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Naruto Chapter 553 – Stealing the Show

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob
Chapter 553 brings us some more action from the battlefront of Gaara and Tsuchikage, and at the end gives us a glimpse at the new Sasuke. As it was mostly action, I didn’t find too many topics to cover this week, so I’ll keep things brief.

Overall, I thought it was an okay chapter, but was a little surprised that Naruto would continue on going down the path of “I’ll fight all the battles for everyone” even after that long talk with Itachi last chapter. You can argue that, yes, he did use his friends’ help like when he asked Gaara to use his sand to bounce off of and kind of worked with the Tsuchikage the take down Muu, but he went back to his old behavior once again when he just left the two kages and went off on his own to help in Temari’s fight against the Raikage. Naruto is doing well in that he’s working with his friends and allies, but I think Itachi meant that Naruto should also rely more on the judgment of his friends rather than making choices for them because he is more powerful now. It still feels like Naruto is arriving on the battlefield with the attitude of “Look at how cool and powerful I am, now stand back and let me do my thing” rather than “I’m here, how can I help you guys win this war and go home safely to your families?”

Even though all of Naruto’s new powers have been Rasengan-based thus far, I have to say that his Rankaiten is the best looking attack so far. Yeah, it’s ridiculously powerful and several thousand times overkill, but we expect that from Naruto. If any of you ever watched an anime a few years ago called Gurran Lagann, you’d probably experience some nostalgia from seeing that spiral attack unfold and blow up in epic proportions.

Sasuke’s finally made his debut with his stolen Mangekyou Sharingans. His newly perfectly Susanoo looks pretty tough (still kind of ugly if you ask me) and the Amaterasu sword and fireballs would be able to wreak havoc on the Alliance army in mere minutes. It looks like white Zetsu (or maybe just one of the clones) is his first victim, as Sasuke breaks to the surface in a way that suggests he is defying Madara’s orders. But was there any doubt that a selfish guy like Sasuke wouldn’t just go solo after getting what he wants from Madara? Still, any damage Sasuke inflicts on the Alliance will still be in Madara’s favor. I think Madara has a devious plan to take Sasuke’s power for his own at some point, he just needs to sit back and jump in at the most opportunistic moment to seize it.
Nothing much else to say, just a few points:

– Before Muu was sealed up, he was cautioning them about something else he possessed. Will it come back to bite Gaara and friends in the asses?
– Clearly, the battle against the undead Mizukage will continue to fail until a named character arrives. Nonetheless, I enjoy seeing every scene that guy is in.
– Really, there’s no other wind-users in the army besides Temari and Naruto? I find that hard to believe but that’s what she said this chapter.


50 Responses

  1. NIICCE!!!

  2. @Bob

    Asuma did say that the wind element was rare. But Baki should still be around and we already saw him use the wind element early on, so clearly Temari is exaggerating, but perhaps Baki didn’t actually go to war?

    Also, what’s up with the gravitar?

  3. i have to say im a massive fan of naruto (the character) etc but even this new found im awesome attitude is pissing me off a little. I also keep thinking why the hell is he in kyuubi mode for so long? Im pretty sure Killerbee said a few chapters back that you should use to much kyuuibi mode? and then last chapter didnt he run out of gas etc? not sure what is going on. Also a bit disapointed in not seeing the sage mode again i mean it can simply be an old tech forgotten for this new mode?

    Sasuke looks trollish…after watching itachi clean up pain with his susanoo its hard to imagine anyone standing up to sasuke…even naruto with his power ups. I mean its the ultimate defence powered by the ultimate dojutsu. i guess we will see similar trolling by sasuke before any major conflicts

  4. @bob

    the clone of naruto was before he had his talk with itachi. Thus the clone doesnt actually know the things itachi spoke of. If naruto was smart…and he isnt he would make a clone and disperse it so all the other clones of him know what is goin on.

  5. am i the only one who notices how kishi declared tobirama(second hokage) a weakling in this chapter? third raikage lasted 3 days against 10,000 ninjas and tobirama died on the spot against twenty? thats horrible.

    i pray someone puts naruto in his place. hes an arrogant prick now. he may be super powerful, but theres no need to be such a d**k about it. naruto used to be cool, but his attitude now is disappointing and annoying.

    i wonder whats on sasuke’s agenda. i hope now that hes back and kabuto claims its time to play his “trump card” that we’ll see a few ninjas we know in the alliance die.

  6. Not to mention being able to let the allies such as garaa know that pein is gone and itachi is on there side now and heading towards kabuto.

