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Its Out! Naruto, Bleach and One Piece Chapter!

Naruto Chapter 554: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/30146172/1 

Bleach Chapter 463: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/66136137/1

One Piece Chapter 638: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/12973135/1


66 Responses

  1. FIRST YESH MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE and Good chapter!!!

  2. the third raikage is epic but didnt love this weeks chapter

  3. Does anyone else wish these past kages will be sealed off already so that we could get back to kakashi and the swordsman?……..

  4. Where the hell was sasuke? I wanna know whats going on with the black zetsu

  5. not a huge fan of this chapter. i think the war is getting stale. dont get me wrong i like seeing new techniques, but spamming them one after another from characters i dont care about doesnt do anything for me. on top of that it was a short chapter this week, probaly to prepare for the conclusion to this battle and the reappearance of sasuke.

    by now kakashi’s rampage is over. he doesnt have a whole lot of chakra and his battls are likely over not that we are in the 2nd day of the war. as much as i am indifferent to sakura we havent seen her agin since 1 brief scene at the hospital.

    choji, shikamaru, and ino’s arc is over since asuma is dead. we have likely seen the last of garaa for the most part, temari will end after this next chapter.

    this war has been 1 giant spamfest, and for the most part it hasnt centered on the characters i want too see. im becoming disapointed to be honest. i think kishi is trying to showcase too many people at once.

  6. Raikage shows us what chidori/ lightning blade can do in the hands of a certified Cloud Ninja.

  7. Yeah I don’t like this chapter.

    Something like a Chidori is powerful in the hands of a good user, but that is his most powerful technique? A Kage? NO.

    Kishi should stop being lazy. Attribute his godly stamina/endurance to a special technique he developed. Make timed or something similar to Danzo’s Izanagi. Make it counterable not by making a bigger tech, but careful planning and execution on Naruto’s part.

  8. Careful planning and excution on naruto’s part……………..good thing i’m not holding my breath. He kinda needs that if he’s gonna last agaisnt sasuke.

  9. Yeah he will. We all Naruto isn’t Shikamaru, but we’ve seen he is more than capable of complex planning in fights with Gaara/One Tail and Pein. I’m not decrying Naruto here, I don’t like the uninteresting abilities of the 3rd Raikage.

  10. ahhh…. I miss the kenpachi/byakuya duo(epecially kenpachi). Its back to doing what he does best, quickly and brutally dispatching his opponents,then complaining about how quickly the battle ended.

  11. About Naruto: I don’t get this, I thought Naruto tried to make a normal Rasengan with the kyuubi chakra and it blew up in his face… I assumed all the rasengans he had been doing were because he figured out that 8:2 balance of yin & yang chakra.

    How in the world is Naruto able to to normal rasengans then from the kyuubi chakra? He isn’t using his own chakra, that’s been “shelved” as we were told. It just doesn’t make sense.

    I feel like all these crazy characters Kishi is introducing completely nerfs all previous characters, it’s almost like he HAD to introduce them to keep pace with Naruto & Sasuke’s growth.

    About Bleach: Awesome to see Kenpachi at it again.

  12. Boring chapter. Naruto has been back for some time and I’m already tired of him, never once have I been so bored with the main character of a story until now. Everyone wants to see Sasuke, Madara, and even Kakashi, NOT Naruto. Let’s see what happens next week, uuggghhh -_-

  13. @ripcord.

    I think thats a huge reason for the haxorz edo tensei. When u do a strength comparison to the people naruto has fought and the speed he has grown at in another year he will be twice as strong as minato. Think about how the list goes for a second.

    Sasuke – 9 tails powerfest
    deidra – kakashi did most of the work then had to stop naruto from rampaging
    kakazu – again naruto only used 1 tech against him. And had to be saved by yamato and kakashi though i recognize the tech killed him.
    Pein – half worn out yes but naruto was able to desroy him completly.

    My problem is the disparity of strengths. Naruto almost always had help and fough weekend oponets. by the way things advanced naruto went straight to fighting akatski in part 2. Ninja of kage level.

  14. I call bull, or at least a major cop out by Kishi. The Rasenshuriken, the most powerful Wind Tech shown so far, couldn’t injure the Third Raikage? that is weak, the Rasenshuriken did a number on the Kyuubi, but not a thing against the Third Rai!? which brings up the question how can someone like that die? I mean give your comrades a day or two to escape then run for it and live… I guess he must not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but the Third is a beast nonetheless, I guess. I think it was just a plot device for Naruto to finally show his BijuuDama or whatever its called, to early, I guess that won’t be his trump card. I want to see Itachi fight some more, and i would rather see Naruto use Sage Mode, at least he though out his attacks rather than just power spamming, it is sickening, but entertaining to some extent.

