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The Black Flames 9 – Burden

“Ah man, these meetings are boring…” Kisame complained as he stretched ,walking out of the cave, “What is our next mission?” Kisame asked looking down on Itachi as he moved forward. “We are to stay hidden for a while, Pain said we should meet again for further instructions in 48 hours,  he is placing a lot of faith in Orochimaru, we are merely backup.” Itachi answered feeling annoyed by the question. “I think we need to look for a place to stay first of all near enough to Konoha, but not so close that we are spotted.” Itachi walked slowly thinking of when he would see Naruto again, but his mind quickly changed to his younger brother, ‘Sasuke’ he thought to himself almost trying to force the good memory of his younger sibling behind him, it serves him no purpose. “Itachi..?” Kisame began, as he saw the young Uchiha walking deep in thought.


“Lord Kazekage.” came a voice from just behind the door. The Kazekage did not want to be bothered now, his mind was everywhere, seeing Gaara lose control over the Shukaku, he needed to deal with this threat immediately. “Come in.” he finally replied, watching as a young man walked through the door, looking frightened as as he approached the desk, “My lord” the young man looked tired “Yūra, you know your mission, why are you here?” the Kazekage asked as he moved some papers around his desk, seeing the crisis his village was in. “Lord Kazekage, I do not believe I am capable of this mission.” the man named Yura stumbled on his words as he spoke. “That is why I said you must take him far outside the Village, then attempt to kill him, if you should fail I will subdue the Shukaku again!” Kazekage was short and to the point, his voice uncaring of this young man dying by his son’s hand. “You know the situation we are facing, I cannot risk my stronger ninja. We need them to complete missions. If you feel the task is too dangerous I will deal with you myself! Do you understand?” With that the Kazekage turned away again uninterested in the young man shaking before him. “Get your affairs in order,” the Kazekage finally spoke waving the man to leave his office at once.


The sand whipped around Sasori as he looked deep into the desert, “This is the border between the Land of Fire and the Land of Wind,” Sasori’s voice carried deep into the desert. “You see the difference in prosperity between the lands, one beautiful and green while the other is a barren wasteland!?” Deidara could hear the emotion in Sasori’s voice even though he hid it well. “So what arewe blowing up today?!” Deidara started, quickly moving towards the pouches on his side. “There will be no need for that today, I have a sleeper agent in Sunagakure, he will deliver the young Jinchuriki to us with little resistance.” Sasori answered, unmoved by the young man’s sighs of protest. “You will send guided missiles to the following points, so stop whining! We need to have the Kazekage busy as my agent hands over the boy!” with that a large smile grew on Deidara’s face. Sasori saw a mirage grow as a man and a small boy made their way to them, the boy walked a few steps away from the adult, crouching as he moved. “Lord Sasori, as you ordered!” the man named Yura began as he bowed, “This is the boy, his name is Gaara.” the young boy moved towards Sasori unafraid, his eyes dark and scary. Sasori saw the mark of love etched on his forehead, his red hair and pale skin only highlighted his dark ringed eyes more. “My name is Sasori, this is…” Sasori was interrupted by the sound of explosions, he could see the flames already beginning to rise in the distance. “Ah man! What art that would have been and I couldn’t even appreciate it!” Deidara said, smiling with pride. “As I was saying Gaara, your purpose was taken from you, that Village hated you, I offer you a new place free of all this! Do you accept?” Sasori watched waiting for the boys response.

The words were like water to Gaara, they flowed through him without him listening. He had needed a reason to live for so long and found his reason would revolve around himself alone and so he didn’t answer. Walking past Sasori was his way of accepting the offer. He was confined within Suna, he could only kill those villagers but now he had free reign to kill further, to justify his existence more, to be the monster his father created and feared.



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  1. Interesting story so far…but this weeks was short.
    very good description.

  2. I didn’t see it come up lol i suck!

    It’s a good chapter for builing up suspense, keep it up!

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