  7. Bob I dont think Muu warned everyone bout something, but I think it was a warning for tsukage not to trust the allies and be careful

  8. Muu … Sensor types …. warning about Sasugay

  9. I liked this chapter and I agree with what you said about Naruto but I just wish he had more than just Rasengan based attacks. I want him to be able to use wind style attacks or just anything that’s not Rasengan.

    Sasuke looks like he’s gonna do some damage but then again Sasuke always seems like badass because he is Kishis favorite character. I can’t wait to see him in action, its going to be interesting to see him fight against the alliance. I want to see him fight his old friends from konoha and see the change in their relationship. The last time the others saw Sasuke was before he left Konoha so its going to be fun to watch.

  10. Also I don’t think Naruto is using his abilities the right way. Itachi told him to be calm and clear headed during a fight but he’s just been attacking and not really been observing his opponent like the way he attacked the second Raikage without talking to the army and finding out his abilities and strategies. Naruto has the most powerful sensing abilities in the shinobi world and he is probably the fastest and he isn’t using those abilities like he should. With those techniques alone no one should be able to touch him. He lacks battle experience and that’s because he is still a genin. Gaara was right when he said Naruto isn’t the type to use battle strategies. If he calm and cool headed like Kakashi and Sasuke then he would be unstoppable. If he does that then I would be okay with endless Rasengan attacks!

  11. @ everyone who think that was naruto in this chapter , well NO! It was narutos clone. Think and read last chapter and you will see that (im not in the mod to write that lol).

  12. @ Bringerofkaos
    sorry, i did not read your comment till now, glad someone noticed it too

  13. yup…bringerofkaos is right…..it is the clone of naruto…that’s why that clone is still a ” i will win the war by my super powerful self” kind of guy….but not to worry….the real naruto is not a jerk anymore because of itachi..

    Sasuke’s susanoo is …ugly…. it looks like a child’s drawing of a mummy cat….though mummy-looking Muu is cool…The Skull susanoo of itachi is still the best….I hope sasuke was beaten immediately….(but i think that he will last until the naruto story ends)…..Tobi should be the main opponent…not the ” revenge is cool and I miss my big bro” type of guy… sasuke sucks…

  14. Here are my guesses for the next chapters. Sasuke will be testing his new powers against his old brother, Itachi. Why? Itachi will be able to end the edo tensei but Kabuto will regain control over Itachi by using his trump card. Kabuto will use Itachi to face Sasuke. That will be a point of comparison to see the MS vs EMS and the two Susano’s.

  15. Yeah that’s what she said LOL

  16. SWEET, Bob referenced Gurren Lagann :). glad to see i’m not the only one who likes both Naruto and mecha series’s

  17. Y’all know that the Naruto who is helping out Garra and Onoki is really a shadow clone. The real Naruto is with Killer Bee and the reason he’s arrogant is because he was form way before Naruto came into contact with Itachi and Nagato.

  18. Wasn’t the clone Naruto made last chapter (after talking with itachi) dispersed due to exhaustion? So shouldn’t he know he is at/near his limit?

  19. The last time Naruto made clones was when he and B had arrive at the battlefield. Each clone are heading to a diffenrt battlefield either to deal with the remaining 40,000 Zetsus or dealing with the remaining Reanimation revive ninjas. But, Naruto did try to create more Naruto’s after his battle with Nagato but because he use to much of the nine tails charka he needs time to recover.
    And the White Zetsu that was kill by Sasuke was indeed real one because the clones dosen’t even talk.

  20. The information gained by a clone is only transmitted to the original after it is dispersed, not to the other clones. In addition, the reason his clones haven’t dispersed or at least went back to normal is because when naruto makes his clones, his chakra is split evenly between the clones, thus they each have their own reserves of chakra. When a clone disperses, its remaining chakra is returned to the user. There are many proofs of what I just said throughout the manga.

  21. From the last thread:

    Also, is anyone totally stumped at the 3rd Raikage? Is he a Wind Release User, Lightning, or both? And before I read the MangaStream translation, I read the MangaReader one.


    It says something totally different from the Stream translation, saying that “long range Wind Release won’t hurt him” rather than “he developed a long range Wind Release”. Is the Raikage a Lightning Release user with extreme endurance, or a Wind/Lightning one with less mention of his endurance?

    Which one is valid? I am confused.

  22. @Bob

    I thought your review was poor and that you didn’t give good insights to the new information revived in the manga.


