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One Piece Chapter 638- Hody the Coward

Read One Piece Chapter 638

To start I had some technical issues, for some reason when I finished the post all of my work was deleted, so I had to start all over again. But enough of my issues lets get to this weeks chapter, which was a progressing of the Fishman arc. Not much happening other than the continuation of Shirahoshi running away from Fishman Island and Hody trying to kill Decken. But it was a fairly enjoyable chapter to read. It did not have as much action as the previous chapters but it still progressed the story.

Shirahoshi and the Neptune Brothers

It was surprising seeing the Neptune brothers back after they were in a half dead state due to the beating they received from Hody.But this just shows how Fishman/merman are more sustainable to pain and have better healing ability than humans. This can explain how Hody kept getting back up after Luffy beating him on several occasions (even though he was using the drug). None the less the Neptune brothers showed their bravery and will to help Shirahoshi and Luffy. Speaking of bravery Shirahoshi just proves that Luffy has influenced her into doing something she would not regularly do. For example, when Shirahoshi was first introduced she was easily hurt and a spoiled brat, though she shows how selfless she is by diverting Noah from Fishman Island. Even though Luffy treats Shirahoshi like a kid and never addressed her by her real name, Luffy’s bravery has rubbed onto Shirahoshi.


I would just like to give people a little background on Noah. Noah is a religious figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, in some way or form all these belief have the basic idea that Noah created an ark that was able to house all the creatures on earth. That is where I think Oda had the idea to come up with Noah the ship. Now the Noah in One Piece and the Noah’s ark in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are very similar. They are both extremely large ships that are able to house thousands of people. Now you might ask yourself, what does this have anything to do with Noah in One Piece? Well if you know the story of Noah than you know that Noah’s ark was supposedly able to house all the animals of the world. Now we can assume that Noah in One Piece was meant for the Fishman/merman race to go up to in the surface. But I think that it is the opposite, Noah might be the down fall of Fishman Island. It could be the one to destroy Fishman Island. For one on the last panel you could see that Noah is exactly on top of Fishman Island and now Decken has being injured/killed.

Hody the Coward

I have been going back and forth on if I like or hate Hody. Ever since he was introduced I had high hopes for him, now I do not know what to make of his character. However this chapter I came up with the solution on his character and this is what I came up with; Hody is a sadistic selfish SOB that likes to see people in pain. If you look at Hody and his battles he had so far, none of them has he won fair and square. All of his battles been to surprise his opponents, and from this I can say that he is a dirty fighter that does not fight honorable. Which is ironic because he speaks about the pride of Fishman, but he has no sense of honor. When he was first introduced he attacked “Crab-hand” Gyro, he captured an injured Neptune, defeated the Neptune brothers by using his drug. And he got his azz handed to him by Luffy. But you can notice him smirking when he knew Luffy could not do anything underwater. From this I would say that Hody is a sadistic, selfish, coward SOB.

Bye-Bye Decken

Now Hody might be a coward but he said something that caught my attention, he mentioned how Luffy was useless in water and how can a King of the Sea be the one that cannot swim. This statement has been raised since the beginning of One Piece, but Luffy has come up with a solution. Even though he is dead weight in the ocean he has his comrades their to help him. This is just one of the example that shows how much trust Luffy has in his comrades, the complete opposite of Hody and his trust in his comrades. Speaking of which he shows how he treats his comrades, by stabbing them. Even though Decken deserved what was coming for him, I did not want Hody to be the one giving Decken a lesson. For one it is cowardly done and like Luffy has done in the past which is never harm his opponents to the point of death no matter how terrible they are. But like Hody has said “what will happen to the ship once Decken is dead?” That my friends is something we will have to wait till next week to find out.

Side Notes:

  • Sanji shows his complete control of his leg power.
  • The cliff hanger was by far one of the best, I never saw that coming.
  • It was funny how Decken referred to Manboshi and Ryuuboshi as Big Brothers.
  • What is happening with the rest of the New Fishman Pirates and the Strawhats?


7 Responses

  1. Awesome review as always

  2. Doesn’t compare to hody, but luffy doesn’t exactly fight like its a martial arts tournament. He fights dirty, throwing things at em, bites people, kicks em in the sack(still feel sorry for bucky, imagine someone of luffy’s strength stomping on ur nuts) and so forth. I know he does what he has to to win and survive, im just saying.

  3. When hody said everywhere i look his entire world is coverd by oceana it just makes me think that these fishmen have no idea how fast the world is…….a dose of the outside world will do hody some gd…….
    @ darthuchiha your right luffy doesnt have a code of conduct, but he does show signs of pride when he’s fighting

  4. Luffy does what he needs to to win, but I can only really think of one or two times where you might consider it “dirty” fighting. Hody is on a whole other level though, he hurts everybody who gets remotely close to him. Luffy fights with pride and doesn’t hurt those who don’t deserve it.

  5. Yeah it was a very surpriseing chapter. Never thought Dekken would get killed off so quick.

  6. Im pretty mad at shannaro at not mentioning my homi from Alabasta lol.

  7. @Zoro’s lil bro – Whose your homi from Alabasta…..

    -pcgnome out

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