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One Piece Chapter 637-Luffy’s Power

Read One Piece Chapter 637

This chapter starts a new ear, the era of the Strawhat Pirates will be the ones to dominate. The era where the Strawhat Pirates will be recognized as one of the most notorious pirates to sail the Grandline. From this chapter I can safely say that there is no one in the first half of the Grandline (i.e Paradise) can go against the Strawhat Pirates. That is why I think that the Strawhats are more than ready for the New World. So enough of my ratting lets get on with this weeks awesome chapter.

Luffy the Magnificent

It is been known for awhile now that Luffy has become powerful, but the question was how powerful? This chapter some what answers that question. It gives us a glimpse on what Luffy is capable of, how he has mastered his Devil Fruit and Haki ability. From this I would say that Luffy could be and possible be the most powerful pirate in the first half of the Grindline. There is no one in the first half of the Grindline that can go against Luffy, for one he has beating most of them and second he just showed that he has no weakness and no handicap. Before Luffy never was able to go toe to toe with a Logia type Devil fruit user(other than Crocodile and Enel because he figured out their weakness), but now he has over come that handicap. Luffy proves my theory thru his actions in this chapter.

Hody is the most confusing character in the world of One Piece, I can never make my mind on this guy. I do not know whether to say that he is underestimated or overrated. I can never say that he is powerful or he is weak. But I would say that his biggest skill is that he can take a beating. Hody gets man handled by Luffy, all of Hody’s attacks get easily avoided or blocked by Luffy. Now we know that Luffy has mastered his King and Sensing Haki but this chapter he reveals that he is also a master of Armament. For those who are unfamiliar with Haki color of Armament, it is the ability to turn an invisible armor around ones body that can protect them from attacks and it is also allows the user to attack Logia type Devil fruit users. And Luffy shows that he is able to turn specific parts of his body into dark hardened armor. Thats why Luffy is the Captain of the Strawhat Pirates.

Princess Shirahoshi’s Bravery

My hat goes out to Shirahoshi this week, she really shows her courage and the will to save her people. She really proves that she has become like her mother, from her soft heart to crying over the easiest of things. Even though Luffy calls her weak and a cry baby, she faces death and looks at death right in the eye, that she is willing to give her life in order to save her people. Princess Shirahoshi might not be the strongest fighter or the most flashest character, but she has the personality of an innocent child that can be trusted as a friend. Most of you might find her annoying or boring but I find her to be a nice character. Now onto Noah the biggest ship in One Piece, in fact it is half the size of Fishman Island. Original I thought that the SH would be the ones to stop Noah, however Shirahoshi already figured out that the ship will fallow her, so she runs away from every one else to prevent Noah from smashing into Fishman Island. For next week Luffy will most likely give Decken a beating and will stop Noah some how, but we just have to wait till next week to see how our heroes save the day.

Side Notes:

  • Never trust Decken
  • Luffy is just badazz this week, I can’t wait for him to face some one like Admiral or shichibukai level.
  • I can see that Hody and Decken teaming up to go against Luffy.
  • Noah will have a bigger role in this arc other than being a big ship.
  • If any one wants to know more about Haki, Devil fruits or anything about One Piece just ask and I will try my best to answer the question.

Enjoy the Art of One Piece


21 Responses

  1. 1st and i have a main puzzle question i guess i missed.

    Is marco immortal or something? can you explain his devil fruit and why some fruits give insane powers?

  2. @Roninshinobi, Marco is not immortal, he just has incredible regenerative powers. While in his phoenix form he cannot be hurt by anything but a haki imbued attack, but in his human form he is more vulnerable. His powers work like most logia types with the defense stuff, but with zoan advantages and a healing ability. Basically picture him as a bird zoan with the ability to heal his wounds almost instantaneously.

  3. Awesome Review as always!! And i was wondering this is kind of a nooby question but what does kings haki do?

  4. that giant mermaid must have caused her mom alot of pain comming out the womb or her egg atleast 0_0

  5. Fire Fist….
    so in a way he’s like naruto in kyuubi mode. he can heal almost instantly.. or like wolverine.. hahaa

    a question to all..
    so it was said that Shirahoshi is the most beautiful woman ever.
    so is she more beautiful than the Amazon Princess?? i thot they’re on par. granted Shirahoshi’s innocence is more ‘attractive’

  6. awesome review but I dont think Luffy can beat an admiral. these guys are too strong.

  7. @shykss, I wouldn’t call it either really, it is it’s own thing. If you watch a couple of the anime episodes during the Whitebeard War arc near the beginning you’ll see what I mean. Marco shows off his abilities in the first few episodes.

