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Naruto Chapter 556 – The Power of No-Eyebrows

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob Hey guys, chapter 556 this week. With the defeat of the zombie Raikage last chapter by Naruto’s hand, we move on to the last of the four Edo Tensei summoned kages still standing – the 2nd Mizukage. I’m really enjoying these battles so far and like how Kishi has devoted time to each kage’s battle and given us a little history into each of them during their respective fights. I know some might wish for these battles to progress a little faster because they want to see the showdown with Madara and Sasuke, but I think the pacing is perfect as it is. Besides, it’s a rare chance for us to learn about the people who ruled the Naruverse in the past and have a peek at what the ninja world was like back then – at least for me, I find it all very interesting.

This chapter was really one for Gaara and the Tsuchikage to show off their powers and teamwork without interference from Naruto. Even though Naruto is the main character, I do tire to see him try to dip his fingers into every fight possible on the battlefield. I know he means well, but not only Naruto has improved their powers since the time skip; let the other characters have a little space to show off their new skills, Naruto doesn’t need to be in every fight just to further emphasize how he’s the hero of this war.

The Second Mizukage has been quite a funny character since he was introduced, but with him playing the role of the group’s joker, none of the characters or us readers took him very seriously in terms of the danger factor on the battlefield. But as Gaara stated in this chapter, you cannot judge an opponent by their appearance and Mizukage may very well be the strongest of the undead kages sent to this battlefield. Mizukage was an equal rival to Muu in his day, and if Muu was considered one of the most powerful shinobi in his era, then where does that put the man who could fight him head-to-head? So far the Mizukage has been able to keep two high level kages and their supporting army at bay while suffering no damage to himself, that’s pretty impressive. As well, he has a very synergetic combo of techniques and abilities that delivers offence attacks while maintaining a powerful defensive posture. Even after he kept telling his opponents what he weaknesses and secrets are, nobody could lay a finger on him. The clam’s genjutsu extends over the entire battlefield to hide his location while the Mizukage’s water/slime abilities allows him to nullify attempts by attackers to break that illusion.

If Gaara wasn’t such an expert on understanding defensive tactics himself, this would have been a terrible matchup for him. I really enjoyed seeing him and the Tsuchikage working side-by-side to pull through in this battle despite their handicap of entering this fight right after the exhausting encounter against the Raikage. And even though the Mizukage was almost bored with the level of his opponents at the beginning of the battle, I think he’s finally turned around and began to understand just how much of a challenge Gaara and Tsuchikage can put up. He states near the end of the chapter how much he is starting to enjoy this fight before switching to his new technique: Jokey Boy. It makes me wonder whether at this point it is Kabuto still giving the orders or is Mizukage actually fighting of his own will because he is enjoying this so much. Jokey Boy (which sounds very odd), looks like it turns the Mizukage into a vapor phase, and allows him to pull off some very powerful explosions. Tsuchikage says it was a technique developed by Muu’s ancestors, which leads me to believe it is an Earth element technique – which is odd then for a water specialist like the Mizuakge to possess. Then again, the Mizukage also used a water gun technique belonging to the Hozuki clan, so maybe he is just a specialist at master’s the secret jutsus of other ninja clans? Nevertheless, if this new technique is based on “infinite explosions”, we might be seeing a fight very similar to the one between Gaara and Deidara.


36 Responses

  1. Uno! :-/~

  2. well interesting fight, people im finding the war abit stupid, i mean come on most of the offence tht madara is pulling of is from jr snake boy, if it wasnt for this madara would be in a bit of a pinch, i mean even his sex paths r kabuto’s summons, and really now, we hav 2 kages plus a army taking on one! r u being serious, isnt the plot of naruto always bin tht the newer generation surpass the old……seems like this has bin dash out the window

  3. Oh si…good review Senor Bob. I agree on the pace and how Naruto is out of the fight for once to allow the other Kages to showcase their skills. I think everyone has their weakness regardless of how powerful they are and how many techniques they know.
    I would like to see Naruto learn the wind sword technique so he can use it against Saucegay’s lightning sword.

  4. Now that the Mizukage said ” you want to take the strongest one first, thats why you went after muu….”

    Makes me wonder ir the latter one last words were “be careful of him” or something like that….

