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One Piece Chapter 639- “Protect Everything”

Read One Piece Chapter 639

Very interesting chapter we got this week. Finally we get an idea of who is facing who, well at least for the ‘Monster Trio’. In one corner we got Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe facing against Hody, Hyozo, and Wadatsumi. It is obvious who Luffy and Zoro were face against, but what was surprising was Sanji and Jinbe working together against the giant.

The LineUp

Like I was saying that it was obvious whom Luffy and Zoro were going against but it was Sanji that I had no clue who he was going to face against. For one there is no one in the NFP that has the same fighting style as Sanji, there is always a pattern who the ‘monster trio’ will face. Luffy would always face against the strongest enemy or most of the time it is the leader in the group. Zoro would always face against the second in command, the second strongest and most of the time it is the swordsman of the enemy. Sanji on the other hand would face against the third strongest or the one who is the specialist of hand-to-hand combat in the enemy’s group.  However, in this arc he is facing against Wadatsumi and he is teaming up with Jinbe.

Jinbe and Sanji vs Wadatsumi

This should be an interesting battle because the last time Sanji went against a giant was back in Thriller Bark when the SH faced of Oars. But now he is facing the largest Fishman. Wadatsumi  is considered powerful but has a childish personality, but has loyalty and obedience to Decken is strong. He seems to have high tolerance to pain as to he was able to take damage from Jinbe and Sanji, one after the other and he was just simply crying about it. The way I see it is that Wadatsumi will take a bunch of the Energy steroids and turn out like Hody and Hyozo, which will make this face of even more interesting.



Zoro vs Hyozo

The most interesting face of is Zoro vs Hyzo because if it is one thing you need to know about Zoro is that his fights always end up in a bloody way. Don’t get me wrong I want to see the rest of the SH and their battles but this one interests me the most. Zoro is the baddest of the bad, his techniques and sense of honer in swordsmanship makes him one of the most interesting characters in One Piece. So far we have only seen him slash a Pacifist, Hody and his new tornado technique, but now we will get an overall look at him in a One on One fight against Hyozo. Hyozo in my opinion is the most interesting out of the NFP and I considered him the strongest because even Luffy was interested in Hyozo because Hyozo was the one to block his attack and poison Luffy at the same time. I just hope that Hyozo is not a weakling like Hody, but than again he is going against Zoro who was training with the strongest swordsman in the world, Dracule Mihawk “Hawkeye”.

Luffy vs Hody

The match up that we all wanted to see and has been anticpated ever since Luffy came back from his two year training is the face of Luffy vs Hody. I don’t see this match up lasting long, but it would be interesting too see how Luffy can handle himself underwater where he is most vulnerable. And in some ways he is not a push over. He was able to hurt Hody underwater with his new move; which by the way is pretty creative, I just wonder if he is able to pierce someone like the CP9 technique “Shigan”  . Over all these match up should give us a clue as to how much really did the SH improved, because till now we really have not seen them in  a long one on one match, but now we will get to see that. Like they say patience pays off and that’s something we will have to do to see what happens next to our favorite Pirates.

Side Notes:

  • It was just to convent for Zoro to be there to protect Robin.
  • Hody has no honor. I don’t think his mom ever taught him to not hurt a defenseless woman, let alone pull her by the hair.
  • It is a scary team of Sanji and Jinbe, it sucks for Wadatsumi.
  • That was a harsh way for Decken to go out like that by his own weapon.
  • Another Match up that we know about is Chopper vs Daruma.
  • The only that are left is Nami, Robin, Brook, Ussop, and Franky, I wounder who they will face against.
  • Hyozo seems to be wielding 8 swords. I first thought he would be wielding 3 swords like Zoro, I was wrong.
  • Zoro was badazz about Hyozo being a ‘warm up’.

Basil Hawkins


2 Responses

  1. One piece this week was a comeback off of the terrible chapter last week,and proved that even if OP gives narutards and “the bleachers” (trademarked, called it!) A week to just take the win that OP can comeback and rip them a new one lol.

    There was alot of unessary speaking and is it me or is vivi’s cloths designer alil too happy fitting pels friends waist lol.

    Jims one shot roundhouse kick was very impressive but not as much as sanji’s, I mean wadatsumi emidiately got up like hot damn! That f’ing hurt. This whole deal with luffy and hody is really tiresome,ive never seen someone so dedicated towards racesism in my life.

    And OMG! Is zoro just the f’ing shiznit? Dude whenever you need an epic fucking moment in a manga who delivers? And im not talking bull crap kenpachi 1hit ko’ing someone and walking off, no! And im not talking weak minded naruto 1hit ko’ing random former kages, Im talking zoro appearing with a complete in the air three sword defence block against hyouzu and his 3 swords and giveing an epic statement. When he does it you just know the feeling as a reader that his epicness is from the soul.

  2. Awesome Chapter review!!! 😀 Dam i wanted 2 see Chopper Vs that Big Fishmen Guy!!! Chopper Going Monster mode on him would be Badass….

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