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One Piece Chapter 635-The Straw Hat Pirates

Read One Piece Chapter 635

With out a doubt this is one of the most exciting chapter of One Piece. After months of whining and nagging about how we wanted to see the SH in action, well this chapter answers our complaining. I was too excited to read the chapter since we have been waiting two weeks for the newest chapter and the wait was well worth it. This chapter was so epic that I was overflowing with excitement and satisfaction.

The Straw Hat Pirates

This chapter was all about the SH and nothing else, everything was set  to show us the viewers the reason why the marines label the SH as one of the most dangerous pirates. This chapter just shows how powerful and skilled the SH have become in their respected techniques. Luffy for example was able to knock out 50,000 Fishman. Now taken into consideration that Fishman are ten times more powerful than an average man, if you were to do the math, that means that Luffy is more powerful than 500,000 average men. In my opinion Luffy could of defeated all of the New Fishman Pirates single handled.

Jinbe ‘Knight of the Sea”

I was not too happy to hear that Jinbe’s bounty has increased to be over 400 million because now the chances of Jinbe joining the SH seems unlikely. So far Luffy has the highest bounty in the SH and there cannot be a crew member who has a higher bounty than the Captain. Jinbe states how his ‘Fishman Karate’ is far superior compared to Hordy’s; which is a side we never seen Jinbe show. He has never bragged about his skills, but in this chapter he clearly tells Hordy that he is the one superior and calls Hordy’s ‘Fishman Karate’ amateur.

Pirate Hunter Zoro

Zoro has done the unthinkable, he has become even more badazz. But it is interesting how he dresses now. It is like his cloths are designed for fighting. For example his cloths resemble that of a samurai and we saw that when he is serious he takes his top of which hangs on his hips and he wears his signature bandana. I think that he does this because than he does not have to replace his shirts every time he gets cut up; it also shows how brave he is that he does not need armor only his swords. You can also notice that he has more muscles and taller than he was two years ago. But what Zoro was lacking in was his long range attacks as the story of One Piece progressed Zoro started to invent new long range attacks and now he has shown one of his new techniques. The name of the technique is ‘black rope whirlwind’ and it is exactly like that of a whirlwind of blades that cuts up its targets and can last for a long period of time.

Black Leg Sanji

Sanji is the man this chapter and certainly takes the spot light. His ‘sky walk’ is very similar to the CP9 ‘Geppo’ which literally means ‘moon walk’. There is not that much difference between the two techniques, they are both meant to make the user able to walk on air. Though the way Sanji achieves this is both inspiration and hilarious. It is inspirational that he will do the impossible but it is hilarious for the simple fact that he did not want to be caught by the okama. Though I would assume that the ‘sky walk’ is not the only CP9 technique Sanji converted to being his own, I think that he has come up with some long range attack like the Rankyaku (Storm leg) of the CP9.  Luffy, Zoro and Sanji have shown the reason why they are called the ‘Monster Trio.’

The Rest of the Straw Hat

There’s always some sort of illusion techniques in a manga, for instants in Naruto with the Genjustu and in Bleach with Azian’s sword hypnosis. But Now we finally have Brook who in some way hypotenuses or casts an illusion on his enemies with his music. Brook was one of the least favored SH but now every time he does something he is coming up the ranks to be possibly one of the strongest. I was not surprised of what Robin was capable of, its just that she literally stomps her enemies is both scary and badazz. Franky has just shows why he is SUPER. The bike he was riding was the definition of awesome, and the tank Ussopp is operating fits his role as a sniper perfectly. I feel sorry for the NFP because the SH are just easily smashing their army, within a few minutes their army has lost its numbers by more than half and on top of that the Kraken has picked Luffy over Hordy. But we still have not seen the SH being pushed to their limits or having a one-on-one fight and from the look of things the NFP will be joining the fight next week and we will finally see the showdown of the  Straw Hats Pirates against the elite of the New Fishman Pirates.

Side Notes:

  • Luffy is a Boss now that he is Riding on the baddest beast of the sea.
  • Zeo was ignored again.
  • I was right about one of the Sunny weapons being a tank.
  • It seems that Surume changes from this depressed and cold to a happy out going personality when Luffy is around.

