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Forgotten Powers 0 – Prologue

This chapter is just here for a bit of explaining about the storyline. this chapter is a bit messy but i promise the others won’t be

*1635 BC*

During this time ninja ruled the world.

A girl around the age of 16 is tied to a pole. The girls long black hair covers her face but it’s obvious that she’s crying. A boy around the same age enters the room.

Boy: It’s weird, you are hated by both of our ruling clans but you still stay in the village.

Girl: I can’t help it that you guys don’t want your blood to merge.

Boy: Don’t insult my family!

The boy puts a kunai on the girls throat. And whispers in her ear.

Boy: I know what you have inside of you.

Girl: It won’t be here long! I’ll kill myself!

The boy makes a small cut with the kunai to shut her up, looking at the scars that wasn’t the first time.

Boy: I will make sure that you will give birth to my child!

The boy puts his kunai away and walks outside leaving the girl alone in the tent.

Girl: I hate all of you!

*8 months later*

The girl is pregnant and is fleeing from the village, she’s at the port.

Girl: If I flee I might be able to give this child a good future.

As she is about to enter a ship a huge wave sinks it, the girl looks behind her and sees the boy.

Boy: I won’t let you go that easily.

Girl: Then come and get me!

The boy slowly walks towards her and falls into a pitfall, the iron spears on the bottom instantly kill him.

Behind her a man appears and throws her to the ground, she recognizes him as the current leader of the village and the boy’s father, Tobirama Senju.

Girl: Damn, I should’ve known, that guy wouldn’t be able to sink a ship like that!

Tobirama: For killing my son I will not kill you, I will do something much worse!

Girl: Then, fulfill me a last wish.

Tobirama: What is it?

Girl: Don’t hate this child like you all hated me, give her a fair chance in this world!

Tobirama: Fine, I will raise it like my own.

Tobirama takes out a kunai and preforms a caesarean. The girl roars in pain as Tobirama didn’t give her any sedation. It takes all her willpower to not pass out as she wants to see her baby, it’s a girl! Tobirama stands up emotionless.

Tobirama: Now I will curse you!

Tobirama cuts his hand and draws symbols on the girls head, the chakra infused blood burns into her skin.

Tobirama: When you die you will be reborn inside another person, if your host dies you will die too and it starts all over again, you will never find peace!

Girl: There isn’t a curse that can’t be broken!

Tobirama: Because you are half Senju I will tell you, first layer can be unlocked if you by any chance happen to be born in a human from the Senju clan. The second will be unlocked if you and your host love each other. The third one…

The girl looks at his mouth but can’t figure out what he’s saying. slowly her vision also disspears.

Tobirama crushes the girls skull and walks away with the baby.

*30 years later*

The baby has grown up to be a beautiful woman, Tobirama named her Shizuka Senju. She lived a happy life and is pregnant. Her man is the successor of the Namikaze clan, Tsukune.

Shizuka: How shall we name him?

Tsukune: Him? how do you know it’s a boy?

Shizuka: Trust me I just know.

Tsukune: To be honest, I suck at this.

Shizuka: How about we name him Minato?

Tsukune: Where did you get that from?

Shizuka: Both my parents died at a port and I was born there so to honor that day.

Tsukune nods in agreement.

Tsukune: Minato Namikaze.

*627 BC*

The girl still hasn’t broken the curse and has seen a lot of things already. The ninjutsu they used in her age has been replaced by magic. It basically the same thing but due to all the bloodlines crossing each other the bloodline techniques are gone. Everyone can learn the magic that they want, they only need to find a teacher to practice it. The teacher doesn’t even have to be human since people have claimed to be trained by dragons and demons as well.

*963 AD*

The mages don’t rule the worlds anymore, people with no magic power have developed armor and weapons that can withstand the magic power. Eventually the mages were forced to surrender due to the overwhelming amount of enemies.

*1532 AD*

During the witch hunts most magic users have disappeared, those that survived practice it in secret or don’t practice it at all. The knights now rule the world.

*2000 AD*

The knights have fallen against modern technology long ago, now the only ones that fight close range are martial artists. However the martial arts won’t survive long since the government has declared a ban on it, everyone who practices martial arts will be executed.

*2100 AD*

The ban on martial arts has been lifted since there are only few left, Europe, Africa and the USA have been in a 3 way war. Both sides have nuked each other nonstop and completely turned the continents into a barren wasteland. Most other countries got involved or were nuked by accident, eventually they turned into a wasteland also. However only one country has suffered few losses, it’s called Japan. As soon as the war started they have managed to defend themselves against all kinds of nuclear attacks, it’s the only country that still runs like it’s supposed to.

Next chapter will take place in Japan 2128 AD