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Revenge of the YellowFlash Part 2 Chapter 10

Sorry for the wait, I’ve been super busy with work and school so sorry for the late late issue!!!


After the battle the Kage returned to their villages which creates an uproar throughout the entire shinobi world. The shinobi and citizens of the villages are unhappy of the fact that the Kage, who promised to protect them, faked their deaths and allowed the Akatsuki to create chaos all over the world. Minato stands on the roof of the Hokage mansion bent over a rail staring down on the village when Tsunade walks up behind him.

Tsunade: I thought the council was joking when they told me you were alive and well and back here inside the village. You have a lot of explaining to do, Yondaime.

Minato: Jiraiya said the same thing before he died. He wasn’t to happy with my decision either.

Tsunade: We all trusted you and we feel betrayed.

Minato: What could I have done if I had remained here in the village? I chose you as my successor because I needed someone who I could trust to keep the village safe.

Tsunade: The village would have been much more safe with you here!

Minato: Akatsuki kidnapped my son! I had no other choice than to do everything I could to find him! I made a promise to Kushina that I would always keep him safe. I allowed Madara to distort his mind and take him away from the village. Along with losing my son, we lost the Kyuubi, Danzo and a large part of our army which is now working against us for the Akatsuki.

Tsunade: Yes, and you left our village more vulnerable than it’s ever been. Tell me, what did you accomplish why you were away?

Minato: ….We managed to find and capture two tailed beast, which are at a disclosed location.

Tsunade: Tell me where they are?

Minato: I can’t.

Tsunade: You left this village for three years, I think you owe it to us to learn the full truth.

Minato: ….. They are in the Land of Iron in the Hidden Samurai village guarded by an old friend. After realizing what I was up against I had to re-evaluate the power of the great nations.

Tsunade: What do you mean?

Minato: Akatsuki not only have two tailed beast but a full-fledged army and a powerful mercenary force which until now was the foundation of power of many nations since the last great ninja war. They basically have unlimited intelligence on each village since they were used against one another over the years. I realized I left our village destabilized but if we were ever going to end this war I needed to find a new source of power to defeat the Akatsuki.

Tsunade: What did you find?

Minato: Madara revealed to me his plans. He plans on recreating the power of the Rikudo Sage and combining all tailed beast in order to revive the ultimate bijuu, the Juubi. Once he has done so, I’m guessing he is going to take in its power making himself the Juubi Jinchuuriki and use his new power to cast an infinite Tsukuyomi on the entire shinobi world.

Tsunade: That would enslave everyone!

Minato: He’s trying to use the combined power of Uchiha and Senju. I figured out a way to stop this from happening. It was staring me in the face all this time.

Tsunade: How?

Minato: Before I sealed the Kyuubi inside Naruto he showed signs that he’d inherited the same special chakra in which Kushina possessed, the power to control tailed beasts, though since gaining the Kyuubi the chakra is somehow suppressed. Three years ago during the chuunin exams Naruto manifested chakra chains from his body to win his match in the finals.

Tsunade: That’s the same ability Kushina used which made her a target during the Second Great Ninja War. Alright, if Naruto does possess this power then what are you planning to do with it.

Minato: I plan on sealing the tailed beasts inside Naruto making him the Ultimate Jinchuuriki.

Tsunade: WHAT!!!?

Minato: It’s possible, Kushina was able to hold inside her the full power of the Kyuubi before Madara released it.

Tsunade: You really think Naruto could withstand the power of the ten tails?

Minato: Naruto is the descendant of the Rikudo Sage if anyone can do this it would be him.

Tsunade: Have you discussed this with the other Kage?

Minato: No, I haven’t.

Tsunade: With this power he could be unstoppable! Naruto views the great nations as enemies and besides, we can’t just seal away the military weapons of the other great nations into a Konoha shinobi. The other nation will surely see this as a power play.

Minato: I understand that but it can only be Naruto. He is the last descendant of the Uzumaki and the only one who possesses a body strong enough withstand such power!

Tsunade: But will he use that power for the great nations? I know you don’t want to believe this but Naruto has been corrupted!

Minato: This is the only way to stop Madara’s plans. I would rather Naruto with this power than Madara.

Tsunade: This plan is completely insane! You would be giving Naruto all the power in the world to do whatever he wants. We all would be living at him whim but, you have a better chance to get through to him now that Akatsuki is a common enemy.

