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One Piece Chapter 636-SUPER FRANKY

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Once again Mister Oda does not disappoint us with the One Piece chapter. Which was filled with humor, surprises and of course action. Like I said last week, the NFP have no one on par in strengths against the SH. Also, the SH have made quick work of the subordinates of the NFP and all that’s left is to finish of the top leaders of the NFP.

‘The Weakling Trio’

It was evident that the weakest of the the SH are Ussop, Nami and Chopper. They were considered the weakest because they lack the physical and super natural powers (except Chopper who is one of the weakling trio because of his age.) Nami, Chopper, and Ussop are one of the most strategic fighters out of the SH. They mainly rely on their tactics and tricks to win their battle while the rest of the SH just over power their enemy; for example, Luffy over powering the Kraken.  Chopper on the other hand has the physical strength, but lacks in experience. But I do not think that we can consider Ussop, Nami and Chopper ‘The Weakling Trio.’

The New Nami and Ussop

Like I was saying these three characters have come a long way from their previous self. They have shown a side of them self that we have never seen before. Nami for instants shows that she has become more skilled with her staff, as to she was able to block an attack from some one who was twice her sizes. She also shows that she is aware of her surroundings for she was able to sense the Fishman behind her and reacting to his attack. The old Nami would of ducked and tried to run away from her opponents, but this chapter she shows of one badazz move and shows some of her toughness. Ussop still has the same goofy personality, but shows that he has become more courageous as to he was willingly able to fight of the NFP subordinates. But Ussop has not shown the explosive attacks he used to use. Most of the attacks he has been using are mostly plants but they are not explosive. It is just a question of when he will use his explosive attacks since he is a sniper type? The old Nami and Ussop rarely wanted to be in a battle, but now two years later we can clearly see that even though they still have their old self they have become more courageous and powerful.

Commander Chopper

Chopper and Franky take the spot light in this chapter, they show of some awesome forms and reveal some of their improvements from their two year training. Chopper can now freely go into his 7 Transformation Points. We were introduced to kid Chopper, guard point, Kung Fu point, dear point and now we are introduced to his new transformation of Horn point. That leaves us with two points we have not seen and one of his transformation needs the Rumble ball to transform into. I am guessing that this is the Monster Point when he turns into the huge half man/dear giant because it seems that Chopper has finally faced his demons and has accepted the monster side of himself. But Choppers new ‘Horn Point’ is upgraded, his horns become bigger, his hair grows, his arms become more muscular and his legs are thin. I am assuming that his horns are for frontal attacks and digging, his arms are for hand to hand combat and his thin legs allow him to move faster and become more agile. Chopper has come along way from the Chopper that was considered the pet and weakest of the SH, he truly deserves to be called Commander Chopper. (This is for humor purposes and for his awesome transformations)


I do not need to say much about Franky this chapter because in my opinion he was always super for his humor and his inventions. I was not surprised to see that most of the attention was on Nami, Ussop, Chopper and Franky because the previous chapter it was all about the top fighters of the SH and it was only fair that we get to see what the rest of the SH are capable of and they do not disappoint. Now I have given up all hope of Hody ever given Luffy a hard time, there is no way that Hody or any of the NFP will ever give the SH a hard time. For one, a 100,000 Fishman were not even enough to give the SH a hard time for them to be pushed to the limits. But the cliff hanger of this chapter leaves me worried because of what King Neptune says. He says that Noah should not be touched until that day ‘must’ come. All I can think of is why Noah is so gigantic and there is one reason I came up with. The reason that Noah is gigantic is because it is the ship that will take the Fishman/merman to the surface and be the sign that the Fishman/merman will live on the surface. I might be looking too much into this but the only way we will find out is to wait for the next chapter. Till next time.

Side Notes:

  • The SH are too powerful that its like they are toying with the NFP.
  • What is the true purpose of Noah the ship?
  • Chopper vs Daruma should be interesting. Just hoping Daruma is not out just yet.
  • Nami’s new technique is just too badazz, I never thought she would come up with a gust sword.
  • Ussop interests me the most because his new weapons create plants. I just wonder what he is capable of.
  • Zoro, Sanji and Luffy are just too badazz these past few chapters.

Enjoy the Art of One Piece


Its Out! Naruto, Bleach, One Piece Chapters!

Mangastream.com will have the chapter out tomorrow. If you can’t wait till than mangareader.com has the recent chapters out.

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