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Its Out! Naruto, Bleach, One Piece chapters!

Naruto chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/21768706/1

Bleach Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/23163069/1

One Piece Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/74977550/1


25 Responses

  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. this is the worst coverage of a war in manga everr

  3. Meh.

  4. told u the mizukage with the clam was someone to look out for, and comes to find out, he was the strongest one…lol

  5. Naruto and Bleach were kinda blehhh this week-_-

  6. not sure hes the strongest. From what we have seen thus far he is tied for second with muu as the third raikage apparently was near invincible and muu/ the second mizukage killed each other in battle when alive so it goes third and than muu/second mizukage for second

  7. This chapter wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. There is barely any edo tensei summons left, so by any chance could we see Itachi help??

  8. I think that the strongest Kage we’ve seen so far is the Mizukage, honestly, the third Raikage is a beast, but I don’t think he would be able to figure out the Mizukage’s jutsu if they fought without explaining their weaknesses. Also did anyone pick up that Suigetsu is related to the second Mizukage?

  9. http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/556/9 and http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/H%C5%8Dzuki_clan not to mention he has similar (but better) jutsu: http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/556/15. You could make the arguement that he just know’s their hidden jutsu as kage but it’s still awesome with his acid-like-jutsu

  10. Furthermore, how did he learn ninjutsu from Muu’s ancestors? I feel like the two kage have more history to be revealed in the next chapter and also that Muu’s warning was about the Mizukage.

  11. @Walmart if the mizukage was the strongest than Mu would be tied with him as they both killed each other. And as for the third raikage we haven’t seen anything from the mizikage that could penetrate his armor and with his speed illusions will be an annoyance but that’s it.

  12. Genjutsu would be great against the Raikage because it’s designed to force the opponent to hurt themselves, the Raikage’s biggest weakness. I want to see the background on Muu and Second Mizukage before I say they are tied, I think we’ll be seeing that in the next chapter.

  13. I thought bleach was interesting seeing how much renji has grown was nice, sadly its still not enough to fight aizen

  14. Well they killed each other so that’s y I put them on the same field. And this mizukages genjutsu seems to be more diversion related as if u noticed he Did the damage as the alliance tried to find the clam

  15. I wonder if the 2nd Mizukage was tricking the Alliance the entire time, having them looking for his clam while he catch them off gaurd with an attack – seems like talk-no-justu works in his favor

  16. Now that the Mizukage said ” you want to take the strongest one first, that way you went after muu….”

    Makes me wonder ir the latter one last words were “be careful of him” or something like that….

  17. i hear what ur saying about who would be strongest but mizukage doesnt know any of the raikages past so he wouldnt know that the only weak spot the raikage has is his own sword so i think the raikage would be the strongest by far!

  18. BTW i thought this chapter was really good in term of the two kages working together closey, good battle tactics. Gaara keeping mizukages attention whilst old kage goes for the killer clam K.O. then it was all about the switcheroo with some old school clone skills. Gaara always reminds me of a hardcore chess master, he always tries to plan about 3 or 4 steps ahead which is why i always like his Battles. strategy is his middle name lol.

  19. @walmart

    I think it’s a very good possibility that they are related, but also he may have just adapted a technique of their clan the same way he could have adapted some techniques from Muu’s clan as the way the Oonoki(it’s funny the Oonoki was picked on by the second Mizukage when they were young, lol. Must have been an older kid picking on a little kid type thing.) stated. He could be similar to Kakashi without the Sharingan type thing. It’s not uncommon to pick up different techniques from other clans or people. Sasuke took Lee’s move the Lion’s Barrage is what Sasuke called it, and Naruto took it from Sasuke, they just added their own little spins and made it there’s.

  20. The Mizukage is the most badass Kage. Up there with the 1st and 4th Hokages.

    I really just want some good history on Muu and the Mizekage, and the Hozuki clan in general. I could’ve sworn Suigetsu was liquid because of experiments with Orochimaru, and then Magnetsu and the Second come along.

    Next chapter better do some explaining.

  21. @?????: Orochimaru experimented on Suigetsu BECAUSE of his watery form.

    “he wouldnt know that the only weak spot” Yeah, but that’s how his attacks would affect him anyway. It’s like attacking a wind release user with fire, you don’t have to know that Fire beats Wind for it to work, it just will. The Mizukage wouldn’t get an insta win, but as a genjutsu user he has an edge over the Raikage, not to mention his new form.

  22. Hmmmmmm I’m undecided on who’s stronger out of mummy man muu an clam boy….tbh I don’t think we saw nearly enough of muu, as hyped up as he was- Kishi didn’t deliver at all with that character

  23. ok lets not get carried away here, up there with the first and 4th hokages, dont think so lool, bleach was gay, these shinigami is 1000s of years old why should be train all there lifes so how can renji get such a boost over only 17 months, one piece was ok, shame about next week break tho

  24. i thought raikage had an advantage over a water user as he was ligthning? as far as i know his sheer speed would make him dodge most attack and probably see through mizukages genjutsu if he reveresed his chakra flow!

  25. the mzukage is the one thts making the genjutsu

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