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Its out! Naruto and Bleach chapters!

Naruto Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/33966361/1

Bleach Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/77800490/1

*One Piece is on a break this week*


67 Responses

  1. and alas, we are treated to a battle of chemistry, when exactly did shinobi learned this?? was it between shuriken and body clone training??? maybe, but who cares, gaara whooped ass, and saved a whole bunch of shinobi as well. that jokey boy technique is KILLER, if only kakashi can learn it….

  2. Loving the detail and chemistry put into this fight. Tactics are much more than just fighting smart…sometimes you gotta fight smart with your BSE in Chem.

    Exploding Water clone justu is legit. The 2nd Mizukage is DEFINITELY up there with the 1st and 4th Hokages.

  3. Also I wanna see Suigetsu pull that off. And the Gun jutsu too.

  4. i wanna change my name from madara uchiha to jokey boy lol

  5. A chapter this week!

  6. i hope we get to see some background history on muu and the second mizukage before this is all over. flaskbacks of a battle between them would be the best.

  7. That was a good chapter, it shows how much Gaara has grown and that him being becoming Kazekage wasn’t just because of the Shukaku. He actually is on Kage level and more. I’ve been waiting for this. At first I thought he could manipulate the gold as well, which would have made him even cooler.

    I also thought Kishi was gonna have Naruto join the fight which would have been boring but over all it was a great chapter. We almost got a glimpse of the old Gaara with the way he was glaring at the Mizukage.

  8. @madara uchiha
    i did lmao

  9. He can’t manipulate it, he just mixed it with his sand.

  10. jokey boy bahahahahah too funny….glad naruto didnt get involved would have felt like rasenganing him in the face!

  11. We’re finally getting a Gaara push. I’m proud of his improvements, hopefully he can add gold dust to his arsenal. On a side note it still would have been nice to see Neji vs his dad. I didn’t think the 2nd Mizukage would last this long. Hopefully Gaara sealed him away before superman (Naruto) tries to help. Naruto, Bee, & Gaara face the other Jinchuriki and Madara NEXT WEEK!!!!!!

  12. great chapter, killer technique, whats next

  13. this chapter remind me of my science teacher when I was at school.
    It seem Kishi spent quite of time reading chemistry & physic books. Anyway it was a good work
    I wonder when the Mizukage will get serious at fight he is freaking laughing all the time and even his strongest jutsu jokey boy with evil smile

  14. Mizukage was clearly thinking the same thing i was and thats the current kage’s are to week compare to the past ones and in all honesty if it was a one on one fight from the start gara would have bin dead a long time ago, btw the 4th and first hokage is still miles ahead of the mizukage

  15. Old Mr. No-Eyebrows is comedy is funnier than Madara/Tobi/Vegeta/Hollow Ichigo/Cookie Monster/ when he was doing the whole Tobi persona. I think we need to change Tobi’s saying to: “And Jokey Boy is a good boy.”

  16. Good chapter. Glad to see Gaara kicking ass and Naruto not interfering.
    Bleach was good too, glad that they are all wraping up these battles quickily, tite finally sticking to a power scale. Looking forward to the good stuff.

    I haven’ read One Piece for about 20 weeks now. Should I pick it up again? anything good happening??

  17. thank god naruto didn’t butt in this time. or else i would’ve just put my hands up and abandoned this manga forever.

  18. like the name itachiDaBaus

    I got it right off the bat, Itachi-the-boss, lol. You must be a Rick Ross fan.

  19. Now this is one of the reasons Gaara is on my top five favorites. I like how Kishi is going back to how the battles in Naruto are fought, in a strategic manner other than just over powering the other guy.

    The 2nd mis. Jokey boy reminds me of the joker from batman. 🙂

    @itachiDaBaus, 20 weeks, in that span of time alot of things have changed in One Piece, I suggest that you get back into it. For one thing, there has been a major plot change, but I am not going to go into detail. I don’t want to ruin it for you.

