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Its Out! Naruto, Bleach, One Piece Chapters!

Mangastream.com will have the chapter out tomorrow. If you can’t wait till than mangareader.com has the recent chapters out.

Read Naruto Chapter 552: http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/552

Read Bleach Chapter 461: http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/461

Read One Piece Chapter 636: http://www.mangareader.net/one-piece/636


40 Responses

  1. First, Kabuto is seriously fucked up now that Itachi is coming for him XD

  2. cant wait to see itachi vs. kabuto’s trump card

  3. not a bad chapter. bout time naruto got a talkin too. just plain proof that itachi is the man. what do we think ed’s weak spot is, itachi seems to have figured something out. we know it isnt kabuto, as it was said the summons will remain even if he is killed. could itachi use gen jutsu to make him dispell the technique?

  4. WOW Bleach was Freaking Amazing!!!!

  5. the weak spot is the caster. of the jutsu

  6. I rolls with Kabuto and all but if the ETs can’t die he can. and Itachi has the copy corneyes to aid in defeat of a trump card. even if it is ………..

    Darth Vader or Margie Simpson!

    Whoever it is, I hope it is worth the buildup. If Kishi does read this site then know that I still fox with Naruto especial when the cliff hangers piss me off as much as today.

  7. I’m glad Itachi checked Naruto. Kishi is trying to get this manga done with quick before Japan goes sinking in the sea. I’m still waiting for the sole reason we read this manga (Sasuke) to make his come back. Can’t wait to see what’s Kabuto’s trump card, it might be the sage of 6 paths himself or Gary Coleman


  8. I guess Itachi used the Talk-No-Jutsu on Naruto, Naruto did not like it. lol. Itachi is perfect against the Edo Summon’s, but their must be another reason Itachi does not want to personally take care of Madara, I mean he has had alot of opportunities to take on Madara, why not finish him, something is going on. I agree about Itachi burning Shisui’s eye, its to powerful and should Madara find it in Naruto’s possesion Naruto would be screwed since Madara could no doubt re activate it with the First Hokage’s cells, and then the world is screwed, anyways it was useless for 10 years better safe then sorry. Whatever the case Itachi knows what he is doing with the eye. Good chapter, sit down Naruto, Itachi is talking. lol

  9. @konha kingpin

    it was said quite a few chapters ago that even if kabuto is killed the summons will remain. He has to specficly end the jutsu.

    This happend the same chapter madara copied jabuto doing the edo

  10. @ B-ring

    That could have just been deception aimed at Mandra not busting a cap and sporting so snake/man-boy skin boots for the final countdown.

  11. if he (Kabuto) is dead or sealed or whatever, then those edos rome free eating the living unless he puts them under full control first.

  12. Hmm, slightly soft chapter but alright I’ll go with it.

    So it seems that Naruto Kyuubi chakra argument was resolved, he doesnt die nor does Kyuubi take over; the chakra just sputters out like a car with not enough fuel?

    The pundits who called Naruto arrogant and egotistical were indeed correct..

    I’ve been thinking about whole Edo Tensei technique and the number of deaths they have brought about and I think I would actually feel a bit let down if major characters were done in by resurrections i.e. characters who have run their course and been laid to rest… The real fights, wins and losses, heartbreaks and celebrations should happen between living characters… Err, okay with the exception of Itachi who just brings it!

  13. @konha

    i acknowledge that completly. Though i must ask why would he show madara how edo works? He had to know madara would copy it. And ill say it again. With the wall of sharinfan eyes he has madara could single handedly revive most of the uchiha clan and turn them into his own personal army of far stronger in power then the zetsu’s if not a much lower number.

  14. @Bok – it was also stated that summoner could be, under the influence of genjutsu, be forced to release summons… So we’ll probably see Itachi’s ultimate genjutsu after he deals with “The Trump Card”.

    Shoutout to Bleach!!!

  15. Tobi is someone close to Itachi!!!

  16. i bet the trump card is shisui. then its not going to matter that itachi burned his eye up. madara wanted shisuis eye from danzo so maybe thats why madara was so shocked to see him as an edo especially seeing nobody ever retrieved his body. it would also shock itachi. i really dont want to say goodbye to itachi but i think kabuto is going to win this battle. =( perhaps shisui is the closest/strongest descendant to the sosp?