    I felt like this chapter was a good build-up to everything yet to comeout of this war. With Itachi on his way to Kabuto, The (Real) Naruto and Bee are sensing out the strongest charka and defeating them first as it seen that Bee and Naruto stumble across Itachi and Nagato, the strongest/smartest ninjas we have seen so far in this manga. Who know’s if Naruto and Bee will meet up with Madara and his paths, afterall Itachi did tell Naruto to take care of Tobi. With Sasuke finally making an appearance in the manga again will only assure us readers that there will be some serious killing coming up in the next few chapters. Knowing Sasuke, he will trying out his new powers on just about anybody, I am betting the big one will be Kabuto since he is the closest to Sasuke right now. Maybe that ‘Trump Card’ Kabuto is dying to use, he will be using for his own good when his life is on the line. Seeing the Naruto clone still in the ‘I can do it all by myself’ attitude, was predictable because he created the clones before his encounter with Itachi. I will leave the battle strategy up to the #1 Unpredictable Ninja and see what he is willing to do to bare the whole war himself! I hope Kishi make these upcoming battles more then just a chapter long because then this Overpowered Naruto will be a little bit too much from where this manga originated from, and yet we still have to remind ourself that he is still a ‘KID,’ who is not yet Hokage.

  23. @prinston

    The white zetsus did talk when Naruto & Bee were fighting them a few chapters earlier (taunting Naruto that their “combo” form wouldn’t be beat so easily and then Naruto summoned Gamahiro.


    You’re wrong about the clones, when the clone that learned from Asuma about wind release dispersed, all the other clones learned what it knew. I would guess though that this only applies to clones created together (i.e. if Naruto makes 1 clone, then later on makes a 2nd, disperses the 1st one, the 2nd would not learn what the 1st one learned since they weren’t created together), but who knows if that’s true.

  24. one technique i would love to see Naruto do is every finger and thumb having a mini Rassenshuriken on top. and then he throws them like shurrikens. that would be immense!

  25. One technique i liked is the air bullet one that Danzo used against Sasuke. i think using Vacumes and Vortexs would be good if naruto mastered those. i always thought that Naruto would gain Water element as a 2nd element and work that into his techniques.

  26. BTW tobirama thought againsts lots of specialised ninjas much like the Anbu, the Raikage probs just thought 10 thousand genin and a few jounin and then gave up after exhaustion.

  27. Yeah good point, Naruto clones are still being ego filled baecause they havent had the dressing down that main naruto has. if the naruto that itachi talked was a clone and disipated all the other clones would of known by now but he was the real deal. it was cool that naruto clones came up with new techs on there own though. planet rasengan is well cool.

  28. @MattMaur… I like your comments, good insight!


    My question is… how come Muu knew what a ‘Rasengan’ is… I would love to know the timeline with all countries involved and stating enough facts like we have on Kohona. I believe the 3rd Tsuchikage been Kage over his country for some time due to his old age, and some members of his own village is suggesting that he hand over the ‘Kage’ title to a successor. Hopefully Kishi provide us this between now and when manga is finish.


    A few chapters back, someone mention that this arc is pretty much about being super power because ever since Oro died, it’s been about having inifinity power that surpass everyone. Tobiama was probably only able to summon one edo, Oro’s with two and Kabuto with only Kishi knows… lol. I think you get what I am saying. I hope all these overpowered ninjas don’t become a treat to their own society, like how Sasuke is seeking revenge.


  29. Sasuke’s Back; I guess it’s time for revenge-boy to start his I-want-to-kill-my-brother-and-neglect-the-only-people-that-love-me drama again… -___-

  30. this is just a theory but i don’t think anything serious is gonna happen in this fight, well the end of the war except madara being defeated. i do believe that sasuke and naruto are gonna fight but this time naruto is gonna win, plus naruto still has a trump card that he has to have that he isn’t showing. also i dont anything commented on the last thing that naruto was doing when it looked like a ball was forming around his body so he may be about to do sum damaging things. but i belive after this war there is gonna be some time where naruto learns water chakra techniques and earth chakra techniques and when he fights sasuke for that last time, they will both die.. but this is just a theory. but i believe sasuke and naruto got some techniques that are gonna blow us all away.

  31. Like allot of people are saying i would prefer to have naruto using more elemental techniques but you got to give him credit for being so versitile with just two techniques whilst in his Kyubi mode/sage mode state. He has come up with some unusual methods to create these power techs, Rasenshuriken being the most powerful, planet rasengan must be very destructive also. the little mini rasensuriken was so genius lol. The vacum Rasengan taking out multiple targets. this is just by using the Rasegan and Shadow clones. just imagine if he had Water element or other tricks up his sleeve. he also hasnt mastered the Beast bomb yet which will be amazing to see. some how i think he will pull this one off when he takes on sasukes. probs will chuck it at the amaterasu.