  5. @legendarykid

    when we´re talking about the younger generation surpasses the old gen…..I think that means on the same bloodline….for example Naruto surpass Minato……in the case of Gaara the Mizukage just had the right element to weakens his defence……if you want to prove if this theory is right you have to compare this Mizukage and the current one

  6. am I the only one who finds mizukage having muu’s jutsu and picking on oonoki seem rather odd. picking on is like bullying, something done among peers. I think mizukage is a missing nin from tsuchikageland (forgotten) who became mizukage because of his hozuki heritage… wasnt that suigetsu’s surname picking on is like bullying, something done among peers. I think mizukage is a missing nin from tsuchikageland (forgotten) who became mizukage because of his hozuki heritage… wasnt that suigetsu’s surname

  7. I think Itachi would be the best opponent against this mizukage,

  8. You’re right madzikage, I also found it odd that he used to pick on him. Onooki was a boy at the time Muu and Mr No-eyebrows (mne) were alive so just how why was he ever in the position to be picked on by the kage of another village? They must have had to face each other in battle several times, but him being a boy and MNE being a kage, that is unlikely.

    I like Mr No-eyebrows (MNE) he is awesome!!

    itachiDaBaus (formally nasri_8) out!

  9. I don’t know why everyone seems to going with the idea of a few Edos left, there’s still more on other battlefields. This one only had four but I am like the fact that these battles are not as quick as we were experiences some of the other flodders edos. Do you remember way back when Gaara first signal that he came across Muu & we were been waiting to see this face-off. I want it to last a couple more chapters, give us more insights on previous kages background and abilities. But like someone mention above that the previous generation were suppose to surpass the previous but it don’t seems like many have surpass their previous generation village capability if they can’t seem to take them out without much cost to the alliance. What happened to Darui re-enforcement?

  10. Btw

    Nice review Bob

    😉 just one error

  11. wow, some really good comments/points being produced right now, the chapter was alright, but my curiosity lies in the hope that my fellow henchmen (shannaro) ignites a fire deep inside within the bellowing beast, awaken the kraken, release its avalanche of anger,… its stampede of suffering,… its inevitable insatiableness,… its perpetual passion,… im a twenty ton terror ontop of tokyo towers with two titanium tentacles

  12. Nice chapter
    That mizukage is absolutely awesome (Mr No-eyebrows) and cool.
    He is really pain in the ass. His evil smile at the last was so scary
    We learned gaara weakness against the mizukage………poor gaara.
    I got bored from seeing Onooki’s back problem in each move he perform.

    I agree with u Bob I don’t like to see naruto in every fight

  13. Personally i see the older generation teaching the new one a lesson and also i dont see naruto ending after this arc because naruto is still a boring wasteman ninja on so many lvls and i cant belive madara started a war with only zetsu in his hands to play, thank god for kabuto

  14. i dont know if anyone thought of this but font u think that the “Jokey boy” technique is actually just Muu?? after what he said before he got sealed it makes me suspicious of him actually being sealed or not. i did think that Muu got sealed relatively easy compared to raikage which to an epic amount of tactics and chakra to supress him as well as an awful lot of cannon fodder.

  15. i know it says mizukages technique but it does resemble the shroud of muu i think!

  16. You have a point mattmaru, or may be, may be is both…….

  17. the Raikage got Kaubto enhancement though…

  18. the second mizukage is an extremely dangerous character. he has one of if not the most effective genjutsu we’ve seen thus far and hes the only person to ever completely counter gaara’s sand defence. and with a technique like jokey boy, he could have even been able to kill tobi before he implanted his rinnegan. kishi needs to show us flashbacks of the battle between this guy and muu and their history. it doesnt make sense to me yet how the second mizukage has jutsu developed by muu’s ancestors. i think they definitely have an interesting history.

  19. I thought this chapter was okay. I like the fact that Gaara got some spotlight in this chapter but this whole war arc is still too predictable.You have the good guys fighting some of the strongest shinobi in the history of the ninja world and yet none of the main characters (good guys) have died yet. What’s worst is the fact that none of the characters in this war arc have shown real killer instinct except kakashi when he fought the 7 swordsmen. I love this manga but I’m going to have to say that this arc has been getting boring. In war setting, your suppose to kill or be killed. There also have been little strategies used on the battlefiled after kakashi’s fight. The Third Ninja War was probably a lot better than this war since characters like the 4th hokage looks like a complete killer when he killed his enemy. I like the 4th over Naruto for that reason. Naruto seems to somehow play god while acting cocky and arrogant in a war setting as if war is simply a play ground or a game to him? He does all of this without showing any killer instinct at all in this war. So far this is the worst war arc in a manga. I hope it gets better.

