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Naruto Chapter 555 – Fighting Smart

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob Naruto chapter 555! Such a cool number for such a cool chapter. Before I get started, I wanna thanks Sothe for covering for the 554 review, you rock man! I apologize for missing out on chapter reviews recently, but after doing Naruto reviews for the last three years, work and life commitments have finally caught up to my free roaming life style, hahaha. I don’t know if I can always keep a regular schedule of blogs like I have in the previous years, but I love Shannaro!!! and will try my best. But at the same time, I might increasingly depend on other writers help fill the gaps where I can’t be around in the future.

Okay, back to the chapter at hand, I was pretty impressed by how Kishi handled Naruto’s battle against the Raikage. Contrary to Naruto’s last couple of fights where he just tended to use his newly gained powers to brute force victories over his opponents, Naruto actually used his brains and exploited a calculated weakness in his seemingly invincible opponent. Too often in recent battles has Naruto only relied on brute power and his own relentlessness to win. And although the Rasengan-to-the-face strategy is entertaining, I often wished Naruto to adopt a more tactical approach to fighting opponents. I know this kind of goes against the energetic knucklehead ninja mentality Kishi has adopted for Naruto, but it’s not like Naruto hasn’t used his head before (and I don’t mean headbutting an opponent). One of my favorite battles was Naruto’s fight against Neji in the Chuunin exams because it was a good example of how Naruto kept thinking throughout the battle on how to win even against overwhelming odds.

I’m glad Kishi brought that analytical Naruto back in the fight versus the undead Raikage. When Naruto started forming the tailed beast bomb last chapter, I was somewhat disappointed because it was just going to be the same old stuff – Naruto defeats powerful opponent with even more powerful technique, *yawn*. It was so refreshing to see Naruto to think on his feet and come up with a risky but well-planned strategy to defeat the Raikage using the information he got from Hachibi. On top of that, he realized that his new uber Kyuubi mode was actually a hindrance facing against the speed and power of the Raikage, and smartly switched to sage mode in order to better sense Raikage’s attacks and allow him to dodge them while counterattacking. Using the Raikage’s own lightning technique against him by diverting his arm into himself was a brilliant idea and perfectly executed.

I couldn’t be prouder of Naruto for coming this far because tactics and analysis has always been his weak point. I think up to now we’ve always overlooked Naruto’s lack of strategy in how he fights because this brashness and headstrongness has always been a part of his character. As well, because Naruto’s always had his incredible stamina and huge chakra reserves, there was no need to conserve energy and adopt more precise fighting techniques. But I think we’re finally seeing Naruto start to fight more intelligently – which I think is key if Naruto is expected to face the new Sasuke on an even battlefield; as well, Naruto will need to be smart and wise to follow in his father’s footsteps and become Konoha’s next great protector and leader.

Well, I spent most of this post talking about just one moment in this whole chapter, lol, but I do feel it’s an important evolution in Naruto’s character. Also. I didn’t have too much to comment on the other things in this chapter other than:

– Dodai reminds me so much of Ao, one of Mizukage’s bodyguards, wise and a lifesaver in a pinch… I wonder if his Lava technique is similar to composition as the Mizukages? Or is Lava technique just a catch-all term for this type of multi-elemental fusion techniques? Regardless, the rubber jutsu is a pretty cool concept.
– Dang, how long was KB taking a piss for in order to get separated from Naruto for such a long distance? I LOL’d when he just told Naruto to not to bother him while he finishes up.
– I can’t wait to see Gaara go up against Clam dude. Nobody better interfere, this is going to be good!


45 Responses

  1. great post bob like always

  2. looks like im first

  3. gosh…. i wonder who married that 3rd raikage.. with such body

  4. I missed sage mode so much.

  5. So that was real naruto I thought it naruto’s clone

  6. Im interested in how exactly the eight tails force the raikage to injure himself the first time.

  7. Where is the real Naruto? Or this the real one? Or did the one with KB go ahead to somewhere else?

    Haha technically they’re all real.

  8. And of course Gaara is going to loose to the Mizukage…Ground Types are weak to Water attacks.

    *ba dum tsh*

  9. ive never seen gaara going against genjutsu before. this should be interesting

  10. ground types are weak to water attacks? What is this pokemon?
    On a serious note, I don’t think gaara’ll win this one either

  11. Gaara will likely lose this battle against Mizukage, therefore Naruto is going to save him by using the same “sensor” trick that worked on Kisame…..

    I wonder what would happen to Mu, dont think he is finished yet, after all, he was the most fear character out of these four kages and the beggining of this arc.

  12. seriously does naruto have to take care of everyting?!?

  13. “Ground Types are weak to Water attacks.” Earth beats water in the naruverse. I think garra has this one, he’s just going to have to pull out something besides sand jutsu, which he should be able to do as the Kazekage.

  14. Thanks for coming back Bob-sama ~ great review BTW!

  15. @darthuchiha

    I hope he does not, but according from what we have seen, it is lileky…..

  16. The only ass naruto should be kicking by himself is sasuke and madara. The rest, i should be seeing the alliance combining thier techiques and creating ultra super combos against the edo summons(not too easily of course). I feel like thier just setting the pins of which are the summons, and naruto being the bowling ball.

  17. I think kishi meant to bring the tactical side of Naruto, but foreshadowed this by using Itachi. He kept talking about calmly analyzing everthing and finding a solution. Naruto applied what he learned from Itachi. Very Nice!

  18. Since sealing is so important right now will the sole survivor of the Uzumaki clan learn his birthright? Seems needed to deal with the Uchiha Genjusu specialty…

  19. good point don cheezio. you would think that naruto should know some sealing techniques, especially since he had to use the sealing technique placed by the fourth hokage to help contain the fox. hopefully his mum and dad taught him some.