  20. @itachidabaus one piece is amazing, as ive said in previous post i think it could be the best out the 3 main manga…..and i must say i agree with you 100% about ur point on the power scale of bleach, too much times have random antagonists have bin on or higher stregth lvl than the shinigami, which is something one piece dont have a problem with, naruto does tho, the rate at which naruto grows is 2 fast

  21. @ Legendary, I can see why u an others may think that one piece is the best of the 3, I’m still catching up an got to the part where zoro took all of luffy’s pain after fighting Kuma – had to rewind it about 5 times!! Zoro is straight badass!!! I think one piece has the best idea’s of the 3 with all the different islands an the world government, naruto has the characters with the most depth e.g. Itachi, Kakashi, Gaara etc.. and Bleach has the characters which look the most badass e.g Byakuya, Kenpachi even old man yami looks cool with that long ass beard!!

  22. Well, the ninjas are already qualified optometrists, so it’s no surprise that a kage knows elementary level chemistry.

  23. Still liked one piece war better. It was short, sweet, bloody, emotional, and had me on edge just reading it.

  24. and(and this is where naruto’s war failing at) unpredictable

  25. Personally I think One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto have their strengths and weakness.


    One Piece weaknesses is the beginning which some can find it slow start and takes along time for it to build up to the Grandline, Pirates, Government and so forth. But I think it is what makes One Piece the great Manga it is.

    Naruto weaknesses is that the series has been some what moving too fast. The battles have become more about who has the best Ninjustu, when originally in Naruto it was not about the biggest/baddest Ninjustu, it was more about how that Ninjustu was used. And that is why I feel in love with the Naruto series because of it originality; for example, Shikamaru is not the strongest Ninja but uses his smarts to out smart his opponents.

    Bleach Weaknesses is that the author in some way or form has lost his touch in the story. I mean when bleach first started in my opinion it was the baddest/coolest Manga/anime out there, but now I think Tite is losing it. I mean what is the point of Ichigo sacrificing his powers if he is going to regain them. Just does not make sense to me. But I still consider Bleach one of the best, I mean the battles are just so Raw(Awesome).


    One Piece, Naruto and Bleach are probably going to be the best three manga for along time now and who takes #1, depends on how the manga is going. For example, the first part of Naruto was unbelievably Awesome, I mean the part when Naruto faced Sasuke and everything before that was a master piece. But after that it became some what repetitive but I still think it is one of the best and in my view Kishi is going back to his roots, the fight between 2 Misu vs gaara is my proof. Bleach is getting there, but there needs to be a lot of explanation on the current events,the series did just start up again from its time skip so I will judge it after awhile.

  26. The strength of one piece, in my opinion, is the simplicity, an yet, complexity of it’s story. It’s original pretty much the whole way. Take the devil powers themselves for example, people who read it probably wondered where those fruits came from, and why doesn’t allow the eater to swim. There will probably be an answer to that eventually, but going by the author’s style, most likely it will be because it just does. theres hardly much psudoscientifc explanation in one piece, which is a refresher from most shounen, like a child who’s making things up as he goes along, an yet finds complex an creative ways to tie it all together. From watching marvel superheroes, who would’ve thought a simple child-like rubber man can contribute to such awsome an creative fights?

    I think bleach has the best heroes, but one piece definetly has the best villians.

  27. Everyone is talking about how Naruto and others in the past have just used justsus to over power their opponents with less technique. That what happens when face opponents who are weakter than you. If you can just over power them, then why not? In the case of Naruo vs. Muu, lets be honest. Naruto definately got the drop on Muu. Together with Oonoki Muu was at a disadvantage.

    As you have just seen, when shinobi faces an opponent who is just as strong ( if not stronger) powerful techniques AND strategy comes into play aka Naruto vs. Raikage, Gaara vs. 2nd Mizukage.

    As we have heard from other characters Naruto is at another growing stage right now. While he has the power of the kyuubi he thinks he can just over pwoer people. We are watching him learn that this is not always true and a little strategy/technique could easily destroy an opponent without the use of so much chakra. I wouldn’t be surprised if Naruto learns this but then has the nine-tails taken away from him.

  28. @Tensa Gizzla, darthuchia and jdogg i agree with ur comments 100%

  29. I’m trying to get back into Naruto, but the only good thing (2nd Mzukage) about the past 10 or so chapters is about to get sealed up.