  15. :D. i havent been here for a long time… anyways heres the start to an amazing sleeve ❤ .

  16. So is that the beast bomb that a Naruto clone is making? If so, simply amazing for not only to be able to create it but … A clone!
    I agree with most…. We need to see the others fight. We get it… Naruto is getting stronger & when his clones disperse, the real Naruto should be at SSJ9…lol.
    I’m trying to enjoy this arc dispite what others say but I’m starting to get annoyed. I tell myself “that wasn’t a bad chapter”. But actually they are getting shorter & not much happening. Lets go Kishi!! Give your fans what they want!….& soon!

  17. All this power spamming from naruto is just annoying, we get it- he’s strong but soooo limited! Everything’s rasengan- based, it gets boring very quickly! Bring back the fighters who use strategy!! All these hyped up edo’s are annoying now aswell, coz the power differences of the characters make no sense!
    In terms of bleach- great to see badass byakuya and kenpachi again (even tho they aren’t a duo) they look more deadly than ever with their new hair styles, lol

  18. Why can’t Naruto get some Vegeta-ness or Kenpachi-ness to his attitude, smh. Alas, I think teenage Goku had more pride about himself than Naruto.

  19. @UTI
    Because naruto wouldn’t be able to handle it.

  20. @Darth

    Apparently not.

  21. I would’ve been more impressed with the raikage and his jutsus if he was introduced way earlier into the series. Overpowered meatheads are a dime a dozen at this point.

  22. I’m not trying to decry the raikage’s abilites, but it seems to me the main thing that saved him from taking damage from naruto’s shuriken is his virtural immortality. I mean, the main point of the shuriken is to destroy the opponent from the inside out, attacking the cells, the chakra network, and the cirulatory system. And since the raikage is an impure summon, along with his shield and abnormal endurance, I can see how the shuriken wouldn’t do much.

  23. @Darth the thing that is starting to disappoint me, is not just the ridiculousness of the power these days but how it’s just a blur. Everything has happening so fast. I remember in the old days we used to see like 3 chapters dedicated to training on just one technique. Now we can pull five new ones out within two cartoon panels of training. Then no matter how strong someone is Sasuke shows up, and cues point you to believe that he stronger than the strongest person fighting currently case and point, the kage summit. These are the kages, and he shows up and takes them all on at once, but until we actually saw what was going to happen all cues pointed us to believing that he would destroy them all. Now after all the upgrades Naruto has gotten(which really was only one, that has been spammed into about 10) and all the peoples he smashed, Kishi shows us a couple panels of Sasuke, and all cues point to him being stronger than the Raikage that Naruto is fighting when actually he is no where near as strong as Killer B, who by the way mopped the floor with him. It’s just all this back and forth. In the old days we knew who was supposed to be the strongest. Zabuza, then Orochimaru, but every since Shippuden came along, everyone and their mother can have a Sharingan, Kyuubi Chakra, or lightning based speed jutsu, or some excessively overly hacked ability. It’s really frustrating. Then Naruto comes up here like he is the best thing smoking and hasn’t beaten anyone by himself since he fought Neji, we heck he didn’t even do it then the kyuubi chakra came out. That just made me think, has Sasuke or Naruto ever beaten anyone using only THEIR(keyword) power no kyuubi, no Orochimaru curse mark, no implanted Itachi Jutsu, no sage mode, No brother’s eyes, no kyuubi cloak. Just good ole hand to hand combat. I think the answer is no, unless someone can tell me otherwise. Even as suped up as the characters from DBZ were, they beat people by themselves, sad. Sorry for the rant. It’s just getting pretty frustrating. I can’t tell from week to week if we are going and coming. If it wasn’t for Itachi showing up this whole war would have been garbage. Can we start a petition for Itachi to have his own spinoff. Now that I would read/watch, as long as Kishi kept him exactly the same as he has been. I would even like to see a spinoff of Minato, at least he struck fear in people’s heart. At this point I don’t think anyone is scared of Naruto, even with all his powers, smh.