  17. I think so far the closest descendant that we have seen is Nagato. He afterall did have the rinnegan. Next closest are Naruto he has the body and Sasuke he will now have the eye power. It’s a tie between those two because each one has a specfic element.

  18. i say kabuto is going to win because he is also a strategist, (and also the other main villain). and researches all of his enemies. i hope i am wrong though. i want itachi to live forever, and he will put up one heck of a fight, but kabuto wants his sword and all the souls he has collected. kabuto also has a strong purpose.

  19. @?

    I don’t think Kabuto is necessarily a villain. He has actually done quite a lot to help the leaf against akatsuki, but he has had other motives from the start with giving the leaf the info, but it still ended as a positive for them. Even now he planning on betraying Madara for his own personal benefits, but if he were to succeed it would still help all the villages because he got rid of Madara and akatsuki. Now he may become a “villain” if his plan is a success and he revives Orochimaru. Then I think they would both proceed to overthrow all the villages, but in the end Orochimaru would only betray him as well, thus starting the cycle over again.

  20. Kabuto will win, but he’ll have to release Summons and “kill” Itachi… but then again he can just resummon, so has to be done in a way that prevents him from doing that… hmmm

  21. Alright great chapters across the board, but Bleach takes the cake this week for sure. I am so pumped for next week to see Ichigo fight Ginjo.

    For a slight prediction, I think Itachi will fight Kabuto and have him up against the ropes until Kabuto cancels the summon and he disappears…but not before Sasuke witnesses the whole thing and then he beats the shit out of Kabuto. I also don’t think the last figure is Naruto, I believe it to be Jiraiya. Naruto would not have gotten there so quickly, and he is the last of the great unseen ninja.

  22. I wonder if Itachi could use Tsukyomi on Naruto and train in there? Think about it, years of training in there and only seconds or minutes in the real world.

  23. @Bringerofkaos, on August 25, 2011 at 2:50 am said:
    i acknowledge that completly. Though i must ask why would he show madara how edo works?

    The reason he showed him is easy… fear of death: http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/520/7

  24. Also COOl as hell that Itachi could fin e blind spot on the Rinnegan

  25. Finally someone put Naruto in his place! No better person than Itachi too!
    Itachi vs Kabuto – I’d like Itachi to win but somehow I think this will be his end…
    Who’s gonna save Garaa… No other than Naruto clone. But when Naruto tried to clone himself again, he lost his power… Changed back to normal. Wouldn’t that mean the other should have disappeared? Maybe not but throughout the series when Naruto didn’t have strength the clones went poof. Maybe it’s because he’s stronger now??
    So when are we going to see Sauske & also Madara & his paths? Who are they going to fight next…?
    Lately I can’t complain… Good chapters!

  26. “I think so far the closest descendant that we have seen is Nagato. He afterall did have the rinnegan. Next closest are Naruto he has the body and Sasuke he will now have the eye power”

    No, Nagato is a Uzumaki, in other words they don’t posses dojutsu. Madara gave him the Rinnegan. As far as the Manga goes, the Kin Gin brothers were the closest.

    On a side note, look at everyones favirote character “Itachi”. This guy is supposed to be so great he won’t even stop the man who helped him kill off his clan. Minato nor Konan could not stop Madara. Naruto by himself couldn’t stop Nagato. The only way I see Naruto defeating Madara is if his “friends” (like Itachi mentioned this chapter) help him. I don’t remember one character Naruto defeated by himself without any type of interference. If this manga is gonna end like this, then shame on Kishi for not showcasing more Neji, Hyuga clan, Rock Lee, Kiba, and Shino. I hope Madara goes on a killing spree

  27. I still don’t understand excution’s motives in bleach. From what I understand, they tried to help ichigo gain his powers back so he can help them become human. Now factoring in the dudes powers to alter thier memories, what are they trying to accomplish now? Are they still trying to become human? Do they want to gain power and get rid of anyone who oppose them? No matter how I seem to look at it, I don’t understand why are they going though so much trouble to obtain their objective. I mean, the ginjou’s betrayal and the events around it was cool an all from a observer’s standpoint, but practically speaking, was it even neccesary?

  28. Toshiro said it himself, the dude used to be a substitute shinigami; he should’ve known that whatever plans they had for ichigo the soul society, or anyone else who are close to ichigo would be keeping a close eye. Then you want help give ichigo his powers back on top of helping him bring out his fullbring powers then decide to make him your enemy by revealing your true loyalites. There’s gotta be more to it then this.

