If Madara was power hungry as he has been portrayed by others in the manga, he must have been in pursuit of the Rinnegan his whole life as it is the apex of Sharingan evolution and brings him to a level equal to the Sage of Six Paths.

–          The secrets of Madara’s Rinnegan was also recorded on the Uchiha stone monuments, so the higher ups in the clan must have also been aware of what Madara was able to achieve.  This brings Madara’s battle versus the Hashirama into question because if getting ahold of the Rinnegan had been a central part of his plans all along, then the battle (and his death) played directly into his hand.  Since awakening the Mangekyous require an extreme action (taking his brother’s eyes), then maybe the pre-requisite for the Rinnegan may be even more extreme (to be on the verge of death).  There’s definitely more to Madara’s death we are not aware of, like why did he die if he was able to finally awaken the powerful Rinnegan? I even question the First Hokage’s role in the whole affair since without him, Madara would not have been able to obtain his Rinnegan… It still bothers me that the forbidden Edo Tensei technique, which has been pivotal in the current war, was developed by the Second Hokage…

–          Madara’s last attack is definitely a stunner, but I think someone will come through to stop it.  However, rather than action from Naruto or someone in the alliance, I believe an easier way to halt Madara’s attack is if Itachi is finally able to find Kabuto and bring subdue him.

–          I was also interesting to see Gaara’s sand (made lighter by the Tsuchikage) being able to penetrate Madara’s Susanoo shields and pull him out.  This means that Susanoo is not as impenetrable as we thought, even the great Madara’s version has weak points.  This is all very good information that Naruto and the others can use in the showdown against Sasuke.

ITS out! Naruto, Bleach and One Piece Chapters!

Naruto Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/73851290/1

Bleach Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/46195080/1

One Piece Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/88730115/1

Naruto Chapter 559 – The Real McCoy

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob
Heh, does this week’s chapter even need any summary? If you’re a devoted Naruto fan, you would have read 559 ten times over again just to make sure you didn’t miss anything in this juicy chapter. I mean it’s finally him… Madara F’ing Uchiha! In the zombie-flesh or whatever he’s made of. Forget Naruto fighting on all warfronts, forget Kakashi’s fight versus the Seven Swordsmen, it’s Madara F’ing Uchiha!

Now we know that Tobi is not really Madara, so who is Tobi then? That’s the million dollar question right now. Let’s look at some facts about Tobi and the real Madara:
– Tobi does possess the ability to use a Sharingan, so we would assume he is of the Uchiha bloodline. However, people like Danzo and Kakashi with implanted Sharingan can also use the eye to a degree. We have yet to see Tobi display the full spectrum of the Sharingan’s powers other than the teleportation and phasing abilities, so we can’t for sure say he is of Uchiha blood at this point.
– Tobi partially revealed his face to Sasuke way back, he looked old and I would put him near the age of men like Danzo. That would mean he had lived through the last ninja war but may have been very young when the real Madara was still alive.
– Tobi holds intimate knowledge of the Uchiha clan’s history as well as the reasons behind their demise in Konoha. He had contact with Itachi and may have aided in helping him obtain his Mangekyou Sharingan. So although he is not Madara, he has deep knowledge of both the Uchiha clan and of Konoha.
– The resurrected Madara made an interesting comment upon coming to ‘life.’ He said that Nagato had finally come to age… this might seem strange at first, but remember that other than Edo Tensei, the only other known technique to bring people back from the dead is through the resurrection ability of the Rinnegan. Clearly, Madara was killed in his era, but somehow had arranged for a future Nagato who was skilled with the Rinnegan to use his technique to bring him back. The only problem with this theory is that when Madara died (presumably at the Valley of the End fighting the First Hokage), Nagato should not have been born yet…. So how can he arrange to have someone who doesn’t exist yet in the past to do something in the future?
– One idea is that Tobi is kind of Madara, but just a shell of the real thing created through his MS to carry out this elaborate plan to resurrect himself. Perhaps prior to death, Madara somehow knew a Rinnegan user was to be born in the future and created this ‘ghost’ of himself to arrange it so that he can manipulate Nagato to resurrect him. I remember Tobi stating that the Rinnegan resurrection jutsu that Nagato used on Konoha was meant for him – if Tobi is indeed a ‘copy’ of the real Madara, then it’s understandable why he would say this.
– If your head’s spinning about some of this stuff, don’t worry, mine is too. The biggest hole in this stuff is still the issue of how Madara was able to plan his revival back then and expect it to follow through in the future. Could time travel also be a perk of the Mangekyou Sharingan, that’s a terrifying thought.

That’s it for this week, folks. Chapter 560 will be quite an eye opener I would imagine.