  24. Well adding fuel to the fire isn’t lightning chakra supposed to be weak against wind?? And earth element weak against lightning??? Kishi is completely loosing control of the past explanations… He may need an Izanagi himself after sometime to make his current story beleivable

  25. @r.a.m yes, but I think the elemental stuff has been gone out of the window. Especially when they said it’s only two wind users in the whole alliance. I know they said it is rare, but they said the same thing about the Sharingan and Rinnegan, and look where that got us.

  26. they never said the sharingan is rare….and theres only one rinnegan….btw love the sound of a itachi spin off but i think a minato one will be much better 😀

  27. @ legendary they were rare because allegedly Sasuke and Itachi were the last 2 Uchiha, therefore only two sets(+ Kakashi’s one), but as we see Madara has a whole wall full of them. Then everyone started getting eyes. True only one Rinnegan but how many times have we seen it, and now it’s being passed around like hot potato. I think I would like Itachis’ better because he so darn smart and collected, not saying Minato isn’t but he is still a bit more playful like Naruto.

  28. @ r.a.m, When Naruto was going though his Wind Element training, it was explain that eventhough an Element has an advantage over one element do not mean it can always beat it.

    Raikage’s Lightning Armor is stronger then naruto Rasen Shuriken.

    look at it like this…Raikage’s Lightning Armor has 19.5 Ligthning charkra points and Naruto Rasen Shuriken has 17.8 Wind element Charkra Points. Since Narutos jutus only half Wind and half Charkra, it can’t beat a stronger level Ligthninig base jutus.

    Also, The Lightning Armor protected him. Notice how he wasn’t wearing it when he fought temair. He only put it up when he saw that he was going to get hit. Thats why it did more damage to Kakuzu then the Raikage….kakuzu didn’t have a sheild.

  29. @uchiha

    Naruto beat kiba by himself, even with oro’s 5 part seal on him, but kiba isn’t much.

  30. @ R.A.M
    I’m not sure if the fact that the raikage can use black lighting have anything to do with naruto’s techique doing squat, but either way the shurkiin did seem to make contact, as powerful as the lighting shield is shown to believe, it’s doubtful that would’ve happened if the elemental weaknesess didn’t apply. And because of his endurance and the fact that the raikage is already a dead person, a jutsu that specifically attack cells inside the body can’t have done too much damage.

  31. @ripcord, that is true, so I guess once in how many chapters, lol.

  32. @Uchiha

    You can´t seperate kyuubi- sage mode or Itachi´s jutsu from their inheritant because that makes them what they are…..for example Kisami without Samaheda, Bee without bijuu, Danzou without Sharingan, Kakashi without Sharingan or Orochimaru who didn´t even have an own body….he just transfered his soul to other bodies….so stop complaining about that because so many characters did just the same thing

  33. I’m not really complaining just stating what it is. For the fact Orochimaru was a beast well before he started to change bodies. Evident by him almost becoming Hokage. Kakashi was also special before he gained his Sharingan, and so was Danzo. Danzo created his own faction well before he gained the Sharingan.

  34. We aren’t even going to discuss Kisame, who’s known as the tailless bijuu. Even bee was special, which is why he was chosen to be the host.

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  36. Kakashi is known for the fact that he is the copy ninja and his strongest ninjustsu is sharigan related…..Danzou would die in the first attack without his Izanagi and Kisame just can transform in a bijuu similar creature because of he fuse with sameheda…..and about your example (Naruto & Sasuke)….well….Naruto may not be the smartest but he tactically not untalented plus he has a great stamina and will….I would count that as a special attributes and Sasuke, he was born with the sharingan so you can´t really seperate this from him

  37. “kisame just can transform in a bijuu similar creature because of he fuse with sameheda”

    Smh. Someone needs to do reasearch on why he was the ‘tailess jinjurinkii”………..

  38. i think Kisame’s prowess was over-rated. Yes he was one of the strongest shinobi and was hailed as being a tailess jinchuuriki. but that was because of Samehada. just notice without samehada pumping enemy’s chakra into him, he’s just a regular strong ninja like Gai. and he’s transformation was also because of samehada fusing with him. so the strong one was actually samehada.. lol
    samehada sucks chakra off his opponents
    samehada feeds kisame the chakra
    kisame then had limitless chakra/stamina/energy
    samehada enables kisame to transform with it
    samehada allows kisame to hide inside it.

    basically samehada is AWESOME.

  39. @shykss

    Thanks….couldn´t explain it better

  40. 1.”samehada sucks chakra off his oponents”

    Kisame can do the same thing, the sword allows him to do it without the need for phyical contact

    2″samehada feeds kisame the chakra”
    same point above, the sword makin the aborption less risky

    3.”kisame then had limitless chakra/stamina/energy”

    Yes, and no. Sure the sword gives him more of that, but his chakra/satamina/energy has to be huge and abnormal to begin with, otherwise the samehada would never help him.