  30. these are my thoughts on the weakness and strength of each of them
    Bleach has no plot at all from day one, each time its just bin events and problems hav come a past….ichigo have no goals at all, wanting to protect his friends is good and all but he has nothing eles to strive for, we as fans dont have anyhting to think about like is he gona become hokage or find one piece
    naruto’s plot has become 2 typical…mad guy trying to take over the world hero stops him….naruto is different than ichigo as in he has high goals but he has taken on 2 much goals and responsiblity and people are starting to want to see less and less off him….as we r already seeing and if you ask me whenever people dont want to see the main protagonist its never a gd thing
    one piece is just god dam perfect!

    only joking ermm i would say onepiece lack plot twist, i can only really think of one or two major ones thts happen so far, luffys faults was tht well…he has no faults, almost everything he does works out, everyone he meets love him, he always does wht he say, he never fails and he seems to get alot stronger without much effort and he’s built for battle as in its in his blood 2 be great, ino ur thinking ichigo is kinda like tht but if u watch onepiece u get the impression tht the onepiece god has choosen luffy to be great and nothing is gona stop him, apart from the one time he has failed u cant really see it happening again its like mission impossible…he does it all the time…but tbh thts kinda why we love onepiece

  31. luffy teaches in essence how a man should live…right legendary kid, he doesnt go around making promises to each n every one as naruto….nor try fight everyone by himself ichigo/naruto….jus my opinion though

  32. Yep totally agree with u guys! Have u guys seen this naruto clip:

    (Sorry dont know how to embed – someone feel free to do it if they want) These guys did a decent job imo!

  33. That video is actually really gd, and tbh its bought out something eles i think dont happen enuff in naruto these days and thats taijustu….ther is far 2 much ninjustsu and genjutsu these days in the fights

  34. I remember that video, i was waiting for it for almost a year. I’m a fan of thier work.

  35. Yep taijustu hasnt fully been used in a fight for ages now that u mentioned it! Its all power move here, power move there!! I miss rock lee an neji fights coz they were the 2 that used taijustu the most (oh an kiba but he’s a bit too weak to get mentioned lol) i wanna see lee go full 8 gates on someone!!

  36. That vid was amazing. Subbed.

    Ther Street Fighter stuff is good too.

  37. that vid is super cool,

    @Tensa Gizzla thx a lot as it reawaken the feelings i once had when i started this anime. current storyline of naruto is crap.
    missing lot more cool ninja out there.

  38. Watching that video makes Naruto’s character seem way cooler. At first the whole shadow clone thing was getting on my nerves but now I can see it really is amazing and I hope they keep making more vids.

  39. Naruto is not what it used to be, with every week there is less people commenting and most who read it see that this is not the manga they used to love so much…..i see only same people post comments.
    Bob to, he used to post review in 1 day but now it goes to almost 1 week……

    Kishi makes to much plot holes and makes some unpredictable storyline (in a bad way) and leaves most of things out, i mean naruto is 16 years old (or maybe 17 now) and he is one of 5 strongest shinobis. WTF??? what will he do in next 3 years – become a GOD !!! it’s way to quick.

    first part after the time skip was way better story and character development….. it’s so obvious that kishi wants to end it as soon as possible! it’s so not ok to us who love this manga…… it’s sad

  40. @Naruto’s PAIN

    couldn’t agree more.

  41. i also agree, you all should give onepiece ago

  42. not sure where Bob-o is this week….J, you got any idea?

  43. @ Naruto’s pain

    I agree, it seems like the story has lost its way abit and the power scales are just ridiculous now – i mean if naruto an sasuke are as powerful as they are, how powerful is Madara gonna be?! That naruto clip i posted above reminded me of just how determined an strong lee was….. Neji was his goal right, why the heck havent we seen a full scale Neji vs Lee aka 128 palms vs 8 gates riot yet??! would be cool to see new jutsu from them both even ino-shik-cho got some decent war time against asuma!

    @ Legendrykid
    I’m playing catch up with one piece but im loving the show- seems so fresh an fun to watch, the story line is great and there’s a nice amount of badassry with ALL the characters not just 2 of em! Even Usopp has his gangster moments!!