Thanks Wo Ai Ni


17 Responses

  1. remember Robin? she had a bigger bounty then Luffy when she joined too, but right after that Luffy got it upgraded. so bounty doesn’t say anything for jinbei joining

  2. @White shinobi, it is true she did have a higher bounty in fact her bounty was higher than luffy’s by 49 million, but now we can see that Luffy has far exceeded that. Your also right that bounties do not mean the strength of the person. For example, Choppers bounty is $50 but his bounty should be much higher than that. I just thought that considering the rest of the pirates in One Piece which the captain always has the highest bounty, that the SH wouldn’t be any different.

    On Jinbe joining the crew I say that there’s a 30% chance that he will join and 70% he wont.

  3. Its a shame more people wont comment on the onepiece section….but hey this site was origanally made for naruto fans….ok i think this was a good review and i agree that Jinbe is unlikely to join because i belive every SH to join the crew will be weaker than sanji zoro and luffy, Jinbe is already too much of a big shot.
    Btw sanji once again showed he doesnt need to rotate himself to heat up his legs and im sure we will see alot more from our fav pirate crew, cant wait for a real test 😀

  4. @legendarykid, I noticed that about Sanji when he first used Diable Jambe against the Pacifista and was able to even use it under water. Sanji could be the fastest SH member because even underwater he was able to match speed with a fishman underwater maybe even faster.

  5. Jdogg, please don’t be discouraged by the lack of comments in your section. I love reading your writeup though usually i only read and don’t post comments. keep on the good work man!!

    as for this week’s chapter, i think so far we’ve seen the upgrades of all the crew except Chopper? maybe i missed that our??

    also jinbe joining in the crew is a good balance coz he’s a fishman and can save the DF members. almost half of SH crews are DF abilities. and…. even after all these times has passed, there’s no hint of Dekken nearby. witht he speed of his big ship, he should take that long to join the fray right…

  6. opps sorry i mean the shouldn’t take that long to join the party.. and i wonder if he’s much stronger than Hordy.

  7. I love reading your reviews about onepiece its the onething i look forward to after i read a onepiece chapter!!! Keep up the good work….
    and ohyea i hope jimbie joins the SH!!!

  8. great chapter, great review, great pic

  9. So, if all goes well, next chapter we should have a good ole fashioned throw-down on our hands!
    I’m guessing Chopper’s advancements will be both in terms of that berserker beast he turns into AND in his medical skills which will only be revealed MUCH later on. It’s good for pacing so that we aren’t exposed to too much too soon.
    Luffy D. could handle whole NFP crew solo I reckon…
    Jinbei will become member, no doubt.

  10. Thank you, every one for the comments and support. I hope you continue enjoying the world of One Piece.

    @Tawuya-sama, I want Jinbe to join but have low doubts. But what makes you so sure that Jinbe will join?

  11. Luffy calling Chopper “Commander” was funny. How Sanji got to use the Geppou was hilarious. Zoro always a badass. I think Jinbe can still join the crew even with his 400 million bounty. Im sure the strawhats gained more bounty after the confirmation that they’re alive in Sabaody and making short work of the pacifistas. Jinbe is super strong though he said Hodi’s fishman karate is amateur compared to him. It was nice seeing some of the strawhats new powers. Good review and good chapter.

  12. You are much welcome, Jdogg! 🙂 It’s indeed a great portrait, they look even more epic there! XD

  13. You know jdogg what you said about the Kraken is true.. He becomes out going and looks as if he is enjoying his time luffy…I’ll be happy if Surume can tag along if at all jinbe can’t.. Nice analysis. We are all behind you 🙂

  14. @Legendarykid, a lot of ppl in america aren’t too fond of onepiece because cartoon network murdered it. it filtered the show down so much that it felt like 7 yr olds should be watching it. but imo, onepiece is the best all around manga out. and there aren’t any plot holes because if something is mentioned in the beginning, it will be explained later. and that is why its the best

  15. “captain always has the highest bounty,” what about the fake strawhats or buggy? They both used their charisma to gain crews who’s members bounty outwayed their own

  16. @Walmart1, in the case of the fake Strawhat, everyone thought that they were the really strawhats and not the imposter they were. And Buggy has the highest bounty in his crew that we know of so far, but after the war he could of gotten a higher bounty. Though your right that they use their charisma to influence people stronger than them.

  17. n%66@ f#<k 0ne p!e<e

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