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The Black Flames 12 – Realization of Pain

“Sage Art.” Jiraiya moved to the light, his face larger and full of warts. “Though it is imperfect, I need to use this now.” Jiraiya said to himself, before dodging another Fireball, “So you found me?” he scoffed, “Sage Art: Hair Needle Barrage!” the long white hair began to fly towards Itachi, standing still for a moment he quickly threw shuriken to deflect each hair pin flying towards him. “Just as I would expect from a Sannin” Itachi’s voice was respectful but dull.

Itachi ran to Jiraiya dodging the incoming attacks, “That is just what I wanted!” Jiraiya scoffed, creating a ball of spinning chakra in his hand, “Rasengan!” he pushed towards Itachi’s chest landing straight in the middle, though Itachi disappeared in a cloud of crows. “Your genjutsu won’t work on me this time! Sage Art: Goemon!” Jiraiya turned to face Itachi, the flames reaching him within seconds. “Amaterasu!” Itachi’s flames reached the the wave of Fire and Oil but it could not burn it fast enough, Itachi jumped onto a nearby building retreating from the battle with Jiraiya. “You seem to have a lot more energy now, Jiraiya.” Itachi began as he landed on the nearby building, “But I must finish this. Here, and now.”

Itachi’s body began to emit a red glow, Jiraiya look to see a ribcage forming around him. “This is my ultimate jutsu, Susanoo.” with that Itachi’s body was surrounded by red chakra, Jiraiya watched as the muscle grew around the newly formed bones. “What dark chakra!” Jiraiya was shocked. “This is no time to be sitting around Jiraiya!” Fukasaku shouted quickly, “Right!” Jiraiya put his hand to the side, building up a giant Rasengan. “I will finish you with this!” Jiraiya leaped in the air towards Itachi the ball of Chakra in his hand growing larger as he got closer.

The Rasengan impacted just before Itachi, the armor seemed to split slightly as he pushed towards the young man from Konoha. “What!” Jiraiya shocked as Susanoo grew stronger beneath his ultimate technique, “I am sorry Jiraiya, this is where it must end.” Itachi’s eyes looked deep into Jiraiya’s.


Front Gates of Konoha,

“You failed?” Fugaku shouted at Ratio in disbelief, “you had him trapped yet he was able to escape. You weakling!” with that Fugaku left Ratio walking back to the village center. “Kukukuku” came a laugh from just behind them. “My my, what a temper Lord Hokage.” the slivering voice of Orochimaru rang out. “Orochimaru? You dare enter this land?!” Fugaku began turning to face the Sannin, his eyes filled with killing intent. “Please, I know what you want and now that Konoha is under new management… I thought you could make good use of my services again.” Orochimaru stood firm looking at Fugaku.

“How could you help me?” Fugaku asked, making sure to keep Orochimaru in his sight at all times, “I have abandoned that organization Akatsuki to join forces with Konoha again. All I ask for is a Sharingan!” Orochimaru’s snake eyes staring hungrily at Fugaku’s. “Lets discuss this in a more private setting.” Fugaku raised his eyebrow to Ratio as to say, ‘Keep quiet or you die!’ Ratio watched shocked as the Leader of Konoha walked away with one of its worst enemies.


Naruto finally arrived at the scene of the fire, looking around as the black flames engulfed everything they touched, “I wonder what happened here!?” Naruto shouted as Gaara arrived right after him, “I hate this rain, I can’t use my sand here!” Gaara complained as he arrived next to Naruto, “Over there!” Naruto ran through the small corridor between the buildings, the smell of blood growing stronger as he made his way to the exit.

When he came out, he saw a man with white hair lying in a pool of blood and rain. “Naruto? What are you doing here!?” Naruto heard Itachi scream from the side of the building, “Wha… What happened here!?” the man before Naruto began to move again, he looked towards Naruto, his eyes almost devoid of life now but still a glimmer remaining as he saw the boy.

Jiraiya could see Naruto, his vision was blurred and he could feel his lung had collapsed, “Na…ru…to,” he forced the words out, Itachi soon landed at the edge of the building making his way to Jiraiya. The man with white hair continued to rummage through his backpack trying his hardest to lift his head above the pool he was lying in. ”
“This is for you.” with that the man brought out a book, small and torn, the water soaking some of the pages giving them a red tint as it was absorbed. Naruto quickly ran to pick up the book before it was completely destroyed by the water. “Who are you?” Naruto asked but was too late, he saw the old man lying there in his own blood, dead.

“That is what it means to be a ninja,” Naruto heard the voice of Pain coming. “You still wish for this power.” he continued walking past the young boy, not turning to face him Naruto simply looked at the title of the book, unsure of his answer. Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi he read, watching the rain fall down the leather cover like tear drops, “I… I…” Naruto spoke so soft he could barely hear it himself as the storm grew stronger, “Go back both of you!” Itachi finally shouted, “We don’t have time for this now!” Pain stopped before the man known as Jiraiya, “This was my Sensei at one point” his words where empty, as he looked at the blood flow into the earth. “This is not the first blood that has been spilt into this land and it will not be the last!”

Naruto turned away, crying for the man he had never met, for the dream that man could never achieve. Though the Rain hid his tears, the sorrow could be seen on his face.

“Itachi, I know that was difficult for you,” Pain spoke to Itachi, his voice filled with respect towards his comrade, “I will deal with the body, make sure your flames do not engulf more of the Village.” with that Pain grabbed the body and jumped towards the nearby building and out of Itachi’s line of sight. Itachi began taking the flames out, saving the buildings. Luckily this side of the Village had been evacuated long before the battle began by Konan’s signal.


Far outside Konoha,

“Ah so this is the Uchiha old fortress?” Orochimaru began looking to the walls, the hall was dark and round. “Yes it is, we once owned all this land before a small faction took control.” Fugaku watched Orochimaru carefully. “Don’t worry Fugaku.” Orochimaru began looking away and around at the room. “I know your eyes are something special, I wouldn’t go against it.” Orochimaru laughed as he said the last words. “It would seem my fellow sannin is dead, Jiraiya.”

“What?! That cannot be! We have tracers on him, he is currently moving to the Mist Village!” Fugaku shouted, “kukuku, that is a toad you are following, brilliant ability he has but, he is definitely dead, I left one of my snakes with a member of Akatsuki, he recorded the entire battle and got me some of my old friend’s DNA.” Orochimaru’s voice was smug as he began drawing a circle in the ground around him in Blood. “Summoning Jutsu” with that a small snake appeared holding a glass of blood. “You see I have mastered the 2nd’s jutsu” he started, summoning 3 shinobi wearing the Cloud Village headbands, “Edo Tensei!” with that their bodies began to crumble and a strange mist began to engulf them, Three Boxes came out the ground where they had been kneeling. “Let me introduce you to my power, Hashirama, Tobirama and Jiraiya!” as Orochimaru spoke the doors to the coffins fell revealing the two Hokage and the dead Sannin.



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  1. crap i’m late again, i don’t have much time so i’ll keep it short.
    i liked the chapter but jiraiya was finished off a bit too quickly. after you made itachi lose that battle before Jiraiya looks like cannon fodder now lol

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