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Revenge of the YellowFlash Part 2 Chapter 11

With no questions asked Naruto dashes at Sasuke with incredible speed. Sasuke pulls out his katana and Naruto grabs his kunai as their weapons connect.

Sasuke: To think I actually thought you would be happy to see me.

Naruto: You would think so huh?

Sasuke slides backwards separating himself from Naruto.

Sasuke: Don’t tell me this is a pathetic attempt to get me to come back to the village.

Naruto: Still as arrogant as ever. I would never waste my time on you, I have my own problems to worry about.

Sasuke: Like the Akatsuki?

Naruto: Among others, I’m going to be the bringer of true peace.

Sasuke: So you are out to change the world? Haha, Naruto you haven’t changed. You are still chasing after dreams.

Naruto: I will make my dreams into a reality once I bring down Akatsuki and the great nations.

Sasuke: So it’s true then, you have left the village. And seemed to have teamed up with Gaara or should I say the Kazekage. I would guess the only reason you are here is because you need Naruto’s help to conquer your village but I don’t understand why Naruto.

Gaara: You would never understand the life of a Jinchuuriki. I am no longer filled with the same hatred that drives you two but I can understand Naruto and his goals. You are the one I can’t understand.

Sasuke: I am an avenger. I will hold those accountable for the death of my clan including this entire ninja system. The only question is, who will stand at the top of the shinobi world when this is all over?

Naruto: Before, I never could understand you. I tried so hard to be like you, to be as strong as you. Now I wonder why I even bothered. What drives you is so unimportant and forgettable. I see now you will die as irrelevant as your clan is now. Known for nothing more than creating more hatred and prolonging the fight for peace.

Sasuke: …….I allowed you to live three years ago on a whim, Naruto. After only a few minutes of seeing you after all this time I want to kill you more than ever.

Naruto: That’s funny because I am itching to kill you.

As soon as Sasuke takes a step forward Itachi appears along side him.

Itachi: Stand down Sasuke.

Naruto: Itachi Uchiha.

Itachi: It’s been a long time Naruto, you’ve grown.

Naruto: So I keep hearing.

Itachi: You and Sasuke won’t be fighting today. I understand that you two have unfinished business but you are going to have to deal with them some other time.

Naruto: What are you two up to? You have three Jinchuuriki in front of you and yet you do nothing?

Itachi: Right now, you Jinchuuriki is of no concern to us. We will take care of our problems with our own power.

Sasuke: We will meet again Naruto, count on it!

Itachi and Sasuke disperse.

Ni’i: You guys are filled with drama. What’s next on our agenda?

Naruto: There was one more Jinchuuriki I managed to get intel on before I left Akatsuki.

Gaara: Where is this one?

Far away in the village of  Enka a large man with seven swords and tatoos placed on his shoulder and face stands with an old man named Sabu making music.

Sabu: You actually had it that time but it got kind of weak at the end, Bee.

KillerBee: I am working as hard as I can, do you hear what I’m sayin?

Sabu: You are the eight-tails and you can’t get this right!? How are you ever able to win a fight!?

KillerBee: I’m the best in these streets, don’t you dare call me weak! I’m the Eight-tails KillerBee!

Meanwhile, outside the Land of Iron Minato and Hidan face off.

Minato: I’ll say it again, hand over the tailed beasts.

Hidan: Lord Jashin has delivered you to me so I can finally put an end to the YellowFlash.

Minato: Then I have no choice.

Minato throws a volley of shuriken. Hidan swings his scythe in front of him deflecting the shuriken. Hidan turns around and both Samurai ninja are already knocked unconscious.

Hidan: So you are fast.

Hidan turns around and is shocked Minato is directly in his face.

Minato: You have no idea.

Minato punches him in the face sending him flying. While in the air Hidan pulls the iron wire that’s connected to his scythe, the scythe plunges directly into Minato slicing his body in half. As Hidan lands on his feet he sees a pile of wood on the ground showing that Minato used a substitution. Realizing Minato is underground, Hidan jumps into the air and smashes his scythe into the ground causing the earth floor to cave in on itself. Minato bursts from the ground forming hand signs, Fire Style: Dragon Flame bomb! The fire ball thrusts forward at Hidan but right before it hits Hidan bats it with his scythe sending it flying back towards Minato causing a large explosion.


Minato: (Appearing behind Hidan with a full powered Rasengan) It’s over, Rasengan!

Just as Hidan turns around Minato buries his Rasengan into his stomach as he screams in pain. While Minato successfully completes his attack Hidan takes advantage of the close contact and cuts Minato in the face with a kunai. The Rasengan explodes sending Hidan flying into a few trees. Moments later Hidan walks out of the debris laughing hysterically.


Hidan takes out a long spear and stabs himself in the hand while a large amount of blood falls to the ground in a puddle. Hidan uses his foot to draw a large symbol into the ground. He then takes the kunai in which he cut Minato with and licks the blood off of it. Suddenly his body transforms as he stands in the center of the blood red symbol.

Minato: What is he up too!?

Hidan continues on his hysterical laughing as he stabbed himself in the shoulder with is spear. Suddenly, Minato feels a sharp pain to his shoulder as blood spews from his body and he falls to his knees.

Minato: What happened!? How am I damaged? He didn’t even touch me!

Hidan: That felt good. Let’s try it again!

Hidan takes his spear and stabs himself in the same shoulder pushing the spear all the way through as Minato screams in agony and falls on one knee.

Hidan: You get it now! You are going to die!

Minato: The exact same injuries that are inflicted on his body are also inflicted on mine!