  32. Guran lagan was one of my favorite, i thought it was funny and has some memorable scene “who do you think I am”

  33. @jajuan
    I thought the circle around naruto is just the sun

  34. A Technique I really wanna see Naruto create is using Sage Chakra offensively. A forceful injection of Sage Chakra into an opponent who doesn’t know how it works is lethal, with small amounts slowing them down considerably, and bigger amounts simply killing them. Naruto vs Nagato (had he used Sage Chakra) Naruto vs Kisame, and eventually Naruto vs Madara w/ Rinnegan would all turn out in his favor because of Chakra sucking techniques. If Naruto can use this offensively against opponents that don’t steal chakra, then he’s developed a potent weapon.

  35. Question to anyone who knows the answer…..when did naruto make these clones everyone keeps talking about?

  36. @ Bob

    Where the heck is Danzo when you really need him. He has been the best wind element user by far, and his summon was one of the coolest.

  37. Yeah Danzo was a great wind element user- like someone else mentioned he does remind me a lot of a super saiyan in his current form. Also if Muu is sealed now all that hype was for nothing!! Did we even get 5 different jutsu’s out of mummy dust man??!!!

  38. Questions! Now that Sasuke has unlocked the EMS I was wondering if he now will be able to use all those special uchiha’s powers like time/space jutsus like Madara and kamui like Kakashi? Are those powers unique for certain users?

  39. Other than that… how the black flame king Sasuke will counter the yellow flash kyuubi sage mode bijuu bomb planetary and almost galaxy rasenshuriken attack from Naruto? XD

  40. I just wanna see Naruto in a fight to the death by himself to see what he can really do. I was him to finally have a real challenge that’s going to finally show him that being a ninja is not all fun an games. I know he has faced a lot of hardships as a ninja but he just doesn’t take things seriously to me. I know it seems like he does but I just want him to be serious like sasuke sometimes.

  41. @ Those jutsus are unique to the user. Since he has itachi’s eyes he could perferm whatever jutsus itachi can with his sharigan, (some of em he could do already) along with his own. Sasuke could never perform kamui.

  42. @rocks sometimes I think that because of sasuke and itachi, the mankeyo sharigan abilities(excuse the spelling) is unique to the branch family of the clan, instead of to each user.

  43. I also belive that, now that i think about about it, all the jutsus the sharigan does are,generally speaking, are related to one another, dealing with space/time. kamui’s pretty obvious, but the genjutsu manipulates time on the person being casted on, and the amatserasu burns the oponent into absolute nothing (which no matter how fierce, regular fire cannot do) that would require manipulation of space.

  44. You guys are too slow.


    The 3rd Raikage most powerful technique is a Chidori variant? OH LAWDY LAWD NO.

    And the 3rd looked so awesome too.

  45. @?????? yea I think kishi has gone beyond lazy lol I mean come on really?!?! the third raikage is basically using a chidori with less fingers

  46. @?????? and @ token-
    It may be a cheap illustration on Kishi’s part, but because of the third raikage’s lightning techniques, I no longer believe that Sasuke will be at a disadvantage if he uses his chidori attacks against Naruto’s Rasenshuriken. Not only could Sasuke use chidori to boost his evasiveness, as the former raikage demonstrated, he could also use his lightning style techniques to totally cancel out the effects of the wind style. In case Sasuke ever decides not to use Susanoo, he might be able to substitute that “ultimate shield” technique, with the help of his full body Chidori. 🙂

  47. “lightning style techniques to totally cancel out the effects of the wind style”: the Raikage has much more strength than Sasuke. Comparing his and Sasuke’s lightning jutsu is like comparing Konohamaru’s Rasengan with the Raitenken Rasengan. Also Wind has a type advantage over wind, the Raikage is again, just rediculously powerful, also Sasuke doesn’t know cloud style nin-taijutsu.

  48. Sasuske is still getting ‘dat ass whoop.

    He is nowhere on the level with any of the Kage’s in regards to personal chakra pool, stamina, or endurance. The only reason Naruto’s Rasenshuriken was ineffective was because of the 3rd Raikage’s Natural resilience combined with the regerative power of Edo Tensei. If the Raikage can’t take it well, Sasuke? Nope.

    I wish Naruto would develop some type of different Taijustu based Wind-Style stuff. Perfect counter to Chidori.

  49. OMG! Is this kid tiresome,i mean seriously he is nowhere on the radar of cool.

    Garra goes *shock face*

    Thank you raikage *clap clap* thank you for camenting that kakashi and the third are straight low tier compared to people of your era (maby, imo more then likely) seriously to see him pull off a move that kakashi “thought” he created lol was just too hilarious, and thats my fav character.

    And oh! “he is the only man to defeat a bijuu 1on1” or was it just the 8 tails? Anyway lol the “brotha” made this whole chapter imo, and im proud that I chose to be a fan of his son from first sight and out of the fact that his nintaijutsu is prowrestling style.

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