    In short, samehada is an awsome sword, but it only enhances kisame’s abilities, and as of right now, only he is capable of wielding it. He’s a beast with the sword, and he’s a beast without it; reread the fight between him and might guy, as well as the circumstances around his death.

  41. @darth actually last i checked bee had the sword sooooo i guess kisame isnt the only one who could wield it…..

  42. @token
    this is true, and it furthers my point…….It only chooses exceptional ninjas, and so far kisame’s the only one who can sway it’s loyalty against it’s own will, despite it being a sweet sword.

  43. Loved the panels of Raikage spin-dodging rasen-shuriken. Raikage is a MONSTER!

    I’m loving the subtle little advantages Naruto’s chakra cloak gives him i.e. multiple extensible arms. Can he “see” through the cloak?

    Beast-bomb will likely fail…

    Kenpachi you beauty!!! One Piece, quality as always.

    Rugby World Cup here we go!!!!

  44. i think the beast bomb will succeed. Naruto will hit him right on his scar which is the raikages weak spot.

  45. @Ultimate additionally Kakashi became a chunin at 12 then a jonin the next year. THEN shortly there after he got the Sharingan from Obito. It only enhanced his already great intellect and skills.

    And about Danzou, Danzou was on the team with the third Hokage, together they ran Konoha. He didn’t get to be the head of his own organization by being weak. Like I said in an earlier post, he is one of if not the best Wind users we have seen, WITHOUT the Sharingan. Plus his summon is one of the most legendary. You saw how hard it was for Naruto to control Gamabunta, so I don’t think a weak individual would have been able to control his summon that easily as well.

    And about Sasuke, Sasuke was not technically “BORN” with the sharingan, he had potential as all Uchiha do to work to unlock it. Just like working to unlock the Mangenkyo Sharingan(Also brings me back to Kakashi, he worked to upgrade his Sharingan and he isn’t even an Uchiha. Even Itachi was suprised he was able to do that, that took special ability right there). There were many Uchiha who never even unlocked theirs. Case and point we never saw his mother use hers.

  46. @uchiha

    but to your first point…..you said Naruto and Sasuke can´t beat opponents without their added gifts but in fact so many other shinobi´s
    just got the same thing…..Danzou and Kakashi are skilled shinobis but their strongest weapon comes from a added attribut

  47. @ darthuchiha, think ur a lil mixed there mate witht he facts, samehada constantly feeds off kisames chakra! samehada can absorb chakra from there opponents and also give some to kisame or now kiler bee. his first doesnt seem to be to hungry as kisame and Killer bee still have ample amounts to spare it appears!

  48. @ultimate okay back to my first point I was only using that as a plot device to move my point that don’t even use their basic skills as much anymore with the small enhancements, everything is so ridiculously overpowered until it is almost mind boggling. Even with the enhancements can I get a good fight with some taijutsu and not so much overpowered show. That’s all I’m saying. Like the fight with Gaara, that had just the right mix. The first fight of Naruto and Sasuke, had just the right mix. Let’s get more of these types of fights. Now everyone just pulls their biggest and flashiest moves out right from the start, this leads to no thought process on the readers part of what move out of the fighters arsenal will come next, or will they pull out some new move. Instead we learn right off the bat, because they use it so soon. That’s why I said I would like to see an Itachi spinoff with him being the exact same as he is now. Kishi has done really well with him. Itachi never uses his most flashy moves from the start. It’s always a buildup of his his powers in combination with his intellect over time. This is all I’m saying.

  49. @UTI,
    I fully know wat u mean!! Those were the days when Kishi spent 4 or 5 chapters on a fight an thoroughly took u through a wide range of jutsu’s an strategy from the fighters- I think his best examples of this were Naruto v Sasuke round 1 an Sasuke v Itachi, there was a build up an it was difficult to see who would win or where the plot would go……at the moment the manga is missing this- its like they forgot all about the fundamentals an go straight to their super power move which is lazy on kishi’s part!!

  50. @Tensa

    Exactly my point.

  51. @mattMaru
    I think you are a little mixed there with the point of my words. Nowhere did i say samahada doesn’t feed off chakra from kisame nor his opponents and couldn’t give any to him. I’m talking about kisame’s abilites, which are great already, and the sword enhancing them.