  20. it’s confirm that Naruto didn’t learn any Jutsu or sealing Tech.directly from his father nor his mother

  21. nice review robert.

    it was nice to see naruto find another means of victory than muscling his way in, but still, it was a little too effortless. this guy held of thousands of elite ninja for days, and yet the only person who could figure out such a “key” weakness so fast was naruto? yeah he’s getting better, but i’d still say his intelligence is sub-par. why can’t some of the other ninja get some key fights in this war rather than naruto travelling to and winning each one himself?

    also, who do you guys think is stronger, this raikage, or A?

  22. Obviously the 3rd has more offensive and defensive prowess with Lightning Release Armour than the 4th, but the 4th has a lot more speed ability, and as seen with 4th vs Sasuke, his defense isn’t lacking either (chidori did almost nothing), but its nowhere close to the 3rds defense.

    Naruto wouldn’t have been able to pull off using Sage Mode against the 4th Raikage, so I say the 4th is stronger. That speed really makes a difference, the 4th could hold his own against Madara with quick reflexes to counter Madara’s Space/Time Manipulation.

  23. @ssj

    third raikage is stronger than A. from what we’ve seen from the both of them, the third raikage has more to offer offensively than A. he definitely does have the ultimate shield and sword. and he is the creator of black lightning, we just havent seen him use it. imo, third raikage has all the abilities of A and more.

  24. The 3rd is lacking in one major aspect the 4th Raikage kills at: speed. Who needs an invincible body when you can just dodge attacks?

    The 3rd does have better taijutsu offense and defense prowess with Lightning Release Armour than A, but A is absolutely not slouch in the taijutsu department, even armless.

    A’s speed is crucial in this war. Speed and quick reflexes are the only things that can touch opponents like Madara and more than likley EMS Sasuke. The 4th’s speed is not anywhere close to the 3rds; the 4th can’t even outspeed the Frog Kata of Sage Mode Naruto, which we’ve seen Pein can easily accomplish. The 3rd Raikage would easily lose to opponents like Madara, Naruto, or Minato.

    The only thing that may make the 3rd Raikage better than the 4th is unrevealed techniques, like Black Lightning. But I’m sure the 4th has plenty of abilities up his sleeve.

  25. @?????
    I think you got the raikage’s mixed up in your paragraph, but we get what you mean, at least i do

  26. hahaha clam dude

  27. imagine if u where given the chace to sign a summon contract with a Clam… you would be like WTF lol

  28. Clam kage would still kick ass though i bet, he looks rather moody with that weak tash lol!

  29. I think Naruto is going to lose the Kyuubi, which is goin to lead into him learning his Uzumaki birthright and techniques.

  30. @yellowflash

    It is likely, he will fight either Sasuke or the mask guy and his jinchuuriki zombies, lose, and with the ninja world on the verge of destruction…..

    But he will realize his true powers are finally awakened, that the kyuubi consumed a lot of his chakra and all the immense strenght he has now to defeat the bay guys.

    After all, is has been said for a while during this manga, that being the jinchuuriki of the nine tails requires “something” unique….

  31. I hope he loses the fox even if he does he’ll still have sagemode an overall have better chakra control

  32. perhaps because the 4th’s lighting armor is simply weaker than the third’s, but I noticed back at sasuke’s assault at the meeting that amaratsu burned the 4th raikage through his armor whereas the flames didn’t even faze Gaara’s sand. I think if anyone has an ultimate shield, it’s Gaara’s sand.

  33. Good to see Sage Mode still in use. Also, it seems Sage Mode is more like Super Saiyan while Rikudo Mode is more akin to Kaioken.

    @darthuchiha, how exactly would lighting stop fire? The shield only negates Raiton.

  34. @everyone

    Random thought:

    It’s still hard to believe there are only 2 wind users out of like 100000 ninja, or however many there are, smh. Vast over-exaggeration.

    Oh, and what’s the business kisu, long time no hear.

  35. this whole 3rd raikage fight imo was a vast over-exaggeration.

  36. Lol @token

    That guy could have beaten Madara, Sasuke, Kabuto, Kakashi, Itachi, 4th Raikage, B, and Naruto by himself. At the same time.

  37. I just figured out who the 3rd Raikage is in relation to DBZ, He’s Broly. Supremely overpowered, and hyped up.

    It would have been awesome if Broly could have gone SSJ4, or even just the Golden Oozaru Ape. Now that would be an episode I would pay to see.

  38. @kisu, it doesn’t matter because amaratasu and fire are two different elements. I merely pointed out that it was able to get through the shield, but not through gaara’s sand.

  39. @UchihaTheInfamous
    You can see Broly in SSJ3 in Dragon Ball Raging Blast. He looks so cool, huge and powerful with green hair.

  40. @darthuchiha

    Amaterasu is fire, because Jiraiya used a fire sealing technique on it in part one. As to Gaara’s sand blocking it, he just gave the amaterasu enough material to consume.

  41. Comparing amatersu to fire, is like comparing rock to metal, they’re both earthy material, but metal’s a different, refined, and more stronger form. Or, in naruverse world, comparing water jutsus to ice jutsus.

  42. @Rocks

    I’m going to have to check that out. I bet it’s awesome.

  43. I just checked it out and it does look cool.

  44. hate to be the one that says this but, i told u not to judge the man because he uses a clam…..u see, he was the strongest one

  45. not sure hes the strongest. From what we have seen thus far he is tied for second with muu as the third raikage apparently was near invincible and muu/ the second mizukage killed each other in battle when alive so it goes third and than muu/second mizukage for second

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