  29. Even after the weak performace of Naruto against Nagato… why does Itachi still think that Naruto can beat Madara and Sasuke? o_0 …Still a funny fight between the kages and the others XD …Not able to see how Naruto will contribute to the fight, I still see him as a one-dimensional fighter D_D

  30. @darthuchiha, I think execution as a whole wants to turn into regular humans, but Ginjo at the helm merely wanted to absorb the fullbrings of the others. He obviously has some kind of absorbing power, so it makes me think that he was training ichigo for the purpose of becoming stronger and eventually taking the others.

  31. @ Fleece it was never actually stated that the Kin Gin bros. were related to the Sage on speculated by the Raikage, and Nagato did have a dojutsu, even if Madara allegedly did “give” it to him. He wielded it with great ease and power, and the reason that he gave it to him is because he was an Uzumaki, and had the body for it.

  32. @darthuchiha

    I think Ginjo is the key to the guys coming for Ichigo that we saw after Aizen was defeated, and the time skip. No one has mentioned them lately. I think they are all interconnected with execution.

  33. @firefist i believe you could be right, and the reason being is that since naruto has trained since getting his new powers he hasnt used his human hands to make a rasengan, hes always used the chakra arms to do so. i cant think of anyone else who knows the technique besides naruto minato and jiraiya, so hopefully it is jiraiya

  34. Gah I hope it’s jiraiya the manga has went down hill ever since he was killed off, naruto mission is madara now, well tobi so that means one thing will get to see a face off with jiraiya an itachi soon at least I hope that fight happens

  35. Manga name —> “Naruto” not “Saucegay”.. Lmao I cannot wait to see Saucegay show up with a third eye on his forehead!

  36. It better not being freaking konohamuru, he’s the last to know the rasengan an if it’s him to come to save the day I swear I’ll quit this manga forgood lol

  37. The one forming the rasengan is Naruto, if you look closely you can see the Kyuubi chakra around the hands, obviously Gaara is mad because their whole mission was to protect Naruto, they can’t do that with him running around, that’s why he is upset. Also I’m starting to dislike Kyuubi Mode, it has surrounded Naruto with so much chakra that he thinks he is invincible, I personally prefer Sage Mode. Kyuubi chakra gives Naruto super Speed, but Sage Mode give Naruto both Great Strength and some speed boost, not like Kyuubi mode, but it still speeds him up. I mean Sage Naruto would not have gotten caught like that by Nagato’s summon, Sage Naruto could throw a freaking Boss Rhyno summon, but couldn’t escape a tongue? I think also Naruto was more analytical during Sage Mode, but hopefully Itachi’s talk has settled Naruto down.

  38. @fleece johnson:
    “No, Nagato is a Uzumaki, in other words they don’t posses dojutsu. Madara gave him the Rinnegan. As far as the Manga goes, the Kin Gin brothers were the closest.”

    Why does Edo Tensei Nagato have the Rinnegan? Obviously Uzumaki blood is special, and Nagato is special enough to be compatible with the Rinnegan and its in his blood to have it. The Rinnegan wasn’t “just given” to Nagato by Madara, though I think he has a hand in it somehow. Nagato has to be a direct descendant of the Sage of 6 Paths in someway, probably even greater than the Uchiha or Senju, and Kin Gin Brothers.

  39. @??????
    “Why does Edo Tensei Nagato have the Rinnegan? Obviously Uzumaki blood is special, and Nagato is special enough to be compatible with the Rinnegan and its in his blood to have it.”

    Because edo tensei revives you the way you were before dying. I never said his Uzumaki blood wasn’t special. No one from the Uzumaki clan are born with Rinnegans http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-jSjmXFvx3-4/TWANVSvzvaI/AAAAAAAAAU0/krb-hJS4AIA/s1600/Uzumaki_Leader.jpg

    What’s the difference from being a “direct” descendant and just being a descendant? Hyuga’s, Uchiha’s, Senju’s, Uzumaki’s, and possibly Kurenai’s tribe are all descendants of the sage of 6 paths. The Uzumaki’s and Senju’s are distant relatives, so it doesn’t surprise me that Nagato can use the Rinnegan. I guess the body does have a role to some degree.

  40. i am kill kabuto….

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