Hidan rips out the spear and aims at his heart. As he tries to stab himself Minato body flickers right in front of him catching him by the hand.

Hidan: You can’t beat me now, you are not strong enough!

Minato: You are completely nuts! If you stab yourself in the heart you’ll die too!

Hidan: I’m immortal, I’ll never die! You are the one who’s going to die!

Minato: I won’t let you!

Hidan: It’s too late! As long as I’ve completed my ritual there’s nothing you can do!

Minato: That’s it!

Minato pushes the spear into the air and spins around quickly and kicks him in the chest sending him flying out of the symbol.

Minato: (Grabbing his chest) I guess the pain was worth it sense I finally understand your technique.

Hidan: WHAT!?

Minato: Yeah, thanks to your big mouth, I understand what I have to do.

Hidan: Lord Jashin is going to make you pay!

Hidan dashes forward slashes at Minato with his scythe. Minato ducks and kicks him into the air. After following him into the air, Minato starts to hit him with strong blows to his body and spins around and kicks him into the ground.

Hidan: (Desperately standing up) I’m going to crush you!

Minato: Give up! I won’t let you complete your ritual ever again.

Hidan: That!? You think I need that!?

Hidan forms hand signs, Secret Sealing Art: Jashin Seal!

Hidan’s Akatsuki robe bursts open and the Jashin symbol forms on his chest.

Hidan: Now it’s truly over.

Minato: I have to stop him quickly!

Minato teleports to Hidan but he has already stabbed himself in the stomach with his spear. Minato falls to his knees clinching his wound as blood falls through his fingers.

Minato: Secret Ninja Art: Demon Shadow Hand!

Minato’s right hand turns pail white and black sealing marks form all over it as his finger nails turn long and sharp and chakra covers his entire hand.

Hidan: What are you doing!?

Minato forces his hand into Hidans body as he screams in agony and surprisingly starts to rip out Hidans soul.

Hidan: NOOOO!

Hidan starts to push the spear in his stomach furthering the pain and injuring that he’s inflicting on Minato. Minato falls to his knees as blood falls from his mouth.

Minato: I don’t have time, I have to hurry!

Minato pulls out Hidans entire soul. Hidan falls down face first into the ground. While holding his soul in his hand, Hidan soul starts to burn in flames and the soul disappears into the smoke and Minato’s hand goes back to normal.

Minato: You were a formidable opponent but your soul belongs to the death reaper now.

Minato falls on the ground unconscious.

Back in the Enka village inside a dark, dank cave, Killerbee wraps up his training and walk out of the cave and is greeted by Sabu.

Sabu: Alright, you’ve completed your training. Now you should be in the right state of mind to improve your rapping skills.

Killerbee: I was hoping for a little rest so I can be back at my best.

Naruto: (Appearing in front of them along with Gaara and Ni’i) You can rest later! Right now you’re coming with me!

Killerbee: Who is this mothafucka!?

The two Anbu ninja arrive to Minato’s aid healing him with medical ninjutsu. Moments later Minato is on his feet again.

Minato: It looks like this was a decoy. The tailed beasts were never in these sealing pots. He must have already given them to Madara and used these pots as a decoy just in case someone was following him and I fell for it.

Anbu1 : That means Akatauki has gotten two more of our bijuu and have become even more dangerous.

Anbu 2: I seen you use the Dead Demon Sealing technique.  Shouldn’t you be dead right now?

Minato: Yeah, the user of the Dead Demon Seal dies after using the jutsu but that was then. Over the years I’ve found ways of using the technique without putting my life in danger.

Itachi and Sasuke appear in a large cloud of smoke.

Anbu 2: Itachi Uchiha.

Itachi: You must feel foolish, Minato, to be tricked by Akatsuki.

Minato: I wondered why I felt a sudden urge of nostalgia. I guess something in me knew you were coming.

Anbu 1: We’ll take it from here, Yondaime.

Itachi: I’m not here to fight, just wanna talk.

Anbu 2: Then talk!

Itachi: I’ve only come to warn you.

Minato: About?

Itachi: The upcoming storm. The truth is we are going after Akatsuki and the bijuu.

Minato: What do you mean the bijuu?

Itachi: I mean we are going to destroy all of the tailed beasts and end this once and for all, fixing the mess the Rikudo Sage left us all those years ago. This really has nothing to do with you. We are the true heirs to this world and it’s up to us to bring peace.

Minato: My son is also a descendant of the Rikudo Sage and a Jinchuuriki and I will do any to protect him.

Itachi: I would love to give Naruto a pass but my brother isn’t so forgiving. He even plans on taking me down when this is all over.

Minato: (Staring at Sasuke) What the hell, there are so many different shinobi with different agendas in this war I’ve lost count. It doesn’t even matter what you say because I’ll make sure the end will rule in the favor of the shinobi world.

Sasuke: You talk tough. Maybe I should just get rid of you now.

Minato: Kid, you have a long way before you can do that.

Out of nowhere Anbu ninja 1 appears behind Sasuke.

Anbu 1: It’s been a long time, Sasuke.

Sasuke quickly activates his Sharingan as the Anbu ninja throws a punch at the back of his head. Sasuke moves to the side right before the punch connects and grabs the hilt of his sword and quickly spins around slicing at the Anbu ninja.

Minato: What the hell are you doing?

Anbu: If you won’t stop them right here and now I will, Minato-sensei.

Minato: Minato-sensei?…. Kakashi!

The Anbu ninja activates a Raikiri with one hand and pulls off his mask with the other revealing himself to be Kakashi.

Kakashi: Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha, I think it’s time I show you why I earned my nick name, the Copy Ninja.