  44. @tensa gizzla
    thats the best thing about onepiece, everyone has enough spotlight and even tho luffy is the main protaganist of the manga everyone almost gets the same amount of screen time, a matter of fact the stry seems to vocus on each cremates past ad current problems more than luffy’s

  45. You guys are so right about Naruto’s storyline changing too fast. Hopefully stronger and newer badguys and a new plot twist can change things around for us fans. I mean, if 1st & 2nd Hokage & Madara were the best of their clans in their time, there has to be other unknown clans of similar or greater strength out there in Naruto-land. At least I hope for that possibility. Kishi being a Dragon Ball Z fan maybe he’s also a GT, etc fan too, and sees Madara as The Cell arc. New badguy like Majin Buu to follow.

  46. I’m really hoping for this possibility here, as it would give Naruto some more time to grow up. To me, he’s only Hokage material in at least another 10 years or so. Another time skip or 2 to develop him and his friends will do some justice to this manga.

  47. @kakwai,
    Do u really think a new bad guy is necessary?? Madara’s history can probably take up a whole arc in itself especially as we’ll probably see him vs the 1st hokage, then we got juubi revival if that happens and also the final naruto vs sasuke round 3 (sasuke is winning 2-0 btw lol) a new bad guy would need some serious screen time, depth an backstory to make it believable! The thing we need now is more strategy for the remaining fights e.g madara an his path vs whoever, kakashi vs fishsquad an Snake boy junior vs Super Uchiha (itachi)……this one in particular should be a beast of a battle seeing as they both think far ahead an don’t have too many OTT jutsu’s!

  48. I a gree with Kakwai-san. I would like it if madara wasn’t the final boss. I guess time will tell but the way it’s looking right now it’s not likely. I’ve been a devoted reader of this series since I started high school, I’m 20 years old now, yesterday I was watching the episode when naruto and sasuke fought on the roof top of of the hospital. It’s moments like that in the series that keeps my love for this series alive. Kishimoto made naruto a way to over powered to fast. I liked sage mode because it was great and it was a beleavable increase in his power. It wasn’t too broken and he actually fought with it instead of whiping stretch arm strong rasengans at people. I really don’t care for where kishimoto is taking his character. My love for this series that where born from battles such as rock lee vs garra, is the only thing keeping me reading this manga.

  49. Why is everyone acting like Naruto has won every battle via Ultimate powerful rasengen. As far as we know, he was successful once using the attack on Muu. The only reason it worked is because he caught Muu off guard by being able to stretch out his attack. He also used his kyuubi cloak to destroy an insignificant magnet user and some zetsu clones. Who cares.

    Oh and did we forget that the rasenshiruiken failed miserably?

    Let’s all take a step back and a deep breath.

    Lets also remember that these aren’t genin fighting each other anymore. These are jonin and for the most part Kage level battles. There is a reason this ninja attain this level. It ain’t for just being able to kick or throw a kunai.

  50. @William
    Sure kage level ninjas are expected to do a lot more than just be able to kick and throw a kunai, but back then there was a time when where, how, and when those kicks and kunais been placed made all the difference in the world(in other words: strategy). Take Dragonball Z for example: back then it was who had the best techniques and the greater martial arts skills, and then it involved into able to just use energy alone and blowing up planets with ease, and I won’t even get started on Gt. At this point, even using bizzare jutsus can help the fights get more entertaining, but they’re taking the DBZ route and getting less clever by the minute.

  51. @william
    all we saying is that naruto focus too much on ninjutsu and genjutsu now, we are starting to miss those well thought out taijutsu fights, whenever naruto uses taijutsu now its always a finishing move, ninjas r gone 2 powerfull to even bother with taijutsu anymore

  52. Gotcha that’s understandable!

    Btw..Naruto 558 is up. not on Mangastream tho/

  53. @ william

    Yea, i’ve seen it earlier……and it has me confused and annoyed as all hell. So apparently all the naruto’s that were fighting thus far after his encounter with itachi had been clones the whole time, he didn’t notice the other half of muu even though he had sage and kyuubi mode, sakura got fooled again, naruto saved everyone AGAIN, is the other half of muu kabuto’s trump card? I mean what’s up with the title?

  54. @darthuchiha

    .yeah they should of changed the title too “surprise Naruto is a clone!”..that was the biggest shocker for me. A clone can do all of that?!? I can no longer defend Naruto when it comes to outrageous power. That’s not even fair! I also very confused.