  52. Yea the fight aren’t as much though out now but thats probably do the fact that these aren’t typical beginning of the story going on missions “one on one”fight.this is a full scale war its not as much time to assess the opponents skill and all that most likely going to have to wait for some of the bigger battles like sasuke n naruto to see those type of fights. Though the summons are strong their nonetheless just pawns

  53. @darth

    Agree with your point…..but since Kishi decided to resurect so many characters he is forced to pull the big guns from the beginning….his mistake was to put quantity before quality…..but I guess he just wanted a big arc at the end with all the characters at once….so guess this manga is over in 50 chapters…..but it has the potential of 150 chapters but Kishi decided to rush it

  54. Actually I meant Uchiha

  55. @ultimate

    Yeah it seems to be heading that way.

  56. After reading the above posts, lead me to say a few things…,

    With Naruto training with Bee on the Turtle island, enhanced his battling ability to use the nine tails charka really well against the 2nd Raikage. To know from his previous emcourer with the 3rd Raikage speed ability, he automatically assume that the previous Raikage will be skilled in that area as well to have his charka arm behind his rasenshirken to throw it again, to land and reconnect to get a close contact, pretty much a direct hit. His tactic was on point to me. Even though his Justu attack on a cellular level, it won’t do much to a Edos summon.

    Also, I feel like we a far into the manga where we don’t have to be toddle through a battle. It’s a completely different battlefield. We are no longer seeing ‘D’ and ‘C’ rank missions. Our boy Naruto has grown to the point he can battle on the ‘A’ rank missions, where we were meeting guys like Zabuza. Who was giving someone like Naruto a hard time at the time, bet if they were to fight him now, Kakashi won’t have to even join the battle or worry if any of his comrades are in danger. Just because we haven’t seen the usual ‘Kohona Eleven’ doesn’t mean his peers don’t have some tricks we haven’t seen yet. Kishi seems to be pouring all the juices into Sasuke and Naruto but let’s not think he completely forgot about the others. It’s hard to be in a Great Ninja War including other villages and not give some insight of other villages surrounding Kohona and see why they have been so fearing for some many years. Now I can see why Kishi said awhile back that the Cloud Village was the strongest, because if you wasn’t Minato, you would be killed in an instant. Their speed and lightening techniques are no joke and not to be reckon with.

  57. @tleast Saucegay wasn’t in this chapter 🙂

  58. Does anyone else think that it would be an awesome idea for Naruto to have learned Killer Bee’s lariot technique? I mean, he’s been pulling off new moves every chapter lately. It’s certainly possible that Naruto just “happened” to learn it in the time between Bee’s last flashback story and now.
    Anyway, the lariot would at least give Naruto a basic taijutsu move to develop. To compensate for the power difference between Naruto and Bee, Naruto could use the Fox Cloak to create a chakra arm.Furthermore, he could also use a wind-release tech on that arm to give the move an extra stab effect. Naruto wouldn’t have to worry anout any side-effects from the wind chakra (i.e. stripping him of his ability to mold chakra) because he is not using his own physical arm. I would prefer that Naruto should do a solo lariot because I do not want anyone but his target to get caught in the crossfire.
    What do you guys think? Is it a good idea or not? What do you like about it ( or not like about it)? Did I forget any major benefits or drawbacks that you can find? Can you think of any other jutsus that Naruto could afford to use right now?


  60. yea ive been waiting on him since thursday

  61. @MIA same as kisu, perhaps bob is getting bored too. shame cos i quite like his perspective to the chapters.

  62. I miss Bob’s chapter reviews as well. They always offer me new ideas to consider. Often, after I read his stuff, I think, “How did I miss that one?!” His reviews are very well planned.

  63. @Naruto Tutor & ?


    where’s bob? This is a little later than normal for him to post…

    I wish he’d say something like “are we really wasting the beast bomb on this guy?” or “and how did the Raikage die? aye? really 10,000 shinobi from where?” or “I was really looking forward to some Sasuke carnage…” or something.

    All in all, I give this chapter 2 kunai (and that’s generous) a sharingan and a senzo bean. Bring the MANGA BACK TO LIFE KISHI, it’s time to start kicking butt AND LET”S FOCUS ON NARUTO, SASUKE and their generation.

    I’m tired of the history lesson. End it already Itachi.

  64. No Bob?


  65. Bob has diarrhea and hasn’t left the toilet all week! :-/

  66. Dude naruto is boreing and teqniches are random.

    In other new bleach kicked but.

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