Minato: Does that mean you support my decision?

Tsunade: It’s the only plan we have. I will discuss this with the council and the Feudal Lord to see what they think but if we are going to do this then you are going to have to find and get through to Naruto and retrieve the other tailed beast before anything goes wrong.

Minato: I agree, I’ll be taking a team and head to the Land of Iron immediately. I could use Kakashi, where is he?

Tsunade: Away on a mission.

Minato: (Thinking) Can’t wait to see how you’ve grown, Kakashi.

In the Land of Iron, the Samurai General Mifune stands in a large empty room along with his two subordinates Okisuke and Urakaku with sealing marks covering the floor forming two large circles with one of Minato’s special kunai stuck in the center of each of them.

Urakaku: What is this place?

Mifune: It’s a ritual room where the Fourth Hokage has placed two of the tailed beasts.

Okisuke: He must really trust you to leave them here.

Mifune: Yeah, I guess he does. At a time like this everyone is trying to hold on to as much power as possible. The ninja have lost their way and the Fourth Hokage has given me the responsibility to keep them hidden.

Urakaku: You aren’t concerned about the Akatsuki coming here for the bijuu.

Mifune: Of course I am, but I won’t let fear stop me from fighting for peace.

From behind Urakaku stabs him through his side with a large katana blade shocking Mifune as he falls to his knees.

Urakaku: ( Ripping the sword from his body) Did I stop you from finishing your speech? YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF CRAP!!!

Mifune: (Coughing up blood) Why…. why are you doing this?

Urakaku kicks him in the back of his head sliding him across the floor.

Okisuke: You’ve failed us General. You’ve allowed our nation to kneel before the ninja while we wither away. Our power has dwindled since the ninjas rise. We can’t allow the great nations to gain supremacy again.

Urakaku: We’ve teamed up with Akatsuki and together our existence will be known across the entire world.

Mifune: You are doing this for more power? We are one of the greatest forces in the world!

Okisuke: Centuries ago, we Samurai were known as being the most elite force ever forged. Even during the first and second great ninja wars their battles didn’t even reach our borders. They may have had powerful jutsu but we had the man power, numbers that even today aren’t even heard of. Slowly but surely the ninja started to gain supremacy. Even our own men were getting envious of their power and the way they used their chakra to master powerful techniques. We lost large portions of this army which was once the pedestal on which the Land of Iron stood on. We’ve tried to get you to see that the ninja are nothing more than a cancer to our nation but you wouldn’t hear of it.

Urakaku: Great? You’ve allowed our greatness to fall and let the ninja walk all over us. You want us to put our lives on the line for them? We are going to join with Akatsuki and use the power of the bijuu to crush the great nations.

Mifune: The Akatsuki will double cross you and the Samurai will seize to  exist all together.

Urakaku: We have two tailed beast in our possession, that won’t happen!

Okisuke: Once we’ve eliminated them it won’t be long before the world comes begging for our help.

Mifune: You are wrong! You don’t know what the Akatsuki are capable of. I won’t let this happen!

Mifune grabs his sword on his belt which instantly is encased with chakra. Within seconds he slashes his blades at the two of them but they quickly dodge as the attack extends and causes great damage to the building. Mifune stands with one hand holding his wound as it bleeds heavily and the other clinching his katana as the building starts to cave in on itself.

Mifune: I can’t allow the Akatsuki to get their hands on the bijuu!

Urakaku: That attack wasn’t for us it was to cause the roof to collapse.

Mifune dashes at them quickly while Okisuke and Urakaku encased their swords in chakra and slash their chakra blades at him to slow him down. Mifune jumps in the air to dodge their attacks and fiercely swings his blade as a massive wave of chakra slams down on top of them both causing an explosion.

Mifune: Iron Slash!

When the dust clears Okisuke and Urakaku stand unfazed by the attack.

Okisuke: You have grown weak, General.

Mifune: Don’t fool yourself. You only survived because of the chakra absorbing armor you are wearing.

Okisuke: Good eye.

Suddenly an enormous hole is blown on side of the building and dozens of Samurai dash inside.

Mifune: These two are traitors my brothers. We have to stop them from taking the tailed beasts.

The Samurai shockingly surround Mifune.

