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The Black Flames 11 – Peace

You are my only friend’ came a voice from inside Itachi’s head, he looked into Ratio’s Sharingan perplexed by its color. “Ratio, what is that?” Itachi began, trying to use his strength to dispel this genjutsu, “This…” Ratio moved his finger over his left eye, almost completely covering his blue eyes, “This is my burden, of being an Uchiha but constantly mocked as an outsider.” Ratio’s words were heavy with emotion, Itachi could literally feel his agony but this was not a genjutsu Itachi had ever experienced.”I see you are trying to dispel this jutsu, but I can tell you now this is not genjutsu, it is the curse of this eye, while most Sharingan are known for the power of perception, my eyes pushes out all information within me.” Ratio stopped watching Itachi sinking slowly into the mud beneath him. “I remember the day my Sharingan activated. It was the best and worst day of my life!”

Without making a move, Ratio’s memory of that day entered Itachi’s mind, he could feel the pain Ratio felt watching his comrades being killed, and the guilt he felt knowing it was all his fault. “You see,” Ratio lifted the patch back on his eye, “my sharingan pushes out my internal thoughts, and I have no control of it. This was the curse I was given.” Ratio looked away for a moment, his heart felt heavy in what he needed to do now. “I must kill you Itachi, to make things right for me.” with that Ratio reached for his Shuriken bag, pulling one out in one quick swoop.

The air around Itachi began to quiver, as a man in a orange mask just appeared. “Sorry, I still have need for Itachi.” the man said in a calm manner, Ratio stood stunned he had never seen a jutsu like this before, and in one fell swoop the man in the mask disappeared with Itachi. Nothing was left but the hole in the ground where he was trapped.


The edge of the Rain Village.

“All my data on Akatsuki led me here.” Jiraiya began, seemingly talking to himself more than the toad standing beside him, “Yeah yeah! Why did you summon me, Jiraiya?! I got shit to do!” the Toad croaked to Jiraiya. “Haha, I need you to do something for me, you see this vial of liquid?” Jiraiya took a small vial from around his neck and gave it to the Toad, “I need you to head towards the Mist village almost in a completely opposite direction, I cannot allow Konoha to get their hands on the Nine Tailed Fox.” Jiraiya seemed serious now, “Sure thing but you know this is gonna weaken you to enemies right?” the toad complained as he hopped away in the opposite direction. ‘I wonder if they’re still alive.’ Jiraiya thought as he moved into the rain.


“Konan!” came a voice from the main room. “Wait here Naruto. I need to go to Lord Pain.” Konan was worried, Pain had never raised his voice like this before, She walked down towards the meeting room where she could hear the voices of men arguing. As she turned the corner, she saw Itachi, Tobi and Pain all standing near the center of the room. “Ah please come in, beautiful Konan.” Tobi said his voice light but with a sinister ring. “I have brought Itachi back from Konoha, Kisame is also on his way here.” “What are you doing, bringing them here!” Konan gasped, “we don’t want to draw attention to ourselves, why do you think we meet outside in different nations…” Tobi simply lifted his hand to silence Konan which annoyed her to no end. Luckily it was Pain who spoke next. “I have already felt that someone has entered the billage Konan, I believe it’s Master Jiraiya. We need to dispose of him soon.” Pain’s sad voice barely reaching Konan through the sound of the heavy rain.

“I have reason to believe that Itachi will be useful in eliminating the threat so we do not need to give away our secrets.” Pain looked at Itachi who was silently thinking, his blood eed eyes surveying the room. “No!” Konan demanded, “He was our sensei so we need to fight him ourselves, Nagato!” Pain simply looked at Itachi ignoring Konan’s plea, “Fine I will find him and defeat him first.” with that Konan left the room. “Jiraiya is a powerful enemy” Pain began again ignoring Konan’s rebellious tone, “I shall fight him if Itachi fails, I will convert to Animal Path” with that Itachi stood walking towards the rain.


Edge of Amegakure.

“It’s been a while” Jiraiya thought to himself looking at the city around him, the smell of steel and rust filled the air. It almost smelled like blood. “You are trespassing here.” Jiraiya heard the voice of a female just above him, her wings spread out and the rain falling down all around. “Konan?” Jiraiya asked as he saw her face more clearly. “I am sorry Master Jiraiya, but we cannot let you leave here alive, you have seen and know too much.” with that Konan shot thousands of paper shuriken at Jiraiya, leaving him barely enough time to dodge, landing in a puddle not much further than his previous location. “We? Did the others survive too!?” Jiraiya demanded making hand signs as he did, “Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu.” the flames didn’t even reach Konan’s wings. “By we she means me, Master Jiraiya.” Came a voice from behind Jiraiya. ‘It can’t be’ he thought to himself slowly turning to see the eyes of a sharingan staring at him. “Itachi!?”


Naruto was watching the rain falling outside his window when he saw a huge flame emerge from the western corner of the Village. ‘What was that?’ he thought to himself watching intently. He decided he would need to take a closer look, ‘but how to escape…” he knew the door was open and he had learnt a jutsu, if someone was fighting he would need to help. With that he grabbed a few utensils he was trying to create weapons with and ran as fast as he could through the hall, hearing the voices of the 2 men arguing on the other side, Naruto stopped just outside Gaara’s room, “Hey Gaara?” he whispered, “wanna see a ninja battle?” Naruto didn’t wait for his answer he simple opened the latch that kept Gaara in.


“What are you doing here Itachi!?” Jiraiya shouted, Itachi simply brought his hands out of his Akatsuki jacket, bringing attention to it. Jiraiya quickly jumped, as another group of Paper Shuriken hit the ground just behind him. “Toad Oil!” Jiraiya turned covering Konan in the oily liquid. “Leave now Konan, I will finish this quickly so he does not suffer!” Itachi spoke softly, his voice filled with remorse. “Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu.” Itachi shot a ball of fire towards Jiraiya, “Do not underestimate one of the Sannin!” Jiraiya quickly moved his hands and fired a fireball directly onto Itachi’s, moving quickly to get around Jiraiya finally got to Itachi but his body disappeared into crows. “Genjutsu!” Jiraiya thought to himself, trying to dispell the illusion. Focusing again to see Itachi unmoved standing before him. “You dispelled my regular Genjutsu. I am impressed usually only people who have my eyes can change so quickly… but I see you have used up most of your chakra.” Itachi again opened his eye, “Amaterasu!” Black Flames shot to Jiraiya. Itachi watched as he slowly melted. ‘A clone’ Itachi thought, looking around to see if Jiraiya was near.

Somewhere in the Rain Village.

‘I should never have put myself in this position’ Jiraiya was sweating as he struggled to catch his breath, ‘I have to use that jutsu.’ Jiraiya quickly bit his finger, “Summoning Jutsu” with that two small old frogs appeared before him. “Ah Jiraiya” the one began. “Are you inviting us to dinner, Jiraiya?” the old woman interrupted. “Fukasaku, Shima, I need your help. I need you to join with me to use Sage Mode.” the two old frogs looked at each other before hopping onto Jiraiya’s shoulders. “But after this we will all have dinner together,” the lady named Shima said as she placed herself on Jiraiya.


2 Responses

  1. good job, i like how naruto went to fetch gaara to watch the fight.

    can’t wait to see Jiraiya kick some ass but probably get his ass kicked more in return lol.

  2. I hope that the Mighty Jiraiya doesn’t die in this version. I would like to see what happens if he survives the Hidden Rain village.

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