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The Black Flames 13 – Expansion

“Ahhh I see” Fugaku admired as he walked from the throne of the Uchiha fortress to look closer at the summons presented before him, “I remember during the 2nd Shinobi War, he used this technique.” Fugaku walked to the one named Tobirama, the man’s eyes were closed his hair like snow above them. “But his ability was limited, he felt it too harsh to bring back the dead by killing enemy soldiers, it was my father that pushed for the use of the ability.” Fugaku finally stopped near Hashirama, his dark hair covering most of his eyes, “To think they would become the puppets of their own creation!” Orochimaru began making hand signs as the earth began to tremble, the ground opened and the three summons where placed back into the coffins. “This is not all the fighters I have, I have… collected a few others in my life.” Orochimaru finally walked back to the door. “I know I can never return to Konoha, but this fortress will serve me well, give me what I want and I will be an unstoppable force in the expansion of your Village.” Fugaku watched as Orochimaru smiled, “Fine you may have this base but you will be limited in your test subject to most prisoners captured by our forces.” Fugaku smiled, his sharingan activated.


The Rain Village

Itachi watched the rain from inside the tower, the wind whipped it into the glass window before him like daggers they seemed to attack him one after the other relentlessly. “So you have put away his body?” Itachi asked, not turning from the window seeing Pain’s body appear behind him. “I have made use of the body but I have stored it in a special location for now.” Pain walked to the nearby seat, the table of stone laying before him. “You have learnt a lot in the short time you have been in Akatsuki, Itachi, but you must know that you can never reveal this as our location, Kisame is under the impression he is meeting you near our borders and will be returning to normal missions from that point forward.” Itachi watched Pain’s reflection as he spoke. “I understand, Pain, but what of the boy” “He will remain here under my protection, I will be able to defend him and know of any intruder as it happens.” Pain took a map out of his pocket, lying it on the table. “I want you to see something” Pain pointed to the map, Itachi slowly turned to face the man looking to the map in front of him. “We have this area now, the Fire and Wind country seem to be reaching an economic and military agreement as we speak, as now neither have a Tailed Beast they feel they are under threat by the Lightning and Rock Nations respectively.” Pain moved his finger over the map as he spoke.

“We are placed in the middle, if these two forces join it will create tension with the 4 of the 5 Nations planning war. With Tobi keeping the Mist weakened under his rule. We will face a force never seen before, and like the previous war the Rain Village and the Villages near us will be used as the battle ground.” Pain pointed out a line of villages on the map, Grass, Waterfall and Hot Spring Villages as he made a line between the 4 Great Nation’s, “This will be the new buffer, by uniting these Villages under the control and protection of the Akatsuki we will be able to prevent war.” Pain looked up at Itachi again. “You will head to the Grass Village and Waterfall. Their Villages have the most powerful Ninja forces.” “Nut that would mean your borders expand, wouldn’t that be a bad thing?” Itachi watched the line grow to meet at the sea again. “It is a risk but we have some of the most powerful shinobi in the world here, we will begin this expansion through military strength, we will also be able to strike any of these nations at any time. This will create unease and pressure will begin to rise, each Village will keep its name and its pride for now but the Military will covert to an Organized military the size of any of the great nations. We will continue to charge low rates for High level missions this will suffocate the bigger nations economy.” Itachi could see the wide spread starvation this could cause, the pain, the suffering of the other Villages. “Also seperating them will mean Ttade will be impossible between them, and alliances will be difficult to keep under these tensions, with no mediators or meetings unless we allow them through out land.” Pain paused a moment to stand, leaving the map to roll up again. He walked past Itachi walking to the window where he had been standing.

“Do you know how these small villages truly began?” Pain began almost sensing Itachi’s resistance to the plan, “The Greater Nations granted independence to these nations the borders where made and they used them ever since as buffers for war…” Pain paused as he remembered his friends the original Akatsuki, “They knew creating these villages would protect them, I am just wanting to show them that it is not right to use someone smaller than you.” “Is that why you won’t train Naruto?” Itachi asked, remembering the discussion he heard earlier between the two. “That and he is not in line with the goal.”

“You will head East to meet Kisame, I will begin preparations to the North, West and South.” Pain then turned walking out the door again. Stopping a moment in its threshhold, “You will need to watch out for Orochimaru too, he seems to have moved away from Konoha. How did you defeat Jiraiya’s technique?” Pain asked not looking back. “I removed the toads on his shoulders by striking the summons they disappeared quickly.” Itachi replied picking up his straw hat that concealed most of his face.


Naruto was so unsure of what he had seen today, the old book now lying at the bottom of his bed began to dry slightly, the moisture of the room made it take long but Naruto just waited, wondering why he was given this book by a complete stranger was dying, ‘He knew my name’ Naruto thought, ‘but his forehead protector didn’t look like Konoha’s. “Naruto.” Came a soft voice from the door, as Naruto looked up he saw Konan standing waiting to come in. “Hey Konan” Naruto’s voice less enthusiastic. “What’s wrong?” she asked moving closer to the bed, grabbing the nearby metal chair, scrapping it on the hard stone floor. “Its this book, I am not sure if it will ever dry, and I wanna read it.” Naruto pointed to the book trying to make it open but many of the pages stuck together. “Let me help” Konan reached towards the paper pages and began to push her chakra into it. Naruto watched amazed as the book’s pages began to heal but the coloring stayed at parts red from the blood spilled on it. “That is the best I can do, Naruto.” Handing the book back to the young boy. “The color won’t go back, like the blood spilt in the fight today, but there are things that can heal, with enough strength you can fix a lot.” With that Konan stood up, leaving the young boy to read.


Bleach Chapter 464 – Quiet Chamber, Noisy Heart

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Well it was supposed to be a one-on-one, but the Quincy seems to have slipped into Ichigo’s battle against Ginjou.┬áIshida does bring up one important thing: If there was another Substitute Shinigami, he should either be alive or dead. If he were alive, Soul Society should have notified Ichigo about him. If he were dead, Soul Society should have alerted Ichigo as to how or why, but since they never said anything, Ishida assumed they just didn’t know. But seeing as how Yamamoto sent backup so urgently, it seems that isn’t the case. They did know. So what was so frightening, what disaster happened, that they had to keep it all a secret?

As for the other fights: