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One Piece Chapter 640- Already Dried Up

Read Chapter 640

Well hello again ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to another wonderful chapter of One Piece that brought us excitement, laughs and left us wanting more. I would like to first apologize about the late post, but I have been very busy in school , none the less I have finally found enough time to read the latest chapter of One Piece and so lets get this One Piece discussion going.

The Wrath of a Woman

It is interesting that the fishman call Nami a “witch.” Which I think fits her perfectly, because she uses magical like powers. But overall she shows great improvement in combat, but still has that pussycat mentality when faced against a larger opponent. Yes she was pinned down by Zeo but she could of easily used her ‘Gust Sword’ against IKaros,that is why Nami easily panics when faced against a challenge, but not if it is weather related. To me Nami was never one of my favorites, but now after the time skip she is becoming an interesting character; her knowledge of weather is unattainable, her lust for money makes me laugh and angers me, but overall Nami by fair is one of my favorite Female character in a Manga. There are not that many mangas out there that portray a female character well, but I think Oda has done a great job at portraying women characters.

The Power of a Headbutt

Another character that is growing over me is Brook, many find him either funny or annoying. Original I figured Brook to be annoying, now my conception of Brook has changed to being as Brook one of the most hysterical character in One Piece. His bone jokes were random and annoying because he keeps on repeating them, but this week he used his joke in a perfectly mannered time, and I must admit I laughed hard when he said “I am already dried up.” Another incident that I found to be very funny is the how “power of headbutting will kick in soon.” To be frank I do not know how this match up between Brook vs Zeo will end up, so I will wait until they actually get the battle started to see what Brook and Zeo are really capable of, but for one thing it will be a battle that will make us both laugh and amazed.

Experience  Wins

Ussop never stops to amaze me, he is in my opinion one of the most improved character in One Piece. The old Ussop was the king of cowards, the current Ussop is on his way to be the King of the Brave/snipers. He states that experience is the winner, in fact he uses his experience from an old opponent who was similar in fighting ability to Daruma to his advantage and lands a powerful attack against Daruma. But what I found to be strange is that Ussop will face Daruma and Chopper will face Dosun. Personally I found Chopper vs Daruma to be a great match up, because of their similar fighting tactics and ability. But note that Choppers personality has changed into this very confident fighter who in some ways likes to battle. We know that the most fight loving characters in One Piece are Luffy, Zoro and alittle bit of Sanji, but now Chopper shows some signs of this fight loving confident kid.

Noah is going Down

I was not surprised at all that Noah was going to fall on top of Fishman Island and I think that it is stupid how the Neptune Princes and Shirahoshi did not figure that the ship was right on top of FI. But now our heroes have a huge problem coming down on their heads, literally. I cannot think of any way or how they will get out of this one. For one the ship is way to big to be destroyed even with all the SHP powers combined, there is now way that any one on the Island large enough to stop the ship, but there are large creatures in the sea that are able to stop Noah, the Sea Kings. And from previous chapters we know that Shirahoshi has the ability to command the Sea Kings (but lacks control). I see that in the next couple of chapters Luffy influencing Shirahoshi to call out for the Sea Kings. But unfortunately my friends One Piece is on a break next week, so be patient for chapter 641.

Side Notes:

  • I know I did not touch on Franky vs Ikaros. But I just don’t know what to make of their fight.
  • Sanji and Jinbe are whipping some giant azz. Truly a frightening team.
  • Ussop’s new move is so Badazz.
  • Who will Nami and Robin face?
  • Zoro has that ‘hmph’ thinking, maybe he finds Hyozo to be a formidable opponent.
  • Decken is NOT dead, he slipped and hit his head, ending up unconscious.

The Coolest Old Man


5 Responses

  1. Excellent review I think its your best one yet, I agree with your theory about how Noah might be stoped and I’m also glad you mention chopper’s new found lust for battle and also his huge confidence in battle, quite frankly chopper cowardice as always bin cause he is young and inexperience wile nami was servival instinct and ussop was a strait pussy.
    Nami has bin referved to a watch ever since she has had tht climit tactic

  2. Another thing to mention is that these new fismen pirates have no pride at all, they decided to attack nami solely because they figured she was the weakest of the straw hats…..this battle will prob be the most boreing we will experience solely because for the first time in the entire one piece history the straw hats don’t need to push themselves to wi but hey let’s hope I’m wrong

  3. @Legendarykid, Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  4. witch*

  5. I honestly feel that Noah is the only real threat, the NFP seem to be just above Arlong’s strength level and Hody just above them. I also find the two on one sanji-jimbe vs. giant match a bit rediculous, as the giant doesn’t seem to stand a chance against either of them. Furthermore I like the fact that this time most of them aren’t fighting their group opposite which is what usually happens.

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