  55. That chapter just proved my point about naruto and his extraordinary power boost…..the man is capable of fghting the hole god dam war himself, i mean his shadow clones r on a hole nother lvl now

  56. Kisu destroys Naruto’s War Arc using info he got from someone:

    1. The Kyubi detecting hate: How exactly does it work here? We know this is a war and everyone is hating and is full of negative emotions; so how does Naruto differentiate Zetsu hate from regular ninja hate?

    2. The Alliance: 40, 000 living ninja, not a single one can think of anything better than “stand still and wait for Naruto to bail us out, even though we don’t know if or when he’ll get here, or if he’ll be a Zetsu too”. Here, I just thought of some better ideas, assuming not a single other previously unnamed character has any remotely useful skill:

    A. Overall: They have a sensor network, with sensors embedded in every division and the ability to beam into their allies heads. The sensors can locate all their allies. Example, “Will the following people please stand over on the ‘real ninja side’: Ninja X. Ninja Y. Ninja Z. Ninja… wait, two Xs moved. Stop them, the one that repeats the instructions that I’m sending into all of our ninja’s heads is not a clone.”

    B. Just stop everyone from moving and go into their heads. Tell them exactly how many Zetsu there are by simple subtraction, approximate where they are, and stop them when they try to run.

    C. Darui/Shikamaru’s battlefield: Send Ino into their head. If they have a life of memories that checks out, bam. Not a clone. She might get tired after a while, but at least it’s something. And if there is more than one Ino, cross check them against Shikamaru.

    D. Kitsuchi’s battlefield: have Hana, Kiba, or any of their 4 dogs sniff them out. Or just say the Byakugan can tell, it’s already so outclassed by the other dojutsu that I wouldn’t care so much.

    E. The Medic Camp: treat people outside. If someone tries to kill their medic, they’re obviously a fucking bad guy.

    F. Gaara’s battlefield: they didn’t fight the clones. However, they still could’ve made do without Naruto by making more than one person (Gaara) in the division (that didn’t break off with Shikamaru) a competent fucking ninja. Temari is the only wind user in the entire divison? I know it’s rare, but bullshit. And just let her get a damn win on her own.

    It’s obvious Kishi dumbed down everyone so Tsunade doesn’t look like a retard for sending Naruto on the battlefield.

  57. regular ninja hate is different from evil hate, naruto is able to detect any form of hate and distinguish it.

  58. Lol, how are the hates different? Everyone wants to kill. Hate is hate. Nice try though bud.

    Unless you’re trying to say every single ninja in the Alliance is an extremely good person, in which case I reply with “lol”.

  59. “naruto this naruto that” wtf!

    guy like neji( first jonin among konoha 11)is reduced to regular ninja with all this power plays.

    where the hell this manga is going?

  60. New chapter out. Muu still alive. Good chapter

  61. i agree…..ninji dojusto is so shit compare to the others now

  62. @Kisu

    We know by now that you´re not the biggest fan of Naruto but to doubt
    his usefulness????…..it seems more that you´re annoyed once more of the way how Kishi picturing Naruto as saviour……but it´s inevitable since the name of the manga is Naruto…..there were some parts where Kishi gave other characters time to shine….but it´s logic that the key scenes are reserved for naruto….sometimes he overdue but sometimes you can say the same about your beloved Bleach can you????

  63. @ kisu
    u just ripped that war a new ass hole!! looooool

    Its a shame as Byakugan was once a beast of a doujustu but Neji might aswell have regular eyes seeing as he aint using them and WTF he was MAJORLY dumbed down for those couple of panels!
    Sharingan and Rinnegan are cool but surely Byakugan must be able to do something else after all this time??!!!!!
    On a plus note Mummy man Muu is still alive! Thought he got sealed far to easily- so his warning was about himself lol

  64. What an ass pull, Naruto is able to sense “evil” within zetsus clones, but not the Muu´s splitting technique……

    Glad he is alive though…..

  65. polytoximaniac gd point lol
    dw people mark my words this war wont be the last of the naruto manga

  66. Without edo status both of “muu´s ” would be dead anyways, but it is kinda annoying that NO one noticed that…..

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