  8. luffy said that he was about to fly…….jump? or another new ability?
    i loved the concept of luffy’s character because he was rubber, and not plastic, so he can’t do the mister fantastic thing. but i simply love his moves, i never would have thought to use rubber like that and to actually fight with it. and now he’s finding new ways to use his abilities, i mean his entire being is rubber. wow. great manga. zorro and sanji will always be his left and right hands.

  9. Ive never liked one piece but now im pretty much giving up on NAruto and digging this

  10. @Roninshinobi, Firefist did a great job at explaining Marcos ability and shykss did a great job at giving an example. Especially with the wolverine concept. But basically Marco is invulnerable to gun shots or any physical attacks because his Devil Fruit allows him to heal instantly unless he is hit by Haki or any weapon equipped by the ocean stones. To clarify something, One Piece does not have the concept of immortality, from my understandings.

    @madara uchiha,Haha yeah that’s what I thought.

    @Shykss, It is said that Boa Hancock beauty is on par with Shirahoshi, but over all the mermaids are considered the most beautiful beings in the world of One Piece and Shirahoshi is on the top list. Basically Shirahoshi is the most beautiful mermaid and Boa Hancock is the most beautiful human.

    @just passing, I think what Luffy meant was as in he will fly over there by lunching himself or having assistance from Sanji or you could be right on him having some new ability. Considering now I wouldn’t be surprised if Luffy can do the Sky Walk. What you said about Luffy coming up with his moves, if you look at the first episode of One Piece you will see that the Rubber-Rubber devil fruit was considered a weak and a unwanted Devil Fruit. But Luffy has come up with great ways to use it for every day use to fighting. Also, fun fact Luffy’s Devil Fruit was the prized treasure of the Redhair Pirates.

    @RoninShinobi, I am happy that your getting into One Piece. But do not give up on Naruto. In fact, in my opinion the first half of Naruto before the whole Shippuuden episodes/chapters, was so cool and original that I considered Naruto in my top list and it still is. But don’t give up on Naruto.

    @kaio, the admirals are powerful, in fact they are the top fighters in the Marines. But it would be interesting to see how Luffy can handle himself now going against an Admiral.

  11. @jdog, i know that luffy’s fruit is considered “weak”, thats why i love it. he has made an ability that would be meaningless into the most versatile and powerful ability in the manga.

  12. Jdogg

    Thanks for answering me. Yeah that does makes sense. I just love Hancock’s personality… she’s beautiful, strong, damn condescending, cruel, but love-stricken to luffy as well. she’s also funny. really loved her character. too bad luffy does not bad an eyelid on her.. hahahaha

    Can’t wait for all these chapters to be animated.

  13. @just passing, I agree and that why I think Luffy is a genius in creating something incredible from nothing.

    @shykss, Boa Hancock probably is the most flamboyant female character other than Nami.

  14. @jdogg, i wouldnt be suprised if there is a devil fruit that grant immortality also i dont think luffy can do sky walk or he wouldnt have express suprise when sanji done it and the fact tht he needed sanji to most him up there proves he cant use it.
    Luffy is currently a perfect fighter, he has amazing defence amazing strength and amazing speed and has all three haki ability under raps, personaly i hav no dought in my mind he can look after himself againts a admiral

    About the Marco matter: His devil fruit does provide protection againts phsical attacks but only when he enters bird form so if he was to get a fatal suprised attack wile outside this form he would die, wile logia on the other hand they dont have this fault because they are always a element in human form but marcos devil fruit does give something that logia doesnt have and thats complete recover, you see if a logia gets some kinda wound from a haki attack or whtever it may be they will still have that wound untill they recover normally as a humand would but marco on the other hand can rcover from anything str8 away so as long as it isnt fatal thus making his devill fruit superior to a logia type

  15. Also great review jdogg…it enjoyed the fact that you pointed out that luffys crew would wipe the floor with any other crew in oceans they have traveled so far, ino some people dont want new crew members joining but 4 me its one of my fav parts of onepiece i love seeng the strawhats get power boost

  16. As everyone is talking about immortality, isn’t brook supposed to be immortal??

  17. na brook just got a second life it could run out anytime, and im sure there is other means for him 2 die

  18. @legendarkid logia’s are not always an element in human form, remember when luffy blasted both smoker and ace in the wall in a restaurant in alabasta? the reason some wouldn’t get hurt is because they turn into element at reflex

  19. @white shinobi thats because at the time smoker didnt have his devil fruit powers trained enuff and smoker devil fruit powers and aces goes hand in hand which is why i thnk ace also got hit, we have seen countless times suprise attcks dont work againts fully trained logia types

  20. Shanks is the current strongest character?

  21. @RoninShinobi, we can assume that Shanks is one of the strongest character in One Piece, but I can not be certain that hes ‘the’ strongest because we still have not being introduced to the other Yonko “The Four Emperors of the Sea.”

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