Samurai: No General, you are the traitor.

An Akatsuki shinobi suddenly walks out of the crowd of Samurai.

Hidan: You’ve done well, Okisuke, Urakaku. I knew their couldn’t be too many places to hide a concentration of chakra like the bijuu….

Mifune: (Thinking) This is too dangerous. I won’t be able to fight them all.

Hidan:… It’s even hard for the Akatsuki to accomplish something like that. We have to seal our bijuu away inside a statue.

Mifune: I won’t let you have the bijuu!

Hidan: QUIET YOU FUCKING IDIOT, DON”T YOU SEE ME TALKING!? You won’t have a choice. Lord Jashin has already decided.

Okisuke: It’s finally time for the Samurai to rise again.

Mifune picks up another Katana off of the floor and combine them together by the hilts and then he generates a massive amount chakra through them.

Mifune: I won’t let you take them!

Mifune starts to violent swing the swords as the chakra blades extends. He dashes toward Madara taking down countless Samurai with his double-bladed sword. Okisuke and Urakaku dash at Mifune on opposite sides and impale him with both of their katanas. Mifune helplessly falls to the ground bleeding from the mouth.

Mifune flashes back to a conversation with Minato.

Minato: Let’s be clear, if you agree to this you would be putting your entire village in peril. Are you sure you want to go through with this?

Mifune: There is no where else to hide them. The other nations might take advantage of this and take the power for themselves. I don’t have a choice.

Minato: If you are going to do this then we are going to have to prepare ourselves in case the Akatsuki attacks.

Mifune: Let’s do it.

Minato: I knew I could count on you old friend.

Mifune snaps out of his flash back and shockingly starts to form hand signs.

Hidan: I didn’t know you samurai used techniques. What are you up to?

Mifune: I made a promise to Minato that I would put my life on the line to stop you from obtaining these bijuu and that’s exactly what I’m going to do! Secret Ninja Art: Self-Destruction Seal!

Mifune slams his hands into the ground as the ground starts to tremble.


Suddenly the entire building explodes into pieces as dust, debris, and smoke fills the air. Moments later when it clears Hidan stands in the center of it holding Mifune by the neck with a large scythe through his chest.

Hidan: HAHAHA, you thought I didn’t know what you were doing! I saw those sealing notes, they were created by the Fourth Hokage. To think I’ve found and captured two tailed beasts right out from under the Fourths hands. Though these sealing techniques are becoming an annoyance.

Minato along with two Anbu Shinobi dash through the trees head toward the Land of Iron when out of nowhere a seal starts to burn in Minato’s right hand.

Minato: Oh no! That means someone must have broken the seals to the tailed beasts!

Minato: I’m going on ahead, you two scout the area and make sure no one gets in or out of the Land of Iron.

Minato instantly teleports away using his Flying Thunder God Technique. Moments later he appears at the Samurai Temple right next to the kunai he left.

Minato: So something did happen. I can’t sense the tailed beasts.

Minato suddenly spots Mifune on the ground. Minato slowly holds up the back of his head.

Minato: What happened here old friend?

Mifune: Samurai…joined…Akatsuki.

Minato: (Glaring angrily) Madara.

Miles away Hidan walks through the snow filled forest with two samurai pulling each of the tailed beasts in large sealing pots.

Hidan: Hurry up we don’t have all day!

Minato: (Appearing right in front of him) You don’t have five minutes.

Hidan: Well look at you. I like it better when your villages kept you Kage bastards in the village.

Minato: Never mind all that. Just hand over the tailed beasts and no one gets hurt.

Hidan: I’ve always wondered what Lord Jashin had in store for you.

Minato: Come, let me instill you with the will of fire.

Far away Naruto walks with his team of Gaara and Ni’i and suddenly senses a familiar chakra. Stepping out from the shadows, Naruto suddenly comes face to face with Sasuke.

Sasuke: You’ve grown, Naruto.

Naruto takes one looks at Sasuke and dashes at him no questions asked.


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  7. Thanks guys, it’s harder than I thought balancing this with all my other responsibilities and I appreciate you all for understanding!

  8. I know ive been away – work but i still read and i enjoy your fanfic greatly. Unfurtunitly i now have to replot mine since our storylines will be too similar. Oh well. I got my notepad at work. Good work and keep writing. Ignore the trolls.

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