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Naruto Chapter 551 – Itachi vs. Pein

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hey narutards and narutardettes. My sincere apologies this week for get this ‘review’ out so late. A bit of an emergency came up on Thursday and didn’t even get a chance to read the new chappy until this morning. But excuses aside, I am here now and here is what I have to say. So after reading chapter 551, I’m split between two sides: One side tells me that this was a super sweet fight since we got badass undead Itachi here fighting alongside the good guys for a change; but the other side tells me this fight was waaaaay too short for the epicness held within – Nagato shouldn’t be this easy to take down. But Kishi obviously want us to refocus somewhere else next chapter, this war’s not about to end anytime soon. Part of me wanted Nagato to somehow switch over to the good side too, but I think that’d be too much of an imbalance on the battlefield.

I guess I should’ve foreseen that this would be a fairly brief battle. From the very beginning there was really no serious tension between the characters. It was like a reunion of old friends and they just happen to be forced to fight to the death. Even while Naruto was on the brink of having his soul pulled out of him, he was still acting like Nagato was his buddy and joking around. But don’t get the wrong impression, I love humor in battle and welcome it here because it’s been a rarity since this war started. My only suggestion would have been for Kishi to make this fight stretch out a tad longer. I know this is a pretty common complaint of mine, but I just hate seeing great shinobi characters like Nagato and his Paths powers being suddenly resurrected for a few chapters and then shelved back into the manga graveyard almost as quickly.

Next item: Naruto, you’ve fought Nagato once before, you’ve seen most of his powers first hand and probably got a pretty good debrief of what his other ones were in the aftermath, why are you surprised by the moves he’s throwing out? As much as Naruto will grow in strength and power, his lack of brains will always be his weakness. But that’s why we love him, if Naruto did have the brains to match his abilities, he’d just be another Sasuke and that’d suck. KB isn’t much brighter than Naruto is, so it’s up to Itachi to save the day this chapter. I don’t know how much he knew about Nagato’s powers prior to this battle but he somehow managed to exploit all of the weaknesses in the Six Path techniques and cornered him in just a few moves. Makes you think whether Itachi could actually win against Nagato if it was just one-on-way, hmmmm? But then you have to ask yourself why the heck did Jiraiya, who Itachi had claimed to be stronger than himself, have so much trouble with Pein when he fought him? Was the key to countering the Rinnegan just throwing kunai into the eyes?

Regardless, Itachi was a total beast in this chapter. He’s wearing the pants in this group. But we’re seeing a super-Itachi if you want to call it that. The Edo Tensei that’s making him invulnerable has perhaps also eliminated the limiting factors Itachi had in the past with using Susanoo and his other MS powers. Though, you have to wonder how long this will last; ultimately Kabuto is the one keeping the Edo Tensei technique up, if he were to release it Itachi will. I’m guessing Kabuto hasn’t done so because he can’t unsummon a single individual without ending the whole technique and losing all of his summons. But in the end, he is still wielding the key to end Itachi’s come back. Let’s just hope Itachi gets a chance to help take down Sauske before he pulls the plug.