  20. manga rule#1: your main character must not kill. Goku usually didn’t kill his foes except Majin Buu who he wished to be restored to life as a good guy. I haven’t seen Ichigo from Bleach & Luffy from One Piece kill their foes. The only creatures that Naruto “killed” are the Pain Paths 🙂 shortcut 🙂

  21. Kakuzu? Fodder Zetsu?

  22. @ Sage of Seven Paths

    Most of Goku’s fights were mostly one-on-one fights. This is a war were talking about. War suppose to have a lot of tragedies and death on both sides or people sacrificing their lives to protect other soldeirs on the battlefield. War also suppose to make soldiers on the battlefield more mature and grown up. Naruto somehow becomes more imature and child-like as the war progesses which is very unrealistic in a war setting.

    The other thing that annoys me is what purpose does the edo summoning in this war serve? If Tobi and Sasuke are going to be the only ones that are going to kill off the main good guys then what purpose does the edo summoning serve in this war? If you were to take away all of the edo summoning then the good guys would be fighting the zetsus and Naruto would also be showing off his power against the zetsus so the edo doesn’t really play a role in changing this war at all. All the edo did was get defeated by the good guys without killing any good guys?

  23. @??????

    kakashi killed kakuzu.

  24. Actually Naruto killed the “copy” of Itachi (created by Pain’s technique) with is Odama Rasengan in the Rescue Gaara arc. This is the only time Naruto has actually killed anyone (unless the Sand Nin was already dead…)

  25. Luffy has killed.

  26. Unless the character was minor or a fodder,(who probably doesn’t matter anyway) Luffy has never killed anyone as of yet. Hospitalized, plenty; killed, none.

  27. @ NSS7 – I agree with that sentiment, if you look at wars in the past you see things like, Itachi being twisted to how he was believing that Killing his entire Family would be better then another war, Tsunade a medical ninja becoming so traumatized that she could go near blood… This should of been the war to end all wars that past…

    When I saw the Edo Summons I was like Sweet things gonna get real, undead zombies of the strongest shinobi in the history of Narutouniverse, and to add to it, they all immortal! <_< Then I looked at the psycological effect of all these fighters being brought back to be killed by the people they loved, instead we got Chouji climing out of the closet and revealing he doesn't need pills to be a butterfly he was always one it was just inside, and now he doesn't die from the technique either neat!

    Then we got the evil Zetsu clones and I was like Sweet! Now they infiltrating and killing off soldiers in the most gruesome way creating chaos and distrust, but instead we got Naruto revealing he is infact a candle powered by 2 suns that can see through the darkness and makes no mistakes <_<

    Then the Nagato Itachi, Thought two most powerful dead dudes fighting arguably the 2 strongest fighters alive, and remain jinchuriki, but we got Itachi changing side by some weird plot point that may have been forshadowed but also kinda lame unless u an itachi fan boy and believe he planned it to happen this way, him being used as an edo summon and face Naruto, wats the odds of that?

    I could keep going on *cough* Hanzou *cough* but really, Naruto is about as edgy as play-dough <_<

  28. Well Technically Ichigo kinda killed Cifer but, we are unsure of how the cycle works since in Bleach its hard to tell if people can eve die @_@

  29. We need a “like” button on here so i can like pein0’s last sentence, lol. Hilarious.

  30. @UTI – haha, for real!

  31. pimp style, bitch slap no jutsu!!

  32. Old Mr. No Eyebrows himself does it again. The best comedy relief ever. He keeps you laughing all the while trying to blow you up with a big blow up doll, nice.

  33. Mr No Eyebrows is deadly yet tooooooo funny!! Sand boy vs No brows will probably end nxt chapter but i like this fight, gaara showed some serious strategy – very entertaining, jokey boy jutsu is a mean one aswell

  34. So, in essence, the second Mizukage’s Jokey Boy is an exploding Water Clone jutsu, with some Hozuki Clan Hydration tech mixed in.

    How does it belong to Muu’s ancestors again?

  35. @ ???????? there was a mixup in the translation.. If you gbo to mangahelpers.com they have a post where they posted the actual translation. The last panel of last weeks chapter says that it wasn’t a stolen jutsu, yet it was a jutsu that actually caused burn marks on Muu, which is why he is probably covered up as we see him.

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